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This family does it

Kevin Sellers

Kevin Sellers

This family does it



"Ohh – oh, you bastard!" Sharon Brant gasped, her gasp turning into a groan as she spread her slender legs wide open to expose the pink, blonde fleeced flower of her sopping cunt. "You know I can't stand it when you're like this! Why… why can't you be a nice normal husband for once and do it the way it's supposed to be done?"

"Because that would be too easy," Ted chuckled back, standing nude at the foot of the bed as her lust-filled gaze fastened on his wagging nine-inch prick, its hard veined length bobbing up and down like a thick branch in a stiff breeze. "I want you good and horny first, the way we both like it best. And that's why you're going to do exactly what I say, Share. Now, spread your pussylips open real wide so I can see right up that hungry cunt of yours. Maybe then I'll fill it with a little of this."

He dropped a hand to enfold into a tantalizing fist wound his huge bloated cock, and Sharon groaned again. She knew her husband loved teasing her, enjoyed getting her furnace-hot before he finally fucked her with that big expert prick of his. And at the moment she was too horny to object. With nothing but a long hard day of cooking and cleaning and laundry ahead of her, another whole day of just waiting for Ted to get home from work to soothe the ache that was bound to swell in her cunt the way it did every day, she couldn't pass up the chance to get a little fucking right now.

"Damn you!" She glared in mock anger up at his knowing smile, her hands sliding down her trim stomach and between creamy parted thighs straight into her blonde matted thatch of pussyfur. "Damn you, you know what I want! Don't make me – ahhh!"

Her fingers slid across the wet, pink trench of her pussy and that first intimate touch was like an electric jolt that sent out a horny flood of her juices. Almost as if those fingers belonged to somebody else they dipped down to her puffed gold-trimmed cuntlips and pried them open.

Sharon had a naturally tight pussy mouth, and her cuntlips parted with a wet sucking sound. Cream poured from her exposed cunt, bubbling up from its velvety depths like the hot steamy outflow of a fountain. In the three months of her marriage, the twenty-four-year-old bride was constantly horny and this morning she was hornier than usual.

Her fingers pulled both her taut pussylips wide, baring the hot pink hole of her cunt to his gaze.

"Is… unnnh, is this what you want?" She tried to sound disapproving, but her voice was a husky give-away.