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Virgins in heat

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

Virgins in heat


Riverport, a small college town on the Pacific Coast, has small hidden beaches where a person feels free to do just about anything, safe from the eyes of the public. On a warm May afternoon three young women walked to one of those beaches and stretched out in their bikinis to have a very private talk. In Riverport you didn't talk about sex just any old place.

The girls were college roommates, and all of them were eighteen years old, but physically they weren't much alike. Patty was a tall blonde with very large melon-shaped tits that looked ready to pop from her tiny bikini bra. Linda, a redhead of average height, had gorgeous long legs and perfectly firm round tits the size of grapefruits. Chris was a tiny brunette with a sleek curvy body and apple size tits. Each girl was attractive in her own way.

Their friendship went back a long time, for their parents had sent them all to the same convent schools. There Patty, Linda and Chris use to crawl into the same bed at night and whisper under the covers, speculating about where babies came from and bow boys were different from girls. They were still wondering about some of these things. Now it was their first year of college, their first chance to really find out about sex.

"I think I'm horny," Patty was saying.

"What does that mean?" Chris giggled.

"I'm not sure, but I heard some girls talking about it in the dorm," Patty said. "It means when you're really hot to fuck."

"Boy, your vocabulary is sure growing since you got to college," Linda teased. "So tell us, smarty, how do you know you want to fuck?"

"I've got this really weird feeling in my pussy," Patty sighed. "All hot and wet. I've had it for days. In fact I almost went all the way on a date last week."

Linda and Chris' attention picked up. "Oh, wow, tell us about it," Chris urged.

"Ok, but you guys have to tell me about your dates, too," Patty said. "You two didn't get in till after midnight last Friday, either. I bet there's a story behind that."