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The hottest babysitter

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

The hottest babysitter


Cindy Jones, a pretty, petite blonde girl sat on the couch and yawned. She was babysitting for the Dolan family, and she'd gotten the kids to bed hours ago. Now there was nothing to do but watch TV. There was nothing interesting on the regular channels, so Cindy decided to experiment with the UHF knob.

She got a picture, and her big blue eyes widened. There was a naked couple on the screen, and they seemed to be making love. Cindy worked feverishly to get the picture in focus, then sat back on the couch and gawked. Sure enough, it was some foreign movie showing a couple lying on a bed without a stitch of clothes on, kissing and caressing each other.

"Oh, wow, fantastic," Cindy said happily.

Ever since she became a teenager, she'd been dying to know about sex, but her parents were too uptight to talk to her about it. Now maybe sh'd get an education. She felt herself getting flushed and excited as she watched the couple on the screen. The man rolled the woman onto her back and climbed on top of her. His hips seemed to move, but Cindy couldn't tell exactly what he was doing.

"Darn," she muttered, "I wish they'd show all of him."

But the movie showed the couple only from the waist up. It was obvious now that they were fucking but that was no comfort to Cindy, who wanted to see the guy's cock. She was aching to know what a real live cock looked like. Still, as she watched the naked couple moaning and kissing, she got hotly aroused. She felt her virgin pussy swelling up and getting wet and fiery hot.

Since she was alone in the house except for the sleeping kids, Cindy had no hesitation about slipping her hand down inside her jeans and pants and touching her pussy. That was something she always did what she was horny. After all, why go around frustrated when she could get relief with her fingers. She felt around and found the slick pea-sized lump of her clit and began to rub it with a fingertip.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed.

She watched the fucking couple on the screen and played with herself, running her fingertip firmly back and forth over the hot throbbing bud of her clit. Sharp jolts of pleasure streaked through her pussy, and her finger was quickly drenched with thick steaming cunt juice. Cindy just loved to beat off. She'd accidentally discovered the practice when she was twelve, and now she did it almost every night.

Tonight though, her caressing finger just wasn't quite getting it. It felt great, but she knew it wasn't the same as being with a man. Watching the couple moaning and pawing each other, she wondered what it would be like to take a man's cock into her cunt. The woman on the screen seemed to be blissed-out, wild with pleasure. Cindy sighed longingly and rubbed, her swollen clit faster.