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#1 What kind of an official registration do I need to start a business?

#2 How do I choose the best niche?

#3 How to pick products to dropship?

#4 Is it even safe to deal with AliExpress sellers? How to make it right?

#5 How do I set product prices to make dropshipping profits?

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

#7 Whom should I sell the products to?

#8 What if something goes wrong with an order? How do I explain it to my buyer?



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#1 What kind of an official

registration do I need to

start a business?


#1 What kind of an official registration do I need to start a business?

AliDropship’s insight:

It’s not strictly necessary to register a business before launching a dropshipping store. Many entrepreneurs do it only after their stores start bringing them higher profits. Every particular country has its own laws on registering online businesses, and most typically, entrepreneurs choose some form of a sole proprietorship. Plus, it’s not unusual to register the business outside of one’s actual country of residence!

I didn’t register my business so don’t know much about

legal requirements. I am paying my taxes on time and I think

currently that’s enough for me.

Rahul, India I will register [the already functioning store] within the next few months.

Martin, the Netherlands I registered a company in my country for my business, but I

do not think that it’s a requirement for doing ecommerce.

Alan, China 6

#1 What kind of an official registration do I need to start a business?

Economically speaking, Mexico as an emerging market

supports entrepreneurs and wants us to start businesses. So,

legally, we get support for Small Businesses. If your business

earns less than 100,000 USD yearly, you can declare it as

personal taxes.

So, there’s no need for me right now to register my business,

but when I surpass that yearly amount, I’ll be able to register my business as a Society. I’m planning to register my

business as an LLC in the US as it was suggested here, in the


Tony, Mexico I registered my business officially, and I recommend that

because we all have to think of the benefit of having a

pension when we will be too old to dropship!

After registering the business officially, you pay some taxes

and fees. A good thing is that they go into medical insurance

and pension plan, which is great. Also payment gateway may

want this as a prerequisite.

Sofia, Greece I have registered it as a limited liability company, so

technically, I’m a fully legitimate business owner. By the local laws, it’s enough to register a sole proprietorship if you want to run such a business.

Alex, Russia 7

#1 What kind of an official registration do I need to start a business?

I registered the 2 businesses in the UK as a limited liability

company. I’ve chosen the UK because it doesn’t demand as

much paperwork as here in Spain: it’s not a must to have an

office, etc., which of course is easier because I mainly work

online with dropshipping stores.

Yes, as a UK-registered business owner, I have to pay taxes

to the UK’s government and to the Spanish one as well.

There are no other obligations beside the tax payments and


Soon, I will open 2 more stores in Spain: for them, the

requirements are to be legal as a business, but nothing

special. In Spain, it is called Autonomo (self-employed but

working as business), you need to pay the taxes and nothing


Mihai, Spain I launched my website [in March] during the Chinese New

Year. I started thinking of the legal and tax aspects of it only in November.

France is one of the worst countries to do business, especially dropshipping and ecommerce. So I decided to register my

company in Hong Kong. No VAT, 20% of tax on profit. I opened

my company really fast and easily via Bridges – a company

that handles all the paperwork with the government where you

decide to register in. You have to go to Hong Kong physically

in order to prove to banks that you have a real business

running and show that you have daily transactions related to

this business.

Mousslim, France 8

#1 What kind of an official registration do I need to start a business?

Seller’s commentary:

To launch the business, you don’t need any licence or registration. Just create a

store and drive traffic to it.

AliExpress sellers will send items to you in any case. It doesn’t matter if you are registered as a company or not. Even if you are an individual, we will gladly work with you anyway.

At the same time, check the laws of your own country! If there are local regulations, follow them and stay safe.



#2 How do I choose the

best niche?


#2 How do I choose the best niche?

AliDropship’s insight:

What makes you really passionate and enthusiastic? Write all your ideas down! This hobby or area of interest is your starting point.

Now, think of 2-3 words long phrases that describe this field. One of them will be

your niche keyword. Check it with our free niche research tool to be sure you’re making the right choice!

No ideas at all? Go to our list of already analysed most profitable dropshipping

niches, or order an individual niche research!

