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Betwixt Natasha

E Daymuir

A married young couple awake to find they have exchanged bodies. For the priapic Barrie it provides an ideal opportunity to explore Natasha’s sexuality. Natasha, however, is determined to demonstrate that she can control his libido. This proves an impossible task and she finds herself complicit in his philandering and the prime murder suspect of one of his many conquests.

E V Daymuir

Betwixt Natasha

Copyright E.V. Daymuir 2011


When Barrie Billingsgate awoke without an erection, the significance was not immediately apparent. The previous night had been a good one. An early session with rugby mates at the White Swan, followed by a dinner party with vast quantities of good wine and an expensive cognac. When they arrived home, he had a great session with Natasha. He gave her a really good seeing to.

A light breeze stirred the curtains allowing intermittent shafts of early morning sunlight to touch and flutter over his face, painting colourful patterns through reluctant eyelids. The cooling breeze provided welcome relief from the humidity and heat of recent nights. It felt good. He felt good. Yesterday’s storm had cleared the air and there was no sign of a hangover. He opened his eyes to focus on the corner of the curtain as it billowed gently into the room. The pattern of tiny summer flowers appeared to sway, as if they too were blowing in the wind. He had never noticed them before. Were the blue flowers delphiniums or forget-me-nots? They could be anything for all he knew; Natasha was the one with an interest in such things. The flowers danced to a silent melody as cognitive thought overcame slumber. What was he doing on Natasha’s side of the bed? Why was he lying on his left side when he always slept on his back? He felt for his penis. His ‘old boy’, as he affectionately referred to it, had been the main focus of his life for as long as he could remember. Stroking the bulbous head as he stirred into consciousness was a comforting reassurance of his manhood but, on this particular morning, for some reason or other, it was under performing. He slid a hand down over a belly, which seemed smaller, softer and smoother than usual. The tip of his middle finger found a mound́, a probing finger inserted itself into a damp orifice and an unbelievable truth began to dawn. Where was Natasha? He turned to his right, anticipating her exquisite face – but found his own! The shock sent his pulse racing. A tight band encircled his body. Sharp pains arrowed through his chest as he fought for breath. A heart attack? Surely not – not at thirty-one. He forced himself to take slow, deep breaths. Steady now, he told himself, this is a dream. You have had them before. Remember the recurring dream where you watch yourself playing rugby; running at the opposition; shrugging off tackles from some of the best players in the game to score a fantastic try. Is this dream any different? The deep breathing was having an effect. The pain receded, his heart slowed and the suffocating tightness in his chest relaxed. Perhaps, this was a dream he could influence? He forced himself to take a longer look at his own face, noting with some satisfaction that in sleep he looked calm and relaxed, although his large bushy moustache did engender a sinister, almost evil appearance. Natasha liked the moustache, but he was never sold on the idea. It would have to come off. In the meantime, he would take this dream to the limit. He pushed Natasha’s finger deep into her vagina and used her thumb to search for the clitoris. Once located it responded instantly, returning pressure to his thumb. It felt wonderfully sensitive, arguably better than stroking the end of his penis first thing in the morning. So, if this was a dream he could influence, could he take it wherever he chose? He pressed finger and thumb together and moved them in unison. The action provided intense pleasure. Could he achieve the feeling of a female orgasm, or would that be asking too much? He kept the action going as he moved his free hand over a smooth belly to find the left breast. He caressed the nipple, which tingled and hardened. Then he moved the hand across to cup the right breast. That too was firm, the nipple erect. He would know those pert little beauties anywhere; they were, without doubt, Natasha’s breasts. So what if it wasn’t a dream? What if Natasha’s wish had somehow or other been granted? What was it she said, as he rolled off her the previous evening?

'I’m so pleased you’re satisfied Barrie, although I do sometimes wish we could change places – and I don’t mean just by me coming on top.' She had a great sense of humour did Natasha. He took his left hand from under the duvet; it was Natasha’s hand. It responded to his wish to find Natasha’s blonde curly hair, which tumbled down over slim shoulders. Her hand held it out for him. It could best be described as fair, rather than blonde. It was thick and healthy – the curl was natural. It was Natasha’s hair, no doubt about it. Unless this was the dream to end all dreams, he was definitely in her body. A second panic attack threatened but he repeated the deep breathing exercise and regained control. Would it be so bad if, for just a short while, he remained in Natasha’s body? He often wondered how Natasha felt when he was giving her a good seeing to. The orgasm he was working hard to achieve should give him a clue, except the pleasure was threatened by the needs of a full bladder. It was not quite the urgent feeling he was used to, but even so, he had to go. He raised the duvet to look at the body lying next to him. If this wasn’t a dream, then he really was in another body, looking at his own which was lying on its back, with, as he would expect, a massive hard on. His large, hairy right hand lay across his stomach, poised to take hold of his prize possession. He imagined Natasha’s surprise when she woke-up to find that a large – no don’t be modest – a gigantic cock had sprouted out from between her legs overnight. The discovery would be followed by a period of panic, then the slow realisation that somehow or other her wish had been granted and they had swapped bodies. He tried to suppress a chuckle but, it emerged as a girlish giggle – one of Natasha’s. He carefully lowered the duvet and removed his finger from Natasha’s vagina. Or should he now think of it as his own? He gave another girlish giggle as he swung her gorgeous legs over the side of the bed and padded softly to the bathroom.

After quietly closing the door, he sat down on the toilet, which was not a new experience in itself, but using toilet paper after a piss certainly was. The bathroom had one small window covered with a Venetian blind. Rather than raise it, he switched on the light to admire his new body in the bathroom mirror. He posed with Natasha’s left breast cupped in her left hand and the other hand resting on her shapely right hip He smiled and Natasha smiled back. He bobbed the breast up down, then took his hand away and watched as it settled pertly alongside its twin. He had inherited a wonderful pair of tits. The mirrored reflection was cut off just below her naval. Desperate to view her entire body, he tip toed back to the bedroom, carefully drew back one of the curtains and crept over to stand in front of the full-length wardrobe mirror. He placed Natasha’s delicate hands to her breasts and caressed the nipples with the tips of her fingers. That felt good. He moved her right hand down to follow the line of waist and hip and turned in profile to stroke her gorgeous bum. Her body looked fantastic and he felt good.

On the bed, Natasha felt heavy and hung over as she stirred into consciousness. A bright light dazzled and she held up a hand to shield her eyes. 'What’s going on?' In her befuddled state, it sounded more like Barrie’s voice asking the question. Then she heard her own voice, distant, not following her line of thought at all.

'I’m admiring my new body, what do you think of yours?'

She heard herself laughing. What was happening? She was lying on her back, which was most unusual. When she moved her other hand down over her stomach, it felt strange and Barrie’s penis was there. For heavens sake! Couldn’t he give her time to wake up? She tried to push it away – but it would not go away – she could feel it! When her hand progressed down the shaft, it produced a pleasant sensation. But where was her sex? She continued down to where she expected to find her vagina and prodded at a pair of hairy testicles. 'Ouch!' She heard her laugh change to a helpless guffaw. With an effort, she propped up on the pillow to see her own naked figure doubled in mirth in front of the wardrobe mirror. This was surreal. She could see herself and a reflection of herself – but she was in bed? Then she heard her own voice again.

'Don’t you realise what’s happened? We’ve changed bodies. The wish you made last night came true.'

'You must be joking.' As soon as she heard her reply spoken in Barrie’s rich baritone, she knew that somehow or other, her wish had been granted.

The bed bounced as her body jumped in beside her. Her own slim hand quickly found the penis sprouting out from between her legs and gave it a firm squeeze.

'What do you think of this then?'

'I – I – I’ve not had time to think.' She closed her eyes. This had to be a bad dream, she would will it away and when she opened her eyes again, all would be normal. The hand on the penis moved up and down massaging the head, which was wonderfully sensitive.

'Confucius, he say, wife with small hands make manhood seem bigger.' Oh, no! It was one of Barrie’s dreadful jokes and it was her voice telling it. She opened her eyes and looked down at the slim hand as it stroked Barrie’s penis. There was an element of truth in the joke. She looked at her own face. Did she always look that wanton, or was it because Barrie was in her body? Well, she would show him. She would show him how to control his ‘old boy’. She put a hand down and stopped the action.

'That’s enough, Barrie,' she said primly. 'I need to go to the bathroom.'

'Too right Tash. You can’t give me a good seeing to when you’re bursting for a piss.'

His normal manner of speech sounded all right coming from him, but when the words spilled from her mouth, they sounded course and crude.

'There won’t be a good seeing to until – until – I have come to terms with – with – this situation.'

'Course there will, Tash. Just point my old boy at the porcelain and I’ll be ready and waiting.' Natasha gasped in horror as he rolled her body onto its back and played with her clitoris.

'Leave that alone. That’s my thing you’re playing with.'

'No it isn’t, right now it’s mine. So, why don’t you take your cock to the bathroom?'

Natasha would have stopped to argue but the need to urinate was overwhelming. She rolled his body awkwardly out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. The large penis waggled from side to side. She always knew Barrie was well endowed, but this was ridiculous. She put a hand down to bring it under control.

'Don’t you go snapping that off now, I want it back here and all in one piece as soon as you’ve finished.'

She ran the last few paces into the bathroom and struggled to point the erect penis down towards the toilet bowl. Having achieved what she considered to be the right angle, she relaxed. A stream of urine, under immense pressure, squirted sideways and upwards, hitting a high note as it struck the shaving mirror.

'Help! How do you control this – this – thing!'

There was no reply, only a series of delighted squeals from the bedroom. She pinched the tip of the penis between thumb and forefinger to stop the flow and hobbled to the bathroom door. Barrie was lying on his back in her body with legs spread, the right leg flat on the bed and the left raised with knee turned outward. The left hand was caressing her left breast and most of the right hand was inside her with the thumb working feverishly on her clitoris.

'For heavens sake, stop that and help me with this thing of yours.'

‘Can’t I’m…’ His answer disintegrated into a series of moans and squeals and it was obvious to Natasha, from the way her hips were lifting off the bed, that she was about to have an orgasm. Of course, she played with herself when the mood took her, but it was a private thing. Why did Barrie think it was all right to masturbate in front of her? He never did when he was in his own body. She hated him for it, yet the penis she was desperately squeezing obviously had other ideas; the erection was harder than ever.

'Barrie! I need a pee – help me.'

'You’ll have to sit on the loo,' he gasped. 'Jam it down and – oh – oh – oh.'

Her body writhed as it reached orgasm. The incredibly stiff penis really hurt now. She scuttled to the bathroom, crouched over the toilet, wedged the erect member under the lid, eased her bottom – his bottom, onto the seat and waited. What a relief, at last she had some control and as the erection eased, she let go. No squirting up to hit the shaving mirror this time – the stream of urine shot out from under the toilet seat.

'I have just peed over the back of your legs.'

'No, they’re your legs.' Barrie was leaning provocatively against the door, looking at her with a wicked smile and sucking at fingers, which until a few moments ago, had been inside her vagina. He stopped sucking to give her some advice.

'Try jamming the ‘old boy’ under the rim, that always works for me.'

She growled at him and surprised herself with the menace his voice carried. Infuriatingly, he smiled back sweetly as she eased herself off the seat, repositioned the penis as advised and emptied his bladder.

'You gonna give me a good seeing to then?'

'Certainly not, I need a shower and I have to wipe the floor, unless you want to do it?'

'No problem, I’m the lady of the house.'

Natasha watched apprehensively as he danced her body out from the bathroom. Apprehension turning to serious foreboding when she heard him singing ‘I’m so Pretty’ from West Side Story, as he skipped down the stairs. Barrie was treating the whole thing as a joke but, how long would the joke last? If it lasted for a month or two, what was he going to do to her body, the body she looked after and kept in such good shape? What was she likely to get back? She would certainly have one or two very sore places if he carried on as he had started.

She looked in the mirror at her new manly physique and quite liked the idea of being tall and strong. She clenched Barrie’s fists and tensed his arms across his chest. Her eyes – Barrie’s eyes – watched the biceps flex. His eyes were dark brown – almost the same colour as his moustache. She liked his moustache even if he had let it get a bit out of hand recently. She would give it a light trim when she had time to do it properly. Her attention was drawn to his hands. It seemed strange to have such large, square, hairy hands. The skin on the back was tanned dark brown. Hers was a honey gold colour, which never darkened, no matter how much it was exposed to the sun. Barrie’s could go almost black, especially after a beach holiday. She rubbed at the stubble on his chin. She would shave after the shower then plan her day. They were presenting some lingerie designs to a specialist buyer. Debbie, the other half of DebTash, thought it would be good to expand the business, but she was not happy with the thought of selling stock pieces and all the outwork involved. Pausing with one foot on the shower tray, the true facts of her situation began to strike home. She would not be helping to present the designs, Barrie would. She would have to attend the board meeting at Travel Plan.


On the other side of town, the sun heralded the beginning of a new day with a dazzlingly display in the black reflective windows at the top of Hamsworth Tower, the tallest office building on the Hamsworth Trading Estate. Fifteen stories below, a car drove swiftly through the shadows, following a well-worn path towards the Meltcon Chocolate Factory. Meltcon never closed, working at full capacity day and night, three hundred and sixty five days a year to meet the demand for their popular chocolate products, especially the Meltcon Bar. Soon more cars would stream past in preparation for the shift change at 6am. Then, weary night shift operatives would reverse the flow, speeding home to catch valuable minutes with families, all bound by the Meltcon treadmill.

The car park to the rear of Hamsworth Tower was deserted, save for a small red van which straddled two parking spaces close to the back entrance of the building. Royal Mail decals had been removed, but the name was forever etched in bright relief on a surface dulled through years of exposure to the elements and traffic pollution. Transparent stickers across the bonnet and on the left-hand rear door identified the new owners as ‘ProClean’. ProClean had only one cleaning contract, but it was with Travel Plan plc, one of the most successful package holiday companies in the country. Travel Plan was the largest employer in Hamsworth, after Meltcon and their Head Office occupied the top four floors in Hamsworth Tower.

On the fifteenth floor, a tall, slender, attractive woman in a figure hugging white work coat, walked gracefully down a plush carpeted corridor, flicking delicately with a feather duster at framed original paintings of exotic holiday destinations. Lucinda Lovebrace, the joint owner of Pro-Clean, looked after the directors’ offices. The industrious Julie Bunford, her partner in the cleaning venture, looked after the other three floors.

Julie, who had cleaned Lucinda’s penthouse flat for almost two years, was the catalyst for this wonderful business opportunity. The light dawned when Julie announced that she was going to give up cleaning.

'I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to leave and get a fulltime job. People are not prepared to pay a decent hourly rate for a cleaner anymore, present company excepted, Miss Lovebrace.' She gave a deferential bob of the head, which characterised their relationship. Lucinda Lovebrace nodded to indicate her understanding as she re-appraised Mrs Bunford. God only knew why she was a cleaner. Apparently, she worked for a Bank when she was younger. Now a strong handsome woman in her late thirties, Lucinda found her very attractive. High cheekbones, a generous mouth with full lips, natural auburn hair and light blue eyes. She had all the attributes and a good figure, although it was usually well hidden under loose fitting clothes. The business antennae, which stood Lucinda Lovebrace in such good stead over the years, virtually shrieked for attention. An opportunity to gain valuable information for one of her favourite and potentially most lucrative ventures was so obvious; she could kick herself for not seeing it before.

Lucinda Lovebrace was a single woman in her early thirties, with two great passions – money and sex, and an insatiable appetite for both. She spoke with a distinct upper class accent and was obviously well educated. She had a broad vocabulary but chose to litter her speech with choice Anglo Saxon expletives, which, in her plumy accent, sounded perfectly acceptable. Due to her chosen lifestyle, rather than her profanities, the well-connected Benningham-Smythe’s, a highly respected in the elite world of private banking, were greatly relieved when she changed her name to Lovebrace and traded as Anita von Beta.

Lucinda appreciated Julie Bunford for her good sense and work ethic and showed her appreciation by paying well over the going rate for her services. But, as Julie Bunford would readily admit, ten hours a week was more than enough to clean for a single woman, even allowing for the size of the penthouse, a daily change of sheets on her queen size bed and polishing all the carefully angled wall mirrors in the windowless bedroom. She never touched the one in the ceiling.

In her second week, Julie had been rather shocked to find a large black dildo lying on the bedside rug. The discovery put her in something of a quandary. If she left it where it was, or kicked it under the bed, she would be neglecting her cleaning duties. On the other hand, if she tidied it away in the wrong drawer, Miss Lovebrace would know she had found it and might, heaven forbid, even think she had used it on herself. She shuddered at the thought as her hand hovered over the right hand bedside table. One of her golden rules was never to open bedside drawers. Discovering something, which was no concern of hers, could present all sorts of problems. However, on this occasion she had little option. She gingerly tugged at the handle and the drawer slid smoothly open to reveal – an unopened pack of ribbed condoms – a bottle of Horny Goat Weed tablets – two bubble packs of AA size batteries (one pack open with two batteries missing) – and a tube of vaginal lubricant.

She walked to the other side of the bed, tugging and smoothing the faux fur bedspread as she went. The drawer in that bedside table contained a range of brightly coloured sex toys, laid neatly in a row and graded according to size. Unlike the enormous black dildo, they all appeared to be battery operated. There was an empty space at the end of the row, which looked right for the dildo and she was about to put it back in its place, when she noticed a small plastic bottle of ‘Sex Toy Cleaning Fluid’ at the back of the drawer. Cleaning material, of any description, meant only one thing to Julie Bunford – something had to be cleaned. She unscrewed the cap, dribbled a trail of the fluid along the full length of the dildo and with her index finger encased in a yellow duster, worked the fluid around its impressive girth. Then, wrapping the duster around the full circumference, she cleaned the dildo with long vigorous strokes. As she was sitting on the edge of the bed, with the non-business end of the dildo resting on her thigh, she was conscious that anyone coming into the room might have wondered what she was hoping to achieve.

With the dildo cleaned to her satisfaction, which meant it had taken on the lustre of a well-polished piece of ebony, she carefully set it down in its allotted space. There were eight sex toys, one for each day of the week and two for Sunday. She laughed at her own little joke. She considered herself broadminded but failed to understand why Miss Lovebrace, who was such a clever and successful businesswoman, could possibly have a need for such things. Sex for Julie Bunford was not a joy but a duty. She had been married for nineteen years to Peter Bunford, an engineer at Meltcon. Following the birth of Rebecca, she vowed never to go through the experience again. The truth was she never did enjoy sex, yet she found herself intrigued by Miss Lovebrace, who seemed to live for it. The mirrored wardrobe door, next to the bedside table with the sex toys in, was always locked. What could be in there didn‘t bear thinking about, although, she had a warning of sorts when she took the job. Charlie Bell, a good friend from school days and the concierge at Laburnham Court, called to say that the woman in the penthouse was looking for someone trustworthy and discreet to clean for her. He intimated that it was a strange set-up, but that in his case, turning a blind eye was well rewarded. So, if Julie wanted the job, it would be best not to ask too many questions.

Julie was surprised, pleased, and extremely flattered when Miss Lovebrace suggested they go into business together. It was an unbelievably good deal. Miss Lovebrace would make all the necessary start-up investment for the office cleaning business but they were to be equal partners, sharing any profit on a fifty-fifty basis. She would also be paid hourly for her time at the same excellent rate she received from Miss Lovebrace for cleaning the penthouse. The most astonishing suggestion of all was that Miss Lovebrace would help with the office cleaning and not charge the company one penny for her time. Julie thought that very strange, but who was she to argue? Thanks to a twelve-month contract to clean the offices of Travel Plan, the business was up and running within four weeks. Travel Plan was one of the most successful package holiday companies in the country. Julie had no idea how Lucinda Lovebrace managed to win the contract, but it all worked brilliantly. She was responsible for cleaning the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth floors and Miss Lovebrace looked after the directors’ offices on the fifteenth. With such a big increase in her weekly earnings, she would have been quite happy to clean all floors, but Miss Lovebrace insisted, arguing that the business was a partnership and until it was established enough to employ someone else, she would help out. After only one week of working together, she also insisted on first name terms – Julie and Lucy.


The sweet, sickly smell of chocolate from the Meltcon factory was heavy in the air. It was something everyone living and working in the vicinity grew accustomed to. Lucinda Lovebrace stood by the corner window in the sales director’s office, a vantage point with an unrestricted view towards the Trading Estate entrance and the road from Hamsworth. She had some business other than cleaning to attend to, but having been almost caught in the act a couple of months previously, she proceeded with great caution. It had been a long hot summer and they were in the middle of yet another heat wave. Yesterday’s storm had cleared the air but she could not risk being discovered by another insomniac director, arriving early. Her sensuous lips twitched into a half smile as she remembered the events of that dawn encounter.

Barrie Billingsgate woke before four on that June morning. It had been a hot and humid night. Sleep was difficult enough, but with an incredibly hard cock and a wife who was hot, bothered and not interested in sex, it proved impossible. He still had an erection, but he always had one first thing in the morning – nothing new there. He turned over and poked it into the small of Natasha’s back, half-hoping she would awake in a sexual feeding frenzy. He imagined her on top, riding him with a long slow rotating motion, lifting on the top of the arc until only the very tip of his ‘old boy’, was gripped by the muscular walls of her marvellous pussy. Then, she would slide down to derive maximum pleasure from his magnificent cock. After teasing herself in this fashion for some time, she would be unable to contain herself and would start grinding down on him in short savage strokes, her wonderful breasts bobbing and jiggling and her erect nipples contra rotating, (he must remember to buy her some tassels) the strokes getting shorter and shorter until, rubbing her pubis frantically against his, she would scream before collapsing onto him with a loud moan, her juices washing down the thick stem of his cock and drenching his balls.

Now his erection was so hard it was painful to touch. Had one ever snapped off? He had to do something to avert a tragedy of such mammoth proportions. Easing down in the bed, he pushed his ‘old boy’ firmly between the cheeks of Natasha’s buttocks. She responded immediately.

'Get that thing out of my bum!'

'But you like it. You want it really.'

'No, I don’t want it really.' She mimicked the whine in his voice.

'Oh, come on Tash. I’ll be quick.'

Natasha jerked round onto her back, hitting Barrie on the ear with an outstretched arm in the process.

'Ouch, that hurt!'

'So, does having that thing of yours stuck in my back! You’ve been prodding away with it all night. It’s difficult enough to sleep as it is. I’m hot. I’m tired and I don’t want it. Now, you can take a cold shower, go downstairs and sleep on the sofa, or go to work. I don’t care what you do as long as you leave me alone!'

