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Campus lovein

Margot Peters

Margot Peters

Campus love-in


It wasn't until the pilot came on the intercom and informed us that in thirty minutes we would be landing at Kennedy International Airport, that I really faced the fact I was on my way home. After the first couple of years in South America, I was ready to believe I would never go back. But never is a helluva long time, and even though everything was still as good as ever, the job still paying, the chicks still on tap, and the living still easy, I started to get restless. Don't ask me what was wrong. Maybe I just got homesick, needed to be back among my own countrymen-and countrywomen. A vacation wouldn't do it, I decided. If I was going to go back then I would go back, and settle in, the way I had settled in in Colombia. Maybe I'd fit in. I knew a lot of things had changed, and maybe that was why I wanted to return. Money was a problem. The job teaching English in Medellin hardly paid enough for me to save any of it. I had to have a job waiting for me. I started sending out application letters, hoping there would be something open for me next year. To my dismay, nobody seemed interested in hiring me. Then carne the response from Mountainview Girls School. They had an opening for an English instructor, but there was a catch: I would have to begin immediately and teach the final two months before the summer vacation. I got nervous, thinking there might not be another offer, and decided to accept. I conned my way out of my Colombian contract and prepared to leave. Of course, as usual in these situations, there were loose ends that needed tying. Raquel, for instance. She had been my on and off mistress for the past year. For the past six months it was mostly on, and, I modestly admit, she had fallen for me pretty hard. I didn't want to hurt her, but I couldn't take her with me, certainly. I was breaking all ties with the past and starting fresh in my homeland. Old mistresses often begin to resemble albatrosses in those situations. So I had to break the bad news to her. I could imagine the bad vibes that would go down when I blithely informed her I was going off to teach a school full of squealing young American girls. She would take it personally. But she should have known by then that I had nothing in the world against voluptuous, raven-haired, brown-eyed Latin ladies-if anything, I had shown my affections for the type a bit too promiscuously for most of the community's liking. I've always claimed I have a hormonal problem, an uncontrollable need for sexual satisfaction, but I don't think that tempers anyone's possible ire. On the afternoon of the day before I was to fly back to the states, I waited for her to return to the apartment. She came in, looking typically gorgeous and erotic in a loose cotton dress, unbuttoned halfway down the front, exhibiting a good portion of her delectable breasts.

"Hello, bebe," she said, smiling sensuously.

"Hi, Raquel. Where you been?"

"Just visiting my friend. You look so serious. What is wrong? Is there something you wish to tell me?"

She could read me like a book. I could see it really was time to move on. The next step otherwise would be marriage. She sat down beside me on the sofa. She put an arm around my neck, but I didn't give her any encouragement in that department. No reason to lead her on and then just knock her on her ass. I wasn't that insensitive. "Yeah, there's something I have to tell you, baby. I don't know if you'll like it." "What, then? Do not keep with a mystery. Do not keep it from me. But I think I already know." "You do?" "You are leaving?" she asked. I chuckled. "Don't tell me-woman's intuition, right? I guess I did mention it a couple of times recently. But the word's come through. I've got a job back there. A man's got to go home some time, baby." "Yes. I thought you like it here." "I love it. But the time has come. You can understand that, Raquel, can't you?" She nodded her head sullenly and stared down at the floor. She was so beautiful with her full, round figure, the large, ripe tits overflowing the open front of her dress, and her long black hair, that skin the color of cocoa, those dark, deep brown eyes, staring at me widely, sadly now, nodding her head once more and sighing deeply. She stretched across me then and took my hand. "But when do you go home, bebe?" "Uh…tomorrow." "Manana? Oh no, so soon…We not have many times more to make love then, eh?" "Oh…we've got till tomorrow." I leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips. She responded hotly, her tongue moving against mine. I slipped a hand into her open dress and took a handful of soft breast. The nipple was already sprouting out tautly. "Come on, let's go into the bedroom," I said softly into her ear, kissing it lightly. "Yes…yes." We went in there, arm in arm, and flopped down onto the