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Roped mother raped daughter

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Roped mother, raped daughter

(Bondage book – 132)


Betti Watson felt that hot, shiver tinge spasm through her virgin cunt as she rocked her slim hips from side to side on the chaise lounge. Her electric-blue bikini bottom was snuggling up against her hot, swelling cuntlips, the silky material rubbing so nicely against her milky-soft pussylabes. The sensation was shockingly good, even better than the way those two patches were getting her stiff, rose-pink nipples going.

It was awful feeling this way, especially right at the home of her very best friend, Tina Anderson. But there it was, making her breath a little shorter while the sensitive places between her toes tingled like mad. Thank goodness, she thought, she had on her dark sunglasses. No one knew she was staring at Jack Foster. He was a rebel. That was what Tina had said, giggling all the time. Betti was sure Tina would have let him fuck her if he were interested in doing it. Instead, he just came around all the time, hanging around the big two-story wooden house and talking with Tina's brother, Joe.

"Yeah, some nice pussy around here." The whispered words drifted to Betti. She wasn't supposed to hear that, she knew. But how the words made her flesh crawl with excitement and delight. To think, two men were talking aloud… fucking, and right in front of her! Tina was inside the house now, making some lemonade. That was when Betti heard more of the conversation.

"You know, I've lot some real good stuff at my folks' garage. They ain't home for the next two days. C'mon, Joe, don't be such a pussy. It's damned good booze."

Betti turned around, peering over the top of the lounge chair just in time to see Jack and Joe disappear through the back garden gate. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should say something to Tina. But something went off in the blonde teenager's head, something that urged her from the comfort of the chair and sent her tiptoeing down the alley, her rubber sandals making hardly any noise.

She could see the youths disappearing into a small garage just one block down the street. Oh, what a naughty thing they were going to do – drinking on the sly!

Betti drew close to the garage now, feeling her heart beating so fast she thought it would tear through her ribcage. She could hear them laughing inside, the sounds of bottles clinking reaching her ears. Betti peered through the window, seeing Joe taking a long swig from the bottle. It was getting darker, the sun having set behind the Santa Monica Mountains. She would have to go back and get a sweater or something. But Betti was still curious as to what the boys were really up to.

Studying Tina's brother so hard, Betti didn't bar the soft shuffling sound of Jack's boots until he was right behind her.