Norma Egan

Between auntie_s thighs


Karen Jordan, a tall cool-looking blonde of thirty-five, watched intently as the boy walked onto the diving board and prepared to plunge into the pool. Specifically, she watched his crotch, and she was thinking, Oh, to be young again!

Karen's dark-blue eyes focused lingeringly on the well-defined bulge of the kid's skimpy trunks, and as he bounced up and down on the diving board in preparation for his leap, she thought she detected a slight quivering there.

What did that bulge represent? His balls? His cock? Her feverish speculation grew. She wondered what he looked like without clothes. God, he had a nice body-broad shoulders, small waist and hips, strongly muscled arms and legs. His sleek young body was deeply tanned, but the hair on his head and chest was white-blond.

Karen tried to imagine his cock, a sturdy stiff pole of flesh with a rosy tip. She felt an answering warmth in her crotch, a melting sensation. She imagined the boy crawling over her, thrusting his swollen dick into her…

"Hey, Aunt Karen," the boy called, "dig this."

He executed a neat clean dive into the pool, and her horny vision was scattered. Karen sighed softly.

Dirty old woman, she thought.

The boy's head broke water, and he swam toward her, grinning, showing perfectly even white teeth. She noticed he had freckles. My God, he was so young…

"How was that, Aunt Karen?" he called.

"Beautiful, Mark," she said, forcing a smile.