Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Beeline double novel

Holiday on Vice

Kipp Ersnack

Holiday on Vice

Kipp Ersnack


"You mean, your sister wants a good fucking, too?" Matt Dodson asked.

"You don't have to be so crude," Lauren Lohman answered dryly. "She's out in the car. You want her to come in?"

At first this arrangement had been a terrific idea. She had seen it used once in a college play. Girl meets sexy man; they agree to meet at a certain place on a certain date for a day or two of furious fucking; then everybody goes home. And both remain anonymous, using false names; just two married people getting it on the side. But she had never dreamed the guy would be so old. But Matt didn't look fifty-eight, no way! She was now twenty-four. Ridiculous!

But in that little bar at Huntingdon Beach she'd been so attracted to him that she had made the decision, the first pass. Both wore wedding bands, both knew it would be just a fun date. Armed with two martinis, she had let herself be talked into going with him to a motel.

There she had learned what a real man could do for her. She had received a short course in sexual pleasure so fantastically wonderful she'd had trouble believing it. He had climaxed her more than twenty times, and with her thirty-eight-year-old husband Jed she'd been lucky to make it twice before he blew his semen in her.

She had walked around in a daze for days. She had haunted the lounge until he finally showed up again. And after another whole afternoon of almost steady sex they had made the pact. They would meet once a month.

This had been going on for more than a year now. They met in a small cottage he apparently owned down near Laguna Beach. It was off the highway, in a grove of scrub pines, hidden from the traffic. Two bedrooms, two Johns, fairly modern. It appeared he brought his wife here now and then.

"Sure, have her come in," he said, frowning. "But she could blow this whole thing."

" Janni and I have always been very close, Matt. I mean, no secrets of any kind. She won't give it away, honest! You think I'd screw up a wonderful thing like this?"

He grinned, sliding his arms around her waist, and her clit was already stinging. They'd have a whole weekend. He squeezed her ass, cuddled by tight Levi pants. She arched her bra-less tits at his chest, and a sweet hot shudder passed through her whole body. What an animal he was!

"You know you can handle two girls, honey," she breathed. "I told Janni all about you. She goes for sophisticated men, too-and she's prettier than me."