'But Tash, you know I’ll have a headache if I don’t get it.' He reached out to run his hand down over her smooth soft stomach, hoping to find and push the right button.

'Barrie, get your hand off me! You seem to have difficulty taking no for an answer, so let me spell it out. I do not want sex. I do not want you to make love to me. Nor do I want, as you so crudely put it, ‘a good seeing to’, all I want is to be left alone – to sleep.' Natasha turned her back on him, but not, without first taking the precaution of wrapping herself in the duvet.

'How can you say you’re hot when you cover yourself up like that? Have you gone off sex or something?'

'Barrie, stop whining. You know I like sex, but I would also like a little romance. I did not want sex last night and I don’t want it this morning. Now, give it a rest. Go away and take that thing of yours with you.'

He rolled onto his back and reached down to stroke his ‘old boy’. The trouble was that once erect, it needed satisfying. He had lost count of the number of times he had walked past scantily clad telesales girls in the office that summer, holding a strategically placed clipboard. It was no fun having a massively stiff prick and nowhere to put it. He might just as well go to work; there was plenty to do and when Natasha said no, she usually meant it. Trouble was she was saying no too often recently. A bit different from when they married just over a year ago. With a loud theatrical sigh, he rolled out of bed and stamped off to the bathroom.


Ever since the first day of the Travel Plan cleaning contract, Lucinda Lovebrace had tried to log onto the sales director’s computer. The only reason for being there was to gain access to the Travel Plan database. This morning she was using football themed passwords. She typed in ARSENAL – entrance denied. She was about to type in BLACKBURN, when the lift mechanism jolted into action with a solid clunk. It settled into a steady whine as the lift descended. Who could be calling for the lift at this hour? She checked her watch. Five minutes past six. It would not be Douglas, (call me Duggie) Lummox, the Chief Executive Officer of Travel Plan. He came in at seven; you could set your watch by Duggie. She avoided him as much as possible, not that she would not have sex with him. With her need for men she would take them in all shapes and sizes and despite Duggie‘s ratty appearance, not helped by greasy swept back hair and yellowing teeth, she rather fancied him. Perhaps it was something to do with having read that rats fuck thirty times or more a day. It would be fun to find out if he could live up to his ratty appearance. But, not wishing to jeopardise the contract until the information she wanted was in her hands, she had avoided temptation. Anyway, this was definitely too early, for Duggie and Julie would never go down to the ground floor to get the express lift to the fifteenth, she would dash up the stairs. So who was it? Better play safe and switch off the computer. She clicked on ‘close’ and waited. The lift mechanism re-activated. Someone was on the way up and the computer was not responding. She tried clicking on ‘close’ again, but the cursor was stuck. Frantically moving the mouse backwards and forwards and from side to side had no effect – the computer had frozen with the evidence of her nocturnal activity on screen for anyone to see. The lift stopped and she heard the doors open. Whoever was in that lift was only the length of the corridor away. She had no more than a few seconds. Don’t panic! Think! Think! She snatched the framed photograph of an attractive young woman from its place next to the in-tray and scrambled under the desk, just managing to locate and pull the plug on the computer as the office door opened.

Barrie Billingsgate was confronted with a delectable vision, which made him think life could be most unfair. After almost ten hours with a solid erection, his ‘old boy’ was, at last, under control. Then, in his own office, where he should be safe from temptation, one of the shapeliest female backsides he had ever laid eyes on was jutting out from under his desk. He coughed loudly to let the owner know he was there. Appearing surprised and flustered, the woman banged her head on the underside of his desk. She had his favourite photograph of Natasha in her left hand and made an exaggerated show of keeping it off the floor as she crawled out backwards from under the desk. As she moved, her white coat rode-up to reveal a gorgeous pair of tanned legs topped by a tantalising glimpse of white lace. Blood gushed back into his penis!

Lucinda Lovebrace knew exactly what she was doing. She wriggled out further than necessary, before twisting into a sitting position. With legs splayed and one knee raised, the white coat barely covered her tanned midriff and the elastic in her flimsy lace panties stretched away from the raised leg to reveal a patch of dark pubic hair and a glimpse of pink labia. She looked coyly up at Barrie Billingsgate, before removing her headscarf and shaking out lustrous brown hair, which cascaded down over slim shoulders. She dropped the headscarf and held out a hand.

'Mr Billingsgate I presume?'

Mesmerised by a pair of unfathomable brown eyes in a classically beautiful face, he could only nod and extend his hand. She took it and levered herself into a kneeling position, her face level with the fast expanding bulge in his trousers. She watched it grow for several seconds before looking up at him with a knowing, lustful smile.

'I’m Lucy, the office cleaner.' She handed the photograph up to him. 'Sorry about that. Knocked it off your desk as I was having a final dust.'

She did not sound much like a cleaner. Not that he would necessarily know how a typical cleaner spoke, but her accent was definitely up market. He took the photo and made a cursory examination of the frame.

'That’s okay, nothing broken.'

'Who is she?'

'My wife, Natasha.' He laid the photograph face down on the desk, which told her all she needed to know.

'I’m Barrie – Barrie Billingsgate, pleased to meet you.'

She smiled up at him. 'I won’t make the obvious reply to that.'

He looked down past the smile into her cleavage. Her breasts were unsupported and magnificent. Somewhat larger and fuller than Natasha’s but every bit as shapely. He would be very happy to look down on that cleavage all day except his ‘old boy’ was beginning to obstruct the view. Embarrassed, he drew away, but she quickly put both hands around the back of his thighs and pulled him back.

'Does this hot weather effect you the same as it affects me?' She kissed and nibbled at the tip of his swollen penis through the thin fabric of his summer suit. As he struggled for an answer, she stood up moving her right hand to the front of his trousers and kissed him with an open mouth. He squirmed to her touch, her sweet breath heightening his excitement. 'It makes me steamy and right now there are two things I would like, Barrie.' Her voice dropped an octave; it was husky and incredibly sexy.

'What are they?'

'Your magnificent cock inside me and a glass of water.' She gave his testicles a gentle squeeze. 'It will have to be water first I‘m afraid. I’m desperate for sex, but we don’t want me dying of thirst half way through – do we?' His mumbled reply was indistinct as he ran towards the door. As he disappeared, she ducked swiftly under the desk and pushed the computer plug back into its socket.

When Barrie Billingsgate returned, with what little water he had managed to retain in the cup, he was bitterly disappointed to find that the gorgeous creature, who promised so much, had gone. The bird had flown. He looked hopefully under the desk, but the space she had previously occupied was empty. He sighed. Not another clipboard day!

Then, with a creak and a groan his high back, black leather executive chair, swung around and there she was smiling at him, her white coat unbuttoned and folded back to a point where she might as well not have been wearing it at all. Her breasts were truly magnificent. Unsupported they curved upward with long erect nipples pointing dagger like towards the ceiling. He lurched towards her, spilling yet more water in the process. She nonchalantly dropped the lace panties dangling from the forefinger of her right hand.

'Come on big boy.' She took the cup from his hand, drank what little water was left and watched in amusement as he desperately fumbled at his belt. After tossing the paper cup into the waste paper basket, she brushed his hands away and expertly unfastened the buckle. Trousers and underpants were pulled down in one deft movement and his unfettered penis sprang out, almost striking her on the nose. She took it in both hands, playfully running her tongue around the rim of the bulbous head before guiding it down towards her vagina. To accommodate her he had to sink to his knees. Half the length of his striving penis slipped into her, it felt wonderful and welcoming, but the edge of the seat prevented deeper penetration – she was in complete control. She gave him a wicked smile. 'Take it easy big boy. We haven’t much time, but I want to come at least twice, how about you?' As he grunted his agreement, she eased gently forward in the seat until the rim of his penis rubbed against the right spot. She groaned, took his hand and guided it to where she wanted it to go. There was no difficulty in locating her clitoris – it was large and prominent. She gave him a smile of encouragement, but her teeth were clenched, almost in a grimace. There was a hint of desperation in that smile.

'You can’t hurt me down there, Barrie. Rub it – please rub it. Rub it hard!'

Taking her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger, he massaged in time with his restricted thrusts. Her groans turned to a whimper as she pleaded with him.

'Please, harder. Please. Harder! Harder!'

He pressed down firmly with his thumb and flicked it briskly from side to side. She liked that. Her eyes were half closed now and her mouth open as she began to breath heavily. Seizing the moment, he pushed his free hand into the small of her back and dragged her forward on the seat. As he plunged into her, she wrapped her legs around his back pulling him in. She was shouting now, urging him to greater efforts. Her orgasm arrived quickly, accompanied by a load cry. He was close behind, ejaculating several times as he tugged on her incredible nipples, which expressed fluid as she shuddered into a second and then a third orgasm.

Lucinda fidgeted in the chair. She had made herself quite damp thinking about that little session with the sales director. It was a good, all round, result. What started as a means to cover her tracks, ended in getting what she wanted in many ways. It was over two months ago, but she often thought about Mr Billingsgate. He had a stupendous cock, but could do with some instruction to get the best out of it. She turned her attention to the computer keyboard and entered the correct password – NATASHA.


Dudley Wink coasted the Post Office van to a halt outside Holly Tree Cottage in Smallfield Lane. The cottage was also known as 41 Smallfield Lane, which was just as well. There were six Holly Tree Cottages in and around the village of Lippinston, not that Dudley would deliver any of Mrs Billingsgate’s mail to any of the others. Having her sign for a package was the highlight of his week. Natasha Billingsgate was an absolute cracker and his hungry little eyes were free to roam over her delicious body as she concentrated on signing. The trick was to put the proof of delivery list on the package and lower it, just as she was about to sign. He’d been treated to more than a glimpse of her cleavage and delectable breasts by using this ploy, and he could say, with all the authority of a self-appointed expert, that her tits were the best on his round.

Dudley Wink was in his early forties, plump and outwardly jolly. His wife, Linda, was a well-respected teacher at Hamsworth High School and in her spare time, District Administrator for the Girl Guides. Dudley was an active member of the Hamsworth Photographic Club and well known for his wildlife pictures. His photographs of a fox and cubs at play were published in the local paper to much acclaim. The Winks were pillars of local society. He took a sheaf of letters, held together with the ubiquitous red elastic band from the tray of sorted mail on the passenger seat. Flicking through the bills and circulars, stopping at a hand written letter addressed to Natasha Billingsgate. He pulled the letter free from the restraining elastic and carefully, almost lovingly, placed it on a small shelf under the steering wheel. Then he reached behind the passenger seat where the package to be signed for was handily placed, together with the ‘proof of delivery’ list. With everything in hand and a pen at the ready in the top pocket of his blue, short sleeved shirt, he set off down the path towards the back of the cottage, hoping fervently that Mrs and not Mr Billingsgate would come to the door.

When the doorbell rang, Barrie, in Natasha’s body, was in the utility room, looking for a cleaning cloth in the cupboard under the butlers’ sink. He had been diverted when leaning down by the way her breasts gently swayed and was holding onto the edge of the sink, swinging them from side to side, hoping to make them contra rotate. It was a difficult business. He could swing them together, but as soon as he tried to get one to go the other way, the little beauties collided and he had to start again. The doorbell rang for the second time. Natasha was obviously not going to come down, probably still in the shower. He looked around for something to cover his female nakedness. That pervert of a postman was not going to catch even a glimpse of Natasha’s cleavage. He selected her favourite apron, with cookery terms printed all over it, from the back of the door and was amazed at how easily he tied the strings in a bow behind her back and how nimble her fingers felt. He held her hands out to look at them. They were slender, smooth and beautifully manicured; artists’ hands, unlike his own, which were strong and square, positively artisan, right down to the nails and fingertips. As he moved her hands he realised that any exaggerated movement would leave her breasts half exposed either side of the narrow apron top. With a pervert like Dudley Wink at the door, that would never do. The doorbell rang for the third time as he rummaged through a basket of items waiting to be washed and found a bath towel. How was it Natasha fixed her towel after a shower? He wrapped it around the upper half of her body and tucked one end over the other, under her left armpit. At the first attempt the towel dropped to the floor. On the second it felt anything but secure. On the third it worked. The bell rang again. He tested the towel with a light tug and walked though the kitchen to the backdoor.

A disappointed Dudley Wink was filling in a ‘missed delivery card’ when the door opened. He looked up to see Natasha Billingsgate wrapped in a bath towel and in a split second, took in her bare shoulders and legs, where the towel ended half way down her thighs, before focussing on her face.

'Good morning Mrs Billingsgate, package to sign for.' He offered his pen, indicating where she should sign. As he lowered the package and delivery note he silently prayed. 'Please, please let the towel fall off.' She gave him a hard look, as if she knew what he was thinking, snatched the pen, scribbled a signature, grabbed the package and slammed the door. A bemused postman was left on the step, squinting at a signature, which he eventually deciphered as Barrie Billingsgate.

Barrie was angry. He had his suspicions – no, he knew Dudley Wink was a pervert. He had seen the way he looked at Natasha, but she would not hear a word against him. Christ, anyone could tell that his little beady eyes were willing the towel to fall off. He gave it a sharp tug, but it held firm. He pulled out the tucked in end and was about to put the towel back in the washing basket, when it occurred to him that it would do to mop the bathroom floor. His male logic told him the towel had to be washed anyway. So, with Natasha’s package under one arm, the towel under the other and a very good idea of what he next wanted to do in her body, he ran it lightly up the stairs.

Natasha was still giving his body a good lathering in the shower as he entered the bathroom. He dropped the towel over the wet area on the floor, crept over to the shower and slowly opened the door. His broad back was towards the door and his right shoulder was moving rhythmically. Was Natasha experiencing her first male masturbation?

'Are you enjoying that, Tash?'

His body turned quickly towards him and he was disappointed to see a flaccid member covered in lather. Undeterred he slid Natasha’s slim body into the shower.

'What are you doing in here, Barrie?'

On seeing her own body enter the shower Natasha felt Barrie’s penis, which had reduced to what she considered a manageable size, twitch and begin to unfurl like a giant tortoise, cautiously poking its head out from under its shell. She leant his body back, allowing the main thrust of the shower to rinse off the lather.

'Go away. You can have a shower in a minute. I’ve almost finished.'

Her face smiled sweetly at her and she heard her own voice say, 'Honey, we haven’t even started.' Natasha was horrified to see her head bob down towards the fast swelling penis and to feel her own tongue run gently around the head. She tried to pull away but was hampered by the shower controls and Barrie’s hold on his own testicles with her right hand. He squeezed enough for her to realise that any sudden movement would cause a great deal of pain. Anyway, she had no control over the blasted thing, which was now fully erect and striving to gain entry into her own succulent mouth.

'Barrie! What the hell do you think you are doing?'

Barrie stopped and looked up with a sly grin. How could he make her face look so depraved? Surely she never looked like that? 'It’s every guy’s fantasy to give himself a blow job.'

'Not with my mouth you don’t. You know very well I’m not into blow jobs.'

'You are now.' With that simple statement, Barrie turned his attention to the end of his own penis. Natasha felt her sharp teeth nibbling delicately at the tip. She wanted to pull away. She was willing herself to pull away, but the penis seemed to have other ideas; ideas she could not deny. As if on autopilot, Barrie’s hips, the hips she thought she could control, began to thrust forward. It was an animal reaction and there was nothing she could do to stop as her own soft mouth enveloped the bulbous head of the throbbing penis. Barrie ran her tongue teasingly around the sensitive rim; then used her teeth to rake playfully along the shaft as it moved towards the back of her throat. Natasha hated her own body for what it was doing and she hated herself for not being able to prevent the body she was in from receiving such gratification. But the need to reach fulfilment conquered all and she found herself thrusting Barrie’s penis into her own mouth with total abandon. Spasms of unbelievable pleasure were coursing through the whole length of the organ. The ejaculation came as a complete surprise. An explosion, which sent the semen bursting through the tip of the penis. She heard Barrie screaming – yes – yes – yes! Only realising she was responsible for the screams as a second, then a third spurt of semen followed the first. The pleasure was intense, and then – nothing. It was all over and the urgency – the pleasure – was replaced by a feeling of loss. She tried to pull his penis from her mouth, but Barrie was hanging on to it, wrapping her lips tightly around the head. Then she felt her tongue licking and from being an organ of pleasure only seconds before, it was now a weapon of torture, rasping over the sensitive skin with all the roughness of a cat’s tongue. It was more than she could bear. She grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her mouth away and heard herself cry out in pain.

'Ouch! What did you do that for?'

'Because you are going too far.'

'And, what’s too far?' This was said with a knowing smile and Natasha knew very well what he meant.

'You didn’t swallow?'

All innocence, her face smiled up at her. 'Every last drop.'

'But we don’t swallow.'

She heard herself laugh again. It was a pleasant, tinkling, bell like sound. 'We didn’t do blow jobs until a couple of minutes ago.'

The Post Office van screeched to a halt outside Church Farmhouse in a billowing cloud of dust, which hardly had time to settle before the front door opened. Framed by Doric style pillars, the grandness of the door was totally out of keeping with a house that had originally been three farm workers’ cottages. Hugh Portland, who farmed Church Farm and the neighbouring Manor Farm, walked down the three shallow stone steps and across the yard to take a bundle of letters from Dudley Wink.

'You’re in a hurry this morning, Dudley. Hope it’s not more bills, I could do with some cheques.'

'Can’t guarantee anything, Hugh,' said Dudley with a laugh. 'Thought I might grab a couple of minutes in the copse. See if I can catch those foxes on camera again, if that’s alright with you?'

'Be my guest, Dudley. Loved your last batch of pictures in the Bugle. Any chance of having a set?'

'Only too pleased to oblige. I can put them in pine frames if you’d like.'

Hugh Portland voiced his suspicion. 'Har – and how much will that set me back?'

'Not a penny, Hugh. Those fox pictures have been good for me and it’s all thanks to you for letting me know they were there.'

'You’re welcome, Dudley.'

Dudley drove though the farmyard and up the track towards the copse, as Hugh Portland rifled through the letters and found one from the Rural Payments Agency. He ripped it open to find a long overdue cheque. After confirming the amount was correct, he watched the red post van as it disappeared into the copse. Good bloke Dudley Wink, salt of the earth.

In Holly Tree Cottage, Natasha and Barrie were having their first real argument since changing bodies. Barrie had followed Natasha out of the shower and was desperate for a ‘good seeing to’ whilst in Natasha’s body. Natasha on the other hand was anxious to discuss how they were going to play out the day in their exchanged roles. She loved Barrie. When they married she knew he had a strong libido and to be honest, she enjoyed sex with him very much. But, more and more that’s what it seemed to him – just sex. She hated it when he referred to their lovemaking as ‘giving her a good seeing to’. She wanted romance, but for a few months now, had the feeling he was seeing someone else. She had told no one, other than her mother and taken her advice – Don’t try to find out. If he has and you know he has, it will destroy your marriage. Yet it still played on her mind and as a result, she found herself wanting less sex. Now he was romping around in the nude, showing off – in her body.

In the copse, Dudley Wink took only a cursory interest in the fox den. The foxes could wait; he had another, more pressing reason for visiting the copse. He took out his latest camera acquisition, and exchanged the wide-angle lens for a powerful telescopic. This would be the first time he’d used it and he was hoping for great things. He clipped the camera skilfully onto the shoe and carefully positioned the tripod behind a cluster of hazel saplings, at the edge of the copse. He eased the black bodied lens, deliberately chosen to avoid detection, through the leaves. Lurking well back in the shadows, using the LCD monitor as his viewfinder, he panned the camera towards the village, found Holly Tree Cottage and zoomed in tight on the bedroom window. A blurred figure came into view, he pressed the shutter button gently; the camera automatically set the focus and, bingo! Natasha Billingsgate was there in all her naked glory. Taking great care not to disturb the camera he completed the shutter movement with a satisfying click and took more shots in rapid succession in case she moved away, but she was not going anywhere. It was almost as if she knew he was watching and was determined to give him a good show, first, by stretching her right arm high above her head and cupping her left breast in her left hand, then, by standing with legs apart and hands on hips. Please god, don’t give me camera shake. He clicked away and gasped when she turned side on and slid her hand down over her stomach and appeared to start playing with herself. He pushed up slightly on the panning arm and tried to zoom in closer. Tight in on a tight pussy. He chuckled to himself and licked his lips in anticipation. Unfortunately, the zoom was already at its limit. Never mind, with the crisp, high definition image this camera promised, he would be able to zoom in to where he wanted later. Oh no! Disaster! She was turning away from the window. No – wait – she was still in frame – she was walking towards her husband who was on the bed. Had he hit the jackpot, or had he hit the jackpot? He turned the shooting mode dial to ‘Movie’ and awaited developments.

Barrie was getting impatient. He had woken-up in Natasha’s body. Sure he panicked, but who wouldn’t? Then he quickly accepted the situation, but so far he’d given much more than he’d received. He gave a blowjob to end all blowjobs, which Natasha, in his body, obviously enjoyed. Christ, she’d almost pulled his head off when he finished! She would have to learn to control his strength, but where did that leave him? Yeah, okay, he’d gone in for a little female masturbation, but as long as he stayed in this body he could do that at anytime. What he had not experienced was how she felt when he gave her a good seeing to, and he wanted that – now. She was on the bed, propped up on pillows, with a manly mug of tea. Primly, she had wrapped his green silk dressing gown tightly around his body and between sips was trying to explain what his role would be at DebTash. He turned away and looked out to the copse and the patchwork of fields beyond. You had to hand it to Natasha; she knew what she was doing when she picked Holly Tree Cottage. The view from this window was really something – not another house in sight. He posed and wriggled her body seductively. Natasha had a glorious backside and her rear view always stirred his old boy into action. He turned so she would be able to see her own body in profile, with those pert breasts of hers jutting upwards. A glance at the dressing gown told him the posing was having an effect. He moved her hand down over her the gentle curve of her stomach and massaged her labia. Hmmm, that felt good.

'For heavens sake, Barrie. Stop that and listen to me.'

'I’ll listen after you’ve given me a good seeing to.' He sauntered seductively to the bed, took the mug of tea and placed it on the bedside table before straddling his own body. He smiled to himself as Natasha’s beautiful hands, following his bidding, deftly untied the green and white silk cord and parted the dressing gown to reveal his ‘old boy’ in all its glory.

'Barrie, I’m not ready for this.'

