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Spread wide wife

Norma Egan

Norma Egan

Spread wide wife


Karen Brandon felt the dry hot sun soaking into her sleek nearly naked body. She was sipping a tall cold drink made of gin and limes. She gave a long, low sigh of pleasure. She'd made it at last. Here she was on a rich man's yacht, hanging out with the jet set. What more could a girl want?

Well, to begin with, a decent fuck.

The thought just bubbled up in her head, and she blushed as it came to her – but, damn it, it was true. The hot day, the sight of all that smooth tan flesh, the attractive men she was talking with – it all combined to make her maddeningly horny. Alas, there was nothing she could do about it. She had her husband Phil along.

Of course she'd never cheat on Phil anyhow. If it weren't for Phil, they wouldn't even be here today. Philip Brandon, a thirty-year-old lawyer, had been Karen's husband for five years. During that time he'd made a big name for himself as a corporation attorney, and now they'd been invited aboard this yacht for private talks with Harry Rosen, a fabulously wealthy businessman who was thinking of hiring Phil. If Phil became Harry's personal attorney, their worries would be over forever.

At least their financial worries. Karen sighed again as she thought about her marriage, not a contented sigh this time. She loved Phil dearly and was very proud of his success, but, much as she hated to admit it, he was a lousy lover. If she weren't so inexperienced herself, she might be able to teach him something – but Phil was the only man she'd ever fucked.

"Another drink Mrs. Brandon?"

Karen opened her eyes and saw the steward, Manuel, bending over her. My God, she thought, what a gorgeous stud! Again she blushed as wicked thoughts bubbled helplessly into her mind. The handsome Mexican-American steward was about her own age, twenty-five, and was superbly muscled, deeply tan, and had lazy glowing brown eyes that made her poor starved cunt go all hot and wet.

"Yes, thank you, Manuel," she said, holding out her empty glass.

Manuel took the glass, and their fingers brushed. Karen experienced a rush of lust so powerful that she almost gasped aloud. Blushing, she looked around hastily to see if anyone had noticed her horny reaction to Manuel. My God, it seemed as if she could think of nothing but sex from the instant she stepped onto this yacht!

Phil sat close beside her but hadn't been watching her. He was listening to Harry. Phil was handsome enough, but his slightly receding hairline and horn-rimmed glasses made him look very studious. So did the pipe he always had in his mouth. He was wearing skimpy navy blue swimming trunks, and he looked good in them, but somehow he lacked the animal magnetism of dark-eyed Manuel.