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Boy hungry wife

Norma Egan

Norma Egan

Boy hungry wife


Ginger Davis, watching her husband Tom climb out of the swimming pool, wondered for the hundredth time how such an exciting-looking, sexy guy could be such a dud in bed. It just wasn't fair to be married to a man who turned her on like crazy and then failed her when they fucked.

"What are you looking so solemn about?" Tom asked as he padded toward the diving board.

"I'm wondering if I left the roast in the oven too long," Ginger lied. "I better go check."

She took one last look at her husband – tall, deeply tanned, tautly muscled, a dizzyingly attractive man with classical features and the body of an athlete – and then turned away with a deep sigh. No, dammit, it really wasn't fair. Her poor pussy was steamy-hot and wet with longing for Tom, but she knew after three years of marriage that going to bed with him wouldn't take care of her need.

As Ginger walked toward the house she happened to glance into the neighbors' back yard, and she saw something that made her stop still. The neighbors, Jerry and June Thomas, were sunbathing on the lawn, but Ginger had eyes only for Jerry. My God, she thought, what a stud.

Jerry, a tall black-haired man in his late twenties, was lying on his back, eyes closed, wearing the smallest pair of bathing trunks Ginger had ever seen in her life. Her eyes swept hungrily over Jerry's deeply tanned and heavily muscled body, the thick hair mats on his chest, the flat belly. She found herself staring longingly at the large soft lump of his cock and balls clearly outlined beneath the tight suit.

Ginger licked her lips, then sighed, wondering if Jerry was any good in bed. She was sure that all men weren't as inept and unimaginative as her husband when it came to balling. Well, she'd never know. All she could do was look and wonder, because in spite of Tom's lackluster love-making, she loved him and didn't intend to be unfaithful to him.

Sighing, Ginger stepped into the house. She didn't know that Tom had been watching her carefully. He was seeing his wife as other men saw her, a gorgeous statuesque redhead with long lovely legs and a fantastic pair of boobs. In her tiny yellow bikini, Ginger was really a knockout.

Why, then, was she so lousy in bed?

Tom wistfully watched his wife's pert round little butt as she walked away from him. Everything about her was sexy and enticing, yet in the sack it was like making love to a statue. He was proud of Ginger for being a lady, but, dammit, why did she have to be a lady when they fucked? He wanted her to be a tigress then, a wild wanton slut, but after three years of marriage she hardly moved when they made love.