I recommend people to launch a niche on something they

love or know well. If not, they will give up easily when a little obstacle will be in front of them. Selling stuff that you know is natural, and it’s pleasant. When a fan of your niche reaches out to your Instagram and sees your content, he directly knows

or feels if you know your niche. I tried to launch a niche about something I didn’t really like, and believe me, it was a big


Mousslim, France I’m choosing the niche by browsing websites, especially

AliExpress, to get ideas and create my own combination. After

that I do keyword competition research , competitor research, and then I choose whether to go for it or not.

Martin, the Netherlands 11

#2 How do I choose the best niche?

I previously had 2 stores and the niche mistakes I learned

was that the niche was too small and at the same time I was

selling copyrighted items.

So I decided then to just go to a semi broad niche like the

Home niche. With this, I was able to test more products and

had more options to scale from. This is a good strategy if you

are starting yet and don’t have much knowledge on niches.

I also combined my personal interests on this semi broad

niche so I was able to find a narrower niche that is into my


Chanong, Philippines My three successful stores are made according to my personal


Ironically, for the two stores that weren’t successful, I’ve chosen the niches only because I thought the market was broad (cats & dogs supplies), but I did not have a real interest in those niches.

I recommend to choose a niche which you are passionate


Felix, Germany I was choosing my niche really carefully, and I spent a lot of

time to find a suitable one.

I went through extensive guidelines to understand if my niche

has a good potential in terms of pr omotion. I checked out lots of Facebook pages and groups because I wanted to figure

out if I can promote my future store on this social network.

And also, I did a research on Google Trends t o make sure that people are actually interested in these products, and look

them up quite often.

Victoria, Russia 12

#2 How do I choose the best niche?

I mostly chose my niches by what I found interesting and what

had a large amount of products on AliExpress. But now I would

do it differently – I would choose by how easy it will be to

market it. It’s all about marketing.

Otto, the Baltics Seller’s commentary:

Remember that customers have different expectations for different niches. For some skin care or hygiene items, customers really want them the other day after they placed the order! They want to start using them instantly, and they will be disappointed with long waiting.



#3 How to pick products to



#3 How to pick products to dropship?

AliDropship’s insight:

Make sure the product has a high rating, enough orders and positive reviews, and

some emotional ‘drive’ that makes customers excited and willing to buy.

You’re welcome to use our free database of the most demanded (and already edited!) AliExpress products, and import them to your store to start selling right away!

I’m choosing the products with good reviews and suppliers with

good ratings with at least 95% in feedback score. I’m adding

new products a couple of times per month. Products tend to

become unavailable now and then, so you need to add new

and more dropshipping products from time to time.

Martin, the Netherlands I choose products by reviews, supplier is not that important to me (as long as the rating is over 92%). However, over time, I got to know my suppliers and have main suppliers from who I get most of my products.

Otto, the Baltics 15

#3 How to pick products to dropship?

I focus on 2 major things.

Does this product solve any problem? My personal experience

is that if a product is solving people’s problem, then you will get a better conversion.

Another type of product which works for me is a product that

excites you. If you are a football lover and see a t-shirt having name, autograph or quote of your favorite player, most of the

time you will like to buy that.

I also experience one more thing: if a product is easily

available in stores or malls, then try to avoid this item.

While choosing products, I try to select suppliers having good

customer feedback. I read customer reviews on their products:

if customers are complaining about processing time or quality

of that product, I stay away from it.

Rahul, India

I just followed the tutorials from AliDropship. I also follow

some other ecom “gurus” and then just mix the knowledge I

learn from them.

I also tried using AliExpress Mobile App’s Blog section where

the shoppers just review the AliExpress products that they have ordered. I think it was called Stars.Aliexpress. I’m not sure if it still exists today.

You can also join Telegram App AliExpress channels and other

product compiling sites like and

for more product inspirations.

If you just want to add products, then you can start adding 3

products a day. You can also use other plugins to bulk import other products. But I just add products to my store when I find a product I would like to test.

Chanong, Philippines 16

#3 How to pick products to dropship?

