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Teenager in torment

Max Sharkey

Max Sharkey

Teenager in torment


Doris Merryweather ran as fast as her pretty young legs could carry her, but she couldn't seem to outdistance the man who chased her through New York's Central Park.

"Hold it! Wait a second, Goddammit!" the tall, lanky man shouted as he took long, bold strides. He was gaining on her fast.

The pretty, well developed teen-age girl knew that she was in big trouble. Why hadn't she listened to her Uncle Melvin? she thought. Her Uncle Melvin had told her never to take the shortcut through Central Park. But, Doris had foolishly disobeyed him. Now, she was in big trouble. She glanced around nervously as she ran from her pursuer, hoping to catch sight of someone – anyone – who might save her. She cursed herself for being so naive and reckless.

The stranger was right behind her. He cursed at Doris: "Fucking bitch! Stop, for Christ's sake!" Reaching out with a long and powerful arm, he grabbed Doris by her sleeve. She spun around and her thin silk blouse ripped. For an instant, she lost her balance and fell to her knees. She was back on her feet in a hurry. She started to run again, took two steps, then felt the man's fist slamming hard into the back of her bead. She saw stars and fell. The ground seemed to reach up and envelop her.

"You stupid, fucking cunt!" the stranger snorted angrily. He picked her up and dragged her into a clump of thick bushes. When she came to, she realized that the man had tugged off her shorts and blouse. Then he stripped off her bikini panties, exposing her blonde-thatched pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm! Nice pussy! And, I bet you're a virgin, too!" He spread her creamy thighs and plunged his hairy forefinger between her pink cunt-lips. Her loins were damp from perspiration, making it an easy task for the man to stick his finger deep into her young cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, noooooooo!" she cried as she felt his finger penetrating her tight virgin cunt. "Please, don't! Don't do that!" Her stomach churned and she felt sick. Twisting and turning, she tried desperately to escape. But it was impossible. The brutal stranger was simply too strong.

"Hold still, dammit!" he cursed loudly. "I don't want to get too rough with you, cunt. But if you give me a hard time, I'll bust your pretty face."

Doris could tell by the nasty and determined tone of the man's voice that meant serious business. Still she struggled in his grasp.

He slapped her four times in quick succession, sending her reeling in pain. Her cheeks turned beet-red and she writhed about on the grass. Doris was repulsed at the finger-fucking the man was giving her tight, virgin pussy. She had never had a man's finger in her cunt before, and it felt disgusting.