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My Boss's slave

Kathryn Parry

Kathryn Morgan Parry

My Boss's Slave

I am looking at the photographs in front of me.

The man I wanted since I started working for his brother four years ago, staring happily up at me all posing with different women.

I look up at his brother who just threw them on my desk with a look of confusion.

Did he want me to have his brother as a client?

“Look I know you got a thing for him, but you wasting your time.” I look ed back at his handsome face my heart aching, the humiliation that my boss knew how I felt for his brother hurt me, I thought I was masking my feelings but obviously not.

I knew he never be mine, but it did not stop me wanting him, he does not even know I exists — only as his brother lackey.

My boss tilts my face up to look at him and turns my face to the left then the right, looking at me intently. His steely eyes scrutinizing me as he takes in my features, I cannot tell if it is with pity or contempt, I have never been able to read him.

“Stand up.” I do it instantly by the command to his voice.

“Do I still scare you after all these years?” he looks amused but his face goes bla nk after a little smile filters across his lips.

He walks around me, scrutinizing my body, he shakes his head then looks me directly in the eyes, his brown eyes bore into my sole as he give me a wide smile, my heart always flutters when he gets that look, It always meant he was about to set something exciting in motion.

“He could be yours easily, but you need to make a few sacrifices to get him.” My mouth go es dry with a mix of dread and excitement; he holds his hand up to silence me. He tilts my face up as he comes close to my face.

“One you do not sleep with him until a wedding ring is on your finger.” I not sure, if I want marriage I go to speak but he squeezes my face tightly as he tilts my face up more to look into my eyes.

“Two you do everything I command you to do,” I swallow; I think I know where this is going.