M. Pelletils

The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 1


How absolutely exciting it is to think and write about the “sins of the flesh,” as our parish pastor used to call sensuous pleasures. And the fact I have committed myself to practically all of them makes this narrative even more exciting.

My name is Mitzy and at the time these memoirs start I'm twenty-eight years of age.

During my story, you, my reader, will meet all the different people I've met in my life.

I'm certain you will find them just as interesting as I did.

Talking about “the sins of the flesh,” I only have to raise my eyes from this paper and look around the room to see them right in front of me and all around me.

A terrific orgy is taking place in the big living room of John and Delia's.

John and Delia are the people I'm working with at the moment. There are people all over the room, making love in every possible way. In fact I don't think there is anything dull going on-a straight fuck, or anything else as boring as that.

Just a short while ago I was also taking part in this orgy, but all of a sudden the idea came to my head to write down my numerous adventures. But I mustn't run ahead of things and make this story confusing. Let's start at the beginning, or when I became aware of the facts of life.

I was born in a small village and the facts of life were explained to me at the tender age of fourteen.

As is usual in this sort of thing it was one of my girl friends who initiated me to the “sins of the flesh.” She was, like I am, a Roman Catholic, and one day she explained to me about the things our parish priest always raved about from the pulpit.