M. Pelletils

The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 2


Since I have always been what one might call an “easy” girl, I have often wondered what it would be like to be raped, especially by about five different men. One day I expressed this wish to Sue. We were resting in each other's arms after a rather quick and sudden finger-fuck in her room during our afternoon rest.

“You know, Sue, I have always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by at least five different men in a row. For a change I would like to find out what it is to be raped; you know, being forced to fuck even if you can't stand fucking anymore. But the problem, of course, is where do you find the men with the right cocks and the right taste for that sort of thing? I can hardly go out on the streets and round them up for this purpose, although I wouldn't hesitate to do this if society didn't hold me back. Oh, hell, why can't we do as we please in this world? It would make things so much easier for everybody. So to get down to business… where do I find five men with the cock size I want, and how am I going to get myself fucked by them? Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?”

“Well, it's not so much of a problem, really, you know. First of all, I know just the place for this sort of thing and the men will be there if they are told the kind of beauty you are. Just tell me when you want to go and I will make the necessary arrangements with the madam of the house, and I will give you the address. I have done the same sort of thing myself and I can tell you, you will be well served. It's a terribly tiring business, but it's worthwhile trying even if it's only for once. The time I went there, I was fucked by three different men with the longest and fattest dicks you have ever seen or felt in your life. They fucked me one after the other and sometimes I was filled at both holes at the same time, till they had me completely worn out. They waited for each other to take turns and when one had shot his load another took his place and stuffed his hard dong up my still spending slit. Come to think of it, I must have come at least twelve times before they let me go, and afterwards the madam, who had been looking in on our antics, wanted to do a sixty-nine with me. Now you of all people know how much I like this position, but even she had to force me to give in to her. However, when she had me properly flowing again I was very grateful to her for having me brought back to womanhood again. Her tongue on my aching cunt lips was so delightfully soothing and she tasted so like nectar, that it was most welcome to me after all those stiff pricks in my burning slit.”

“Oh, darling, would you please give me the address? Could you arrange things for me? I'm already getting excited at the idea! Five stiff cocks up my slit! One after the other, poking me, stuffing me with their hardness, making me come over and over again, making me want to push them from me and at the same time urging them on to fuck me more and more!! Oh, darling, what could I do without you? You seem to have an answer to anything. Let me kiss you for being such a wonderful lovely friend.”

Closing her in my arms I kissed her full on the mouth, wriggling my tongue between her slightly parted lips. After kissing each other for some time in this way our passions soon rose and, panting in lust, our hands started to move over each other's bodies again, caressing our breasts, bellies and all those other parts we offered the other to caress.

It's easy to understand that we soon had one another fully excited again, and our always busy fingers finally opened the moistened slits of our cunts. Playing with the erected clits, our hands soon had the juices dripping freely from our cunts. Our pleasure mounted to wantonness and a mere finger-fuck wasn't enough this time. Thirsty for each other's spunk we threw ourselves at each other, head to toe. Lying on our sides we had an excellent view of each other's slit, and as Sue's cunt opened before my delighted eyes, the swollen clit popped out from between the hairy lips.

Sue must have had the same sort of view of my cunt and I heard her give a sigh of satisfaction, but I didn't go at her slit with my mouth right away. First I wanted to marvel at the wonderful sight her cunt offered me, but of course we could not stay immobile for long.

Bringing my head between her opened legs I placed my mouth over her cunt and once again I gave her the proof of my love for her, lightly caressing the swollen cunt lips with my mouth. Sue gave me her love by taking my swollen clit between her lips and sucking on it, nibbling it like a little puppy on a teat. I stuck my tongue deep in her slit and her juices tasted like they always do to me when I'm properly aroused.

I'm always glad for my long tongue. It's so lovely to lick the inside walls covered with juices, and I licked and sucked away at her trying to get as much of the stuff as I could. It was just too marvelous, and trying to swallow all she had to give from her spunking cunt was quite a task, as she creamed copiously in my open mouth.

I wasn't the only one with trouble of this nature. Sue had some of her own, trying to suck in all the juices spurting thick and glutinous from my open cunt. Slobbering away at what we had to offer one another we slowly calmed down a little, but we went on with our chosen task till the waves of passion raging through our bodies had subdued to a level where we could see good sense and reason again.