No matter if you want to spice things up in the bedroom or if you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with your partner, tantric massage can help you achieve both of those goals. It can be one of the most empowering and intimate activities that you can do together. Utilize these techniques but don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

You have to realize and recognize the importance of communication, satisfaction, and mutual respect toward one another in order for these techniques to work. Be open to one another’s emotions as well as your different vibes. Feel what your partner needs. Being in tune with one another will help you connect on every level – including intimately and sexually.

In addition to tantric massage, you should be connecting with your spouse in other ways as well. You can’t be in a strong relationship without a connection that is both sexual as well as of your mind and soul. If you “don’t have the time,” try some of these quickie ways:

  • Touch each other daily: good morning kisses, goodbye kisses, goodnight kisses, hugs, high fives, holding hands, even back scratches.
  • Laugh together. Things can get tense pretty quickly. Don’t fall in that pit. Instead, share a laugh together. Crack a joke. Think about something that your significant other might find funny and share it with him or her. It is a great way to make your relationship even stronger.
  • Create some new memories. Do something spontaneous. Go on an adventure (okay, this one isn’t really a quickie). It doesn’t have to be elaborate though. Go outside and watch the stars. Wake up early and watch the sunrise together. Take a detour on the way home and take a quick walk in a park.
  • Get a dog. Okay, this one isn’t really a quickie either. Studies show that couples who get a pet like a dog have healthier and happier relationships.
  • Ask each other about your day, each day. But make it interesting. Show that you care by creating an open dialogue about things that are important to him or her.
  • Leave your partner a love note. I am a big proponent of love notes. They are quick, simple, and can convey almost any emotion that you want. Want to spice things up a bit? Send your partner a sext or a flirty text message. Want to thank him or her? Leave a thank you note in his or her lunch. Do you want to express your love? Leave a sticky note on their steering wheel telling him or her how often you think about them – only not in a creepy way.
  • Make sure to always than your partner for everything that he or she does – yes, that’s a little facetious. But you should always show gratitude. Studies have shown that showing a bit of gratitude does your mental health good as well as the mental health of the person that you are thanking.
  • Flirt with your partner. It only takes a quick comment in the morning.
  • Dress up for your partner. Does your significant other have a favorite outfit of yours? Dress up in it for him or her. Show your partner that you still care what he or she thinks about you and make him or her feel like they want to show you off to the world.
  • Turn off the electronics for a moment. We’re always hooked up to something. It might be your laptop, your phone, tablet, or your TV. Don’t be sucked into social media when you have some free time that you can spend with your partner instead.
  • Try sleeping naked. It could lead to more than spooning and you shouldn’t be neglecting that portion of your relationship.
  • Talk about your favorite times. There will be some down time together. Maybe it is during dinner, maybe it is in the morning while you are both getting ready in the bathroom. Talk about the memories that you love.
  • Actively listen whenever he or she reaches out to you. It is hard to talk to someone about something important, even if it is a partner or a family member. Show your partner some respect by actively listening to what he or she has to say.
  • Make a bucket list of things that you both want to do together, in the bedroom and out of it. It is important for you to have goals for yourself. However, it is also important for you to be able to have goals for your partnership as well. Challenge each other.