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Mary_s great dane

W Scott

William Scott

Mary_s great dane


When he ran his hands slowly downward over Cindy's body, she sighed and thrust her cunt forward, pressing her belly against the outline of his hard cock. He felt a sudden urge to throw her down on her back and fuck her, forcibly if necessary. But Pete Braden wasn't the kind of guy to do such a thing – at least he had never done so to the present moment.

He heard her sighing again, this time close to his ear. When he felt her wet tongue passionately darting into his ear, he picked her up bodily and carried her into the bedroom. Kicking the door open, he carried her to the bed and dropped her, falling down over her body at the same time that his hands went beneath her short skirt and tugged at her sheer panty hose. He yanked the hose down, as well as her panties, and placed his hand over her warm wet cunt. Her snatch was well-lubricated, which meant she was ready to fuck.

It was thrilling to have a "new" woman ready, willing and eager for it. There was nothing better in life. Pete wondered idly if his wife Mary was presently having a passionate reaction to Mark Alexander, if Cindy's husband's advance had aroused her as much as he was aroused. Pete hoped so, or thought he did. It would be better if Mary did feel passion with Mark. This was the first time for each couple – the first time they had swapped partners. And the first time, so it was said, was usually the greatest.

"Oh, Pete," Cindy murmured. "Put it in, baby, all the way in. Make me cream."

"Let's take our clothes off, Cindy," he said quickly, wanting desperately to be naked in bed with this hot, lovely woman.

"All right, but I'd just as soon take the tube with my clothes on, Pete."

He grinned tensely at her term. "Be more fun it we take 'em off, Cindy."

She sprang from the bed and undressed hurriedly, then she flopped back down on the bed, her long legs spread wide, her mouth open, her eyes slits, her breathing fast and jerky. Obviously, she was even more passionate than he had first thought.

Pete gazed at her tits, observing how rounded and well-molded they were. The tits were made for fondling, sucking and whatever else a guy could think up to do with them. She was a pretty woman all over, with long blonde hair, parted in the middle and hanging down over her shoulders – it had a habit of getting in front of her eyes and she had a habit of knocking it away, not just pulling it back with her hand. Her eyes were very blue and large, her teeth white and almost perfectly even, her lips red, full and inviting. She was, he knew, about twenty-six, which was exactly the same age as Mary. The most important thing about her he was just now discovering – she was a passionately hot woman and had few, if any, inhibitions.

"Pete," she said, "come out of your fog and fuck me, baby. I want to feel that long hard prick of yours rammed up my cunt."