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The family act

M Kress

M K Kress

The family act


Mary Desmond was sixteen and hot to fuck. She straightened as she stepped from the shower. The warm air felt wonderful upon her naked teenaged body. The shower would help her look fresh for the act she would be doing on stage.

She was sharing her dressing room with her brother, Ronny. He had used the shower first, and then she had gone in. The warm water had excited her.

Her tits bobbed on her chest. She moved carefully. She liked the feel of her flesh sliding freely. She glanced over at the mirror in the corner and could see her white body clearly. Her thick brown nipples became stiff as she stared. The puffy lips of her pussy were slightly wet from excitement. She shook her head. She mustn't let Ronny know about her sexual fever.

She felt guilty each time the passions overtook her. She was brought up in a very religious family, and wasn't accustomed to such strange feelings. Her thoughts were interrupted momentarily when she heard her brother dressing on the other side of a screen which divided the room.

Her tits were full and heavy. They had already reached their maximum size. She smiled at her reflection. Her thick brown nipples were stiff and sensitive now. She reached up slowly and caressed them. She stifled a moan of excitement.

Mary watched her fingers slid from her melonlike tits down her sides. The satiny smooth feeling of her skin was bringing hot blood to the surface of her body.

Her eyes followed the movements of her hands as they went farther down upon her body. She grinned. The flat plain of her stomach was baby soft. She liked the feel of it. Her fingertips brought goosebumps to her body.

Her hands traced the outline of her hips. A thick patch of black pubic hair covered her cunt. The hair masked the slit of her sex. Her hands slid to her cunt. She let one of her fingers slide up into her hole. The way was slick with her juices!

She opened her mouth in pleasure. Her thick middle finger brought sparks to her mind. She could hardly think. The blood pounded in her ears. The sight faded from her eyes. The image in the mirror seemed to disappear.

In the back of her mind, Mary could hear herself saying no, but it felt so good! The muscles in her legs relaxed, and she squatted slightly. Her fingers dug into her slit. The blood flashed to her tits and cunt. She let one hand slide up to her breasts.