We decided to focus on the products that meet the following


More than 1000 orders on Aliexpress

A rating higher than 94%

The seller’s period of activity on AliExpress is not

less than 2 years

The product reviews and customer photos are only

left by happy buyers

David & Co., Czech Republic I have enough data to analyze and see if the products are good

enough to add

them in my store. There are reviews from customers who

already ordered them, lots of images, real-life photos from

buyers, and other details to rely on.

I read most of customer feedback, customers’ rating has to be

5* on more than 80% of the reviews. Also, the supplier’s store

has to have at least a 95% rating.

To select and add new products, I do Google Trends analysis

and check posts from Facebook groups and Instagram

accounts related to my niche.

Sofia, Greece 17

#3 How to pick products to dropship?

I choose the products from AliExpress based on their USP

(unique selling point). I use the following criteria when I

choose what products to sell:

Does the product solve the potential customers’ problem?

Does the product offers benefits rather than features to the


Can the product be purchased in any physical stores?

Is the product too saturated in the online market?

Currently I have over 100 products in my store to offer to my

customers and I add at least 2 new products and/or delete

old listings twice a month. This practice will ensure that your listings are current and customers will be excited to visit your store as there will always be new product additions. I always

choose products that have the Epacket shipping option as the

shipping time frame is shorter.

Alan, China I took the easy way: I used DropshipMe database to import

50 products for free from their list of best suppliers and demanded products with edited title names + descriptions. Can

say they saved me a lot of time.

The strategy for updating my products is easy. I follow the blog

of AliDropship, check Google Trends regularly, and watch what people are sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Mihai, Spain I don’t need to go over the whole AliExpress to find the perfect products. Instead, I only concentrate on several stores of

one particular Chinese supplier. He is my regular partner, so I simply sell his products.

I focus on high-quality products and only add the best items to

my store . I do not sell garbage.

Alex, Russia 18

#3 How to pick products to dropship?

Seller’s commentary:

If you are selling cheap products, the quality can be poor. Generally, when your customers purchase something at a low price, they don’t expect these items to last a long time.

But, if the customer satisfaction is your first priority, or customer retention is your first priority, avoid cheap products.

Concentrate on higher priced products, or stores with 4.7 above description rate. These items will not cost much more, but this strategy will solve a lot of problems.

If you’re dropshipping a product from a known brand, even if you changed its name, it’s still illegal with copyright and pattern, and is forbidden by global rules.

It’s almost impossible to profit from copyrighted products without getting into trouble. AliExpress is getting more and more strict with copyright. My suggestion is: you can start with it, but stop when your business is on the right track.



#4 Is it even safe to deal

with AliExpress sellers?

How to make it right?


#4 Is it even safe to deal with AliExpress sellers? How to make it right?

AliDropship’s insight:

AliExpress sellers view dropshipping store owners as reliable business partners.

Ordering from them regularly, you help them earn money - and win their trust.

When orders start coming in, I check which suppliers I am

mostly buying from. If ther e is any shop that I am buying a lot from, I try to get their Skype/Wechat/WhatsApp and discuss how to get discounts, etc. Then, I start adding more products

to my store from that specific supplier.

It’s a good thing to ask the sellers from time to time – “Hey,

which are the recent best selling/new items in your store?”

Otto, the Baltics Having a good working relationship with my providers has

helped me get the latest products. They always inform me

when they have a new release, but first I make sure they accept dropshipping orders, and also check their reputation. Also,

if I place a large order they sometimes upgrade the shipping

option from epacket to DHL depending on the country, free of


Tony, Mexico I was worried about the long deliveries from AliExpress before, but with the ePacket shipping option it’s not a problem at

all: the delivery takes just 10-20 days, and the receiver gets

a tracking code helping to always be aware of the parcel’s


Otto, the Baltics 21

#4 Is it even safe to deal with AliExpress sellers? How to make it right?

The delivery time frame is a challenge sometimes. You need

to manage your customers’ expectations in this aspect. I

have a section in the product page that links customers to the

shipping and delivery process and the estimated time frame.

Alan, China Seller’s commentary:

It’s better not touch the store under 95%. To make sure you’re making the right choice, focus on the Detailed seller rating in the store Feedback section.



#5 How do I set

product prices to make

dropshipping profits?


#5 How do I set product prices to make dropshipping profits?

