Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Diary novel

Hot hotel maid

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

Hot hotel maid


Misty Marsh was just falling asleep when the racket started. The people next door seemed to be laughing, running around, and jumping on the bed. The hotel walls were so thin, she couldn't help but overhearing them. The noise made it impossible for her to sleep.

"Oh, darn!" Misty sighed, using the naughtiest word in her vocabulary.

The noise was getting louder now. Misty wondered what on earth the people were doing. She blinked, getting used to the dim light, and that was when she saw the little hole in the wall. Bright light was shining through from the next room.

Misty could kneel on her bed and look right through the hole. Who knew what the hole was for, maybe some long-ago electrical connection, but it gave her a perfect view of the next room and the guests who were staying there.

Misty recognized them now, newlyweds who'd arrived at the hotel that afternoon. The man was tall and handsome, a real hunk, and his bride was a slim brunette. He was chasing her around the room, making her laugh and squeal.

"Come on, Amy," he chuckled. "You're all mine now. As my wife, you have to do what I want."

"No way, Ron," Amy grinned. "I didn't promise to obey. It wasn't in the ceremony."

Ron rushed at her, and she jumped up on the bed, making the springs creak. He lunged at her, and she jumped off laughing. They were making an awful lot of noise, and Misty knew she wouldn't be able to sleep till they'd run out of steam.

She'd get something out of it, though. At least she could watch them. She knew it wasn't nice of her to spy on them, but then it wasn't nice of them to keep her awake, either. She figured it was a fair exchange.

Now Ron was chasing Amy around the room again, and he finally managed to trap her in a corner. He grabbed her and pulled her close for a kiss. Amy struggled for a second, then went limp, moaning softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth.