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S&M mother

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

SM mother


"Oh, that's way too tight!" Marie Higgenbottom squirmed on the small single bed, her naked ass flattening against the mattress as she felt the quarter-inch rope digging into her wrists.

It felt rather good, deliciously good, as Brad Beddingfield finished looping the line through the small brass ring in the wall six inches above her head.

Gently biting her lower lip, the thirty-nine-year old woman rolled her eyes around and looked at the walls in his playroom. That's what Brad called it when she had first entered. She smiled feeling her body tingle and glow for the first time in such a long while! This was so daring, so unusual. And yet how altogether right it had seemed.

Her eyes dropped down and took in the hard packed cock rubbing up against the webbed cup of his jockstrap. A man. A hard cock. All this, and it was for her! It was like a dream come true.

Marie grimaced as he pulled the rope a bit more tightly.

"Please… my fingers are getting cold." Brad was quiet, his hairy chest rising and falling faster while a sheen of perspiration made his hard-muscled body gleam under the single overhead bare light.

Tentatively Marie tugged at the ropes, feeling the muscles stretch while her knuckles rested against the cold brass rings overhead. Her heart was beating so quickly she thought it would surely tear through her ribs! The knots were holding well as the big man scooted down to her ankles and grabbed her feet. She felt her cunt swelling, tingling with a nearly forgotten heat while tiny hot, electric flashes sparked up and down her ridged thighs. Her pussy was so warm and wet.

Marie sucked in a deep breath, holding it until her head felt light and buzzy as he slowly raised her legs, inching them slowly apart until the woman could feel the warm, sticky crack of her pussyhole peel back and reveal her dark-red pussymeat. She was hot, so hot, and she knew Brad could see that.

His eyes narrowed with excitement. "You like this, don't you, bitch? You want it so Goddamned bad you're creamin' your cunt."

"Oh, don't talk like that!"