'Believe me – you are.' Hauling his ’old boy’ upright with Natasha’s beautiful hands, he brushed the tip against Natasha’s clitoris. They both squirmed with pleasure. Barrie was unable to keep the laugh out of Natasha’s voice. 'Ready then?'

'Has anyone ever told you that you are depraved?'

'First time – since I’ve been in your body. So, are you ready?'

Natasha wanted to say no, but once again, Barrie’s penis had other ideas. She groaned, it was proving impossible to control that thing. 'Okay, let’s get it over with, but make it quick.'

'That’s down to you my love, unless of course you want me to be on top?' Not waiting for an answer, he squatted down heavily. 'Ouch! That hurt.'

'You men are all the same, you haven’t got a clue.' His own face was smiling at him. Natasha was enjoying his discomfort.

'You have to be careful with that thing. It needs to be eased in and I should point out that you were way off target.'

Natasha suddenly felt the power of Barrie’s penis. She had truly hated herself in the shower, when she could not stop forcing it into her own mouth, but now she was coming to terms with it. Fully erect, it really did seem to have a mind of its own and right now it was telling her to take the dominant position. She had not wanted to have sex with her own body this morning, she did not want to give Barrie the pleasure, but now this thing between her legs was compelling her to act differently. She placed Barrie’s strong hands on her waist, lifted her body in one swift movement and rolled over to finish on top. She was amazed at the strength at her command, it made everything so easy. Natasha was generous by nature and was tempted to show Barrie how he should really use his penis to give her pleasure, but, she was in a hurry. There was a great deal for them to discuss, so she would do unto him as he so often did unto her. In other words provide a ‘good seeing to’ which would see his body ejaculate at great speed, leaving hers completely unfulfilled.

Barrie was amazed at the ease with which they changed places. He felt his strong hands slide under Natasha’s buttocks and lift the lips of her vagina up to meet his ‘old boy‘. Natasha was making a pretty good job of dealing with his body. He felt the head moving in a slow circular motion just inside the vagina. Natasha was teasing him. He wrapped Natasha’s slender legs around his own body and arched her back to pull his cock in.

'Fuck me Tash. Give me a really good seeing to, I want it all.'

Natasha gave no answer only a grunt of satisfaction as she carried on the slow circular motion which was beginning to drive Barrie wild, especially when she penetrated just far enough for the tip to rub against a very sensitive spot just inside the vagina. Was this the legendary G spot? She could leave it there as long as she liked! He was in her body experiencing immense pleasure, when, without warning, Natasha pushed hard and he heard his own voice shouting, 'I’m coming! I’m coming!' Following three to four frantic thrusts, he felt the wet warmth of the ejaculation; then his body stopped moving.

'Don’t stop! Don’t stop!'

'Sorry Barrie, but that’s it. Generally speaking, that’s how your ‘good seeing to’ leaves me.'

Barrie desperately dug Natasha’s heels into his own backside in an attempt to spur her into action, but to no avail. He could feel the erection wilting and after a minute of frantic but fruitless jerking it was a relief when Natasha rolled off and he lost the crushing weight of his own body. He watched as she walked his body to the bathroom.

'Come on Barrie, a quick shower then we have a lot to discuss.'

'Such as what?' The tone was sharp and waspish. He was more than a little pissed off at not reaching a climax. What if they got together in the bathroom and somehow or other changed back? Then he would never know what Natasha felt when she had a penetrative orgasm. He wondered if she used anything to reach a climax when she’d been left high and dry, so to speak. Perhaps she used the back brush in the shower? It had a ribbed handle and he’d often wondered if it had ever been used for that purpose. In the bathroom, Natasha was handholding the shower rose to rinse off the Jo Malone Gel Douche she had lathered over Barrie’s testicles and penis. She adored the amber and lavender fragrance, which lingered on her skin for hours, but perhaps it was not the right thing to use whilst in Barrie’s body. She would remember to use his Lacoste Body-Wash in future. As she stepped out of the shower she called to him. 'We’re presenting our lingerie range to the buyer of ‘Naughty but Nice’ at eleven o’clock. I must brief you on what to do.'

'I thought Debbie did that sort of thing?'

'She does, but I – that is to say you – will be doing the modelling.’

Barrie perked up at the thought of parading around in sexy underwear. It was Natasha’s work as well as her fantastic looks and figure that attracted him to her in the first place. She was a partner in DebTash, an exclusive corset and lingerie business, which she ran with Debbie, a friend from Art College.

'How many pieces will I have to model?'

'Six. I’ll go through them with you. It’s a mixture of designs by Debbie and me. Mine are, fine lace underwear, a basque and a lovely cream silk chemise, which has been made to my design by one of the out-workers we will use if we get a large order. Oh, and a set of French style underwear, which I would rather not show.'

'Why not?'

'Because I think they will be better as an expensive couture item for our private customers.'

Barrie swung Natasha’s beautiful legs over the side of the bed and sashayed into the bathroom. Natasha was shaving, taking great care as she wielded the razor under his chin. She looked anxiously at her own body as he took up what he considered to be a model pose, with one knee forward, left hand on hip and right held high, wrist bent forward.

'Barrie! For heaven’s sake, please don’t ham it up. This is a very serious presentation. It could be worth a small fortune to us.'

Barrie held Natasha’s hands out in a gesture of surrender. 'Okay, okay, I promise. I’ll do whatever you say.'

'That’s better. Well the first thing to remember is you are in my body, so you use the things I use. I have made the mistake of using my shower gel instead of yours.'

Barrie lent forward and sniffed at his own skin. 'Nice. I wouldn’t get too close to Duggie if I was you.'

His face frowned back at him. Natasha quite liked Duggie Lummox, the boss of Travel Plan. He didn’t help himself with his appearance, but since his wife died, he had immersed himself in running the company and didn‘t seem to care. There had been whispers about him propositioning young women at the Rugby Club, where he was Chairman, but she did not believe it. He had always been kind and never made a pass at her. She wondered what Barrie meant. 'He’s not gay, is he?'

'No, just joking. Duggie’s okay, but you never know who might get turned on by that fragrance.'

'As long as it’s not Sir Ken Allerby.' She shuddered at the thought. 'I’ll splash on plenty of your Lacoste and hope that’ll do the trick. Anyway, remember to use my shower gel and shampoo. I’ll rustle up some breakfast.’

Barrie could hardly wait to get in the shower cubicle. The handle of the back brush slipped easily into Natasha’s vagina, which was well lubricated by his semen. The ribbed handle felt pleasant as he moved it gently in and out against the swollen labia, but the angle was wrong and the brush rubbed her thighs. He turned it the other way and the kink in the handle directed it towards what he had assumed was Natasha’s G spot. He was tempted to see how far he could push the handle in, but it felt good where it was. He settled into a fast rhythm, comparable to the usual speed of his thrusting and caressed Natasha’s clitoris with the fingers of her other hand. It was not long however before he realised that Natasha’s body preferred the waltz to the quick step. He slowed the penetrative thrusts of the ribbed handle to the point where every single movement provided unbelievable pleasure. He felt the first tingling of orgasm and the sensation slowly built to a point where it became almost unbearable. Then the orgasm peaked to a fantastic moment of release, yet even then, when it would be all over for him, the tingling sensation of a pending orgasm continued. He was sure it would not take much to come again, but conscious of time, he reluctantly withdrew the improvised instrument of pleasure and lathered her gorgeous body in Jo Malone shower gel.

When Barrie arrived in the kitchen, Natasha commented on the blush, which still lingered on her cheeks, shoulders and breasts. Barrie passed it off by saying he preferred a hot shower, which obviously did not agree with her tender skin.

Over toast and coffee, they discussed what they needed to do for the day. Natasha briefed Barrie on his duties for the sales presentation. He would have to dress himself – Debbie would not expect to help. Fortunately, her make-up was always minimal. She would show him how to apply a little lip-gloss and how to run a comb through her long hair, which would then pretty well look after itself for the rest of the day. Her nails had been varnished the previous evening and as she used a natural shade, nothing would need to be done about that, probably for a couple of days. The panties and bra she had chosen for the day would be right for modelling the slips, basques and camisoles, so he would only need to change to the French style underwear for the final presentation. He was not to attempt to do any of her needlework or welding. If the situation remained as it was for longer than a few days, he would be able to get by with a bit of design work, which she would do for him in the evenings.

Natasha had obviously given their situation more thought than Barrie, who had been more obsessed with exploring her sexuality than thinking through the complexities of their situation. Natasha had a rough idea of Barrie’s duties at Travel Plan, but was there anything specific he should tell her? Barrie’s brain was racing, trying to cover all angles. He could hardly tell her he’d been giving Samantha, one of his key telesales girls, an occasional seeing to. She worked in Travel Plan Dynamic, a new division of the company, which was proving very profitable. He’d often referred to having lunch with Sam, but failed to mention she was female and gorgeous. With the Board Meeting taking up most of the day, there would be no reason for her to visit telesales, so he should be safe there – at least until tomorrow. Of course, there was always Penny Betts. Penny could cause trouble, but not intentionally. Penny was one of his old girl friends. Their relationship had run its course and they had split amicably; consequently they were still good friends. Penny was PA to Duggie Lummox and could be very helpful. Trouble was, if she couldn’t get a regular shag, she would ask him to help out – just for old time’s sake. Other than those two, there was nothing much to worry about; apart from that classy cleaner, what was her name? Lucy or Lucinda something – but that was a one off. The Board Meeting should not present any problems. He was not expected to make a formal presentation, so she could just go with the flow. There were nine directors on the board, including the company secretary. She had met most of them at sometime or other, but that was not good enough for Natasha, she wanted more detail.

'Go through them for me. How do you address them, by their first names? Do they have nicknames?'

'Ah, good point. The meeting’s are pretty laid back although the chairman, John Toddleigh does insist on being addressed as ‘Mr Chairman’ once the meeting is in progress, other than that it’s John. Duggie Lummox, is, of course. Duggie.'

Natasha interrupted his flow. 'I’ve never met John Toddleigh, what does he look like?'

'He’s a chubby little man with a pink face and a shock of white hair. You can’t mistake him.'

Natasha nodded. 'Okay, so who’s next?'

'Sir Kenneth Allerby is Sir Ken. You’ve met him. A loud Yorkshire man who made his money in scrap metal.'

Natasha shuddered. Sir Ken had made an improper suggestion at the Travel Plan Christmas Party. 'Yes, I remember Sir Ken – only too well.'

Barrie failed to pick up on the vibe. He continued through the list of board members.

'I don’t think you’ve met Lady Macdonald. She’ll be wearing a Macdonald tartan skirt and a white long sleeved blouse. Wears the same outfit, summer or winter. Looks quite severe, but a sweetie and very supportive. She doesn’t stand on ceremony and prefers to be called Sophie. Phillip Stammers, the company secretary is Phil. That leaves the executive directors. Basil Main, the financial director, known to all as Bas. Pauline Sykes, personnel director. She’s really genuine and I’ve never heard of her referred to as anything other than Pauline. Finally, there’s the one you really have to watch, Sally Barnard the marketing director. She can be deadly and won’t miss any opportunity to stab me – you – in the back. Basically she’s very ambitious and wants to run sales and marketing as a step to running the whole company. Trouble is, her ambition far exceeds her ability, but I think Duggie knows that and keeps her in check.'

'So is she Sal or Sally?'

'Some will call her Sal – I call her Sally. The meeting starts at eleven and we usually work through until all issues have been covered. Sometimes we have a buffet lunch, which is brought into the boardroom at one, but if John Toddleigh considers we can conclude business before two, he will delay lunch until then. I used to make my excuses and leave as soon as the meeting was closed, but Sophie tipped me off that Sally Barnard made mischief as soon as I left, so now I tend to stay until everyone drifts away.'

'Is there any specific issues I should know about?'

'Difficult to cover everything, but I try to anticipate what questions may come my way. I’ve jotted those down, with my answers, under ‘notepad’ in my laptop. You can take that with you into the meeting, its accepted practice to refer to it if required. If anything unexpected does crop up, stall for time by saying you’ll look into it and provide the board with a written answer. You may get a bit of stick from Sally, but most of the others will be supportive.'

'What about your laptop and computer? Do I need a password?'

Shit! Barrie hoped her face had not betrayed his moment of panic. He hadn’t thought of that. Was there anything on the computer he didn’t want her to see? He stalled for time.

'Guess what the password is?' He smiled what he hoped was a disarming smile, but it was difficult to tell when he was relying on her facial muscles.

'I haven’t got a clue, come on, what is it?'

He was frantically thinking through anything that could possibly drop him in the mire. 'Go on, have stab at it.'

'We haven’t got time for games.'

She was beginning to sound a bit testy. He was pretty sure the computers were clean – well almost. 'Come on; join in the spirit of the situation we find ourselves in – say the first thing that comes into your head.’'

'For heavens sake, Barrie!'

'No, that’s not it.' He could see the anger beginning to build. 'Okay, if you’re not even going to try I’d better tell you.' He paused for what she took as effect, but he was in fact completing a mental run through of any files that could possibly cause a problem. No – he was definitely watertight.

'The password for both is… Natasha.'

'Natasha! Hooray! No one would ever think of that.' She managed to load his voice with heavy sarcasm, but Barrie simply shrugged her beautiful shoulders and poured them both a second cup of coffee. They followed the normal routine of taking the coffee up to the bedroom to sip as they dressed for the day, but there was nothing normal about the rest of the routine. Natasha had to explain to Barrie about the pill. She was halfway through her cycle so he would have to remember to take one pill every morning, with his second cup of coffee, until the pills ran out. Her body would then have its period and he would start on the next batch of 21 pills when it ended. Hopefully they would not remain as they were for that long, but if they did, she would have to show him how to use a tampon. When it came to dressing, Natasha struggled with Barrie’s tie, but strangely, he had no difficulties whatsoever. Inheriting Natasha’s slender, nimble fingers made everything easy.

The package that Dudley Wink delivered contained the silk chemise, made to Natasha’s design by one of their out workers. It was creased and would need a warm iron over it, but they had all those facilities in the small room on the third floor at DebTash. The other items, including the hand made French knickers and bra, were laid out on the bed in the fitting room – the room opposite Debbie’s bedroom. He would use that to change in. They had already rearranged the furniture in the living room to provide a sort of catwalk area. He could check with Debbie how she wanted each item presented, it would not seem out of place to go over everything again and anyway, it would never occur to Debbie that Barrie was locked in her partner’s body.

'Just leave it all to Debs. She’ll direct operations and do the selling; all you need do is model the pieces in the right order.' She kissed him briefly before adding. 'And for heavens sake make sure you don’t put anything on back to front. Double check: All labels at the back.'

Barrie locked the cottage as Natasha opened the garage doors and looked at his BMW. It was a monster compared to her sporty Mazda – and she had never driven it before. This was going to be her first real challenge in Barrie’s body.

In the copse, Dudley Wink reviewed all the material he had captured on camera – stills and movie. The sex on the bed was priceless, although he was a bit miffed that her husband was so well endowed. Anyway, it was the still shots of her posing alone at the window, which really turned him on. His favourite was the one of her holding her right breast with her left hand and her right hand straying down towards her pussy. She was doing it just for him. He propped the camera in the shade by the gear lever and looked at her as he masturbated. She was watching him – encouraging him and he ejaculated so quickly he almost missed the back of the envelope.


Simon Niggard closed the door to the Production Manager’s office, shutting out the mechanical clatter of the Meltcon Bar production line. He smirked with satisfaction as he examined the production figures on the computer. Less than two hours into the shift and he was ahead of target. He drooled over the figures as he scrolled back through previous shifts to check the performance of the competition. The three other Production Managers on the Meltcon line were below target. Counting and comparing brought him such joy. He chuckled when he saw the line had stopped twenty one minutes for repairs during the evening shift. Poor old Adrian Jones; what a sucker! He’d blown what little chance there was of making up his deficit. He hunched forward in eager anticipation as the screen scrolled back to show yesterday’s day shift. Sod it! David Stewart had reduced his deficit. How the devil had he managed that? He looked at the line engineer’s reports for a clue. Bunford had reported overheating in the conveyor drive two hours before the end of their previous shift and asked for permission to stop the line to investigate. Of course it had been refused; the line never stopped on his watch. He never allowed it to slow down, let alone stop. Bunford should know that by now, he was getting difficult, as was that quality control girl, Lydia Baxter. She was continuously pestering him to slow the line down to maintain quality. They were definitely in cahoots those two.

He looked out through the long window which afforded a full view of the production line and sure enough, as if on cue to fuel his paranoia, they walked along the line towards each other, meeting close to the spot where the conveyor had overheated yesterday. Or had it really overheated? How had David Stewart managed to get through a full shift with hot bearings? They could only cool if the line had slowed or stopped and that had obviously not happened. Were those two plotting against him? He watched keenly as Peter Bunford knelt down on one knee and placed a hand on a bearing casing. Lydia Baxter steadied herself with a hand on his shoulder, crouched down beside him and said something in his ear. He turned and said something into hers. It was noisy down there, but why not shout? What was so private? Now Bunford was pointing along the line towards the chocolate enrobing section. What were they up to? He was about to storm out of his office to confront them when Bunford stood up, held both hands down to Lydia Baxter and helped her to her feet. They seemed to hold hands a few seconds longer than was necessary. Was there something going on between those two? He licked his thin lips. Perhaps he’d found a way of getting rid of both of them. It was not against company rules for workers to develop a relationship, but Peter Bunford was married and the company frowned upon that sort of thing. She stood on tip toe to say something in his ear. Or was she giving him a crafty kiss? He would keep a very close eye on them, although to be honest with himself, he could not think why Peter Bunford would be interested in Lydia Baxter. She wore thick spectacles, had mousy hair, no figure to speak of and was barely five feet tall. Hardly a match for his wife who was a fine piece of womanhood, more suited to Bunford’s stature. He was well over six feet and muscular with it. Used to play rugby – kept himself in good shape, but, that was no reason why he shouldn’t start a destructive rumour mill. A whispered comment here – an innuendo there. With a bit of luck and the help of the gossip mongers on the line, a case could be created against them, which senior management would find it difficult to ignore. He would be shot of both of them and it would not be seen as his decision, which was how he would like it.

Peter Bunford watched Lydia as she walked along the line towards the wrapping and packing area, he was really fond of her. Their jobs drew them together but it could never go anywhere. Apart from her being twelve years younger, he was married. Not happily, but married. He could just imagine the uproar if he told Julie he was in love with someone else and would like a divorce. She was not the sort to let go, although there was no love in the marriage and very little sex. Once a month if he was lucky, but even then she wanted it over with as quickly as possible. In the early days, when she was keen to get pregnant, they were at it all the time. It never crossed his mind that she did not like it. She made all the right noises at the right time, but when he tried to resume sex after the birth of Rebecca, she told him, point blank, that it was a mucky dirty business. As a matter of duty, she would let him do it once a month, but for a long time now he had not bothered. What was the point?

When Rebecca came along he had a comfortable job as an engineer with a small components firm, but Julie saw an advert in the job pages of the Hamsworth Bugle, for engineers at Meltcon. He joined them and progressed rapidly to line engineer but was never really happy working for such a large company with all their petty rules and regulations. The self assessment and annual appraisal system was a joke. Anyway, he stuck with it and a positive benefit was the shift pattern, which meant he could share the joy of watching little Becky grow-up. Then Julie decided she wanted to work again. Not at the Bank, where she was well thought of, but as a cleaner. As she built up her cleaning contacts he saw less and less of her, some days they barely said two words to each other as the duty of looking after Becky was handed from one to the other. When Becky started going to school, it was down to him to do the school run, unless he was on the morning shift. Something had to give and inevitably, it was his rugby.

He watched as Lydia reached over the line and picked out a few Meltcon Bars for random analysis. He knew she was worried about misshapen or underweight bars and wanted to check them against a batch from the night shift production. It chimed with his concern that the line could not run efficiently at the speed Simon Niggard was demanding. He had stated as much in his reports, but no one seemed to take any notice, everything was driven by targets and Niggard gloried in it. He was an odious little creep, the production director was due to retire at the end of the year and Niggard was after his job. God help the company if he got it.

The clattering of the line caught his attention. A new sound had weighed into the general cacophony. A component somewhere was protesting at the strain. He walked up the line to investigate.


Laburnham Grove was on the edge of town and formed the base of what the local Estate Agents liked to call the Golden Triangle; the area where the most desirable properties in Hamsworth were located. The large houses on the south side of the Grove were the most sought after, with gardens of two acres or more backing onto designated green belt. The owners of these elite properties had been secure in the belief that no other building could take place beyond their southern boundaries, but, five years ago, confidence in their scope of influence and support from local planning was shattered by Mervyn Turner. Mervyn Turner owned Laburnham House, halfway along the grove. He also owned Tompkins & Turner, a long established and well respected local estate agency, having bought out his partner Jack Tompkins when he wanted to retire. Now, unbeknown to his wealthy neighbours, Mervyn was poised to stab them in the back. The sale of his business to a national chain of estate agents was front page news in the Hamsworth Bugle one week and the following week, tucked away on page 48, under Public Notices and Tenders, a Notice of Application for Planning Permission revealed that he was seeking to demolish Laburnham House to make way for a development of luxury flats. The wealthy residents of Laburnham Grove immediately formed a ‘Preservation Committee’ and rushed along to Laburnham House to confront Mervyn. But Mervyn was on holiday in a Tuscany villa, owned by the managing director of the building company intending to develop the Laburnham House site.

The Laburnham Grove Preservation Committee, the LGPC as they soon referred to themselves, set-up a protest campaign. Over two thousand Hamsworth residents, many with no interest in Laburnham Grove, other than that their employers lived there, signed a petition objecting to the development. The Planning Application was turned down.

‘It will never happen in my time,’ said Mr Tutt, the Chief Planning Officer for the District Council, at a private meeting with the LGPC – but it did! Mervyn Turner acquired his planning consent on appeal. An appeals officer, coincidentally with the same surname, travelled halfway across the country from Norwich to over rule local planning guidelines. The LGPC were furious; and more so when Mr Tutt was obliged to point out that with permission granted on appeal, the local planners had forfeited any say on detailed planning. Consequently, Laburnham Court became a five storey block of luxury apartments, instead of what could have been restricted to three, or perhaps, even two. In a space where there had been one dwelling, there were now seventeen and mutterings over loss of privacy and the negative effect on property equity rumbled on. However, to an impartial observer, Laburnham Court had all the appearance of a development which had occupied the site for many years. Mature shrubs and trees transplanted into the landscaped frontage by the developer together with pale green cladding on the face of the building, helped it blend in with the genteel surroundings.

