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Sister_s husband

Penny Driscoll

Penny Driscoll

Sister_s husband


"Man, I can see everything she's got!" Jim stared across his desk at the Granger State Bank. The discreet sign on his desk read "James O. Carroll, Vice President". From where he was sitting he could see directly up between little Ginnie Reordon's creamy white thighs. She was a small girl, but built with an almost diabolical precision that insured a second look from any red-blooded male in her vicinity. Jim found it hard to believe that the girl was only 17, she seemed so mature for her years… not only physically but mentally. He had heard that Ginnie cultivated people older than she, completely ignoring most of her classmates at Granger High.

The young girl shifted languidly on the chair across from Jim Carroll's desk. Her long legs separated just the slightest bit again, and Jim felt tiny beads of sweat break out on his forehead as the tight "vee" of her tight little rose-colored panties came into view. His eyes and mind riveted to the spot, that tender portion of the young girl's being that she seemed to be offering to him with such nonchalance. He could almost swear that a few reddish tendrils of hair were visible, peeking from the elasticized sides of Ginnie's panties, but Jim couldn't tell if it was just his imagination or not. He cleared his throat and lifted his eyes up to the pert, innocent looking face, with its sprinkling of light freckles across Ginnie's upturned nose. He used his best business tone, and his eyes did their best not to waver in the slightest from the young girl's frank, almost impertinent, gaze.

"Now, Ginnie… what is it that you want to discuss about your account this time?"

"Well, they told me again that I'd have to see an officer about this… you see I have this big check coming in… for $25, and I'm not getting the money from my father until tomorrow because his paycheck came late this week… and, you see, I was practically sure that I could deposit it in time…"

Jim's eyes swept over the tightly pulled wool sweater that hugged Ginnie's full, soft breasts, showing the round coin-shaped swellings of her nipples in disturbing detail. He wondered how those two babies would feel in his hands.

"This is the third time this month that you've done something like this, Ginnie… I can't continue to make special rules for you… after all…" Jim heard his own voice droning on and on, but he really wasn't thinking about what he was saying, his mind seemed fogged with a dull kind of longing, and once more he cast a glance between those lithe and lovely legs that Ginnie Reordon parted further still while he was speaking.

"But it's for my little brother's birthday present… I mean, that's what the check was for… and if it bounces, I'm afraid that…"

"Well, Ginnie… that's unfortunate, but if the check comes in I'm afraid we'll have to return it. We've already paid on two other checks of yours, and the bank can't continue…"

"You said that already, Mr. Carroll," Ginnie said, sweetly smiling up at him. She rose and moved closer to his desk.

Jim made an imperceptible move backward in his rolling chair. Christ, what was she going to do now? He looked frantically toward the door of his office and was glad to see it was closed. It wouldn't do to have any of the employees seeing this young girl getting so familiar.