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Little swimmers ecstasy

Ned Moore

Ned Moore

Little swimmers ecstasy


Alice stared at Bert and anger poured out of her like hot lead out of a mold. She was surprised that he couldn't feel it. Bert was standing by the bed, his legs spread, holding a towel over his shoulder.

"Well," Alice snapped. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

Bert just smiled. He stood there so smug, so naked, with his cock hanging over his swollen balls that she couldn't help hating him for the fucking monster he really was. And this was the man she had trusted with her career, with her life! God, what a fucking monster he was.

"Say something," she ordered. Her will to fight was dead. "I won't tell the police," she said reassuringly. "They'll never know."

"Fucking right they won't," Bert replied. He stared back down at her and laughed cruelly. "No way, cunt. You're going to stay here and do what you're supposed to do or you know what will happen. Besides," and he chuckled as if he knew something she didn't, "you can't do anything about it." As if to prove the point, he whipped the towel off his shoulder and snapped the end against her breast.

"Yaaaa!" she shouted, surprised more than hurt. Goosebumps popped up on her naked flesh. They ran across the soft skin of her fast-reddening breast like water washing up on the beach. Alice twisted helplessly against the table. She didn't know Bert was so crazy or how long he had been planning this escapade. But she didn't want to think about him anymore. The goosebumps flowed down to her snatch and prickled as they rose on the soft mounds of pussy flesh under her pubic hair.

"Ooooo, no! Please, Bert, no!"

Even as she cried out, Alice couldn't stop the moisture that started to pump between her spread thighs from her swollen cunt. She turned instantly wet. The effect was embarrassing. With great persistence, Alice squeezed her knees together stopping the trickle of excitement that gathered in the swollen hillock of her cunt. She was wet and soppy and a strong odor rose up from the juices that oozed from her slit. She shuddered, hating herself, hating her womanhood for betraying her. Bert just laughed. His eyes beamed like spotlights as they explored her. The dark V of her crotch was tantalizing. He wanted to drag his tongue along her thigh, making her wiggle, then spear her young slit.

All the young girls went crazy under his persistent licking. The juices that flowed from their cunts was the stuff passion was made of. Once the flow started, no matter how much they protested, he knew his tongue would drive them up the wall.

Alice's eyes rolled up in her head so that she could see what Bert was doing. It made her shiver with a delicious sort of fright. But that couldn't stop her from looking. Just looking! She told herself, and she trembled violently.