Erika Norman

Mom, Dad, sis and brother


They had been in the woods nearly a week now, and Herb Smith was bored pissless. He suspected the rest of the family felt the same way. Sitting in his folding canvas chair in front of the tent, pretending to inspect his fishing equipment, Herb glanced at his wife Betty, who was filing her nails and yawning. His son, Rick, a healthy and handsome sixteen-year-old, was staring moodily into space. His fifteen-year-old daughter Cindy looked half asleep as she valiantly attempted to read a book.

So much for getting back to Nature.

Herb sighed to himself. He'd set aside his entire annual vacation and lavished several hundred dollars on camping equipment in this mistaken venture. He had thought that by getting his family out of Chicago and taking them to the unspoiled wilds of Yellowstone he might somehow reestablish the togetherness they had lost. With no other people around, and with no distractions like television and movies and restaurants, Herb hoped they might begin communicating with each other again.

He'd obviously been wrong. Everyone was palpably bored and longing to be back in their suburban ranch home. And Herb was not only bored, he was achingly, endlessly horny. Again he glanced at his wife Betty. She caught his eye and gave him a vague look of recognition, certainly not the avid and eager glance of a woman who might want to slip off into the woods for a quick session of love-making. In fact, now that he thought about it, he and Betty hadn't made it in several weeks. One or the other of them was always finding an excuse not to. It had been that way for a long time, even before their marriage had passed the fifteen-year mark. Betty, even though she was a well-preserved thirty-six, just didn't excite him any more, and be was sure he didn't arouse her.

So – why was he horny? Maybe it was something the outdoors did to you. Maybe it was just a symptom of his boredom. Whatever the cause, he felt like he'd scream out loud pretty soon if he didn't get his rocks off.

Cindy sighed loudly and laid down her book. "There's nothing to do round here!" she pouted.

"Nothing to do?" Herb replied irritably. "My God, girl, you've got hundreds of acres of beautiful country all around you! Go look at it! Take a walk, learn something. You won't get all this in the city."

"Yes, Daddy," sighed Cindy. Dutifully she got to her feet and started off down the trail. Herb's eyes followed the unconsciously flirtatious wiggle of her slim hips and cute little rump in her tight shorts. Rather to his alarm, he noted that his daughter was unmistakably becoming a woman, and a damned attractive one at that. Soon there would be clumsy teenage boys invading the house, wanting to date Cindy, and he and Betty would be stuck with a whole new set of problems, chiefly the problem of keeping horny adolescent males out of Cindy's pants. All they needed now in their shaky marriage was an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter.

"I'm gonna take a nap," yawned Rick. "There's nothing else to do."

Herb tried to contain his annoyance, not very successfully. "You're sure as hell taking a lot of naps lately."