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Elaine_s dog show

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Elaine_s dog show


"I don't think I'm going to like this, Wanda," Elaine Schaff said nervously as she moved slowly down the wide eighth-floor hotel hall. The twenty-four-year-old, big-titted young blonde couldn't believe that she'd actually accepted her best girl friend's suggestion to come to the downtown Washington, D.C. Hilton and fuck a complete stranger.

"Come on, Elaine. For the past couple of weeks, all I've heard from you is how you needed cock," Wanda said softly as she glanced first at the small sheet of paper in her hand, then looked back up at the numbers on the doors.

"I know. But I don't know this man. Are you sure it's all right?" Elaine asked in a little-girl's voice. She was so horny and excited she could have come right now if a man just looked at her. But Elaine felt she had to put up some kind of resistance. It was the only way she could keep up her own sense of womanly respectability.

"Honey, it's gonna be more than all right. It's gonna be fantastic! You know the story that goes around the Hill about Senator Sam Smith. The girls in the office don't call him "Donkey Sam" for nothing," Wanda said as she folded the paper in half and shoved it back in her purse. "The room must be down the other end of the hall," the attractive, slim brunette said as she quickened her pace.

"But you've got that fat old Senator Kuhns. How could you, Wanda? Jesus! Just looking at him gives me the creeps!" Elaine said as she saw Wanda walk up to a door and indicate with her eyes that this was the place.

"It isn't easy," Wanda said as she reached up and smoothed down her long hair, "I'll tell you. If he wheezes any harder when we fuck, he'll have a coronary," she whispered, winking at Elaine, then breaking out into a soft giggle. "But how else do you think I can make $22,000 a year on just a typing job?" the brunette asked a she knocked at the door.

"But I didn't come up here for that," Elaine insisted, not liking what her girl friend suggested.

"That's what they all say, at first," Wanda said, smiling ironically at her friend.

"I mean, I came up here for the sex, but I don't care if I get anything else out of it," Elaine whispered quickly to her friend as she heard someone moving behind the locked door.

"Don't knock it, honey. Sam Smith knows lot of people up on the Hill. You can get your cake and eat the whole fuckin' thing in this town," Wanda said as she signaled her friend keep quiet.