The ProClean van outside Laburnham Court looked conspicuously out of place against the glistening array of Mercedes, BMW’s, and Jaguars precisely positioned in their allotted parking spaces. Julie always dropped Lucy back after they finished cleaning the Travel Plan offices, then the van was hers to do with as she wished. Not that she had a need to do any other cleaning, her share of the Travel Plan money plus her hourly rate, far exceeded what she had previously been earning. She had dropped all her old customers apart from Lucy and Mrs Davidson. She couldn’t let Mrs Davidson down; she was her first customer and now in her eighties. Julie did for her on Tuesday and Friday mornings and for Lucy on Monday and Thursday afternoons. She rarely saw Lucy in the penthouse; she was out looking after her many other business interests. Julie was amazed at the way she had carried on cleaning at Travel Plan when there were so many other things she needed to do. She was a good worker, but perhaps most surprising of all, for one who was obviously well bred and used to wearing the very best of clothes, she was quite happy to let neighbours see her coming and going in van and wearing a cleaning overall.

Lucy touched her lightly on the wrist. ‘I know it’s not your day to clean for me Julie, but could you pop over this afternoon, say about three? Or will that be too late for you?’

‘No problem. Pete’s on mornings this week. He should be around when Becky comes home from work.’

‘When’s she off to university?’

‘Next Tuesday. This is her last week at the supermarket. I don’t think she’s enjoyed stacking shelves very much, but she needs the money.’

‘Don’t we all.’

Julie though that a bit rich coming from someone who seemed to have everything she could possibly desire. She bit her lip and asked if she would like her to clean today instead of tomorrow. Lucy smiled.

‘No, this afternoon is business. We need to discuss what we’re going to do with ProClean. I have plans and I very much want you to be part of them.’ She squeezed Julie’s hand and leant towards her. Julie felt her moist lips brush lightly across her cheeks to plant a soft kiss, on the side of her mouth. She automatically turned her face and Lucy repeated the kiss, full on her lips. She looked into Julie’s eyes as she pulled away and introduced a light laugh into her voice. ‘So I don’t expect to see you wearing your cleaning overall. Come in something casual and we’ll chat things through over a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of vino?

‘Whatever suits you,’ whispered Julie. Lucy opened the door and with a smile and a brief wave, walked briskly towards the grand entrance of the apartments. Julie watched as Charlie donned his royal blue, gold trimmed cap and came out from behind his desk to walk in measured strides across the hall. He repeated this routine every morning without fail, timing his arrival to perfection and opening the door as she set foot on the top step. He smiled and saluted. It seemed strange for someone so impeccably turned out to salute a cleaning lady, but Charlie Bell knew which side his bread was buttered. The penthouse covered the whole of the fifth floor, an area four times the size of any of the other sixteen apartments in his care, if you included the roof garden which went with the penthouse. Through the service charge, Lucinda Lovebrace was responsible for one fifth of his wages.

Julie checked her face in the mirror. Had she blushed when Lucy kissed her? There was no noticeable evidence but the pleasant tingling sensation she had felt between her thighs lingered on. Lucy could not be interested in her in that sort of way, could she? Julie remembered sleeping with Rosemary, a cousin, when she was barely thirteen and Rosemary a few months older. It was the accepted practice for them to share the same bed whenever the families got together, but they were blossoming into young woman and very much aware of the changes taking place in their bodies. Before putting on their pyjamas they had compared breasts and innocently kissed and touched each other. Julie had felt that same warm, prickly sensation then and although nothing else had happened, she dreaded that she could be gay and never shared a bed with Rosemary again.

Rosemary, lost her virginity when she was fifteen and judging by the number of boyfriends she subsequently enjoyed, was definitely straight. Julie, on the other hand, was not interested in boys, convincing herself that she was waiting for the right man to come along. As if to prove the point, she gravitated towards social functions at the Rugby Club. She was a radiant, rather than pretty young woman and when she married Peter Bunford, considered by all the girls who were chasing him, to be the most handsome hunk at the Rugby Club, everyone said they made a wonderful couple. She even believed it herself. She loved his masculinity, and that she had snatched him away from so many others. Of course, she had led him on to believe she would be hot stuff in bed. But, to be fair to herself, she really had no idea she would hate sex. For the sake of their marriage and because she wanted a child, she carried through with the pretence and counted herself very fortunate to get pregnant so quickly. Almost too quickly! Her competitors were counting the months hoping for proof of a shotgun wedding. She never had achieved an orgasm; she was simply not a sexual person and accepted that. Being married, having a child and being seen to be normal was all that really mattered. Yet, now she was having her doubts. She had become very attached to Lucy who she admired tremendously. Lucy was a successful, beautiful woman who obviously loved men and enjoyed sex. From what she had seen of her goings on, she could even be a nymphomaniac. Julie sighed, the kiss happened by chance. Lucy was all woman and she certainly would not think of her in a sexual way.

The van grumbled along in first gear as she drove out through the stone pillared exit and turned right onto Laburnham Grove. She waved to the paper girl she saw every weekday morning, rain or shine. Her heavily laden bike wobbled as she waved back. She was an attractive girl with long brown hair and very good legs. Julie looked in the rear view mirror to watch as she stopped by a mail delivery box and push her left foot against the wall to hold the bike upright. Her skirt rode up her thigh as she struggled to ram the newspaper into the box. The van juddered; she had unconsciously lifted her foot off the accelerator as she watched the girl. She changed gear, pressed down on the accelerator and the van progressed smoothly. When she glanced in the rear view mirror again, the girl was over two hundred yards away, peddling furiously towards her next delivery. A Pretty girl; a young woman really. Julie always looked at young women but convinced herself it was from an aesthetic point of view. There was nothing sexual in that was there?

Charlie Bell opened the door and touched his cap to greet his favourite resident.

‘Morning Miss Lovebrace.’

‘Good morning Charlie. Has the post arrived?’

‘No, not yet. Probably be after ten – as usual.’

‘That’s really not good enough Charlie.’

‘I know, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about it. I have been onto the post office as you suggested. And I’ve driven over to the sorting office to speak to them about it.’

‘Is that the place on the Trading Estate?’

‘That’s the one. It’s near the Meltcon factory, they told me deliveries are late because our postman delivers to the outlying villages on this side of town and the route is down to him.’

‘I’ll have a word. What’s his name?’

‘Dudley – Dudley Wink.’

The name registered immediately, as well it should. His actions had almost destroyed her main business, but she pretended not to recognise the name.

‘Could I have heard of him before?’

‘Possibly, he runs the Hamsworth Town Photographic Club. He’s quite well known for his wildlife photography. Had some pictures of a fox and her cubs in the local paper not so long ago.’

Lucinda Lovebrace was already hatching a plan. She had a need for a good photographer and a bit of sport with Dudley Wink could be amusing.

‘See if you can get him to pop up and see me when he arrives, I’m working from home all day today.’

‘Consider it done, Miss Lovebrace.’

Charlie certainly would get it done. Miss Lovebrace was extremely generous at Christmas, and not averse to slipping a fifty pound note into his hand at other times. Take your wife out for a little treat, she would say, giving him a wink. Class act was Miss Lovebrace, it was well worth looking after her and turning a blind eye to all the comings and goings.

There were three lifts in the building. A service lift for all floors, accessible through the tradesmans’ entrance at the rear of the building and two passenger lifts in the lobby, one designated solely for the penthouse. Her lift was ready and waiting. He reached in, pressed the button for her and touched the peak of his cap as the doors closed.

The lift opened onto a large, plush carpeted hallway. Four sumptuous leather chairs were arranged around a rich mahogany coffee table, with a bright red telephone sitting incongruously in the middle. Entrance to the penthouse could only be gained by speaking to someone inside via the telephone, or through palm recognition. Lucy pressed her hand against a pad next to the stout hardwood door. The heavy door slid quietly to one side and she stepped through into a small hallway. The door quietly closed behind her as she took three strides across the hallway and pressed her hand against another pad. A second door, swung open to let her enter into a corridor with an open door directly opposite. Ignoring that she turned right and strode briskly along the corridor undoing the buttons down the front her overall as she went. The corridor circled the penthouse, passing several doors before reaching her office, which looked out across fields towards Lippinston. It was a view she usually stopped to admire, but she was in a hurry. She took a disk from the right hand pocket of the overall and placed it next to the computer before moving swiftly into the main bedroom on the other side of the corridor. She posed in front of one of the many mirrors. This was the last time she would wear the overall, ProClean had served its purpose. All the information her travel company needed from Travel Plan was on that disk. The last button of the overall undone, she pulled the lapels back over her smooth shoulders and admired herself. This was a body which had turned thousands, even millions of men on if you counted the hits on the Anita von Beta website. She loved her body; watching herself touch her own breasts and slip a hand down the front of her see-through panties onto her cunt, always gave her a thrill. God, she needed a good fuck! This Travel Plan business had wreaked havoc with her sex life. She thought about using one of her sex toys, but that could wait, right now she needed a bath. She kicked off her shoes and walked barefoot into the bathroom.

The side walls in the enormous ‘bathing complex’ as she preferred to call it, were draped with plush red curtains, framing beautiful paintings from the Karma Sutra. As with the bedroom, there was no natural light; she had planned it that way. A rich mahogany door in one corner of the room opened into a sauna. Directly opposite, red carpeted steps led up to a large Jacuzzi set in a mahogany clad plinth. In the centre of the room, on a lush, white, deep pile carpet stood an ornate Victorian hip bath. She walked over and pushed a gold lever at the base of a graceful white and gold swan’s neck, which swung out to the centre of the bath. Water poured from the swan’s beak at a preset temperature and flow rate. She turned to admire her body in the mirrored wall by the entrance. With a shrug the overall coat fell from her shoulders. Slowly and sensuously, she shed her bra and wriggled out of her panties, as if stripping in front of an appreciative audience – which in a sense she was. She stepped gracefully into the bath, positioning her clitoris directly under the stream of water – a perfect way to unwind after a cleaning session.

Lucinda Lovebrace had discovered the stimulating value of flowing water with her first orgasm at the tender age of seven. Since then, she had come that way more times than she could possibly remember. She moved the swan’s neck a fraction to concentrate the stream onto a precise area. Another gold lever by her right hand allowed her to raise or lower the bath plug, so the water level was never too high for the stream to do its wonderful work. Closing her eyes and leaning back to enjoy the cascading stimulation, the image of Dudley Wink drifted into her mind. He was in for a bit of a shock. She was not aware he had moved to Hamsworth. In fact, after everything had been hushed up and he was dealt with, she had no further interest in him. That was over five years ago. But what was he doing as a postman delivering her mail? It would be impossible for him to find out her real name, but, knowing what a little pervert he was, she would not be surprised if he had opened and examined the contents of any plain wrapped parcels delivered for the penthouse. However, this was not the time to think about Dudley Wink. She blanked him from her mind and went through the fantasies which always helped her achieve an orgasm. It took longer than usual and she had reduced the water level in the bath for the third time before it began to build. It was incredibly powerful when it burst through. She surprised herself by squealing loudly, but what surprised her most of all was that in her fantasy she was gazing into Julie’s blue eyes, as she pulled away from that kiss.

She added her favourite bath oil and allowed the bath to fill. Surrounded by the fragrant foam she lay back feeling remarkably satisfied and serene. She had been toying with the idea for sometime, now she was sure and knew exactly what she was going to do.


Barrie followed Natasha, driving his BMW towards Hamsworth. When she turned off onto the ring road, he carried on towards town in the Mazda, excited at the prospect of modelling underwear in Natasha’s delicious body. As he tried to remember the layout at DebTash, his mind wandered back to when he first went to their place in Back Street, almost 18 months ago.

When she first made an appearance at the Rugby Club, he was smitten and logged onto her website to check things out. The welcoming picture for ‘DebTash Corsetry & Accessories’ was Natasha, wearing a gold corset girdle decorated with fine black lace and ribbon. The drawn in waist accentuated her bust and hips. Her throat and shoulders were the colour of honey as were her bare thighs framed by black lace panties and stocking tops. She was an absolute stunner. He had to have her and boy did he try! But, despite her sexy looks, Natasha kept saying no. It drove him crazy. They had been going out together for three months and although he had managed to entice her back to his flat, he had not succeeded in getting her into his bed, which was not his way. He would have ditched any other girl by this time, but Natasha was not just any other girl. She was beautiful, fascinating and clearly as attracted to him as he was to her, and yet, she had not succumbed to what all the other girls in his adult life desperately wanted – his massive cock.

It was a cold Sunday in January when, despite an overnight dusting of snow, they decided to go ahead with their planned walk to Lippinston, a village some three miles out of town. It was Natasha’s idea and he did not want to let her down. She was dressed sensibly in a light blue sheepskin coat, a red woollen hat with a matching scarf and gloves, thick jeans and stout hiking boots. He wore a blazer and cavalry twill trousers. He never wore jeans and would rarely be seen without a tie, but in deference to the weather he wore a roll neck sweater and leather chukka boots. By the time they reached the footpath about half a mile out of town, he knew the boots were definitely not suited to hiking across snow covered fields and as cold seeped into his bones, he regretted not wearing an overcoat. With the collar of his jacket turned up and hands thrust deep in his trouser pockets, he trudged miserably after Natasha who chattered cheerfully over her shoulder as they made slow progress along the edge of a large field. She obviously loved the countryside, pointing out the various trees in the hedgerows and identifying animal tracks in the snow. He peered through a gap in a hawthorn hedge to see where a set of tracks led. Had she not told him, he would have had no idea they were made by a fox.

‘He’s way gone by now!’ He was talking to himself; she was running to a stile. She pointed across the next field and beckoned him on. He was rewarded with a big smile as he moved in to share the stile. Natasha had the most wonderful smile which lit up her blue-grey eyes and revealed the whitest of teeth. Purists could argue that her top front teeth were too large, but to him, in her succulent, generous mouth, they were perfect and spoke of a sexual energy waiting to be unleashed.

‘There it is, Lippinston, don’t you think it looks lovely?’

He looked across the field towards a distant church spire surrounded by a triangulation of rooftops and his heart sank. It was miles away.

She caught his mood and snuggled up to him.

‘It’s not far – honest.’ She reached up to give him a soft kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a bear hug.

‘I don’t think you’re properly dressed for this trip’, she said, breaking out of his hug and taking off her scarf. She wrapped it twice around his neck, pushing the ends inside his jacket and smoothing them out across his chest. As cold as he was, he felt a stirring in his groin which she obviously felt as she leant against him. She laughed that tinkling laugh he loved so much and pulled away. That was the moment he knew he really was in love with her. Despite his many affairs, it was the first time he had ever felt that way.

‘Are you sure you won’t be cold without it?’ She buttoned a flap across the collar of her coat and nestled her chin into the fleece lining. ‘I’ll be just fine. Come on, let’s go.’

They climbed over the stile and walked arm in arm towards the distant steeple. The footpath took them along the hedgerows of five more fields before they climbed over the final stile onto a lane leading into the village. He had never been to Lippinston before, which was hardly surprising as it was not a place you had to pass through to get anywhere. If you came to Lippinston, it was because you needed or wanted to. They walked along the lane towards the church, passing thatched cottages on the way. The village seemed deserted but smoke curling lazily from chimney pots spoke of people enjoying their Sunday morning in the warmth of cosy cottages. They were definitely not in the church, which looked cold and empty. The Fox Inn opposite seemed far more welcoming, but opening time was mid-day on Sundays, which meant another fifteen minutes in the cold. Barrie shivered dramatically to make the point. Natasha tugged at his arm.

‘Come on, we’ll be warmer walking through the village.’

She led him past the church to where the lane divided. The right fork was a dead end to Church Farm. The left fork, sign posted as Smallfield Lane, was a cul-de-sac.

‘Not much point in going down there Tash.’ He was thinking that if they went back and stood outside the pub, it might open early. She was thinking it was the first time he had called her Tash and she liked it.

‘I’m sure it will be worth it,’ she said with a secretive smile. Had he known her better he would have realised she was hiding something. They walked arm in arm down a narrow lane with a wall to the churchyard on the left and a low bank topped by a hedge, neatly covered with a tablecloth of snow, on the right. The crunchy virgin snow bore no evidence of traffic, vehicular or pedestrian, in or out of Smallfield Lane that morning; Lippinston was a sleepy village. After a hundred yards or so, the churchyard wall gave way to overgrown rhododendron bushes divided by a driveway leading to The Rectory, a large, rambling Georgian house. The other houses in the lane were nowhere near as grand, but they benefited from the same view over a meadow to Church Farm on the right, a copse on the left and then a patchwork of fields rising gently to a tree covered ridge.

Natasha tugged Barrie along until they came to a house with an Estate Agent’s board fastened to the front gate post. Holly Tree Cottage was the last property in the lane. It was thatched, but not that old, probably built in the 1930’s. The size and style of the windows reflected that era. Natasha looked over the gate. ‘It looks empty. Shall we take a peep?’ Before he could answer she lifted the catch on the gate and marched down the path towards the front door. Reluctantly following, he saw some movement behind the net curtains in the window to the left of the porch. ‘I don’t think it is empty, you know.’ She smiled and rang the doorbell. ‘I’m sure they’ll show us around if they’re in.’

The door opened almost immediately and a tubby, grey haired woman with a round face and apple red cheeks positively beamed at them.

‘Hello my dear, how nice to see you again. So this is your young man?’

Natasha beamed back at her. This is, Barrie,’ she said. ‘Barrie, this is Mrs Parsons. Mrs Parsons is one of my customers.’ He tried to imagine Mrs Parsons in a corset. Natasha gave him a nudge in the ribs. Could she read his mind?

‘You’d best call me Gwen my dears,’ said Mrs Parsons, as she ushered them into the hallway and closed the front door. She turned to Barrie. ‘You’re a very lucky man, Barrie, having such a beautiful and clever fiancée.’

Natasha turned away, pretending to examine some detail surrounding the light rose in the ceiling. Mrs Parsons chattered blithely on.

‘She’s sorted out my back, I can tell you. Without that wonderful medical corset she made for me, I don’t know where I would be. Well I do know – I’d be in a lot of pain that’s where I’d be. Now, let me have your coats.’ She took Natasha’s coat and clucked her disapproval as she accepted the scarf from Barrie. ‘You must wrap-up well in this weather. Show him around Natasha my dear while I make you a nice pot of tea. It looks as if Barrie could do with warming up.’

Natasha led the way upstairs to a landing and walking past others opened the door furthest from the top of the stairs. ‘There are three bedrooms, but this one has an ensuite bathroom and a wonderful view across the fields.’

He closed the door and whispered angrily, ‘What’s going on Tash? I don’t remember us getting engaged?’

‘Of course you don’t, silly.’ She took his hand and looked at him with those big blue-grey eyes. He could feel himself melting.

‘What’s a girl supposed to do? I love you. I know you’re frustrated because you want to get me to bed, but what about me? Don’t you think I feel frustrated too, rubbing against your – your thing when we kiss and wishing I could have it inside me.’

His ‘old boy’ would have leapt into a full erection, had it not been restricted by tight underpants.

‘Why don’t we then,’ he groaned, pushing against her.

She rubbed her stomach against his swollen penis and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

‘Because I can’t. I've promised myself I won’t have sex until I marry. And – and I want to marry you. And this house is on the market. And Gwen wants me to have it. And I thought it would be a lovely place for us to live. And – and, you won’t ask me!’ She was sobbing now, beating her clenched fists on his chest and he felt like a real lowlife. This girl loved him and wanted him. He loved her – what the hell.

‘Okay, okay.’ He gently wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumb. ‘Will you marry me?’

She hugged him close. ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ She stifled a sob and pressed the side of her head to his chest. He felt her hand reaching for his penis and she giggled.

‘We’re going to have to do something about this though.’

‘What do you have in mind?’ he croaked.

‘We could forget the Fox Inn and go straight back to my place, Debbie’s away visiting her parents in Bath and she’s taken Kate, our house mate with her.

From that point on he could not care less about the rest of the cottage. If she wanted it, she could have it. He was on a promise!

Over a cup of tea, Natasha told Mrs Parsons they would buy the cottage, they just needed time to make the financial arrangements. Mrs Parsons beamed and told them how happy she was that it was going to such a lovely couple. She chatted on interminably, but eventually they managed to make their excuses and scamper away.

They retraced their tracks across the fields. The wooing over, they strode purposefully through the snow in silence.

A small brass plate next to the front door of number 27 Back Street, in a Victorian terrace behind Hamsworth High Street, was the only indication that it was also the office of DebTash Lingerie and Corsetry. They fell into an embrace as soon as they closed the door. Then, after hanging her sheepskin coat in the hallway and unbuttoning his jacket to unwind her scarf, Natasha took him by the hand, led him through the living room to the narrow staircase, giving him a guided tour as they ascended. On the first floor, she pointed through an open door a large double bed with cuddly toys propped against a pink headboard.

‘That’s Debbie’s room.’

She opened a door on the opposite side of the small landing.

‘This is where our clients try on their garments.’

He glimpsed an ornate full-length mirror and a narrow single bed with a red corset laid out on it, but he was in too much of a hurry to register any other detail. He followed her up the next flight of stairs.

‘My room is right at the top, so there's another lot of stairs. We use the two rooms on this floor as our work- space.

‘Where’s Kate’s room then?’ he whispered.

Natasha giggled. ‘She sleeps with Debbie, didn’t I tell you?’

‘You mean they’re…?’

‘Of course, didn’t you guess?’

Barrie had met Debbie several times and no, he wouldn’t have guessed she was a lesbian. She looked all woman, in fact he quite fancied her. But, what about Natasha, was she a lesbian too? After all, they had been friends through college.

For the second time that day she seemed to read his mind and turned to face him on the landing. ‘And no, just in case you’re wondering, I’m not that way inclined. Debbie knows and respects that. We’re the best of friends with a very good working relationship. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that she has that preference, it’s her business.’

They climbed the last flight of stairs to the bedroom on the third floor. It was a spacious attic room with a single bed. The gold corset, which she’d worn for the website photograph, was displayed on a half model in the corner of the room. He asked her if she would wear it for him. Later she said, helping him take off his jacket. By this time he had a stonking hard on which began to hurt as Natasha stepped out of her jeans, took off her sweater and stood in front of him in fine lace underwear.

