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Hot secretary

Ken Preston

Ken Preston

Hot secretary


I pulled into one of the last slots left in the parking lot behind the secretarial school. I was late again, but this time it didn't matter. There was a crowd of students standing around the back door, waiting for the janitor to open the building. Might as well stay here in my car, I thought.

I opened my textbook on typing business letters, but I couldn't concentrate at all. I felt horny this morning. My pussy itched. My hand kept straying up under my short skirt and slipping under the edge of my damp panties. I held the book over my lap and gave in to my urge to finger my erect clit. It would be terribly embarrassing if anyone walked by the car and looked in. They could see my hand holding my panty crotch aside and my fingertip sliding up and down on my slick pussy slit, but I couldn't make myself stop.

My eyes closed. I slid down low in the seat and opened my legs wider. My cunt was so wet that the juice ran down my crack. I slid my finger way up inside me and felt my hot cunt clamp down on it. The book slid to the floor when my sudden climax made my knees slap together. I bit my lip and rocked back and forth. My orgasm made me shudder deliciously.

"That was wild!" I heard a deep male voice saying. "It turns me on to see, a girl finger her cunt that way."

"Where-where did you come from?" I gasped in surprise.

"Pulled in behind you. You were having such a good time you never heard my car." The handsome middle-aged man pulled my door open and calmly crawled in beside me. He shut the door and turned to face me, dropping his hand down over a huge erection in his slacks. It was Mr. Carter, the school administrator.

"Don't stop on my account," he grinned. "God knows when, that stupid janitor will get around to opening the building." He pulled his zipper down and reached over to stroke the back of my neck. "Why don't you dip in there and take my cock out? And don't tell me you are the shy type. I've been watching you bounce your boobies around the halls. And checking out the teachers' crotches."

"I-I don't know what you mean," I said indignantly, tugging my skirt down.

"You are a horny chick. You've been around." He took my hand and slid it inside his fly. In spite of myself, my fingers closed around his stiff cock.

"Take it out, baby. Jack me off." His voice was husky. "If you want to suck on it, I'll keep an eye out. No one will see if you lay down on the seat. Do it!"