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The hotter the daughter

W Reagan

Warren Reagan

The hotter the daughter


"He fucked me, Mommie!" Gerta flew into the house screeching, her long, ash-blonde hair flowing down the nape of her neck on that warm June night just after school had closed for summer vacation. "I felt my heart pounding in my chest like in that novel I'm relaxing. It was wonderful!"

Sarah Beck glanced up from her book, smiling. "Johnny Peters?"

"But of course," Gerta beamed, throwing herself on the couch beside her mother. "Who else? He was walking me home from the drugstore, and when we got here, he just swung me in his arms and… and he kissed me, Mommie. Hard! Then he started to work his fingers between my panties, and… and he finger-fucked me for awhile, Mommie. Then he took out his prick and fucked me against the house. Standing up! It all happened so fast!"

Her face was lit up with the rapture of the memory of Johnny's kiss still on her lips. She thought he was the most handsome guy in her class. As she thought about him, a steaming dampness engulfed her pussy.

Mrs. Beck removed her glasses and laid them on the coffee table, wrapping her arms round her daughter in an affectionate hug. Her body trembled. "My God! How I wish some, man would sink his prick in me!"

"Oh, Mommie!" Gerta sighed. "If I lose Johnny now, I'll die! Just imagine! He gave me my first piece of ass!"

"Just remember how beautiful you are, my darling." Her mother grinned. "Don't do what. I did when I was your age. A man needs plenty of fond affection to keep him interested."

Thinking back, Gerta remembered the stones her mother had told, about how her father had walked out on her the day Gerta was born.

"Tell me what to do, Mommie, please!"