‘That’s not very practical for this cold weather,’ he said with a grin. She smiled back. God she was beautiful and her skin was a light golden colour, not honey as in the website image. She stretched out on the bed and held her arms out for him. He stripped down to his straining underpants and joined her. They kissed passionately as she rubbed herself against his erection. Then she rolled over on top of him and gently pulled down the front of his underpants to release his straining member. He reached around her back to undo her bra, only to discover it fastened at the front. With a twist of her slender fingers she did the job for him and the bra dropped away to reveal a pair of exquisite breasts. He placed his hands on them and she moaned softly as he caressed her nipples. He took one hand away and attempted to pull her panties down, but she shook her head, giving him an emphatic no. Then, straddling him and taking hold of his penis in both hands she placed the head carefully over the silk gusset to protect her virginity. He could not penetrate more than an inch. He hoped desperately that the thin material would give way, but it held and she rocked herself to a wonderfully noisy climax which, although it seemed to last forever, did not create enough friction for him to ejaculate. She kissed him on the lips and moved down the bed covering his body with kisses. He closed his eyes; was she going to give him a blowjob? He waiting in eager anticipation, but she stopped short and he felt her hands gently begin to massage. He opened his eyes to look down towards his towering erection which she was lovingly working on. As juices began to flow from the tip, she delicately used a finger to spread them, lubricating down and around the head. Her slow methodical strokes were driving him crazy but he did not want to come. He told her he wanted to wait until he could make love to her properly. She shook her head, smiled her lovely smile and lightly pressed with her long fingernails as she continued the long slow strokes. He almost screamed at the moment of ejaculation. She held his penis in both hands, fascinated by the lengthy spurts.

‘I bet there’s plenty more where that came from.’ She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl and scrambled up the bed to plant a kiss on his cheek.

‘Would you like me to do it again?’

‘I would rather make love to you properly.’

‘I would rather you did too, but…well, I mean… we’re going to have to proceed very carefully. Just how big is it?

She giggled again, rolled lightly off the bed, plucking a handful of tissues from a box on her bedside table with one hand and picking up a tape measure from the dressing table with the other.

‘I think we ought to measure it, don’t you?’

He looked down at his shrinking member as she jumped back on the bed.

‘I’m not sure this is a good time.’

She knelt over him, patted his penis dry with a tissue and crooked a finger under the shrunken head. It began to move in the right direction. It never took much for him to achieve an erection.

‘Good boy!’ She placed both hands around the base of his penis and waggled it from side to side. ‘Would it be stiff if I wanted you to make love to me?’

The thought sent more blood to his penis and she went to work with the tape measure, putting her thumb nail on the mark.

‘It‘s there already – and still growing.’

‘It should a couple of inches more than that.’ He knew it sounded peevish, but he was very proud of those extra inches.

‘You have measured it before then?’ She giggled, gave it another couple of waggles and measured again.

‘We only deal in metric at DebTash, but you are right, it’s still growing.’ She caressed the head and waited patiently, not wishing to disappoint him.

‘Yes, here we are – is that it?’ She held the tape so he could see her thumb nail on the mark.

He grunted his approval. ‘Yup, that’s about the size of it. Now, can we make love?’

She shook her head.

‘As much as I want to, we must wait.’

And wait she did. He tried every trick in the book to breakdown her resistance, but nothing worked and they never made love in the true physical sense until they married in the April. Natasha was not one to change her mind, when she said no – she meant no, but now he was in her body, he intended to say yes – mean yes – and say it as often as possible.


Natasha found the BMW easier to drive than she had imagined. The next hurdle was to convince Barrie’s colleagues at Travel Plan that nothing untoward had happened. It would surely never occur to them that she was in his body, but, unless she was careful, they might think he was no longer up to the job. It had all seemed fairly straight forward discussing it over breakfast, but now she was weighed down by all the negatives. There was so much she did not know, so much she would never know. She was stupid to think she could carry this off without making some dreadful mistake. Barrie was definitely going to have an easier time of it. He knew Debbie quite well and as she had never met the buyer from Naughty but Nice, he would be in the same position as her in that respect. The only danger as far as she could see, would be if he hammed up the modelling to the point where it was obviously out of character. But even then, what would Debbie think? The idea of Barrie being in her body would never occur. She might think she was acting silly, which she had to admit she did at times, so there would be no real harm done. Whereas for her, taking Barrie’s place in a board meeting, was fraught with danger; the repercussions for Barrie could be catastrophic. At least she knew who the directors were, but there must be dozens of people in Travel Plan who Barrie would normally pass the time of day with, but she did not have a clue. If only she had asked more questions.

Approaching Hamsworth Tower in a stream of slow moving traffic, other problems surfaced. Where did he park? Which entrance into the building did he use? Where was his office? She knew it was on the top floor, but having been there only the once, she doubted she would remember which direction to go from the lift. There were so many things she should have quizzed Barrie on, but it was too late, unless she could speak to him on her mobile phone.

As she turned into the car park a security guard stepped in front of the car, signalling her to stop. As he walked round to the drivers’ door she fumbled for the right button to lower the window. Should she know him? She gave him one of Barrie’s a broad smiles as the window slid silently down.

‘Lovely morning.’

He returned the smile. ‘It is that, Mr Billingsgate. Mr Lummox has asked me to shuffle the parking spaces around for the board meeting. If you could park in the first visitors’ spot, Sir Ken will use your space’.

‘No problem.’ Natasha nodded and smiled, but where was the first visitors’ spot? To her immense relief the security guard pointed and stopped the flow of cars pouring into the car park to allow her to turn right into the appropriate space. As she opened the door he called out.

‘Don’t forget your window, Mr Billingsgate.’

Natasha nodded and waved her thanks. She turned the ignition back on, closed the window and double checked everything before getting out of the car and taking Barrie's’ black leather laptop case from the back seat. She paused to take her bearings. A snake of office workers headed towards the back entrance of Hamsworth Tower, but as Travel Plan occupied only four of the fifteen floors, the majority of them would not work for Travel Plan. It would be best to keep Barrie’s head down and avoid eye contact with anyone. She got back into the car and searched for something to read. The glove compartment offered several options and she chose the SatNav instruction guide, on the basis that she would like to know how it worked anyway. After locking the car, she sidled over to join the throng, pretending to be engrossed in the guide.

‘Good morning Barrie.’

She turned to see Penny Betts striding towards her. She had met Penny, a tall leggy redhead several times. She and Barrie had been an item, but their relationship had ended well before she came on the scene. Penny was PA to Duggie Lummox. She often joked about her time with Barrie in a way which never made her seem a threat. They remained good friends and she often gave him little titbits of information to help him stay ahead of ‘the game‘, as he referred to the office politics at Travel Plan. She couldn’t remember if he referred to her as Penny or Pen. She decided to be non-committal.

‘Hi, lovely morning.’

Penny caught up with the person she thought was her ex-lover, fell into step and gently squeezed his elbow. Natasha wanted to pull away, but that would be a bad idea. Penny leant her head on Barrie’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.

‘It would be a lovely morning – if only I’d had a half decent shag last night. Come on, if we move fast we can get the lift to ourselves.’

She took hold of Barrie’s hand and led Natasha through the entrance, towards the lifts. People were crowding into those that were open, or queuing by closed doors waiting for others to return. The express lift, which only served the fifteenth floor was open and empty. Penny hit the button as she dragged Barrie in. The doors closed, the lift started and so did Penny. She put her hand bag down on the floor with one hand, whilst the other moved directly onto Barrie’s penis.

‘I need you to give me a good shag, Barrie.’

Natasha was horrified, not so much by the thought that her husband could be unfaithful, but by the directness of it all. How should she respond? How would Barrie respond? She knew Penny had a funny sense of humour, so she acted as she thought Barrie might, by treating it as a joke.

‘You know I can’t do that, I’m a married man.’

Unfortunately, before she had finished the sentence, Barrie’s penis began to stir. Penny expertly manoeuvred it so that unfettered by underpants it lay at an angle towards his right hip, allowing it to achieve a full erection. Natasha inwardly groaned and looked at the lift indicator which showed they were passing the fifth floor. Penny put both arms around her and rubbed against Barrie’s swollen penis.

‘You know it never means anything Barrie, it’s only a shag and I’m really desperate for one. Come on, help an old friend out.’

Natasha tried to pull away, but somehow, that dreadful thing between her legs – Barrie’s legs – would not let her. Seventh floor! She groaned inwardly. This express lift seemed to be taking an eternity and if Penny did not stop rubbing against her she was in danger of ejaculating and ruining Barrie’s best summer suit. In desperation she played for time.

‘Look Penny, I can hardly shag you right here in the lift, can I?’

‘We could nip down to the stationery cupboard on the fourteenth floor for a quickie.’

‘I can’t Penny, there’s the board meeting to prepare for.’

Penny pulled away and put her hands to her face in mock horror. ‘Oh god! I forgot about that.’ Her green eyes danced with amusement. ‘Duggie will be panicking – but, he’ll just have to wait.’ The lift arrived at the fifteenth floor and she laughed as she picked up her handbag and gave it a pat. ‘I have to take my silent running little friend along to the ladies and that will take at least five minutes.’ She winked at the person she though was Barrie and gave the end of his penis a gentle squeeze, ‘I’d do something about that too, if I was you.’

The doors opened and with a toss of her head, she strode out, taking a sharp left towards the toilets.

Natasha emerged from the lift with caution. Where was Barrie’s office? She half remembered. The long corridor in front of her led to Duggie’s office and she was pretty sure Barrie’s was on the left, before that. With the laptop case held at a strategic angle she fled along the corridor and lurched thankfully into the safety of his office.

On the other side of town, Barrie parked Natasha’s Mazda neatly outside 27 Back Street. It had always amazed him how Debbie and Natasha had managed to build a successful business from a rented Victorian terraced house. The small brass plate, screwed on the wall by the front door, was the only indication that DebTash traded there. He was about to ring the bell when he remembered the key. Natasha had told him she let herself in with the Yale key on her key ring, but always called out, to save any possible embarrassment. That comment had Barrie’s mind working overtime, had she arrived before and discovered Debbie and Helen having a lesbian romp? He tried to question her about that, but Natasha was intent on giving him a proper briefing. He unlocked the door and called out as directed, but not too loudly. ‘Hi, Debs, it’s only me!’ He closed the door, chuckling to himself and metaphorically rubbing Natasha’s hands together at the prospect of witnessing some first hand lesbian action. But he was to be disappointed. As he arrived on the first floor landing, Debbie’s bedroom door opened and she looked out, commenting on her early arrival. Barrie told her he could hardly wait for the presentation, which was true. He also told her he wanted to look at simplifying the French underwear designs, to make it easier for outwork production. Debbie fully opened the door to reveal that all she had on was a very brief pair of knickers. Barrie tried hard not to stare, he did not want her thinking Natasha was changing orientation. On the other hand, Debbie really was very tasty; he quickly noted the brown pubic hair struggling out from retaining elastic, before focussing determinedly on her rather square face, framed by what he now knew was dyed blonde hair. He looked past her into the bedroom and remembered Natasha saying she had not seen Helen for some time.

‘How’s Helen, haven’t seen her recently.’

Debbie turned and walked into her bedroom, signalling the person she thought was Natasha to follow. Barrie needed no second bidding.

‘We’ve split up,’ she said, reaching into the bathroom to take a robe from behind the door. ‘I could see it coming; we didn’t have much in common, apart from enjoying the same sex toys.’

The robe was made from very fine organza and Barrie could still see everything. She really was very attractive, very feminine and very tasty. What she really needed was a bloke who could give her a good seeing to – cure her for ever.

Debbie sighed. ‘These things happen Tash. Anyway, back to business. I’m really glad you’ve changed your mind about the French underwear.’

‘Tried them on this morning,’ lied Barrie, ‘they look and feel great.’

‘Everything looks great on you.’

Was there a trace of envy there? Or was it a lesbian come on?

‘I’ll need to put a warm iron over them before the presentation.’

‘Did the chemise arrive?’

‘Yes, got it here.’ Barrie held out the package, not knowing quite where to look as Debbie stretched forward to take it. Looking into her eyes, might give her the wrong idea so he focused on the package, which fortunately, only partially covered her tits. As Debbie shook out the chemise, he talked through the finer points, as briefed by Natasha. It had turned out as expected. The finish was excellent, but perhaps the rose motif could be a little lower? Debbie thought she would have to see it on to make a proper decision, but asked her to hold it against herself, to give her some idea. He followed Debbie’s directions as she stepped back to make her judgement. ‘I think you’re right, it could be a tad lower, but I don’t think we need to alter it for the presentation. Will you be wearing a bra?’

Barrie pondered on the question. Natasha had told him to keep on the underwear she had laid out for him; on the other hand, she had also told him to take Debbie’s advice. ‘I had intended to wear the same bra and pants under the chemise and slips, but what do you think?’

Debbie smiled a secretive little smile. ‘Knowing Davina Maypole’s reputation, I’m sure she would rather see them hanging free beneath the chemise.’

‘My breasts don’t hang,’ said Barrie, rather aggressively and definitely out of character for Natasha. Debbie laughed, she didn’t seem to notice.

‘Of course they don’t Tash, you have pert little tits.’ Barrie laughed with her, although he had never thought of Natasha’s tits as being particularly small. He glanced down at Debbie’s breasts, it seemed an ideal excuse.

‘Well we can’t all have big tits like yours.’

Debbie obliged by opening the see through robe and cupping her breasts. ‘Aha, I always knew you envied them; I’m very proud of my tits, there’s nothing droopy about these.’ She turned side on and took her hands away. The breasts dropped no more than a centimetre and held firm. Had she had a boob job? Barrie wondered if she would mind if Natasha touched them. Should he ask?

A mobile phone rang, probably a good thing. It was the theme from the ‘A Team’. His own mobile ringing in Natasha’s handbag.

‘New phone?’ asked Debbie, hands back on her breasts, caressing them as Barrie would love to. He fumbled in the handbag and fished out the mobile.

‘It’s Barrie’s, I must have picked up the wrong phone this morning.’ He looked at the screen. ‘It’s Natasha. No – it’s Barrie – on my phone.’

Debbie carried on fondling her breasts. ‘Well, you’d better answer it. Stick the kettle on when you’ve finished.’

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Barrie stepped out onto the landing.

‘Hi Tash.’

‘No, you’re Tash, get it right Barrie. How are things going?

‘Fine, no problems, I was having a chat with Debbie when you called.’ Barrie though it best not to mention that he’d been admiring her breasts, or that Helen had left and Debbie told him that the only thing they had in common was a preference for the same sex toys.

‘Well, I’m pleased everything’s going fine for you, I can sum up my morning to date in three words. Penny, Betts and Shag.’

‘Oh.’ Barrie had not expected the shit to hit the fan quite so quickly.

‘Oh. Is that all you can say. How about an explanation?’

There was a long pause while Barrie desperately tried to think of one. ‘Er, it’s not what it seems, Tash. I’ve been helping out an old friend.’

It was his voice that spoke on the other end of the line, but the intonation was pure Natasha. ‘You’ve been shagging an old friend?’

‘Ah, yes, but that was how she needed help.’

‘Well, she wants helping out again, so am I supposed to shag her?’

‘It is very complicated Tash. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything, we finished way before I met you.’

‘But you’re still shagging her?’

‘Only to help out.’ There was a snort from the other end of the line, then silence; he stumbled on. ‘The fact is, she lets me in on lots of inside information, without it I’d be a goner. If she wants a shag, I’d give her one – if I was you.’

‘I know you would, but how about me? If I give her one, as you so crudely put it, I’ll be complicit in your cheating on me.’

‘It’s not cheating Tash, it’s, it’s…’

‘Barrie, we will have this out this evening, I have a lot to catch up on before the board meeting. I think, or rather, I hope, I’ve managed to put Penny off, but is there anyone else you have been – doing a favour to?’

The line went silent again.

‘I take it there is someone else?’

Barrie though for a couple of seconds, then decided he might as well come clean, she was bound to find out anyway. ‘Yes, there’s Sam.’

‘Shit! Now you’re telling me you have a homosexual relationship on the go?’

‘No – it’s Sam – Samantha Derby. My main telesales girl in Travel Plan Dynamic.’

‘So I’m supposed to feel happy that your not shoving your thing up some blokes arse, but up some tarts cunt.’ Barrie was shocked; he had never heard Natasha use such language before.

‘Are you angry with me Tash?’

‘Too fucking right – I’m livid! Now get off my line and out of my life!’

The phone went dead. Shit! All his little indiscretions had come home to roost in one go. Well, apart from the steamy session with that cleaner, but there was no way she could ever find out about that one. He put the mobile phone back into Natasha’s bag. Strange really, he’d never felt as if he was cheating on her, he always had a little bit on the side during other relationships, it never meant anything, he still loved the main person. But now the guilt was striking home and if they ever swapped back, he could see Natasha walking out on their marriage. He looked at the chemise he’d been holding whilst talking to Natasha, it was crushed and badly creased. Testament to his guilty conscience? Perhaps he would feel better if he ran an iron over that and the French knickers. He pushed the switch down on the kettle and after carefully checking to make sure the iron was on a cool setting, switched on at the plug.

Natasha slammed down the phone. She was furious. Sam this Sam that. Oh, by the way, I had lunch with Sam today. It never crossed her mind that Sam could be a woman, no wonder Barrie had warned her off going down to the telesales floor. She could almost forgive him for Penny Betts, after all, she was an old girlfriend and it was in Barrie’s nature to help people out, although shagging was a step too far, but, going out with someone new? That was unforgivable. Seething with injured pride and resentment, she grabbed the pile of papers from Barrie’s in-tray and angrily began to read. What happened to the paperless office? Was there anything that needed immediate action? She was immersed in the papers when there was a tap on the door and Penny Betts walked in with a green cardboard folder. Barrie’s penis twitched as she closed the door behind her. Natasha worried that it would not let her say no, but thankfully, the visit turned out to be strictly business.

‘Agenda for the meeting.’ She placed the folder on the desk and flicked it open with a long, well manicured, bright red finger nail. The same nail tapped on item eight, towards the bottom the page. She whispered her advice. ‘You might want to prepare for this, it’s a late addition to the agenda.’

Natasha read the sub heading – Dynamic Sales Performance. She was none the wiser. ‘What do I need to prepare?’

Penny shook her head in despair. ‘I worry about you Barrie. Sally Barnard has produced figures which she reckons proves Dynamic is not working. It was your baby so she’s gunning for you and she’s fuming over the amount of commission Samantha Derby is earning. She’s been griping to Duggie about it. She can’t live with the fact that Sam’s take-home pay is more than hers.’

Natasha wondered if Penny really did worry about Barrie and that was why she fed him with inside information. ‘Thanks Pen.’

‘Not at all, Barrie.’ She smiled, winked, turned and walked to the door. She was wearing stockings. The immaculate seams and high stiletto heels enhanced her long slender legs. She paused by the door, looked over her shoulder, pouted her lips into a kiss and swayed her shapely bottom from side to side. The message was clear; Barrie was expected to perform in return for the favour. Well, hard luck thought Natasha, thanks for the tip Penny but Barrie’s penis is going to stay tightly zipped. Even as she made the silent vow, she felt the damn thing stir. Payment of the debt was beginning to look inevitable, but for now, she had other things to think about. She scrolled down to Barrie’s number on her mobile and pressed the dial button. There was less than an hour before the Board Meeting and she badly needed Barrie’s advice.


Dudley Wink was in a hurry to finish his round… He normally got home by midday when he would have a routine nap, but not today. Today he had some very special material to download onto his computer. He pulled swiftly into Laburnham Court and braked sharply by the entrance. Charlie, the doorman, walked out to meet him, which was good, he could handle the letters over and make a quick get-away.

‘Thanks Charlie. Quite a bundle today.’

Charlie took the letters and leant through the open window for a quiet word. ‘You couldn’t do me a favour, could you Dudley?’

‘Sure, you name it.’ Dudley always received a good Christmas Box from Laburnham Court and he knew Charlie was responsible for collecting it. He selected first gear and revved the engine ready for the off.

‘That’s great; I knew you wouldn’t let me down. It’s the woman in the Penthouse; she would like a quick word. Wants an earlier delivery.’

‘Ah, I’m not sure about that, Charlie. I’ll have to speak to my boss and see her some other time.’ He revved the engine a little harder. Charlie put a restraining hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eye.

‘She’s very generous at Christmas Dudley. Her contribution makes up over half of what I collect for you.’

Dudley knocked the van out of gear and stopped the engine. As much as he wanted to get home and zoom into some close-ups of Natasha Billingsgate’s pussy, financially it would be sensible to see the woman in the penthouse.

‘Will the van be alright here?’

‘No problem. I’ll keep an eye on it, but leave the keys so I can move it if needs be.’

Dudley followed Charlie Bell into reception. Charlie handed back the bundle of letters. ‘Sort out the ones for the Penthouse Dud – you can take them up. I’ll give her a call to let her know you’re on your way.’

Dudley sorted through the letters. Most of them were for the Penthouse, so Dudley simply pulled out the others, leaving those addressed to Ms L Lovebrace held together by the red rubber band.

Charlie returned. ‘You can go straight up.’ He led Dudley to the lift and reached in to push the button. ‘Only goes to the Penthouse, so you can’t get lost, I know what you postmen are like.’

Dudley searched for a smart answer, but the doors closed before he could come up with one. The lift was quiet, smooth and obviously fast, for within a few seconds, the doors opened and he stepped out onto deep pile carpet. He was in a plush reception area with leather armchairs set around a rich mahogany coffee table to one side of a grand front door. Should he sit at the table and wait, or was he expected to go straight in? There was a bright red telephone on the coffee table and he was about to use it to announce his arrival, when the door slid quietly to one side, to reveal a small hallway and another door. He walked through and felt uneasy when the front door clicked shut, trapping him between the two. He waited for what seemed in eternity, but in reality it was only for the ten seconds required by scanners to do their work.

‘Metal object in pocket.’ said a mechanical voice. ‘Please take metal object from pocket and place in bin to your left.’

Dudley took the penknife from his trouser pocket and placed it in the bin. The lid snapped shut.

‘You are cleared to leave.’ The second door swung open and he walked through into a corridor. He could have turned left or right, but as there was an open door directly opposite, he took tentative steps through and found himself in a long room with dark red drapes and dark red flock wallpaper. It all seemed vaguely familiar and his brain was racing, trying to remember where he’d seen something like it before, when there was a sharp crack and all the lights in the room went out. A figure in silhouette appeared in a doorway at the far end of the room. It was difficult to make out the detail, but it was definitely feminine, very shapely with legs astride in a dominant pose. A hand, holding what looked like a stick was raised, then pointed towards him, followed by another sharp crack.