AliDropship’s insight:

To make profits from dropshipping, you need your buyers to pay the price that is higher than the original AliExpress product cost. But how much should you increase the price?

We’ve calculated the most buyer-friendly (and profit-making!) markup formula that

you can apply to all your product prices automatically. You can easily change it in any way you like, or even assign every new product’s price manually - it’s totally up to you to decide.

I have setup AliDropship pricing formula for creating selling prices.

Martin, the Netherlands My pricing formula is supplier’s price*2+shipping cost. More or less, I follow the formula that was advised by AliDropship team with some modification.

Sofia, Greece For pricing, we use a simple formula:

Item cost X 1,7

So, the margin is only 70%.

We may also apply additional fees on checkout, for example,

shipping and packing fees.

David & Co., Czech Republic 24

#5 How do I set product prices to make dropshipping profits?

I normally aim for a 60-70% profit margin, but I also got “bait”

products in my store which have around 20% profit margin.

Felix, Germany While setting product prices, I don’t apply any formulas to

the items in bulk. Instead, I think of the best price for every separate product, depending on what I know that type of item

sells for locally. Of course, I also make sure that it is a good value for customers.

Kitty, New Zealand If a product is costing me $5 including shipping, then I set

the price around $20 to $25. You may call me greedy but it’s

everyone’s personal preference. If the quality of your product is good and it’s exclusive enough, then people will buy.

Rahul, India 25

#5 How do I set product prices to make dropshipping profits?

Seller’s commentary:

AliExpress doesn’t collect any taxes. Still, every country has its own local laws about import tax.

These taxes are collected from buyers by the government bodies. After people buy something from abroad, they receive a bill for import duty tax.

As an owner of a dropshipping store, you don’t need to know the exact taxation rules of every country. Your buyers can come from any place on the globe, so it is really difficult to learn everything about taxes in every possible country!

Instead, you need to notify your clients that they may have some additional costs. Write it in your online store information. Your buyers must know that there may be import duty taxes applied on goods into their country and (rightly) you are NOT responsible for. That’s all you do.



#6 Do I need to advertise

the store? How?


#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

AliDropship’s insight:

If you don’t advertise your store, it’s unlikely that someone can find it and make a purchase! There are over 1.5 billion websites in the world - can you stand out from this competition without marketing?

It’s a great strategy to promote your store on social media through running catchy accounts and launching paid ads campaigns. Also, it’s really helpful to invest in

search engine optimization to make your store rank higher on Google. If you need a professional help with any of these activities, just ask!

I have a whole set of advertising activities! There is search

engine optimisation, online adv ertising through AdWords, Facebook marketing, and even local print advertising.

Kitty, New Zealand Even if you have a limited budget (and most likely, that’s the

exact reason why you’re looking for an additional source of

income), you can choose a working combination of affordable

promotional methods.

After the technical works in the store were over, I spent about

2 weeks on editing single product pages to make them look appealing for visitors. I think this is an absolutely necessary part of the pre-sales preparation because it increases the trust level and helps you improve the conversions.

Also, I spent a lot of time to prepare the promotional tools:

I created store accounts in major social networks, and then

installed and set up the Social Rabbit plugin t o make sure I can promote my website automatically.

And finally, after all these steps were over, I started with paid promotion. I placed an ad in Google Adwords, and it worked!

The first sale I got was the result of this ad.

Victoria, Russia 28

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

I mainly use Instagram, and Instagram shoutouts. It ’s the best social media in my opinion to build a reputation and bring

a lot of traffic to your website. And the price of a shoutout

is extremely underpriced. I’m trying to be very active on

Instagram mainly, and doing weekly shoutouts to keep traffic

in the store and in my Instagram.

Here’s my advice to beat the competition. Every store has

a weakness (bad design, bad customer service, inactive

Instagram). Find their weakness and do better!

Mousslim, France I believe my first sale happened thanks to the traffic from

social media.

I’m using Social Rabbit Plugin for auto posting. It can give

decent traffic to your site if the niche and content is right.

I work on SEO, too, creating backlinks to my websites. There are major impacts already on my organic rankings so this is a

good progress. But SEO has a long term effect and is a way of

investing money. So I’m using Adwords text ads & Shopping for a couple of months. These 2 ways generate my revenue.

