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Neighbors do it better

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

Neighbors do it better


Tina Rogers lay naked in bed, listening to the rain hit the roof. It was almost nine, and her husband Ed still wasn't home from work. That didn't surprise her. On a night like this, Ed would probably be kept late. But Tina wished like hell that he was in another occupation.

As a plumber, Ed would be out right now dealing with flooded basements and clogged drain pipes. Tina wished he was home dealing with her. Her plumbing was really neglected.

She almost moaned aloud with need as she thought of her handsome husband.

She and Ed had been married almost five years, but the magic hadn't gone out of their marriages. They were as hot for each other as the day they met. The only problem was Ed's job. Now that he'd gone into business for himself, he never seemed to have any time off.

Sure, he was making good money so that someday soon they could buy their dream house and have a family, but in the meantime Tina was going out of her mind with sexual frustration. She needed a lot more loving than Ed was able to give her.

Poor Ed, it wasn't his fault. He was as horny as she was, but it seemed like he was always being called away on an emergency jab, or else he was just too damned tired to make love. No matter what the reason, it was really starting to get to Tina.

Like tonight, for instance. She was freshly bathed, all made up, with a dab of Ed's favorite perfume behind each ear, and she was horny enough to scream. She was young, beautiful, and lusty, every man's dream. Yet she found herself in bed alone. No, things just weren't right.

The beautiful brunette housewife kit the scaring heat in her slit and whimpered with frustration. What she needed more than anything in the world was her husband's big hard cock cramming her starved little cunt. But she wasn't likely to get it, not soon. Ed would come dragging home late, dog tired, too pooped to get it on.

"So what's the answer?" Tina wondered aloud.

She couldn't ask Ed to find another job. He'd trained long and hard to open his own plumbing business. She sure didn't want a divorce. Ed was the only man she'd ever loved. And she didn't believe in cheating. So that left her with only one thing to do about her sexual starvation.