‘Have you been a good boy, Dudley?’

Dudley stopped mid-stride and dropped the letters. There was no need to see the face to know who the voice belonged to; he knew only too well.

‘Nymphie Nita! What the fuck are you doing here?’

The lights in the long room slowly brightened to full power and there she was, in all her erotic splendour wearing an under bust corset, stockings and suspenders, black elbow length gloves and stilettos. She posed with whip raised, hips at an angle which thrust her bare sex towards him.

‘I live here Dudley and, if you don’t mind, please use my professional name, Anita von Beta.’

Dudley wanted to look away. Pussy was his favourite thing, he loved to study it in the minutest detail more than anything else in the world – but in secret. This was not what he wanted and Anita Von Beta knew it. Leaning back from the hips, fashion model style, sex fully exposed, she took several paces forward, stopped within six feet, struck her original pose and cracked the whip which flicked at the greying hair drooping over his forehead.

‘Pick up my letters, Dudley.’

Dudley crouched down to retrieve them, trying not to look at her gaping pussy. The handle of the whip gave a warning rap on his shoulder.

‘Look at my cunt Dudley. I thought you were obsessed with it? You took enough close-ups of it with your secret cameras.’ Dudley looked at it and whimpered, dropping down on hands and knees to find the letters. She moved forward again and he was forced to look up into her as she stood menacingly over him.

‘What did you like best, Dudley? When I played with my clit?’ She reached down between her thighs with her left hand and used two gloved fingers to expose her clitoris. He had forgotten how big it was, all his videos and photographs had been confiscated. That was part of the deal, if not he would have revisited her clitoris time and time again. It crossed his mind that he would soon be able to examine the beautiful Natasha’s pussy and zoom in tight for a good view, and she would never know; that’s what turned him on, not this… He tried to look away, but the handle of the whip pressed hard against his cheek as a reminder.

‘You must look Dudley. It’s part of your therapy. So, was it me playing with my clit that turned you on? Or perhaps inserting something up my cunt, like this?’

She took the whip handle away from his cheek and pushed it into her vagina. Dudley Wink squirmed and looked away. That turned her on and she placed her left hand on his head, tangled her fingers in his hair and jerked it back. He was sobbing now; she could feel his head shaking through her gloved hand. ‘How much would you like to see go in, Dudley?’ She pulled his head closer and pushed the handle of the whip deeper. When it brushed against the right spot, she groaned and made a soft mewing sound on every upward thrust. ‘Are you going to help by licking my clit, Dudley?’ She was breathing quickly now. ‘I bet you could be good with your tongue if only you could learn to participate.’

‘You’re a fucking nymphomaniac Nita. Ouch!’ She jerked his head towards her thighs. ‘We both know what I am, but what about you? You get your rocks off by peeping. You’re a sick little bastard who would have got away with it, but became greedy and tried to blackmail some of my clients, but this time you are going to participate. I want to come and you’re going to help me.’ She pushed her sex into his face and quickened her action with the whip handle. Dudley Wink had no desire to participate but had little choice; her erect clitoris was rubbing against his lips and giving her pleasure even if he was reluctant to use his tongue. Reaching her climax would not take long. It wasn’t going to be earth shattering, but when you come countless times a day, you can’t expect every orgasm to be breathtakingly spectacular. She dropped the whip to the floor and placing both hands on the back of his head, pressed his mouth against her sex. He was moaning or gagging, she wasn’t sure which, but didn’t care as the orgasm built within her and she flicked her clitoris frantically against his nose. She screamed as she came, not because the orgasm was intense, but because she knew he would hate the thought of being instrumental in providing her with so much pleasure.

Dudley Wink could smell her strong, cloying perfume which, together with being stifled by moist labia, made him want to gag. He had always fantasised about doing this to the women he had secretly photographed, Nymphie Nita included. In fact, the size of her clitoris put her on the top of his list, but the reality was not what he had imagined. She was pressing his mouth hard into her pussy, and the large clitoris, which he fantasised about slowly sucking until it drove her wild, was being rubbed hard against his nose. She always fucked frantically, which is why he had nicknamed her Nympie Nita. Very few of her lovers, in most cases customers, could hold on long enough for her and as a consequence he obtained some wonderful footage of her masturbating practices. He knew she was sick, but at the time he loved her; now he hated her as her squeals became louder and more frequent. She reached her climax with a loud scream, then, something strange happened, her true fragrance broke through the heavy perfume and he got an immediate erection. She let go of his hair and pulled her sex back from his face. ‘You can get up now Dudley.’

But his only response was to put both hands on her bare buttocks and draw her back. She felt her clitoris slip into his mouth and his teeth slide over it as he started a gentle sucking and nibbling motion. Christ, he’s enjoying it! She arched backwards and sank down to her knees. His mouth hungrily followed and she began thrusting her pelvis up and down to speed up the process, but he would not be hurried. Slowly and surely he bought her to a wonderful screaming climax, ignoring her instructions to bite and at precisely the right moment, reaching up to tug gently at her erect nipples. Her orgasm was complete when she felt the juices spill out onto her breasts and as he slowly raked his teeth along her clitoris for the last time, she writhed and gasped with pleasure.

‘Wherever did you learn to do that, Dudley?’

‘I’ve watched all sorts of techniques,’ he said, retrieving the bundle of letters and getting to his feet. She looked at the front of his navy blue trousers.

‘My, my, you’ve got a little hard on.’ He flushed and covered the appropriate area with the letters. She felt under the letters for his penis and smiled up at him.

‘That was very good Dudley. Now, can I do something for you?’

Dudley pulled away. ‘Fuck off Nita!’

She stood up. In her stilettos she was taller by about four inches.

‘Now, Dudley, there’s no need to get personal. I asked you up here because I want to make you a business proposition, and it will be so much easier if we are friends, or at least civil to each other. I’m prepared to forget the past and I think that’s pretty big of me considering you were the guilty party.’ Dudley sniffed and held the bundle of letters tight over his erection. He was willing it to go away. ‘It seems to me you’ve asked me up here to humiliate me.’

‘Well, that is partly true. I did want to pay you back a little for all the trouble you caused, but to be honest; it’s backfired because you have given me the best oral sex I’ve ever had.’ She was lying, but it was amongst the top one hundred, or perhaps even the top fifty. It had certainly surprised her. She stretched out a hand and place it lightly on his shoulder. ‘So it’s up to you Dudley. You can have whatever you like from my list. I charge five hundred for a blow job and one thousand for a fuck. You can have whatever you want for free. Both if you like?’

He shrugged her hand away. ‘And if I can’t perform, you’ll laugh your tits off. You’ve already made a nasty comment about my size’ She reached out to him again, but this time to take the bundle of letters. She looked him square in the face, resisting the temptation to look down at the bulge in his trousers.

‘I promise I won’t laugh Dudley, size isn’t everything believe me, and I should know. It’s what you can do with it that counts.’ She held her other hand out to him. ‘Come on let’s go into my office.’ He took her hand and meekly followed as she led him through the door into her bedroom. He saw himself in several angled mirrors as they approached an enormous bed. ‘I thought we were going to your office?’ She laughed. ‘You of all people should know that this is where I do most of my business.’ His laugh was spontaneous. Of course he knew, and considering their history, he was amazed that she was prepared to joke with him about it. Despite himself and their history, he was warming to her. He looked around the room. No windows, just mirrors and artificial lighting; a replica of the bedroom in her Mayfair flat.

She placed the letters on a bedside table and pressed a button on a digital display.

Soft blues music began to play. He pointed to the letters. ‘They’re addressed to Ms Lovebrace,’ She turned, swaying in time with the music and began to slowly pull off the elbow length gloves. ‘I am Lucinda Lovebrace.’ She dropped the last glove nonchalantly to the floor in perfect time with the end of a phrase.

‘What happened to Anita Von Beta?’

‘I changed my name to protect the innocent.’

He laughed. ‘Which ones were innocent?’

‘Well, perhaps not the high court judge or the government minister, but there were many ordinary clients whom I had no wish to see exposed.’

‘Anyone who can afford a thousand pounds a go can’t be ordinary, not in my book.’

‘Ah, you’d be surprised. A lot of them saved up. I saw them once every four or six weeks, some only once a year, but they obviously felt it was worth it.’

She pushed another button on the digital display and the lights slowly dimmed.

‘So what will it be, Dudley?’

His erection was beginning to ache, but would he be able to perform? He could possibly fake it if he was having proper sex with her but she would definitely find out that he was a premature ejaculator if she gave him a blow job.

‘I’d prefer the second option,’ he said.

‘You mean a fuck?’

He winced and nodded his head. She moved forward. placed her hands on his shoulders and looked at him with what he took for genuine concern. ‘You don’t like it when I refer to it as a fuck, do you?’ Having given her the best oral sex she had ever had, he was beginning to feel masterful. ‘No and I don’t like you calling your pussy a cunt, either.’

‘Has anyone ever called you one?’ she asked sweetly.

He laughed. ‘Very likely.’

‘You’re so old fashioned,’ she said, unbuttoning his shirt, ‘you probably do it in your pyjamas.’ He shrugged. ‘My wife insists on that.’

‘You poor thing, no wonder you’re a pervert.’

Dudley Wink had never thought of himself as a pervert, not even when he was caught and shamed at the age of fifteen for hiding in the girls’ toilets at school. All his mates thought it pretty normal. His parents, although they claimed to be disappointed with his behaviour, quietly smiled to themselves in the knowledge that there could not be much wrong with their boy. But they did not know, as he did not know, that although he was very attracted to girls, he would rather watch than touch. Watching them play netball in skirts which exposed their knickers at the merest jump, twist or bend, was a particular joy.

He was bright, but not academic and wanted to work, rather than spend another two years in further education. His father managed to wangle him a job in a small plumbing business in West London. In the strictest sense, it was not an apprenticeship, but he learnt the trade as he went along and as he became more useful to the firm, they gave him a day off a week to attend a college and gain an NVQ. Plumbers were beginning to earn good money and by the time he had his qualification, he could pick and choose where he worked. Plumbing new houses was hard work and not a lot of fun, but visiting private homes on call out, placed him in an ideal environment to secretly look at women. They could be so casual in their own surroundings and many of them forgot he was around. On a good day an attractive housewife would bend down to show him where her washing machine was leaking, forgetting that she was wearing a very short skirt. Or perhaps forget he was there and not close the bedroom door. He had a photographic memory and found that he could replay these images in his mind as he lay on his bed masturbating.

He developed an interest in photography and took pictures of attractive females in compromising positions with the help of a powerful telescopic lens. But, as the film had to be sent away to be developed, he had to be very careful. Then, digital cameras came along and he invested in the smallest and most powerful one he could afford. It was the best friend he ever had. Easily hidden he captured some wonderful snap shots of unsuspecting women and had immediate access to them on his computer where he could enlarge and crop the images to fulfil his needs.

He started his own plumbing business so he could pick and choose his own customers and if he was really smitten with a customer, he would make a job last a couple of days and hide his camera over night. Anita Von Beta came into his life through recommendation. She was a high class call girl working out of her own luxury flat in Mayfair. He was called in to refit her bathroom with luxury fittings and couldn’t believe his luck. She was quite happy to walk around in next to nothing and he soon realised she needed the attention of her clients as much as they needed her. Not that she ever made a pass at him, why should she? He was an insignificant little plumber, who privately lusted after her gorgeous body. But it wasn’t long before he had planted a small digital video camera in her bedroom and by linking it to a laptop, recorded all her activities over twenty four hours. He was amazed at some of the things she got up to with her clients, but more than that, what she did to herself when they had gone. Some days she would have sex with twenty different men, yet still have the need to play with herself between clients and often in front of them.

He accumulated some marvellous footage and by secreting the camera in different parts of the bedroom, covered virtually every angle. If he had kept the bondage antics of the government minister to himself, he would never have been found out, but he wanted a very expensive camera and tried to raise the money by selling some of the most compromising stills to a national newspaper. Unfortunately the editor of the paper he chose was of the same political persuasion as the minister. The rest, as they say, is history – except it was hushed up so it would never make the history books. Charges against him were dropped in return for all the erotic video material he had in his possession, and an undertaking that he would stop his activities and never tell a soul.

Less than six months later he developed back trouble, sold his business and moved to Hamsworth and became a postman. He joined the local photographic club where he met and married Linda, a school teacher who taught netball. She was also the District Administrator for the Girl Guides and mad on wildlife photography.

‘Do you need to use the bathroom?’

Dudley came back to reality to find that his belt had been unbuckled and his trousers were almost down to his knees. He grabbed them firmly by the waistband to arrest their downward progress.

‘I can do that in the bathroom.’

‘Don’t go hiding any cameras.’

‘I don’t have any.’

‘I know, you were scanned as you came in’ She detected a whiff of cheap soap. ‘You’ll find everything you need in there. You can take a quick shower if you like.’

He turned towards the bathroom.

‘Oh, and Dudley, how would you like me? Like this, or completely naked?’ He looked back. She had her back to him and was bent over, touching her toes and looking coyly at him from between her long stocking clad legs.

‘Like that,’ he said, steeling himself to look at her wonderful pussy, knowing she was waiting for him to look away.

She watched him intently. Having being on such intimate terms with her cunt he was getting quite brave. She noticed him move his right hand to touch the bulge in his underpants. The little pervert was thinking of tossing himself off…

With the image of her pussy firmly imprinted in his mind, Dudley Wink held his trousers up and walked to the bathroom. Less than a minute of furious wanking would be all it would take. The bathroom was amazing. It was bigger than the whole downstairs area of his cottage. He closed the door and looked for a way of locking it, but there was no key or bolt. He leant against the door, pulled his trousers and underpants down to his knees and took hold of his penis.

‘No tossing yourself off Dudley!’ Her voice made him jump and he tried to hide his erection with both hands. ‘It’s no good trying to cover it up. I can see every move you make. I’m not going to let you cheat on me.’ He quickly pulled up his trousers, jamming the tip of his penis painfully in the elasticised top of his underpants.

‘I wasn’t going to do anything of the sort,’ he retorted. ‘Can’t a bloke have some privacy?’

‘You never thought of my privacy, did you Dudley? Don’t worry; I haven’t got you on film. Have a quick shower and I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.

‘Strikes me you’ll be seeing me when I take my clothes off.’

She laughed. ‘What a lovely sense of humour you have. Of course I’ll be watching. Now be a good little boy and have your shower.’ Dudley did as he was told whilst looking around to see if he could locate the camera. He decided it had to be in the chandelier over the bath and took his clothes off with his back to it. He cupped his hands over his flagging erection and went into the shower. It was a power shower and the water reached the set temperature within a few seconds. He chose a shower gel from a leading London store, lathered and rinsed off quickly, but was left with no vestige of an erection by the time he finished. In fact, as usual, it had retreated into his foreskin to an extent where he appeared almost sexless. He towelled off with his back to the centre of the room and reached for one of the towelling robes. He just knew this was going to be a disaster. He doubted he would get another erection and was thinking seriously about putting his clothes back on when she walked through the door, complete with whip and stood in front of him. Without her stilettos, they were about the same height. She did not seem quite as formidable. ‘You’re not thinking of getting dressed are you Dudley?’ He shrugged. ‘I’ve lost my hard on. Thought you wouldn’t be interested anymore.’

She parted the bathrobe with the whip and looked at his shrunken member.

‘That’s quite normal; we can soon do something about that.’ She put the butt of the whip under the ties, pulled sharply and the robe flopped open. He felt exposed for what he was, a chubby, middle aged, pink skinned man, with not much in the way of manhood. She dropped the whip and placed her right hand on his shrunken penis.

‘As for my not being interested, one of my favourite games is to see how mighty pokes from little acorns grow.’ Expertly she pushed the foreskin back and lightly touched the head with long fingernails. It was a pleasant sensation and his penis stirred. She breathed scented breath over him and he began to feel giddy.

‘Now Dudley, you have been studying my cunt for years, so I think it only fair I examine your prick, don’t you?’

He managed to squeak a faint yes, as she scratched behind the rim with those long fingernails and knelt down in front of him. ‘The way even the tiniest of pricks can develop into a useful tool never ceases to amaze me.’ He felt her hot breath, then her soft mouth on the tip as it came out of its shell. It was exciting for him to think that a classy woman like Anita Von Beta, was actually kissing his knob and he swayed forward to get more of it into her mouth. She let it in, then raked her sharp teeth along the ever increasing length. He had never felt a sensation like it; his erection was solid within a matter of seconds. He was disappointed when she put a hand on his testicles and removed her mouth.

‘Turn sideways, and let me take a look.’ Her instruction was friendly but firm, so he did as he was told and watched as she measured the length against her hand. Then she took a firm grip on it with the same hand and stood up.

‘I don’t know what you are worried about, Dudley. That’s a fine prick; above average length and a good girth. Now, let’s see what you can do with it.’ Her grip tightened around it as she tugged him along to the mirrored bedroom. Dudley hoped he would come in her hand, but her grip was too strong for the necessary friction. His fears grew as they approached the bed and he saw their multiple reflections in the mirrors, he just knew he would ejaculate as soon as he put it in and she would laugh at him. She let go of his penis and dived onto a large red silk cushion in the middle of the bed. She lay face down over the cushion with her rear was cocked up, inviting him to enter. He knelt on the bed behind her, gazing at her pussy in all its moist glory. Holding his throbbing penis in his right hand, he placed the other on her left hip. One thrust and he would be inside her, it was what he had always wanted and there it was, waiting for him, inviting him in.

‘Come on Dudley, I’m ready.’

‘I – I – I can’t,’ he stuttered and in the mirrors she watched as he masturbated, gazing at his favourite part of her anatomy. She inserted two fingers of her right hand in her vagina and spread her labia to encourage him. Within seconds his warm sperm splashed onto her buttocks and seeped down to her fingers.

‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.’ He was almost in tears.

‘Never mind Dudley, but you must help me.’ From his history, she guessed this was likely to happen, but she had her needs. She reached under the silk cushion with her left hand and produced a vibrator. ‘Please, Dudley – please.’ As she switched on the vibrator and passed it to him he saw the look of desperation he had witnessed so many times before. Her fingers were working on her clitoris and her sex bucked towards him with every frantic movement and as he placed the vibrator on her swollen labia she writhed and pushed to assist penetration. He watched closely as her pussy gripped the vibrator, then, placing his other hand between her legs, brushing her hand away so that he could feel and squeeze her engorged clitoris. She liked that and the thrill of feeling her moving towards her climax gave him another erection. She screamed as she went into a multiple orgasm and at that moment, he withdrew the vibrator and replaced it with his willing penis. It did not take long, but it didn’t need to. He felt the walls of her pussy tighten as she reached the final throes of ecstasy and he ejaculated several times emptying everything he had into her. He pushed as hard as he could and her sigh of contentment. made him feel good. He had satisfied the insatiable Anita Von Beta.

They lay still for several seconds, then Dudley withdrew and lay on his back beside her. After making love to his wife he always gave her a peck on the cheek, but somehow that didn’t seem appropriate for Anita Von Beta, or Lucinda Lovebrace as she now called herself. He turned on his side and ran his hand over her lovely arse and into her soaking wet pussy. Goodbye Nymphie Nita, hello Juicy Lucy he thought and chuckled out loud.

‘Pleased with yourself, Dudley?’

‘Yes, I am rather.’

Charlie Bell heard the penthouse lift descending and smiled to himself. Dudley had been up there for over an hour, there must have been something other than early delivery of mail to discuss; but that was their business. Charlie was discretion itself which was why Miss Lovebrace looked after him so well. Dudley emerged from the lift looking rather pleased.

‘Are we to get earlier deliveries then, Dudley?’

‘You certainly are, Charlie.’

Charlie strolled to his desk, took the van keys from a hook and handed them over. ‘That’s good news. Your van’s in the delivery parking bay at the back.’

Dudley took the keys. ‘Miss Lovebrace has asked me to take some special photographs for one of her companies; she’s a great admirer of my wildlife photography.’

‘Good for you,’ said Charlie, relieved to think it was a business transaction which had occupied their time and she was not lowering her standards.

An elderly couple with several bags of shopping, hastily moved to one side as Dudley, preoccupied with his own success and growing importance, strode out of through the entrance.

‘Post late again Charlie?’ enquired the man.

‘Ah, I’ve just persuaded him to change his round and deliver to us early, Major.’

Major Dodd looked delighted. He stopped and lowered the shopping bags to the floor. ‘Jolly well done Charlie.’ Taking a five pound note from his wallet he palmed it surreptitiously to their much valued concierge. Charlie touched his cap. 'Can I help you with your bags Major?’


Samantha Derby was having another bad morning but it was difficult to understand why. She was a telesales ace and would back her ability to sell anything to anyone. The challenge of a low basic salary and monthly commission, worked very well for her, but this month it looked as if she would be taking home little more than her basic.

She took her first telesales job after some success in door to door sales for an energy company, at the start of her gap year. Subsequent selling over the phone for a rival company proved extremely lucrative and by the time she was halfway through her gap year, she was earning double what she could expect to earn with a decent degree after university. She decided to put university on hold for another year and logged her details with an employment agency specialising in telesales placements. Travel Plan was starting a new division called Travel Plan Dynamic. The idea was to persuade high earners, who were in the habit of building their own trips from a number of suppliers, to leave all the work to them. It was exactly the challenge Samantha was looking for. There were ten telesales operators working in Travel Plan Dynamic and she was by far and away the top earner. After only twelve months trading, Dynamic accounted for twenty eight percent of Travel Plan’s profit and she was earning more than Barrie Billingsgate, the Sales Director. She liked Barrie, he was not the least bit phased by her earning more than him. They had regular lunch meetings to discuss ways of increasing sales which sometimes led to a bonk back at her place but that’s all it was, just a bonk. Her boyfriend was at university and Barrie was married, they both thought of a bonk as no more than having a cigarette, although it was a more enjoyable habit.

She terminated a call to a regular Dynamic customer who had made holiday arrangements through another company offering the same service. When questioned, they all provided a similar answer which amounted to not wishing to name the other company. She was building a picture and it was becoming obvious that a competitor had acquired their holiday history and preferences and offered the same service as Dynamic for twenty percent less. Every case was similar. There was something very odd going on. She switched to ‘internal’ and keyed in Barrie Billingsgate’s extension.

