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The summer camp nurse

M. Jacobs

M. J. Jacobs

The summer camp nurse



Lisa Chambers stepped out of her little infirmary and took a deep breath of the fresh wilderness air. It was a far cry from the big city, this Camp Wawakakee. She knew that her summer job at Camp Wawakakee would do her a world of good. She had gotten sick and tired of the city grind.

Lisa was a dedicated nurse who loved her profession, but the sameness and the pressures of nursing in a big-city hospital required an occasional escape, and this year Camp Wawakakee was it.

Lisa had been at the camp about a week now, and so far her new services as camp nurse hadn't been needed even once. She knew, however, that with so many boys running around in the woods she would eventually be called upon to render some nursing service or other. Actually, she was more concerned with the health and well-being of the counselors and assistant counselors.

Lisa waved to old Mr. Carter, the director of the camp and its founder. The old gentleman had been very impressed with Lisa's resume. She remembered the look on the man's face when she agreed to take the position for the summer at a fraction of the salary she could have gotten elsewhere.

Lisa had explained that she looked upon her stay as vacation as much as a job. But the fact of the matter was that Lisa had more than a professional interest in her young patients. She had discovered early in her nursing career that the younger patients under her care often were in need of something that they just couldn't get in the hospital – they needed sex.

Lisa had found that young patients recovered far faster if she paid attention to their sexual needs as well as to their medical ones. She just loved the genuine appreciation they showed her when she slipped her warm hand up under their hospital gowns and wrapped her fingers around their stiff pricks. She loved the way they responded to her loving caresses. She loved the way they stiffened in every muscle as she stroked their hard young cocks. And she loved the way they always shot her hand full of hot white cum after a few well-practiced strokes.

Of course Lisa knew that all of her youthful patients had different needs and desires, so she was very versatile in her treatment of them. Some of her boys required her to raise their gowns and bury her pretty face in their laps, taking their hard pricks down her throat and bobbing her head up and down. She always loved it when her boys shot her face and throat full of steaming young cum. She loved to swallow it all down.

Some of her boys developed a taste for pussy, a taste which they had acquired when she sat on their faces right there in their hospital beds. Lisa was convinced that young boys made the best pussy-lickers. They always lapped at her dripping cunt passionately and brought her off in the wildest orgasms imaginable.