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Old men and?

Ned Moore

Ned Moore

Old men and?


"She just kept on watching my peter and playing with it. She was really getting me excited. It felt good. I didn't want her to stop, but I was scared somebody would come down the hall and catch us."

"Then Ruthie asked me if I jerked off like she heard boys do a lot."

"I said, 'Once in a while.' I was ashamed to admit I did it practically every night, sometimes during the day, too."

"She asked, 'Do you squirt stuff?'"

"I nodded, and she said real quick, 'Do it now. I want to see it.'"

"Something made me say she could make it squirt if she jerked me off, and she said, 'How do I do it?'"

"I said, 'Just jerk the skin up and down like you've been doing, only faster.'"

"She started doing it real fast. I had to make her slow down. I showed her how to hold my peter and told her not to squeeze too hard. She was eager to do it right so she could make me squirt."

"After a minute of showing her how and telling her, then she got the right hold on it and the right speed and God, I started to get super-stiff and tingly right away. Getting jerked off by somebody else, especially a girl, is the best way to get jerked off there is."

"Ruthie jerked my peter just right and after a half minute she asked how long it took, and I said, 'I'm almost there now.' And I was. I made her stop and dig my hanky out of my pants pocket. I spread it on my shirtfront. Then she started again and said, 'Tell me when it's going to come out.'"