The telephone made Natasha jump. How should she answer? Would he say Barrie or Billingsgate? It had to be Billingsgate.


A friendly female voice came on the line. ‘Hi Barrie, it’s Sam, any chance of popping down for a couple of minutes, we seem to have a problem.’

Sam? It was the trollop from Dynamic who was shagging her husband. She made Barrie’s voice sound brusque and dismissive.

‘I’m busy right now. There’s a board meeting in fifteen minutes. Can’t it wait? ’ She had tried calling Barrie to get some information on Dynamic for the meeting, but his mobile was switched off. She had gleaned what she could from last month’s sales figures, which were slightly down on the previous month. What stood out though was Samantha Derby performance, she converted more calls to sales than anyone else in Dynamic and her turnover was more than treble that of the second person in the table. Perhaps she ought to talk to her after all.

‘Sam? Look, I’m sorry if I sounded abrupt. I can spare a couple of minutes. Where shall we meet?

‘Sure,’ said Sam, who had been taken aback by Barrie’s initial reaction. ‘I’ll see you at the bottom of the stairs. I’ll go there right away.’

Natasha breathed a sigh of relief as she put the phone down. She had no idea what Samantha Derby looked like. She didn’t even know where the Dynamic area was on the fourteenth floor.

The temptation was to run, but Barrie would hardly run around the office, so she propelled his body in purposeful strides past the lifts and the toilets to the emergency stairway. Halfway down the first flight she heard the door to the fourteenth floor open and as she turned on the half landing she saw a young blonde girl watching her descend. When Natasha stepped off the bottom step and looked down at Samantha Derby from Barrie’s six feet two, she estimated that she was about five-five, the same height as herself. She was smartly dressed in a knee length navy blue skirt and a crisp white cotton blouse; the top two buttons of the blouse were undone, but it was not enough to suggest that this woman saw herself as a sex kitten. In fact she looked the image of an efficient office worker. She spoke first.

‘Thanks for coming down Barrie. I know you’re busy, but it will probably be quicker if I show you the problem on my computer.’

‘Okay, Sam.’ Natasha tried to sound friendly. ‘Sorry if I sounded a bit off on the phone, but I’ve been up against it this morning.’

She flashed him a devastating smile. ‘I won’t ask you what you’ve been up against, but it’s good to see it’s not a clipboard day. She laughed and Natasha laughed with her. What did she mean – clipboard day?

Sam touched Barrie’s elbow, a familiar, friendly gesture. ‘Come on, I can show you the problem in less than three minutes.’ Natasha followed her through the doorway and past a double row of telesales operatives. So this was the Dynamic section. She nodded to a couple of operatives who looked up as she walked by. Barrie would undoubtedly have addressed them by name. They had name tags, but she was too far away to read them.

Samantha Derby sat down in front of her computer screen and skilfully used the mouse to bring up a new picture. She half turned to Natasha. ‘You will have to stand close behind; I’m going to bring up a spreadsheet of all the customers I’ve called since the beginning of the month. I keep a record for my own benefit.’

Natasha stepped closer and stood behind her chair, relieved that the back was solid and higher than Barrie’s waistline; at least there was no potential for embarrassment should Barrie’s thing start misbehaving itself. Then what Samantha meant by ‘clipboard day’ dawned on her and she wondered if those days coincided with mornings when she was too tired to contemplate sex. She discounted that thought when his penis began to stir. She was looking down at the keyboard as Sam keyed in some instructions which made her breasts jiggle. Natasha forced Barrie’s eyes to look at the screen. Would she become a lesbian if she took Barrie’s thoughts back with her, if and when they changed back to their own bodies?

A long list of names appeared on the screen and Samantha began to scroll down through them. ‘Look at the right hand column. That shows the conversion of sales to calls and as you can see there have been very few for over two weeks. Sally Barnard suggested I was losing it, but I can assure you I’m not.’

‘What has Sally Barnard got to do with it?’

Samantha turned her head and gave Barrie an odd look. ‘Oh, come on Barrie, you know! As head of marketing, she hates the fact that Dynamic was your idea. She’s been watching sales like a hawk and it’s only now, when for some inexplicable reason, our conversion rate is tailing away; she feels she can put the knife in. Her only moan up to now has been what I earn out of it, and what she refers to as my favoured position in your regime.’

‘Do you have a favoured position?’

She turned and looked up at the person she thought was Barrie with a sly grin. ‘Yes, on top – as you well know.’

‘Mine too,’ replied Natasha, without really thinking, then sought to cover her confusion. ‘Any idea what could be happening to Dynamic sales?’

‘I think someone has managed to get hold of our client list. It’s the only possible answer. In telesales you work on averages and my average per call has dropped too fast for it to be a market anomaly.’

‘Do you think Sally could be behind it?’

‘Well, logic would dictate that it has to be an inside job. How could anyone else get hold of our client list?’

Natasha was beginning to hate Sally Barnard. She was trying to destroy her husband and she needed to defend his cause in the board meeting. ‘Can I have a copy of your sales record to take into the Board meeting? Would you mind?’

‘Course not. I’ll take it back two months to show the steady increase, then the rapid decline. How many copies?’

‘Nine if possible. That’ll save anyone having to share.’

‘No problem. It won’t take a few minutes; I’ll bring them up to you.’

‘Great. Thanks Sam.’ Natasha automatically touched Sam on the shoulder. She turned her head and gave a flashing smile. Natasha found it difficult to dislike Sam, even if she was bonking her husband.

When the door bell rang at DebTash Corsetry & Lingerie, Barrie was still going through the presentation routine with Debbie. All items were laid out in order of presentation on the bed in the customer changing room. Curtains had been drawn on the ground floor for privacy and to help Debbie control the lighting as she wanted it. As equal partners in the business, Debbie insisted they should both greet Davina Maypole, the buyer for Naughty but Nice. They ran down the stairs and Debbie opened the door on the second ring.

Davina Maypole was slim and attractive with elfin looks, probably in her early forties, but it was difficult to tell with such women. She was smartly dressed in a black suit trimmed with white and the monochrome theme extended to black and white shoes, white elbow length gloves and a black pillbox hat, with the merest hint of a white veil. She carried a slim, black leather briefcase in her left hand. She reminded Barrie of an old movie star, but he couldn’t remember which one. Debbie had met her before. They hugged and kissed air. When Debbie introduced Natasha, Davina looked deeply into Natasha’s eyes as they shook hands. Then her eyes wander down over Natasha’s body, lingering on her cleavage before re-focussing on her face with an approving smile.

‘How wonderful to meet you.’ She spoke in a husky voice. Fuck me, not another lesbian, thought Barrie, what a waste.

‘Can I get you coffee Davina?’

‘That would be lovely, Debbie darling, but why didn’t you tell me you have such a beautiful partner?’

‘Natasha’s my business partner, Davina. Strictly business, nothing more.’

‘What a terrible shame – and such a waste.’ Davina Maypole looked at Natasha and moved her tongue dreamily across her top lip.

‘Natasha is married and has a hunk of a husband,’ said Debbie. ‘She’s unashamedly straight, I’m afraid.’

Davina Maypole carefully removed her hat and handed it to Barrie. ‘Put it somewhere flat please Natasha. It doesn’t respond well to being hung up.’ She touched her fringe and flicked at it to make sure it was in place, then stroked the back of her short hair, all the while looking longingly at Barrie. She was definitely not going to give up on Natasha.

Barrie was quite thrilled at the prospect. He knew full well that Natasha did not have lesbian tendencies, but he was coming at it from a different perspective. He placed the hat carefully on the sideboard and hovered whilst Davina sat down in the chair Debbie had allocated and balanced the coffee cup and saucer on her knee. Debbie sat next to her, coughed and cleared her throat. ‘I don’t know how you prefer to play this Davina. Natasha and I were thinking that if I show you the garment design and talk through the material we use and the likely cost per unit, she can be changing into that item to model it for you.’

Davina sipped her coffee and fluttered her eyelashes as she looked up at Natasha. Barrie saw the look and wondered how a confirmed lesbian would feel if she really knew that a hairy arsed rugby player, was lurking inside his wife’s very feminine, very beautiful body.

‘I think,’ said Davina, after a period of deliberation, ‘it will probably be best if I see the product on the beautiful Natasha. Then we can discuss it while she’s changing into the next garment.’

Debbie nodded. ‘I’ll introduce each as Natasha comes down the stairs.’

‘How terribly exciting.’ Davina wrinkled her nose at Natasha and winked.

Barrie wondered if she was taking the piss. He thought their efforts a bit amateurish. Davina Maypole may be excited at the prospect of seeing Natasha with her kit off, or at least in some sexy, flimsy underwear, but he very much doubted if it would lead to any orders.

‘Off you go, Natasha.’ Davina made a shooing motion with her right hand which Barrie was only too pleased to obey. Resisting the temptation to run up the stairs two at a time, he skipped lightly up to the changing room. The summer dress he was wearing buttoned down the front. It had been deliberately chosen by Natasha and using her deft fingers he had it off in a matter of seconds. He paused to admire her body in the mirror before reaching for the first piece of lingerie; the chemise in cream silk, with the simple rose motif. What was it Natasha had said? Keep the bra and panties on for the chemise and slip. Take them off to model the Chantilly lace briefs and demi bra. Then take the bra off, but leave the briefs on to model Debbie’s diva corset. Wear the matching G-string with her black and gold basque and finally, put the demi bra back on with the French knickers. He stepped into the chemise as instructed, put Natasha’s arms through the shoulder straps and pulled it up into position. The slim shoulder straps went neatly over the bra straps, but Barrie didn’t like it. He would much rather see the breasts unfettered. The chemise was not see through, but the movement of the breasts underneath and the shape of a nipple pressing against the fine silk would be unmistakable. As a man he would like that and he was pretty sure the lesbo downstairs would too. He slipped the chemise straps down over Natasha’s arms, removed the bra and put the straps back in position. As he moved her upper body gently from side to side, Natasha’s superb swaying breasts created wonderfully erotic patterns on the cream silk. He turned and walked slowly down the stairs, deliberately exaggerating Natasha’s shoulder movement to allow her breasts to weave their magic on Davina Maypole.

Debbie began her introduction.

‘This is our Natasha Chemise. It can be produced in cream or black silk, with a simple red rose motif between the breasts.’

The modelling of the chemise for Davina Maypole went very well and she seemed impressed with the quality. Barrie, pointed out, as Natasha had told him, that she felt the rose motif could be stitched on a little lower. Davina Maypole asked Natasha to lean forward. She placed put two fingers behind the motif and rubbed her thumb lightly over the front of it. ‘It’s very nicely worked,’ she commented, rubbing the motif with her thumb and moving her fingers up and down between Natasha’s cleavage. ‘I agree with you my dear; it could be a tad lower, perhaps here?’ She moved her thumb down slightly and at the same time allowed her index finger to slide across Natasha’s right breast in a soft caress.

Debbie nervously cleared her throat. ‘I’ll make a note of that Davina.’

‘Lovely, I’m so glad I came her today. If this chemise is anything to go by, you are producing excellent quality and I must say it is smoulderingly sexy. As Barrie stood up, she took her hand away from Natasha’s cleavage and slowly ran both hands down over the smooth silk, following the contours of her waist and hips until her fingers reached the hem, which she tugged, pulling it down to the top of Natasha’s thighs. ‘I wonder if this should be a tad longer,’ she purred. Her right hand moved to the centre of the hem and Barrie felt her knuckles pressing against Natasha’s vagina as she pretended to check the length at the front. She spent what seemed an eternity checking and re-checking before saying. ‘Well, that’s really lovely. I definitely want some of that.’

Barrie was tempted to ask if she mean the chemise, or Natasha’s pussy? Debbie talked nervously about lead times, quantities and prices as Barrie turned and sauntered sexily back to the foot of the stairs. He turned Natasha‘s body gracefully towards Davina, gave her a big smile, posed for a few seconds with left hand on hip and right wrist flipped back close to Natasha’s right ear before skipping lightly up the stairs. He had dropped the chemise to the floor and was about to put on Debbie’s slip, when Debbie popped her head round the door.‘Do you have the working patterns for the chemise,’ she asked in a loud voice for the benefit of Davina Maypole, then in a whisper after carefully pulling the door to. ‘What do you think you’re doing Tash? You’ve got Davina really turned on with your antics. Calm it down. I warn you, she’s a predatory lesbian.’

‘We’ve got her interested, haven’t we?’ Barrie whispered back. He was rather enjoying this and if a lesbian came on to him whilst he was in Natasha’s body; well he could enjoy the experience and Natasha need never know. ‘I’m only interested in sales,’ he lied. ‘On your own head be it,’ Debbie whispered as she picked up a pile of working patterns. Pushing open the door, she said in a loud voice. 'I'll call you when we’re ready for the slip,’

Barrie chuckled to himself. It wouldn’t be on his own head it would be on Natasha’s vagina, which was damp from Davina pressing her knuckles against it. He hummed the ‘A Team’ theme as he pulled Debbie’s slip carefully over Natasha’s hair. Not that he need take care, Natasha’s thick, healthy hair always bounced back into place. To make the point to himself, he flicked it up from Natasha’s delicate right ear and watched it as it fell, perfectly back into position.

Debbie’s slip was made from fine black silk and Natasha’s breasts slid over the cool smooth surface as he swayed her body gently from side to side. He put her hands up to her breasts and felt her nipples tingle and harden through the silk. He took her hands away and noted with satisfaction that the shape of her nipples showed though. If he worked on them until Debbie called, they might just stay that way long enough to really turn the lesbo on.

Downstairs, Debbie was having a remarkably easy time with Davina Maypole who had a reputation for being an extremely difficult and picky buyer. She liked the chemise and as far as margins were concerned, the way she worked was to decide on the retail price and work back. Debbie was delighted to find that Davina’s method left them with a very healthy margin and when she ordered three hundred in black and two hundred in cream, Debbie could hardly contain herself.

Davina Maypole took a sip of coffee. ‘That’s an excellent start Debbie. Now, what’s next?’

‘This is one of my designs, so we call it the Debbie Slip.’ She stood up and walked to the foot of the stairs. ‘We’re ready Natasha!’

Barrie gave Natasha’s nipples one last tweak and skipped down the stairs as Debbie began her introduction.

‘The Debbie Slip is created from sexy black silk.’ She paused in amazement as the top of the slip came into view and she saw Natasha’s breasts bobbing around, creating patterns of light and shade in the black silk. Her nipples were erect and when she posed in front of them, they looked for all the world as if they were about to burst through the fine silk. She heard Davina draw a deep breath which ended in a murmured whisper of delight. Debbie turned to look at Davina as she continued with her description.

‘As you can see Davina, the silk is trimmed with soft black chiffon frills. We think black will probably be the best seller, but we can also make the Debbie Slip in white silk with white chiffon.’

‘Very, very nice,’ murmured Davina. ‘Will you give me a twirl please Natasha?’

Barrie made a slow turn, deliberately ending in profile hoping Davina would not miss the erect nipples. He need not have worried; Davina had been drawn to them as she saw Natasha coming down the stairs. This girl was being intentionally provocative. Well, she liked that. She liked Debbie, who she knew was bisexual and she also liked the design and quality of their collection. There was no doubt they would get a significant order, but she would treat every item modelled as a piece of sexual foreplay. Her nipples were already erect, although well hidden and she had a pleasurable itch in her vagina. She reached up to touch Natasha’s bare shoulder, crooked a finger under the slim strap and inclined her head towards Debbie

‘This is beautifully made Debbie, is it all your own work?’

Debbie wondered if she was being led into a trap. It was all going too smoothly. She answered cautiously. ‘Yes, but of course I would hardly be able to fulfil your requirements myself, that’s why Natasha and I have been interviewing and rigorously selecting our outworkers. We can assure you that every piece we produce will be to the same high quality.’

Davina nodded her head in agreement. ‘I have no doubt about that, Debbie dear.’ She ran her crooked finger down the strap and caught the black chiffon frill between finger and thumb testing its softness. ‘And you definitely are using the very best of materials, this chiffon is delightfully soft. The design is so simple, yet wonderfully sexy.’

Debbie managed to gulp her thanks as she watched Davina twist her hand and trap Natasha’s nipple between her third and little finger. Now, as she felt the chiffon between her thumb and forefinger, the others worked on Natasha’s nipple, which hardened to her touch. She breathed her satisfaction and looked triumphantly at Debbie as she let her hand slide over Natasha’s breast and slowly down the luxurious silk, following the line of her waist and hip.

‘This is absolutely marvellous, Debbie.’ Her hand moved around and Barrie felt it settle on Natasha’s lovely backside, giving it a gentle squeeze, before moving further down to brush the back of her bare thighs and up, under the slip to caress the exposed cheeks of her bottom.

‘Thank you Natasha, that was lovely. You make an excellent model.’

Barrie pressed Natasha’s backside playfully against Davina’s hand, before turning and skipping up the stairs. Debbie watch her go; there was something wrong, she had known Natasha since they were at High School together and she had never behaved like this before. Natasha was as straight as straight could be, yet here she was, flirting with a raving lesbian. As a friend, what should she do? What could she do? She had warned her, but she wasn’t taking any notice. It could all end in tears.

‘I think you are right about that slip being sexy in black Debbie.’

Davina was watching Natasha’s rear sway from side to side as she mounted the stairs.

‘Please don’t take any notice of Natasha, Davina. She always was a bit of a tease.’

‘She’s delightful; and you said she was straight?’

‘She is Davina, believe me. I’ve known her since High School.’

‘Well if you say so Debbie, I’m sure you are right, but the one thing I’m sure we can both agree on is that she makes a fantastic model and is doing a fine job for both of you. Now, let’s look at how many slips I will need. As Debbie picked up another order far beyond her expectations, Barrie stood naked in the small bedroom, admiring Natasha’s figure in the full length mirror. Her body was really turned on by the events downstairs. The nipples were still erect and when he parted the labia he could see her engorged clitoris. He placed a finger on it and almost collapsed with pleasure. He wanted to carry on and masturbate to a wonderful climax, but with his limited experience in his wife’s body, he doubted there was enough time. To save himself from further temptation he stepped into the cream lace briefs for the next presentation. He was fastening the bra, when he heard Debbie’s call. He moved out onto the landing and as Debbie began the introduction, sauntered slowly and sexily down the stairs,

‘Natasha is modelling what we call Natasha’s Lingerie. This is a sexy tweak on a classic design in beautiful stretch Chantilly lace.’ Barrie paused before stepping down from the bottom stair and sauntering over to pose in front of Davina. He executed a slow pirouette as Debbie continued her commentary.

‘The full briefs are sexy and snug. They can be in cream or seductive black. We have chosen to show you the cream, as we hope you will agree that even in this colour they are exceptionally sexy.’

Davina nodded and licked her lips. The full briefs looked beautiful on Natasha. The soft scalloped edges of the lace fringing the top of her lightly tanned thighs looked incredibly sexy. This girl must model them for their website and brochure. She would insist on that in the contract. Almost on cue with Davina’s train of thought, Barrie completed the turn and posed legs astride moving Natasha’s weight in a sensuous movement from one leg to the other.

‘The briefs have a sexy, crossover rouched front decorated with bows.’ Debbie paused as Natasha continued to move her weight from one leg to the other. God, I always knew Natasha had a great body, she thought, but she’s never acknowledged the fact and I have never seen her flaunt it like this. She coughed and continued as Barrie thrust Natasha’s bra enhanced breasts in Davina’s direction. ‘And, as you can see, the demi bra has a revealing under wire boned balconette, and supportive tulle lining.’ She almost added that Natasha’s superb tits did not need support, but thought better of it. Davina was turned on enough as it was.

Davina noted with some amusement, that Natasha was posing just out of reach and teasing her. She liked that. Excellent foreplay. ‘Stay there for a moment Natasha dear.’ Davina Maypole stood up, and stepped behind Natasha. Barrie felt her cool hands fall lightly on Natasha’s bare shoulders, then apply just enough pressure to turn her to face Debbie

‘Debbie my dear, I have had the most wonderful thought. I would like to use Natasha to model your collection on the Naughty but Nice website, in our direct mail brochures and of course, on in-store posters. What do you think?’

Debbie was surprised at the suggestion. ‘It’s a great idea, but it’s up to Natasha. How do you feel about that Tash?’

Barrie pondered on it for a few seconds. Natasha could be back in her own body when the time came, would she want to do it? Hell, she modelled for the DebTash website, so why not? ‘I don’t have a problem with that,’ he said, adding one of Natasha’s little giggles. ‘It should be fun.’ He felt Davina’s right hand slide slowly Natasha’s back and rest on her gorgeous bottom.’

‘I can guarantee that,’ purred Davina, ‘that’s excellent news. I’ll see that it’s written into the contract.’ Her hand stroked the Chantilly lace stretched tightly over Natasha’s shapely bottom, then moved round to explore the front.

‘This lace is exquisite and as much as I like it in cream, I think we will have you wear black as well for our studio session.’ Barrie felt her hand move over the front of the briefs in a series of little pinching movements. ‘These bows are exquisite.’ Her fingers were searching for the lowest bow and Barrie was beginning to wonder just how far she would go when Debbie came to the rescue.

'That’s great Tash, could you change into the corset now please.’

Davina reluctantly stopped searching for the last elusive bow and returned her hand to Natasha’s bottom. ‘Off you go Natasha; I can’t wait to see the next creation.’ With a gentle squeeze, she sent Natasha on her way.


As Natasha propelled Barrie’s body down the executive corridor at Travel Plan, she had a strange feeling that someone had placed a hand on Barrie’s right buttock and given it a squeeze. She paused to look round. No one there; the corridor was empty; very strange. She shrugged Barrie’s broad shoulders and marched on, she was getting used to moving his body around. There was at least a hundred pounds difference in body weight and although she missed the nimbleness of her own body, she was beginning to cope with and enjoy his lumbering strength.

The Boardroom at the top of Hamsworth Tower faced north; a deliberate selection to enable PowerPoint presentations to be made on a large screen, without the need for window black out. The only other person in the room as she entered was Lady Macdonald. It had to be her; she met Barrie’s description precisely. A tall elegant woman in an ankle length tartan skirt and a white, long sleeved blouse, buttoned to the neck. She must have been quite a stunner at one time, the square jaw was balanced by auburn hair swept across her forehead, barely half an inch above her eyebrows and bobbed into the nape of her neck. She greeted him enthusiastically.

‘Hello Barrie, good to see you.’

