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Raped daughter roped mother

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Raped daughter, roped mother


"Yaggghh!" Dina Moulton wailed. She stumbled backward, doubled over, clutching her stomach. Dina's long blonde hair whipped across her face. He had hit her! He actually punched her in the belly! The terrorized teenager fought for breath and balance.

"Goddamned dumb slut!"

A nightmare! That's what this was. Some stupid nightmare from which she'd awaken, dripping wet, with a scream exploding in her throat. But her bruised flesh and her struggle for breath were too real to be same terrible dream.

"Stop it," she demanded, shaking the hair from her face and confronting her attacker. "Don't… don't hurt, me. Oh please."

Her voice trailed off into a whimper.

It just couldn't be true. Things like this happened to other people, in newspaper stories she gawked over every morning while her mother fixed breakfast. A horror like this couldn't happen to her.

"Go and beg, you little bitch," the big man snarled, his lips curling into an evil smile. Dina trembled, shrinking back. Her forehead wrinkled with terror while her eyes bulged.

"Oh please," she whispered.

Her mother had gone out on a date, her very first one with a man from her office. She had been so nervous, fluttering around the bedroom, trying on one dress after another while Dina helped as best she could. It was almost like a prom night or something.

And then this… this had to happen.