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Tommy_s little sister

W Spain

William Spain

Tommy_s little sister


They've got me in this vocational school for wayward boys and they've also got my kid sister in another joint that's supposed to help girls who "go wrong". My sister and I got mixed up with these two weirdo characters who made bread out of sex stuff. I hold no grudge against Mrs. Devine and her brother Basil. Hell, I had me a ball with them – with Mrs. Devine, I mean. She was really something else, that woman. The only trouble was that my sister and I were too young to be fooling around with the sex bit, I guess. Anyway, that's what they told us, the authorities, the doe's and everybody. Lot they know about it. Nuts.

As I was saying, they've got me in this school and ever day I had to go to the doc's office and tell him a bit more about what he calls the "unusual situation". It took me about a month, maybe longer, to give out with the whole story, detail by detail.

Sometimes I got the impression the old doc was more interested in hearing about the sex scenes than he was in "helping" me. After I told him the complete story, he suggested (therapy, he called it) I go to the reading room of the school every day and write the whole affair down on paper. (They have several typewriters there and the kids are encouraged to use them.) Well, I figured it was better to do this than go to work in the lousy laundry like the other guys do, some of them, so I did as he told me.

So I wrote the story of my sister, myself, Mrs. Devine and Basil. This is how it all came about and I haven't changed anything. It really happened just as I have put it down here.

"Elly," I muttered. "Elly."

I shuddered at the thought and knew that if I gave way to this impulse it could get me into awful trouble with my parents, but my parents were away. They had gone to the lake the day before, leaving Elly and me alone in the house. Elly (my sister, if you haven't guessed that) was thirteen. Did I dare to try it? I found myself leaping up from the bed and running across the bedroom floor. When I got to the hall door, something slowed me down. I stopped, my heart hammering furiously, and considered the consequences briefly. The hell with the consequences, my inflamed mind told me. Go to her, Tommy, go to her and find out. I left my room and ran down the hall to Elly's door. It stood ajar and with my heart beating more furiously now I entered the room and approached the bed where Elly lay sleeping quietly. Dawn was beginning to lighten the room, so I could see her fairly well. She lay on her back with one arm above her head and on the pillow. Her blonde hair hung down around her pretty, angelic face, and this only served to make me hotter. Her nightdress was white and cut square and low in the front, affording me a look at her young, exciting breasts.

"Elly," I whispered, though there was no need to whisper, "are you asleep?" There was no need to ask this, either, for she was very much asleep. She stirred a little and moved her lips a bit. "Elly," I repeated, and then said the first thing that came to my mind. "I'm cold. I've been dreaming. Can I get in bed with you?"

She surprised me. "Don't care." She moved over a little on the bed, turning her back to me, the covers falling down off her back and revealing the fact that her buttocks were now uncovered by her nightie. "What's the matter?" she muttered thickly, and dropped off to sleep again, if she had ever really been awake. My dingus was extremely hard now and I pulled my pajamas over to one side to cover it as I placed one knee on the bed. "You sleeping?" I asked.

She grunted and moved on the bed again. My heart now was threatening to leap out of my body and as I lay down carefully on the bed I knew fear for a moment. What if she should wake up and get mad at me and later tell our parents? Man, would I be in for trouble. My body shook from this momentary fear, and then I remembered a couple of cracks I had once overheard concerning my kid sister. I even remembered how I had beat the hell out of one guy when I heard him say something bad about her. This knowledge seemed to strengthen my resolve not to weaken now, but to go ahead and try it. I was in a bad way. I was in a good way, I mean, but a bad one, too, depending on your point of view. I pulled the sheet up over my body and sank my head down on the pillow. I turned on my side with my dingus pointing at her body and as I did so she moved in her sleep and her buttocks touched the head of it. I shivered and nearly went off but did not. She grunted once or twice and I, my hand shaking considerably, put my arm carelessly over her body. She moved and halfheartedly tried to push my arm away without really knowing what she was doing, for I was sure she was still sleeping.

I was growing wilder by the moment. Discretion was flying, had flown, out of the window and I moved my body up closer to hers. Her body was warm and nice and exciting, and as my dingus touched her buttocks again, I wondered if she would holler if I suddenly rammed it in between her legs.