Martin, the Netherlands 29

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

One thing I learned from my blogging life, you should not

depend on a single source of income as well as you should not

depend on a single source of traffic. If you are doing Facebook ads or Google Adwords, then what will you do if these guys

close your account? So I am trying Influencers, Facebook ads

as well as Google Adwords.

The day you stop growing, you will eventually fall. This is the biggest lesson I learned from my life. I was doing 4 figures

USD/month from my SEO blogs and I stop taking actions. I

was enough for me to live a comfortable life and I became

lazy. In a few months my Google updates slapped me hard and

taught me probably the best lesson of my life.

Rahul, India I use Social Rabbit plugin which helps me pr omote my business automatically. I have been using it from the beginning and I can recommend it, if one wants to save time. I run

Pinterest and Twitter, automated, brings a few sales now and

then. There also are Facebook ads and Instagram promotion.

In terms of SEO, it’s smart to do your products properly with

nice descriptions and names. I ha ve good rankings in Google and it does help. I find Facebook the most hard and at the

same time most rewarding.

Otto, the Baltics 30

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

I use Social Rabbit plugin to make it easier to promote this venture, and a bunch of other solutions that motivate store

visitors to make their decisions quicker. I use Abandoned Cart

and Countdown Timer for this purpose, and they don’t simply help me a lot – I’d say that all these tools are vital for my


All I did to make my first sale was just focusing on my website,

polishing product descriptions, editing images and doing

other tasks to improve the store’s image and credibility. One

of the most time-consuming tasks is tidying up new products


Flo, Australia The first sale happened immediately after the launch of

Facebook Ads and Google Shopping Ads campaigns. We are

primarily focusing on:

Facebook Ads + Facebook Remarketing

Google dynamic search Ads + Google Shopping +

Google Brand Ads

Retargeting channels like Criteo or RTB House

Organic search results

David &Co., Czech Republic My first sale happened thanks to an Instagram shoutout. I have

written to Instagram influencers with the template AliDropship provided in one of their blog posts.

Felix, Germany 31

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

I have contracted the extra services from AliDropship –

thanks to them, I made my first sale! I ordered the Facebook/

Instagram promotional package from AliDropship, and followed

their step-by-step pdf guide.

In 2 days after starting a Facebook ad by their

recommendations, I had my first sale of $40. The bid, the

audience – all ad settings were recommended. So, after I

achieved the first sale, I am now able to search for other

audiences on the same field or others.

Mihai, Spain Interestingly, the most efficient marketing channel for me is

natural Google search results – SEO rules! Some months, I

don’t even spend anything on marketing, and some months, I

may spend up to $200 on audit or something.

Alex, Russia I think that this first sale happened because the team that

handled the project of setting up my store has activated Social

Rabbit plugin on a very early stage. I’d say that Social Rabbit is a blessing. Also, I had all those social media channels

activated with some posts, even before being able to receive an order.

I use Google Ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads. For the

right audience targeting and reach, I describe my demographics

and then let FB pixel do its job.

Sofia, Greece 32

#6 Do I need to advertise the store? How?

If you are already starting to gain some profit, try to improve your system and invest in branding.

Chanong, Philippines Seller’s commentary:

You can leave a note in the order telling you’re dropshipping and don’t want us to put invoices or promotions into the package. It is a common procedure if you don’t want your buyers to receive Chinese flyers, stickers, other promotional materials etc. with their order. You can ask for a customized invoice and your own business promotion card, but the customized package material should be prepaid by you.



#7 Whom should I sell the

products to?


#7 Whom should I sell the products to?

AliDropship’s insight:

You’re not limited by your country of residence!

When you’re dropshipping, you can target any audience in any place on the globe,

and not necessarily sell products to your fellow citizens.

Whatever country you’re targeting, you need to know your customer audience -

these tips will come in handy!

I don’t sell here a lot. Mostly outside the EU. As the market

in the Netherlands is over saturated and everyone wants

their goods the same or the next day. I find Google Analytics

& Facebook page analyzer good enough to checkup my


Martin, the Netherlands My customers come from all over the globe, really. I just kind

of read more about the product I’m trying to promote and from

there, I just find the interests that ar e related to the product on Facebook.

