Kathy Andrews

Two hot loving Moms


Carol stared, breathless.

If either her sister or her nephew looked up, they would have seen her standing there. She was not concealed, but standing on suddenly shaking legs in the open doorway.

Bobby was sprawled out on his back, his pants and shorts at his knees, his t-shirt up around his chin. His cock strained up into the air, very hard with a smoothly swollen head. Julie was kneeling between Bobby's legs, running her hands up and down his thighs, her eyes glazed in desire as she watched Bobby's cock jerking.

Carol found it difficult to believe she was seeing this, yet she couldn't deny it. She knew it would be best if she turned and left them but she was frozen in the doorway.

Feeling a throb starting between her thighs, she reached out to support herself with one hand on the doorjamb. Julie gazed at Bobby's cock with fiery eyes, making soft sounds of pleasure as she stroked her palms up and down his thighs, her fingers coming very close to his young balls. Carol didn't feel shock – she felt a strange excitement. Seeing her nephew on his back with his cock standing straight up while Julie leaned over it caused a deep, searing pulsation to start between the lips of her wet cunt. Her clitoris felt as if it were going to throb into orgasm and her tits felt much too swollen to fit inside her bra, her nipples pressing hard at the cups.

"Your cock is so hard, Bobby," she beard Julie purring in a throaty voice. "I love it when your cock gets so hard, baby."

"Are you going to jack me off again, Mom?" Bobby asked, wiggling his hips eagerly.

Hearing the exchange, Carol realized this wasn't the first time her sister had done this with Bobby. Carol felt slightly guilty, as if she were spying, but still she didn't leave.

She watched Julie slide a hand up the inside of Bobby's thigh and touch his balls with the tips of her fingers. She heard the hiss her sister made and saw the quick flare of hunger in her eyes. Carol held her breath as she saw her sister wrap her fingers about Bobby's cock, squeezing it hard enough to make the smooth head bulge.

"Not this time, baby," Julie whispered huskily as she slowly pumped her fist up and down. "I'm not going to jack you off this time."