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Whipped and raped teenager

Max Sharkey

Max Sharkey

Whipped and raped teenager


"Ohhhh, yess! Fuck me, Johnny! I want your cock deep inside my pussy! I'm aching for a good fucking!" the young girl cried as she writhed about on the bed.

"Unnnnn! Yeah! Hot damn! Your cunt is so nice and tight, Sally! Ummmhhhh! I love fucking you! Damn! You gotta be the hottest little bitch in Hermosa Beach!" Johnny was fucking the pretty, young girl with powerful cock-thrusts into her tight, wet cunt, slamming forward so that his thick, hard prick slid deep into her pussy, parting her pink pussy-lips with the base of his thick cock. "Damn! My brother Billy said you were a hot cunt. Yeah! Nnnhhhh!"

The teenage girl smiled up at Johnny, licking her lips lasciviously, relishing the praise and admiration that the young man gave her. "Well, Johnny," she said. "Am I as good in bed as your brother said I would be?" She punctuated her remarks by twisting her hips and arching her back, grinding her tight cunt forward to meet his mighty cock-thrusts into her pussy.

"You bet!" Johnny replied enthusiastically. He gasped for air and rammed into her cunt again, filling her pussy to overflowing with his rock-hard prick. Their naked bodies were entwined as they wrestled in sexual bliss, perspiration dripping onto the sheets. They were both enraptured with carnal desire and unbridled lust, humping and bucking, fucking unashamedly. "Goddammit! You're even better than I thought!" Johnny exclaimed. "This is great!"

He reared back and plunged forward, his rapier-like prick slicing deep into her seething hot cunt, raking erotic sensations from her pussy. He began to fuck her hard and fast, pounding and slamming his prick into her cunt, his balls slapping her naked ass-cheeks, which clenched and became taut from the fucking.

"Ohhhhhhh, God! I love your cock! I love it!" she wailed. She was behaving like a wanton whore, and she knew it. But, Sally Tillerman didn't give a damn. Ever since her parents had been killed in a plane crash, the eighteen-year-old beauty acted as though there were no tomorrow. She had moved from her fashionable Beverly Hills home and took up the life of a beach girl, frolicking on the beach by day, and fucking her brains out at night. First, it was Johnny's older brother, the handsome surfer named Billy. Now, she was in the arms of Johnny, who was fucking her like a madman, slicing his stiff prick in and out of her ripe pussy.

"Unnnhhhhh! My cock is about ready to shoot! I… I think I'm gonna come!" Johnny shrieked.

"But, you can't! Not yet! Wait for me!" Sally shouted. She stiffened her body and lay perfectly still, trying desperately to slow down the frenzied fucking motions that had brought the young man to the verge of shooting his load of jism into her hot, slick pussy. Cunt-juice was boiling in her cunt, stirred around by Johnny's stiff prick. Beads of sweat formed a long, thin line on her forehead as she jerked her head back and forth, savoring the wonderful feelings that coursed through her pussy. "Just hold on a second more! I want to come, too!" Sally wanted her sexual gratification. So many times before, when she had fucked Billy, he had brought her right to the pinnacle of an orgasm, but she had never managed to climax. She groaned with ecstatic sexual delight, knowing that, before long, she would reach the big "O", an orgasm that would drive her wild with passion.

Johnny's face contorted as he tried to hold back the desire to come. Thick, hot jism pulsated in his balls and throbbed in his pounding prick. "I… I can't hold it! Can't do it!" he screamed as he rammed his hips forward, impaling her pussy on his thick, hard cock. The thick muscles on his shoulders and biceps tightened from the intense strain. His prick lurched and twitched in her pussy, throbbing against her tight, clenching cunt-walls which were lubricated with slick cunt-nectar. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt, trickling around the base of his prick and streaming obscenely down her deeply tanned thighs.

"Nooooooo!" she cried in frustration. "Please! I… I'll only be a second!" she could feel her orgasm building, welling up inside of her cunt, ready to spill forth. Sally really needed to come – needed to climax in the worst way. She had been frustrated so many times before. The only person she had ever fucked before was Billy. But Billy never seemed to care about pleasing her. All he ever seemed to care about was his own sexual satisfaction. Sally hoped that Johnny would be different.