big, soft bed. She undressed me, deftly pulling my shoes and socks off, and dragging my trousers and underpants down. I got my shirt off without any help, and then I lay there stretched out naked beside her. With a quick tug she pulled off her dress, unleashing all of her flowing curves. It was a voluptuous body, one I would sorely miss-for a while, anyway. She dropped down beside me and took my already stiffening cock in her hand. The knowledge that this would be one of my last times with her increased my ardor, and the mere sight of her was enough to get me hard. And then, with her first caressing touch, I went absolutely rigid. Jerking me slowly up and down, she sighed, "Oh, I shall miss your beautiful cock most of all, I think. Where shall I find one so big and so strong?" "Beats me," I laughed. "Why don't you suck it? I think we can get it even bigger…Go on, baby, put it in your beautiful mouth…all of it now." Her brown eyes squinted and the lush lips pouted, but she nodded her head in agreement. The lips parted and a dark pink tongue came out and wetted them. She set to work, the fingers of both hands slipping all around my thick, hairy base, squeezing in on my tumescent prick, her mouth slowly coming down till the lips touched against the thick, swollen head of the prick. Her wet tongue slipped around and around it, making long, wet jabs, letting the head become covered with her saliva. When she thought it was good and ready, she sucked it into her mouth, inch by inch, her hands feeding it upwards into the hole, stuffing herself with it like it was some delicious sweet. Stretching a finger or two down, she also caressed my balls, inflaming them still further, making them burn brightly and tingle. When she swallowed all of the cock she used her fingers more deliberately on my testicles, squeezing and prying them apart, pushing them up into their sac, pulling down on them, in sum, doing everything she had learned to do to make me go nuts with passion. "Yes, baby," I whispered at her between gasps. "That's good, that's beautiful…suck it!" She started to pump up and down now, first slow then fast then slow again. It took plenty of control, I can tell you, just to keep from shooting right off. But I don't think she would have enjoyed that. This being one of our last encounters, I would have to make it one to remember, and that did not include any premature ejaculations. Her fingers trailed down again and squeezed my balls from below, running one of her nails along the scrotal line to my asshole, making me shudder ecstatically. She had learned all of my needs and delights in the year we had been sleeping together, and now it was as if we had a kind of extrasensory perception between us, which enabled her to give me just what I wanted when I wanted it, with few directions or urgings ever necessary. Believe me, it was one helluva sacrifice to leave that lovely lady. Then she lifted her mouth off of my stiff pole, letting it slip free and throb up in the air like a crazed serpent. She slid her face along my heated groin, till her teeth were clawing at the tangled fibers and then her tongue was lapping hungrily against the heavy sac. "Yeah, that's nice, Raquel, lick those balls…put them in your mouth and suck hard! Ohhh!" I reached down and stuck my hand into her outstretched ass. I stretched my fingers along the deep valley of her lovely ass cheeks, those two plump pillows, scrumptiously cinnamon-colored. I picked and poked at her tight anus. She rose up from my balls and started to recover my prick, but paused long enough to encourage my anal exploration. She shoved her cute brown rear closer to my face, and I readily obliged her by spreading the twin cheeks, exposing the tiny pink hole to full light, and then slowly inserting my index finger. The puckered opening flexed frantically, finally relaxed, and allowed me to push in as far as the knuckle. It felt warm and tight in there. "Yes, yes," she breathed, wagging her tongue over the head of my thick prick. "Oh, I love it so much!" "I know you do, baby, I know…" She squirmed all around, really enjoying herself. I was glad to see it, glad to see that she wasn't too overcome by my bad news. Of course, my vanity wanted to see her slightly broken up but not enough to cause a scene. I wanted to leave my adopted-and now abandoned-country with a good taste in my mouth. Speaking of which, that open, heaving pussy of hers looked mighty tempting, wagging around near my face. I pressed my index finger into her ass a little further and added my middle digit to the tight fit. She squirmed and groaned. Heaving a deep sigh of pleasure, she ground her ass against my wrist, and she continued her voracious sucking, to my delight and I dismay, for I knew that, pleasurable as it certainly was, there was no way I was going to get away unscathed, without coming down her sweet Colombian mouth. She became so excited by my