I usually just find medias, icons, influencers, br ands, hobbies, groups, Successful Drop Shipping Businesses In Detail: 4,100+

EUR In 30 Days magazines, etc. that are related to the product.

Chanong, Philippines To understand my buyers and to make my offers more

relevant to them, I track Google Analytics data regularly, and also use Facebook Pixel. I’m planning to stop focusing on

a Russian audience exclusively. Ideally, I want to take my

enterprises on the global level and do international trade.

Alex, Russia 35

#7 Whom should I sell the products to?

I monitor Google Analytics and social media engagement to

see who’s my target audience and to understand these people


Flo, Australia Seller’s commentary:

Wherever your target customers live, make sure you’ve let them know: Chinese writing on the package is normal. The best way to explain it (and the estimated shipping time) to them is to tell that the package will be shipped to them from your Chinese warehouse. They will find it out anyway eventually when they check the tracking number!



#8 What if something goes

wrong with an order? How do

I explain it to my buyer?


#8 What if something goes wrong with an order? How do I explain it to my buyer?

AliDropship’s insight:

First of all, before you process any order, make sure the buyer gave all the details properly. Don’t be shy to email the buyer and ask for clarification if necessary!

Stay professional and polite in any situation: these proven tips will help you make

peace with angry customers. But even if you can’t find a common ground no matter what, don’t take it to heart: simply refund the client, learn your lesson, and keep going.

If it’s a hard situation, I usually prefer customer’s solution. I don’t want any bad reviews or anything like that. I don’t get

nervous over problems with customers, it’s just a part of


Otto, the Baltics Sometimes, I just refund them fully coz I dont want to have

headache. LOL

Chanong, Philippines If anything is wrong with the order, we simply provide a full

refund of the paid mone y.

David &Co., Czech Republic 38

#8 What if something goes wrong with an order? How do I explain it to my buyer?

I send them a free t-shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie if they ordered

something in the wrong size. I also send free $20 gift codes to the angry customers.

Once, I turned an angry customer to a loyal Evangelist after I send her a free hoodie because she ordered a too small size + a free $20 gift coupon. This customer has had his 7th order now

and recommends my store to all their friends!

Felix, Germany I reply to customers very promptly to give them good service,

but sometimes their item has not turned up on time, so I

follow that up for them. Sometimes the product is faulty or the wrong size, so I liaise with them to resolve that – usually they would return the item to me and I would order another size, or

refund if the item is faulty.

It’s a standard procedure to go without returning faulty items

to AliExpress sellers : it’s really costly, and the suppliers don’t ask the order back if it was cheap (less than $50-$100). So,

on my website, I have specifically written my personal postal

address in the ‘Returns’ field. I really prefer that my customers deal with returns with my personal assistance, and I offer

them this service so that they feel comfortable to be able

to make returns locally. Plus, for me, it’s an opportunity to

actually see and try these items IRL and remove them from

my store if they have a poor quality overall.

Kitty, New Zealand 39

#8 What if something goes wrong with an order? How do I explain it to my buyer?

There will always be good and reasonable and difficult

customers. The best way to deal with the difficult ones is

through communication. Whene ver there are any queries, it is best that you attend to them within 24 hours. I always put

my customer 1st and after sales and support are very critical

to the success of each sales. And once your customers are

happy with the shopping experience in your store, you will get

repeated sales from them!

Alan, China Customer service is the most difficult challenge for me. I

always try to provide the best customer service I can, but y ou cannot avoid having certain issues with a client. Sometimes

they don’t read my Terms and Conditions or Shipping Times,

and assume they are right when they say «I ordered this today,

will it arrive on time tomorrow?»

So I have to deal with them patiently and respectfully, always

solve their doubts and try to answer as soon as I’m able

always within 12 hours.

It’s time consuming but I think answering cordially has helped

me make them repeat customers.

Tony, Mexico Seller’s commentary:

Don’t forget about holidays and seasonal flows of customers! For example,

Chinese New Year holiday, much like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. typically

lead to a big jam in shipping package and restock. Always remember about sales and festive seasons – they may lead to delays in shipment, so warn your buyers about it.



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