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Sucking,spanking family

Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris

Sucking,spanking family


Marcy Stewart suddenly awoke and fumbled for the clock next to her bed. Two o'clock in the morning! What had awakened her? Then she heard voices coming from the living room, and she realized that that was what she had heard before… the sound that had awakened her.

Feeling excited and not really knowing why, the teenaged girl slipped out of bed and, wearing only her very short, very sheer nightgown, silently made her way down the hall toward the living room. She stopped short, gasping with shock and excitement as she stepped back a little and peered around the doorway so she wouldn't be seen.

There, on the couch, were her Aunt Laura, who had been visiting from a nearby town for a few days, and Marcy's big brother, Fred, wrapped up in a lewd embrace.

"Jesus, Aunt Laura, I wish you didn't have to go back home tomorrow," Fred muttered dejectedly.

"But I do have to leave here tomorrow… early in the morning, Fred, so let's not waste anymore time," the woman said with an eager grin.

Fred pulled his aunt closer to his muscular body, and his tongue shot out, between the woman's soft, sensuous lips. Aunt Laura's tongue eagerly met her nephew's and she pressed into his mouth.

Her hands moved down and very gently she unzipped the boy's fly and slipped her hands inside, caressing his loaded balls. She pulled Fred's huge, hard cock out and quickly lowered her head, taking her nephew's prick between her lips.

Closing her mouth over the head of his cock, she sucked deeply.

Fred could feel the hot soft inner cheeks of his aunt's mouth against his hard fuck meat as his swollen prick bounced from cheek to cheek, and she sucked in harder, letting the boy's cock slide halfway down her throat.

"Ohhhh, God, Aunt Laura, that's great! Keep it up, Aunt Laura! Suck my cock!" Fred sighed, and his own hands moved, unbuttoning the woman's blouse and releasing her naked tits. His fingers pressed into her nipples, pinching and pulling at them hard, the way he knew she liked it.