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Naughty hot salesgirl

Laura Winters

Laura Winters

Naughty hot salesgirl


"You've got the best prick I've felt in my pussy in a long, long time," Lisa Williams giggled, wiggling her creaming cunt to just the right angle to take full advantage of. Red Haplin's thrusting prick.

Red grinned at the slurping noises his cock was making in her juicing pussy. She had to be the best fuck he'd had in months. His big hands closed over her firm, ripe tits.

"Oh, baby," he sighed. "Your cunt is getting my prick primed and ready to explode."

"I want to feel it go off, Red," Lisa groaned. "I want to feel your cock spurt hot cum into my fuckhole!"

"You sure the door's locked, honey?" he asked, not really caring any more who walked in on them. Her pussy was like velvet. His cock wasn't going to wait another minute.

"The door's locked," Lisa assured him, "And my cunt is locked on your prick. So let it do what it was made to do, honey! Come in me, Red! Shoot your cum into my pussy! Shoot, Red! Come!"

Red didn't need any more urging than that. His rock-hard prick shot fast and deep into her welcoming cunt. He came with such fierceness, his balls slammed noisily against her asscheeks.

"Aaaiieee!" Lisa shrieked, his hot cum juice setting off her own rocketing orgasm. She bucked and writhed beneath his spasming prick. Her hips ground into him. She held him prisoner against her contracting pussy. She didn't know which had creamed more heavily – her pussy or his cock.

"God, baby," Red said hoarsely, collapsing in a heap beside her. "When I came into this store, and you asked what size I was, I thought you were referring to my shoes! And then when you asked me to step back here and take down my pants, I figured I must be dreaming."

Lisa chuckled. "No, Red, you're not dreaming. I just took one look at your crotch when you walked through those doors out there… and, well, I just went kinda crazy. I knew I had to have your prick in my cunt. I love good pricks, Red. And I don't have to have a guy's pants down to know when he's got a good one."