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The flesh triangle

Mark Carver

Mark Carver

The flesh triangle


"Come on," the redhead said urgently, "one more time, Mike – please, please?"

Mike casually lit a cigarette as he lay naked in bed beside her hot, pleading body. He glanced at his watch in the glow of the match. Ten to two in the morning.

In less than thirty minutes, the hottest piece of ass he'd ever had in his life would walk though his bedroom door. And before she even said hello or unbuttoned her blouse she'd be going down on his huge cock with fierce hot lips and wild moans.

The redhead was whimpering as she stroked his stiffening rod in her warm fist, rubbing her lust tits passionately to his chest. She was thirty, divorced, and frantically eager to suck and fuck, as if she was running out of time.

"Can't, baby," he told her tersely. "My wife will be walking through that door in a little while. I'd strongly suggest you get your hot beautiful ass moving, unless you feel up to ten rounds of bloody infighting."

"Just a quickie," Sally begged, her tits panting as his prick leaped and throbbed in her fingers. "Here, honey, I'll do all the work, you just lie there and let me do the fucking, okay? Just leave this hot goodie to Sally."

While he lay on his back smoking, the moaning redhead straddled his hips and slid her dripping cunt down on his massive rod. Quickly, Mike stubbed out his cigarette. Jesus, if he didn't have any left for his wife when she got home there would be holy hell to pay. But once the lust-crazed divorcee swung into action, she was impossible to stop, a sobbing, thrashing sex-dynamo.

She hunched down on him as she swung her big hips, digging her swollen tits into his hard chest and biting his lips. She twined her fingers in his hair and tugged, fucking him to a savagely hungry rhythm, her frenzied pussy slapping in a wanton fury on his meat.

Beneath the assault, Mike couldn't resist a grin. She was raping him, for Chrissake, exactly the way she'd done when she first met him a month ago. That was the trouble – trouble with divorcees.

They got it steady for a few years and suddenly realized they were cut off, and they usually went crazy with hunger. And the redhead was absolutely obsessed with his immense prick, crooning over it like a starving dog with a bone.