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Hot like mom

W Ellison

Walter Ellison

Hot like mom


The sun was shining brightly on this beautiful July morning. The air was filled with the odors of flowers and tomatoes which the residents of this small town were sowing. Mary Pussie stood on the corner of Vine and Turner Avenue in Sexton, Pennsylvania. Mary was a police crossing guard. She liked her job in the summer but she saw fewer children. During the cold winter months it was lousy standing out in the cold directing traffic. In the summer months, though, it was good to be alive.

She had a busy corner and so was kept on the force during the summer months when summer school was in session. Mary enjoyed her job. She had gown up in this town and knew just about everyone. Everyone liked her and she liked thorn. The town knew their kids were safe in Mary's hands. That was what bothered Mary. For some time now she has been having weird fantasies. She had been fighting against naughty impulses.

Mary was a virgin. She had been raised in a strict puritanical home. Her father was a tyrant and her mother was a mouse who always warned Mary about men and their vices. So, at twenty-two, Mary had no steady boyfriend and very few men friends. Her only real friends were the teenage boys who passed her each day on their way to school. They liked her and would talk and joke with her. She was a pal, not an authority figure. Mary liked the boys too, maybe too much!

Her dreams had been filled with guys. In the dreams the boys would band together and carry her away to their hideout and do sexy things to her! When she awoke from these dreams. Her body would be on fire and she would be in need of release.

Mary knew practically nothing about sex. She knew that a man and woman went to bed together, but what they really did there, well, her education had not supplied her with the answer. She knew that her life was empty and that she was missing out on something.

Mary cut a striking figure when she stood in the middle of the road with her arms outstretched to hold back the cars so her little friends could get safely to school. Mary had blonde hair which was piled on her head in a mass of golden ringlets. She was tall and thin, but quite sexy-looking, especially in her tight blue police skirt which came several inches above her knees.

Once in a while some of the boys would joke around with Mary. In passing, they would pat her on her well-rounded ass. She would look startled at first and then thinking it to be innocent by-play. But these incidents fed her night dreams and daydreams. Those nail pats would become full blown caresses in her reveries.

She hated herself for thinking the filthy thoughts, but they would not leave her alone. She became obsessed with the possibility of engaging in a sexual union with one of the boys! But what if she got caught? What if the boy squealed on her? Could she trust any of them? Could she get away with it?

The need within her was growing. Soon she would not question whether it was good for her or not; she would do it and let the chips fail where they may.

Her mother had always said that men were evil, but she had never warned her about boys!