Dear Readers,

I still remember the first time I read Donald Goines. The godfather of street lit, he was the first to write books about characters I could identify with. To some, the stories may have been aggressive, overly stylized, and even dangerous. But there was an honesty there—a realness. I made a vow that if I wrote a book or got into the publishing game, I would try the same one-two punch—that of a Daddy Cool or Black Gangster.

Last year my memoirs, From Pieces to Weight, marked the beginning. Now, I’m rounding up some of the top writers, same way I rounded up some of the top rappers in the game, to form G-Unit and take this series to the top of the literary world. The stories in the G-Unit series are the kinds of dramas me and my crew have been dealing with our whole lives: death, deceit, double-crosses, ultimate loyalty, and total betrayal. It’s about our life on the streets, and no one knows it better than us. Not to mention, when it comes to delivering authentic gritty urban stories of the high and low life, our audience expects the best.

That’s what we’re going to deliver, starting with Nikki Turner, bestselling author of Hustler’s Wife and The Glamorous Life; Noire, bestselling author of G-Spot and Thug-A-Licious; and finally K. Elliott, author of Street Fame.

You know I don’t do anything halfway, and we’re going to take this street lit thing to a whole other level. Are you ready?