tickling her that she passed her nearest leg across my face. She shimmied up to where her smooth, fragrant, jet-black muff pressed against my chin, and the salmon-colored gash of her deep, wet womanhood covered my open mouth. My tongue lapped at it gladly, long hard swipes across the length of it, slapping hard and steady, making her groin convulse above me. "Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!" she mumbled, her ecstatic groans shaking and twisting like crazy. I licked and licked, moving my tongue in and out of her, up and down the wet pussy, finally, quickly actually, making her come, making her body blush and shake, making her cunt close tight, trying to capture my tongue. "Oh! Oh!" I exclaimed, unable to contain my exuberant laughter. "That's the way, baby, that's the way…oh, shit, I am I certainly going to miss that beautiful twat of yours!" Her legs trembled intensely, and the dark curls at the side of her cunt twisted around my nostrils ticklishly, nearly driving me crazy as she seemed to be. I inhaled deeply and blew into her heaving honeypot. This seemed to make her come even harder, and she squeezed her soft, plump thighs tighter around my face. I dug both hands into the deep valley and spread the twin buttocks. Then I raised my nose up from the smothering heat of hair and cunt and snorted in as much air as I could get. The aroma of her aroused crotch was all around me now. The sweet smell, the taste! They were things I would not soon forget, no matter how much distance in miles I put between myself and their owner. For a moment I wished I could take her with me. But it wouldn't work out. She was the past I was leaving. She lifted her mouth off my cock for another deep breath. She gave me a loving smile, then swallowed the cock up again, her head moving up and down, and her lips twisting and turning from side to side as my shaft ran in and out of her mouth, back and forth through the lush lips. I rapidly rose to a peak. I closed my eyes and licked more slowly at her delicious pit, dreamily remembering all the times we had done this in the past year. I licked and licked, and her sticky, sweet drool ran down over my chin. She moved faster and faster, her head flying back and forth, making me shudder with pleasure, sheer, unadulterated ecstasy, more and more, till I knew it was too much to stop and I knew that I could not keep from coming right down her sucking, slurping, beautiful throat. My prick contracted, the big breath before the explosion, and then she squeezed her lips around it, down practically at the base. Her hands quickly moved to my balls and squeezed them tightly. It sent a bolt of electricity up from my groin, burning my insides, making me gasp. "Yes, yes, suck it! I'm gonna come now!" I screamed at her, and it was the truth. My steaming come poured out, out, down her throat, and she willingly gobbled it down, like a rich delicacy, and kept on gobbling as the ejaculating prick trembled and quivered and shot its full, thick load. "Drink it! Swallow it, baby! Ohhhh!" I dug my nails into the plump flesh of her ass, and I lay my face flat against her juicy, open honeypot. My eyes closed tightly and I felt like I was sailing through space, through an endless atmosphere of ecstasy. She sucked, chewed, inhaled it all down her throat. I could imagine how it was clogging her throat, cutting off her air supply, but not stopping her, no-she continued at top speed, sucking every last drop out of my exploding prick. There was so damned much of it! But she didn't complain, didn't do anything but suck away and sigh with satisfaction, and I had no doubts that she was enjoying it. The way her cunt blushed and spasmed you could see too that she was having her own climactic reaction to my climax. When I had my second wind and could breathe again, I pushed my tongue back inside her sweet cunt and licked up the drool, of which there was plenty. And when I began sucking her again, she became even more excited and ran her face up and down on my pole with more violent strokes, back and forth, pounding away. At long last, I had given her all I had, and she began to settle down. My prick dwindled down to normal size, and she let it slide out of her mouth. She nibbled at it tenderly, pressing her lips against the head in a loving kiss, licking off the remaining strands of sticky sperm. "Oh, is so nice," she whimpered. "You give me so much to drink all the time…but it is never enough. I could drink it for ever and ever…" With another sigh she arched her groin, raising her ass up some inches above me and then dropping it down on my face. I rubbed my nose against the fragrant pubic hair and kissed her cunt. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue up into the hole, twirling it around lightly. I took a deep breath, then exhaled hard against the fluttering labia. "Ohhhh," she groaned. "Yes, that feels wonderful, darling. I like so much…" I fitted some fingers along the sides of her cunt, and fiddled with the black, silky hairs. She shook her ass about and looked down at me, smiling. "You like my pussy, still?" she said in a sultry whisper. "You no forget it when you go." "I shall remember it the rest of my life," I laughed, and kissed her there. I caught one of the tingling labes and bit down on it, till I felt her squirm. She caressed my thighs, and the feeling was electric. The whole lower half of my body still tingled greatly from the terrific blowjob she had just given me. I realized my chances were not good if I hoped to find another cunt as sexy as this one. She was a gem. She kissed my balls now and patted them. Then she swung around, telling me she wanted to be held in my arms, to press her naked chest against mine. I embraced her. Her red-brown nipples stood out hard and erect at the tips of her wide, round breasts, and they burned as they pressed against the hair on my chest. I let out a sigh and pulled her tighter, kissed her on the ear, then on the lips. We lay there quietly for a couple of minutes. It was a sensual scene, and I would have liked it to go on forever, but that just wasn't possible. She must have sensed I was thinking about the future. She asked me why I had to leave so soon, couldn't I wait till the summer as I previously planned. "Can't baby," I told her. "I have a job waiting for me, and if I don't take that I won't have any money coming in. The U.S. is an expensive country, you know." "Yes, yes, I know," she said wistfully. "But what do I do for fun when you are gone? "You'll manage, I'm sure." "No, I do not find a cock like yours so easy, I am afraid," she sighed. "It will take much looking. I shall have to do much-what is the word-experimenting." "Oh, you will, will you?" She nodded sullenly. "Yes, I will have to fuck with many men to see which one will take care of me next. It may not be so bad, I think. Perhaps I will enjoy it." She looked at me out of the comer of her eye and I knew she was trying to make me jealous. I just snickered and kissed her on the brow. "You want to fuck me now, bebe?" she said. "You don't give a man much time to recover, do you? It's a good thing I'm leaving. I'd be in the grave before my time, otherwise, you vixen." She ran her hand down to my prick and massaged it with knowing strokes. It started to twitch and grow, putty in her hands. I wasn't exactly up to it, physically, though her moans and squirming presence certainly aroused my thoughts. I would just have to extend myself. This wasn't the time to disappoint the dear girl, so soon before dumping her. I bought some time by playing with her lovely titties, distracting her for a couple of minutes. I cupped the wide globules from underneath and lifted them up against my face. They were heavy and plump yet quite firm. I squeezed my nose and mouth along the erect nipples and let my tongue roll out and caress them arousingly. "Ohhh…oh yes," she moaned. My tongue began to drool with saliva. It dripped off and coated her plump boobs. The spit glistened on her ripe red nipples, and they seemed to grow longer still, till they were extended a good two Inches, I continued my licking, faster and harder, finally closing my teeth on one of the lengthy buds and squeezing tightly, feeling it shrink slightly in reaction but then grow even firmer against my attack. I bit down for one more moment and then let go and massaged the pinched nipple tenderly. I moved to the other tingling bud and bit it, too. Raquel moaned as my tongue continued to massage the nipple, around and around, softly, wetly caressing, pushing, lifting the heavy, heaving mammary. I moved a hand down to her cunt and the fluffy curls she grew down there. Her smooth flesh trembled before my caressing fingers, burned with erotic heat. She opened her legs wide and moved my hand around inside that warm hole. Her hands encircled my now-tumescent pole and led it up against her burning, drooling loins. She was wet and ready for me, for my cock to get inside there and deliver the goods. "Yes, yes, put it in," she said, shaking her groin urgently. "Put it in deep, honey…" My cock pushed in towards her quivering cunt lips, ready to explore and impale that luscious target. It touched the outer lips, rubbed around and then slid in further towards the heated depths of her. I pushed, hard as I could, but only a few inches, making her quake and beg for it. "Yes, yes, give it to me! Every inch!" She moaned convulsively and her cunt opened wider, wider for a long moment, the cue for me to slide in the rest of the way, inch after inch, deeper, deeper, to her murky depths, pushing my cock through till the base slammed against the taut outer lips and the nest of pussy hair. "Ohhhhh!" She cried out wildly. "Yes, yes!" I lunged up inside of her, burying my long, throbbing rod against her depths, that deep cavern