The Scottish heritage which she promoted in her clothes was not apparent in a voice which was very Home Counties. She held out a hand; Natasha shook it. She inclined her head, in anticipation of a kiss on the cheek, which Natasha supplied; kissing the other cheek as well, hoping this was the accepted routine. How else would Barrie greet her? What would he say?

‘Are you keeping well, Sophie?’

Sophie half turned her head and held her chin high.' Of course – as always. Don’t you think I look good for my age?’

‘Magnificent,’ said Natasha. It was obviously the right thing to say. Lady Sophie Macdonald fluttered her eye lashes at him.

‘You rugby players are all the same.’

They both laughed. Sophie stopped first and pointed to the agenda.

‘What’s this about Dynamic?’

‘It’s Sally Barnard making mischief. There is a problem but it’s not as bad as she wants everyone to believe. All will be revealed later.’

‘Very mysterious,’ murmured Sophie, ‘but whatever the problem, you know you can count on me. I think it’s a first rate concept and it’s all down to you.’ She touched Barrie’s arm lightly with a beautifully manicured hand. It was a far younger hand than her appearance suggested and Natasha immediately revised her age downward from fifty something to the mid-forties. She was a younger woman hiding in old fashioned clothes. Was she married? Barrie never said, but she was certainly flirting with him. Not another one to watch? She was actually beginning to feel sorry for her errant husband and that would never do.

The door opened and Basil Main, the Finance Director came in. Natasha instantly felt on safer ground; she had met him several times before,

‘Good morning Bas.’

‘Morning Barrie and a very good morning to you Sophie, you’re looking as radiant as ever.’ Basil Main went through the same kissing routine, a peck on both cheeks; so at least she got that right. All she had to do now was wait for the others to arrive and try to avoid any obvious blunders. As she placed the copies Sam had provided for her on the table, covering them with Barrie’s laptop, she wondered how things were going at DebTash. Barrie should be well into modelling the collection by now.

Wearing only a black G-string, Barrie was admiring Natasha’s body, in the full length mirror. Reluctantly he turned away to pick up the gold and black basque, running her hands down over her bare bottom as he did so. Seeing and touching excited him tremendously, Natasha had never shown off her body much before, it was just there and she took her own beauty for granted. How was this basque supposed to go on? Ah, he remembered; it fastened down the front and the lacing down the back was for ultimate control. Natasha had shown him how to put it in position and fasten it from the bottom. By breathing in he should be able to get her trim figure into it, without any need to adjust the lacing. Now for the black stockings. He sat on the bed and following Natasha’s instructions, took great care not to catch a fingernail in the delicate nylon. He smoothed them up Natasha’s gorgeous legs and snapped on the suspenders. If he had been watching in his own body, he would have had a massive hard on by now. He wondered briefly how his old boy was behaving and more to the point, how Natasha was coping with it. Returning to the job in hand he stepped into the gold sling backs which had been selected as they only had a two and a half inch heel. He had tried them out and maybe due to muscle memory in Natasha’s legs, found it easy to walk in them. Natasha had great legs anyway, but high heels certainly added that certain zing. He took one last look at Natasha’s glorious figure in the mirror. Pouted a kiss to himself and waited on the landing for Debbie’s call. It all seemed to be going very well.

Downstairs, Debbie was amazed as the orders kept flowing. Natasha had modelled the Debbie Classic Diva Corset in cherry red satin and Davina had gone overboard for it, or was it Natasha she had gone overboard for? Anyway, she wanted the corset in both red and black duchess satin. She also wanted one for herself – made to measure. Debbie was happy to do that without charge. Nothing had been said on the subject, but she was pretty sure it was what Davina would expect. There were two issues bugging her though, the first, being how were they going to cope with such large orders? She had not missed on anything and there were two more items in the collection. The second, how was she going to react when Natasha eventually said no to her advances? Knowing Natasha as she did, it had to happen sooner or later, Tash was playing with fire and Davina was getting hornier every time she appeared. When Natasha said no, would she take the hump and cancel the orders?

‘What else do you have to show me, Debbie dear?’

'Only two more, both by Natasha. First there’s a Black and Gold Basque. It really is a stunning combination.’

‘The black and gold or Natasha and the Basque?’ Debbie gave a nervous laugh. ‘Both. Shall I call her down?’

‘Please,’ Davina. reached across and touched her thigh. Debbie wondered if it was a gesture to let her know she was not left out. Perhaps Davina was thinking about a threesome? She wouldn’t mind, but she knew that Natasha would disappoint them both. Davina leant forward to catch the first glimpse of Natasha coming down the stairs. A golden shoe and trim ankle appeared. Barrie deliberately made it a slow entrance, pausing for a count of three on each step, before stepping delicately down to the next. In glorious tantalising segments, Natasha’s shapely, stocking clad legs came into view. Davina felt a wonderful itch in her vagina as the black, see through triangle of the G-String appeared. Barrie negotiated the remainder of the stairs and posed in front of Davina.

‘Delicious, absolutely delicious,’ she whispered. ‘Turn round; let me see you from the back.’

Barrie turned and looked over his shoulder to watch Davina, who was positively drooling over Natasha’s bare arse. He shifted Natasha’s weight from one leg to the other to show off her beautifully rounded cheeks. Davina watched closely, until he stopped, then looked up and smiled.

‘A lovely combination, can I see it from the front again please?

Barrie obliged and saw Davina stretch out a hand to stroke Debbie’s inner thigh. ‘I must congratulate you both on a wonderful collection. Now what do you say if you take my measurements for the corset Debbie darling, while Natasha gets changed, then the three of us can sit down to discuss the final order?’

‘That’s fine. I can take the measurements in my bedroom. It will save going all the way up to the workroom.’

Davina stood up. ‘That sounds marvellous, join us when you’re ready, Natasha.’

‘I’ve still got the French knickers to show you.’ Barrie did not want the modelling to come to an end. He loved flaunting Natasha’s body and thought the French Knickers the sexiest thing in the collection.

‘Of course, change into those and join us.’

Davina followed Barrie up the stairs. He could feel her eyes on Natasha’s backside, but the anticipated grope never came. As he turned to go into the changing room, Debbie reached the landing and opened the door to her bedroom for Davina.

Barrie closed the changing room door, leant against it and put Natasha’s hand over her luscious mouth to stop himself giggling. It was all going so much better than he, Debbie or Natasha could have possible anticipated, and he, or rather Natasha, had been tapped-up by a lesbian. Now he was in a bit of a quandary, if he changed too quickly he could arrive too soon to catch any lesbian action and he was sure that was why Debbie had suggested her bedroom. Best dawdle a bit. He sat on the bed, kicked off the gold high heels and raised Natasha’s left leg. Feet could be so ugly, but Natasha’s were beautiful, he admired it for several seconds, twisting it first one way, then the other, before unsnapping the suspenders and carefully rolling the stockings down each beautiful leg. Then he sank back onto the bed and slowly undid the front fastenings of the basque. He smiled to himself; his mates at the rugby club would never believe what he was up to. With the last fastening undone, he sat up leaving the basque on the bed. He was looking directly into the mirror and could not resist briefly admiring and caressing Natasha’s bare breasts. Parting her legs he could see her pubis through the thin silk of the G-String. He quickly took it off and leant back on Natasha's elbows to admire her sex. Spreading her legs wide he ran her hand down through soft pubic hair to stroke her clitoris. The temptation to masturbate to a climax was overwhelming, but as he thought about it, he also began to think about what Davina and Debbie could be doing across the landing. Mirrors could replicate this moment at home, but he might never get the opportunity to watch or even maybe, take part in lesbian action. It was a no brainer. He put on the silk bra and French knickers, then, depressing the door handle very carefully, silently opened the door and crept onto the landing. Natasha’s body was far easier to creep around in than his own hulking frame; he tip toed across the landing and held Natasha’s breath as he stood outside Debbie’s bedroom with an ear to the door. He could hear them talking softly to each other. Were they at it? Without knocking he walked in to find Debbie with a tape measure around Davina’s waist. The lack of lesbian action could have been a bitter disappointment for him, were it not for the fact that Davina had all her kit off and Debbie was stripped down to bra and pants. Natasha had never told him how they took clients’ measurements, but surely this was going too far? He posed and announced Natasha’s arrival.

‘Natasha is now wearing an under wired full cup bra in sexy cream silk, with soft gathered chiffon and a delicate bow nestling in her cleavage.’

They turned to look at her. Davina had what could be described as a neat figure. Good legs a trim waist and very little in the breast department, although they were very pert. He wondered why she could possibly need a corset, was it something to do with the games lesbians play? Natasha’s clitoris and labia had not calmed down from its recent assault and now the whole area seemed to be on fire. He continued with the product description.

‘The French knickers are in the same cream silk with classic side fastening and soft gathered chiffon edging. I find them sensationally sexy to wear.’ Barrie turned and looked over his shoulder at Davina, as he had when modelling the basque. ‘I like the way the soft chiffon clings to the cheeks of my bottom. How do they look, Davina?

Davina‘s eyes were transfixed on Natasha‘s bottom. ‘I think you need a particularly good rear to look sexy in French knickers, Natasha and you have a wonderful bum. Let me see the front again.’

Davina put both hands on Debbie’s shoulders and gently moved her to one side. Barrie’s eyes were fixed on Davina as he turned. Her eyes were fixed on Natasha’s crotch, the object of her desire. She reached out with her right hand and fingered the chiffon edging.

‘I think you should consider a double gusset. You’re excitement is beginning to show.’ Fingers touched the damp silk between Natasha’s legs and Barrie felt them pull the flimsy material to one side.

‘You have a pretty little vagina.’

She knelt down so close that Barrie could feel her breath caressing Natasha’s thighs.

‘Not so little that it can’t accommodate my husband's enormous cock.’ He retorted, angry at the implied slight.

She looked up with a quizzical smile.

‘What’s enormous, six inches?’ She was laughing at Natasha – at him. He struck back swiftly.

‘It's over ten. And, it’s seven inches in circumference.’

‘My word, you are knowledgeable on the subject, did you measure it together, or just take his word for it?’

‘We measured it together’.

‘How terribly exciting for you, but it’s difficult to believe that such an enormous piece of manhood could fit in here.’

Barrie felt her finger probe into Natasha’s moist vagina. It penetrated easily and she expertly hooked the tip onto exactly the right spot, simultaneously her thumb found Natasha’s clitoris and she pinched thumb and forefinger together, Barrie gasped and Natasha’s knees trembled. Debbie quickly moved behind Natasha and supported her by the elbows as Barrie felt Natasha’s legs begin to buckle.

Debbie whispered. 'You don’t have to do this you know, Tash.’

Barrie nodded, he knew Natasha didn’t have to and probably wouldn’t, but for him to be at the centre of lesbian action, in her body, was more than he could resist. She might be a bit cross when she found out – if she found out, but that was a risk he simply had to take.

Davina removed her finger and placed a hand on either side of the French knickers. ‘Are these real side fastenings?’ Nimble fingers undid the buttons and the knickers fell to Natasha’s feet. Debbie obviously felt honour bound to intervene. ‘I don’t think you should go any further, Davina. Natasha has never had a gay relationship.’

‘You don’t have to be a lesbian to receive, Debbie dear, you of all people should know that.’ She re-inserted her finger and this time found Natasha’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Barrie felt Natasha’s legs turning to jelly again. Debbie hugged Natasha to stop her falling and when Barrie felt her breasts pushing hard through the thin fabric of her bra, against Natasha’s back, he was in heaven. He leant Natasha’s head back and whispered between groans. ‘It’s no good Debs. I can’t resist – it’s all too much. Can you help me?’

Debbie wasn’t sure if Natasha wanted her to make Davina stop or let her continue, but when Barrie took hold of her hands and moved them onto Natasha's breasts, she assumed the latter.


Sally Barnard burst into the Travel Plan Board Room, making profuse apologies to John Toddleigh for her late arrival. She was, in fact, as planned, on time to the very second. Breathlessly she explained about last minute decisions which had to be made on changes to their Spring Brochure. Full of self importance she exuded an air of industry. She knew, even if those around the table had yet to be convinced, that Travel Plan could not operate without her. She fussed over setting her laptop very precisely on the table, before flicking her hair back from both ears and looking expectantly at the chairman. It was a look which implied she was ready and the meeting could commence.

John Toddleigh took no notice and went back to his interrupted conversation with Phillip Stammers, the company secretary. They were chatting about buying property in France and where the next hotspot might be. Sally Barnard looked at her watch. It was an extravagant gesture which again, John Toddleigh chose to ignore. Good for him, thought Natasha.

There were other pockets of conversation taking place around the table. Duggie Lummox, who was sitting on John Toddleigh’s right, was talking rugby to Sir Ken Allerby, on his right. Lady Sophie Macdonald opposite was in a four way conversation with Natasha on her left, Pauline Sykes, the human resources director on Natasha’s left and Basil Main, finance director, diagonally opposite. The conversation flowed easily and fortunately for Natasha, they were not talking about work, but gardening, of which she was the expert in their household. Sophie McDonald was very impressed with Barrie’s knowledge on the subject.

‘I never realised you were such a keen gardener Barrie, you must visit one weekend and advise me on pruning my roses back for the winter.’

Basil Main laughed. ‘Doubt Barrie knows a rose from a wallflower. I wouldn’t let him loose in your beautiful garden if I was you Sophie.’ He turned to Barrie with a twinkle in his eye. ‘Since when did you become interested in gardening, young Barrie? I know you rugby types are good at digging-up perfectly good lawns with your boots, but surely you’re not into tending delicate little flowers?’

Natasha was not sure if Basil was taking a sly dig at the attention Barrie paid to the ladies, or the attention Sophie was paying to the person she thought was Barrie, it must be as plain to him, as it was to her, that Sophie was flirting. She told the truth. ‘Natasha’s the gardener in our household; I just do as I’m told.’ Basil chuckled and dismissed the suggestion with a wave of his hand.

Natasha looked across the table to Sally Barnard, who was on Basil’s left. She was gazing intently at John Toddleigh, doing her best to avoid Barrie. Natasha wished her a good morning and without looking, she wished Barrie one, which was definitely not the case.

John Toddleigh and Phil Stammers finally agreed that the place to buy in France had to be south of Bordeaux, on the Atlantic coast.

The chairman called the meeting to order. The first item on the agenda was the Chairman’s Report. He read the facts from a paper which had obviously been prepared for him by someone else in the organisation, probably Duggie Lummox. Duggie was the only one in touch with all the nuances of the business, Travel Plan was his baby. He’d started it and encouraged others to invest. Basil Main and Phil stammers had been original shareholders and like Duggie, they made a small fortune when the company went public. Natasha quite liked Duggie. A lot of people found him a bit smarmy and his appearance did not help. With all his money he could afford to have a good cosmetic job done on his teeth which were uneven and yellowed with nicotine. Together with his sharp face and swept back hair he had the appearance of a disreputable second hand car salesman, which was a shame because he was, in fact, very astute, straight in all his dealings, well respected in the travel industry and extremely loyal to his staff.

John Toddleigh finished his report and moved briskly on to the second item on the agenda, which was The Financial Report.

Basil Main left his seat and stood next to a large data projection screen, positioned about six feet from the end of the boardroom table directly opposite John Toddleigh. He pressed a key on his laptop, looked expectantly at the screen, but nothing happened. He fiddled with the jack leading from the laptop to the data projector for several seconds before looking at Natasha. ‘Barrie, you’re good at this sort of thing. You couldn’t help could you?' Natasha gave an inward groan. Barrie was very good with computers and PowerPoint presentations were common practice for him, but she had only ever used the system once and that was over three years ago at college. All eyes in the boardroom swivelled towards her. This could spell disaster! If she left her seat to handle the equipment, it would become apparent to everyone in the room, that she did not have a clue. She played for time.

‘Have you switched on Bas?’

Basil Main checked the laptop. ‘Yes, the first page is on my screen.’

‘How about the data projector?’ Natasha hoped no one would notice the nervous edge creeping into Barrie’s voice.

Basil looked at the data projector. ‘Yep, switched that on before we started the meeting.’

Natasha noticed the beginnings of a smile twitch at the corner of Sally Barnard’s mouth; the bitch was hoping Barrie would fail. Well, she was going to disappoint her. ‘How about the mains Bas?’ Natasha got up and followed the cables snaking from the back of the projector and switched on at the plug. The data projector bleeped and the background image for Basil’s first chart slowly appeared on the large screen.

‘Ah, that’s it. Thanks Barrie; sorry for the delay folks.’

‘Well done Barrie.’ Lady Macdonald smiled as Natasha returned to Barrie’s seat. Sally Barnard scowled at no one in particular.

The first chart built on the data screen as Basil Main launched into his presentation. For many, finance is a dry old subject and it was obvious to Natasha as she furtively glanced around the table, that most of the board members would have preferred a broad brush approach. But Basil’s report delved into every nook and cranny of Travel Plan’s operation. He spent a good deal of time on Dynamic which had already paid back the start-up costs. Sally Barnard’s scowl deepened as he showed a graph which demonstrated Dynamic’s rapid sales growth; she could contain herself no longer.

‘Mr Chairman, would this be a good time to discuss the fears I wish to raise in item eight?’

John Toddleigh looked sharply at her. He obviously did not like having reports to the meeting interrupted. ‘I think we’ll leave your item to take its turn on the agenda, if you don’t mind Miss Barnard.’ He turned to Phil Stammers. ‘Don’t minute that interruption, Phil.’ Hello, thought Natasha, he doesn’t like Sally Barnard.

‘Carry on please, Bas.’ John Toddleigh had demonstrated most emphatically that he was in charge of the meeting. Basil Main smiled back at the Chairman.

‘So to recap on Dynamic’s performance. It has seen a meteoric rise, although it must be said it is early days, Dynamic has been operative for only five months and the base figure for the start of this year was of course low.’ He had a wicked sense of humour which came across, even in something as dry as a financial presentation. The bottom line profit figure for the first half of the year was superimposed over the bottom of an attractive naked female, sunbathing, face down on a sandy beach. The deepening scowl on Sally Barnard’s face showed that she did not approve, but Lady Macdonald and Pauline Sykes laughed wholeheartedly. Basil laughed with them and continued with his presentation. Natasha made headline notes as best she could for Barrie, although he had told her not to worry because Phil Stammers would provide excellent minutes of the meeting.

Eventually, item eight came up on the agenda and John Toddleigh asked Sally Barnard to elaborate. She gave a smug smile of thanks to the chair, flicked imaginary strands of hair behind her ears and read from her laptop.

‘Part of my remit as marketing director is to measure the effectiveness of our advertising for all products. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a dramatic fall in Dynamic’s sales. As you know, I had doubts about this business model from the outset. The rewards for telesales are much too high, reducing our margins far below that which I would like to see. We have invested a great deal in Dynamic and to work properly for us, it will require drastic reworking.’

John Toddleigh interrupted her flow. ‘So, what exactly are you proposing, Miss Barnard?’

Sally Barnard was not pleased with the interruption. It meant she had to jump two pages of her carefully worded presentation in a style of wording, well learnt when she studied for her MBA, a qualification which was displayed in her office and proved conclusively, as far as she was concerned, that she was the best person to run the company. She frowned as she scrolled through to the right page, once there she looked up at the chairman with a forced smile. ‘My proposal Mr Chairman is that the Marketing Department take Dynamic under its wing as the sales director is obviously too entrenched in current practices to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.’

‘So in effect you are tabling a motion of no confidence in Dynamic and Barrie?’

‘That is correct. I don’t want to, but feel I must for the good of the company.’ Sally Barnard flicked another imaginary strand of hair, behind her right ear.

The chubby cheeks in John Toddleigh’s pink face flushed with excitement. He enjoyed the procedural part of his duties. He spoke in measured tones.

‘One could question why marketing would want to take over the running of a division within the company which you have no confidence in, but, be that as it may, you have made a proposal. However, before I put it on the table, would anyone else like to comment on Dynamic‘s performance?’

Duggie Lummox raised a finger. ‘Yes Mr Chairman. Our sales director was right when he recognised that more and more people were building their own packages online and buying flight-only deals from no frills airlines; they now account for forty six percent of the market. Barrie’s concept for Dynamic has allowed us to tap in, at the top end of that market. If there has been a sharp downturn in sales, I’m confident Barrie will find out why and remedy the situation. I do not think a censure of him and his operation at this juncture will benefit the company, Barrie should be allowed to appraise us of the situation and set out his plans.’ Duggie nodded at Natasha and smiled his yellow smile. Natasha smiled back, but inside, her stomach – Barrie’s stomach, was churning. Would she be able to convince the other members of the board that Barrie was on top of the situation when clearly he wasn’t. It seemed the only thing he had been on top of was half the girls in the office.

‘Thank you Duggie.’ John Toddleigh looked down the table towards Sally Barnard. ‘I do however have a proposal, which of course I cannot ignore and will come back to after we have heard from our sales director. Can you enlighten us please Barrie?’

Natasha deliberately closed Barrie’s laptop. Unlike Sally Barnard, she could talk and think on her feet. She lifted a corner of the laptop and pulled out the copies of Samantha’s sales records as she stood up. She held them in front of Barrie’s chest as she made his reply.

‘I am, of course, on top of the situation. It is something I’ve been monitoring closely for the past two weeks. Initially, I have to admit, I treated it as a blip, but as the downward trend continued, I asked Samantha Derby, my top telesales operator in Dynamic to keep a close eye on the situation. Natasha carried on talking as she walked around the table, placing a report in front of each director. Sally Barnard snatched her copy and began to read. The others waited for Barrie to continue. ‘As you will see, this report covers all clients contacted by Samantha over the past two months. The last column shows if a sale was achieved. Week on week this column showed a steady increase in conversion of calls to sales – until – three weeks ago.’ Sally Barnard tapped her fingers impatiently on the table. Natasha carried on regardless. ‘Samantha Derby, like all other telesales professionals works on averages. Her average conversion is very high, so when it fell dramatically it was time to start asking questions. Why were clients not ordering? Had they booked through someone else? Had they reverted to creating their own holidays from scratch? We’re still in the process of completing that survey but it is beginning to look as if a rival company has managed to get hold of our client list and if that is the case, it has to be an inside job.’

Sally Barnard was poised to interject, but Basil Main beat her to it.

‘Mr Chairman’

‘Yes Bas?’

‘I think we should thank both Sally and Barrie for bringing this issue to our attention. I propose we give Barrie time to get to the bottom of it and report back to the board with his findings and proposals at our next meeting.’

Duggie Lummox smiled. ