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Incest sister

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

Incest sister


Lisa Stevens hurried from her house, and her boyfriend Bob, waiting in his car, feasted his eyes on her as she came toward him. At twenty-one Lisa was tall, leggy and slim, with a perfect tan and long straight blonde hair bleached almost white by the sun. Bob admired her high-riding, bouncing tits and the sleek curve of her hips. He didn't think he'd ever seen a more beautiful girl.

She slipped into the car beside him, and he caught the flowery scent of her perfume. "Hi, gorgeous," he said. "You look awfully excited about something. What's up?"

"Oh, Bob!" Lisa cried. "I can hardly believe it, it's so wonderful. I've found my brother."

"Hey, honey, that's fantastic," Bob said.

As a matter of fact, he'd almost forgotten Lisa's background. She and her twin brother had been adopted as babies, but by different families, and as soon as she was old enough, Lisa had started trying to track down her long-lost twin. Her adoptive parents were no help. They didn't know the name of the other couple. So Lisa had to do all the detective work by herself.

"He's living in California," Lisa bubbled on. "His name is Lance. I'm flying out there tomorrow to meet him."

Bob's face fell. "Flying out?" he said. "How long are you going to be gone?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe a month," Lisa said. "Lance and I will have a lot of getting acquainted to do, you know."

Bob frowned and started the car. He knew he shouldn't be selfish about a thing like this, but he didn't want to be apart from Lisa that long. He was definitely hooked on the girl. He couldn't even think about her without getting horny. In fact he'd hoped to do something about that tonight. He and Lisa had been dating for a year, and he felt it was time they did something besides kiss and hold hands.

After dinner and a movie, Bob parked in a secluded spot by a lake and drew Lisa into his arms. She came willingly enough, letting him kiss her and wriggle his tongue suggestively in her mouth, but of course she didn't expect they were going to go any farther than this. Lisa firmly believed in remaining a virgin till she was married.