filling with her own secreting honey, lubricating the passage, making my entrance all the easier. The meat was hot, broiling, and the labes clasped stickily as I plowed back and forth. I ventured in again and again, up to the hilt, and then back, slowly, inch by inch once more, out, till I was only still within her by an inch of my bloated, throbbing head. Back all the way in, then, ramming down solidly, to the hilt once again, making her gasp loudly, with breathless surprise, as I landed hard and heavy at the back of that beautiful, writhing Latin American cunt. "You like that, baby?" I grunted at her gleefully. "You will miss it, won't you?" "Yes, yes…fuck me!" She flexed the strong muscles of her cunt around my deeply plummeting cock, holding, releasing, rhythmically allowing me to move in and out of her, in and out of that gorgeous, hairy, meaty pit of passion. She grunted, baring her teeth. Her fingers tore into the nape of my neck, going for blood it seemed. "You want it bad, don't you, baby?" "Yes, yes, yes!" she shrieked. I stabbed her hard, harder, in and out, plunging, lunging, ramming, slamming in and out of her stormy center, fucking, screwing, moving my cock through her hot cunt at high speed, making the room shake. I dug my hands under her ass, squeezing the fleshy cheeks between them, spreading her ass wide, letting her anus pop out frantically, fluttering beneath my fingers. "Yes, yes, touch me there!" the girl cried manically. "Oh, touch me, it feels so good!" I paused for a few breaths, slowing my pumping, letting my cock throb around half inserted in her pulsating pussy, letting her writhe and moan to the thrill of it, the ticklish thrill of having half my throbbing length inside her cunt, holding, pulsing, exciting her to no end. I stiffly withdrew another inch or two from her cunt, making her scream at me. She begged me to leave it inside, wanted it, deeper, much deeper. I laughed and sucked in a deep breath. I slammed into her, every inch of my pulsing, throbbing manhood, into her pretty pink depths, in all the way, burying my lance in that cavernous cunt. She was a horny bitch. When I plunged back inside, her whole body seemed to turn scarlet, and her head shook about wildly from side to side. I could hardly keep control, and it was a joke to say I dominated the encounter, much as I seemed to be in the superior position. But I gave it my all. I fucked hard, slamming my stock in and out of her tight, lovely pussy, back and forth, endlessly, at top speed, not slowing for an instant, but ramming in and out; stabbing, not giving her time to breathe. She gasped for air, but I fell on top of her, smothered the breath out of her. I lunged my cock through her entrails, uprooting that burning pussy, savaging it, twisting, turning, screwing in tight, manic circles within her warm, wet pouch. I made her claw at me, scream at me as I drove, faster and faster, back and forth, ripping through the portals of her soft, trembling pussy lips. The labes clasped hungrily to the driving prick as it rammed back and forth, through the gates, flinging them aside, sticky secretion flowing everywhere. My cock was quite lubricated now, enough to give me the utmost in carnal flexibility, so I could slide back and forth through her slippery cunt, plunging into it, swimming out of it, back and forth, fucking her to an absolute frazzle. I roared and ravaged her insides, her fantastic pussy that I had come to know and love over that past year. I pushed my hands down under her ass and clutched madly at the puckered pink orifice down there, that tiny, pouting anal opening. I pushed in, scratched inward, pushing through the resistance of the sphincter. In, I pushed, past the barrier, prying, forcing way inside, to the softness and tightness of Raquel's squirming rectum. "Oh, God!" she screamed. "Oh, that feels so good, bebe! Yes, yes, is so good! Push it in, your finger, fuck me with your finger in my ass! Ahhh!" I did just what she asked, continuing to pump my prick back and forth in her pussy, but now also pumping the finger I had plugged up her ass. I pushed it in and out, fingering the hot, dry anal canal. I squeezed intensely till the sphincter opened wide and I slid past the knuckle, all the way into her asshole and with room to spare, enough for me to stick a second finger inside there. She reacted hotly to this last intrusion, scratching my neck more violently, shaking me from side to side above her, nearly pulling me over. But she didn't have me yet. I burrowed I my cock deep inside her, and at the very same time jabbed at the tinier nether opening. I twisted and turned my finger, feeling my way around in that strange passage. And I fucked, back and forth, stabbing my spear into her, all the way through that silky, steamy genital hole, feeling the quivering, pulsing, shivering vibrations that erupted in those heated recesses. I was pretty well exhausted by this time, my breath coming hard and the muscles in my arms starting to give in. But I didn't give up, didn't slow or stop. I wasn't about to give up till we both reached the top of the mountain and were skating at the crest of a mutual orgasm. Raquel was also feeling the strain. She shouted at me, "Oh, honey, it is too much! I'm coming! Oh, I'm coming so strong, do you hear me? Do you?" "I hear you, baby," I grunted back at her, between thrusts. "You just keep on coming, baby, I'm almost with you… just a little…more!" I bucked and banged, my prick sinking in and out of her melting, exploding lambpit, in all the way to the base, to my thick root, and then back out again, to the head, knobbed and swelling, twisting around at the tip of her slit. I was driving her insane with lust, but almost satisfying her lusty cravings with the downward plunge that soon followed, hard and heated, driving all the way inside her. She thrust her groin up at me hard, opening her cunt wide, like a hair-lined chasm, arching it for the next lunge of my cock. She wailed for me to come then and there, to let her feel the force of my semen, to spray the fire in her loins with that viscous fluid. She didn't have more than a few more seconds to wait for that, and I told her so as coherently as I could considering the strain on my lungs. I increased the speed of my plunging, pumping, stabbing strokes, in and out of her orgasmic, furry opening. Her cunt was like a fiery furnace, and its heat scalded my cock. But I gritted my teeth and prepared for release, sweet, devastating ejaculation. It came closer and closer to fruition. I could feel it swelling up within me. The sensation was glorious, totally exhilarating. My body filled with passion, from toe to skull, inclusive. It rocked me till I was nearly senseless, hardly knowing who I was, or who I was so gloriously fucking for one fantastic, ecstatic moment. I pumped in and out a few final times, priming for the big ending, the flood to dampen her burning insides and wash them clean of desire, for a little while, anyway-I couldn't expect more, knowing what a horny bitch she was. She scratched and shook and screamed. "Now, now, please, I can't hold on any longer! Gaaaa!" "Yes, yes," I groaned back. It's…on it's way now, baby, yes' yes it is!" And it was, rolling up through me, the sperm blasting up from my balls, shooting along the shaft and out, out! Into her waiting twat. It was hot, wet, creamy, rising through her lovely system, making her scream for a savior, making her shake and cry and moan incomprehensibly, wonderfully, begging for more, hoping it would never stop. I pumped and pumped, pushing out every last particle of my precious seed, all up into her heaving cave, making her quake and shake with excitement. "Ohhhh!" I screamed. "Take it, baby, take it all… God, it's fantastic, you're fantastic!" The last drop shot out of me, and not a moment too soon. I collapsed, my arms giving way. We rolled over sideways on the bed, both of us panting for air. I slid my hands lightly up and down on her naked form, feeling the big breasts, tweaking the nipples, squeezing the ass cheeks, touching her, exploring her wide wonderful body. It would be one of the last times I could touch her like that, naked, our bodies alive with the simmering sensations of orgasm. She panted against my ear, and her lips pecked at me, tongue flicking out against my cheek. "You see," she said, when she had regained her breath somewhat, "you see how well we go together, bebe… we fuck like one person, so perfectly, so beautifully…" "Yeah, I can't argue with you there," I muttered back, closing my eyes and sighing, ignoring the implications, and hoping she would do the same. She didn't ignore them. "It is a shame," she said, "that you must destroy such a relationship." "Yeah I know but-" "Why don't you take me with you, huh? I could go with you to United States. We could live together like here. You no have to marry me; it will be okay." "No, no, it just wouldn't work out," I explained. "I couldn't afford you. It's very expensive back in the states, baby, and I wouldn't be making enough to support two people." "I get a job," she said, caressing my chest, kissing me softly on the ear and the neck.


She was almost enough woman to change my mind. But in the end I got away, leaving her behind. I was going to make my fortune back in the homeland and couldn't be saddled with any excess baggage. Besides, I never had any trouble finding new girlfriends. The stewardesses on the plane to New York, tall, blonde, round-hipped, big-titted beauties with southern and Midwestern accents, with names like Cathy and Mary Jo, reminded that the U.S. was not lacking in feminine attractions. I didn't think I would have any trouble reactivating my love life, not even at a private school out in the wilds of New Jersey. And brother, did that prove to be an understatement.