Have a Daily Check In.


Checking in with each other is a great way to make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to being happy in your relationship.

Just like in an office where a manager has team meetings, you should have a team meeting with your significant other on a regular basis. Don’t know how to get started? Try something like this:


  • Start the check in by talking about something that you appreciate about your spouse. Perhaps he or she did something thoughtful that day. Maybe he or she was being extra helpful around the house. It can even be something that he or she does on a regular basis, which you find pleasant or endearing.
  • Talk about something new that happened to you that day. It can be about work, home, your personal goals, or something that you ran across which you think your spouse would find interesting.
  • Bring up a question or something that you are having trouble wrapping your head around. It could be something about yourself, about your partner, maybe something about your relationship, or even just a current event if none of the other things are applicable.
  • Ask for a small request without judgements or complains. For example, instead of “You never help out around the house. Do you think you could take out the garbage tomorrow night?” or “When will you finally do the dishes around here?” Try something less critical like, “I couldn’t find any towels in the kitchen this morning. Could you please fold the towels and put them in the drawer after you’ve done the laundry?”
  • Finish it off with a hope for the future. It can be something big or small as long as it will affect the both of you. “I hope that we will have a great date night this week!” or “I can’t wait to have kids with you one day.”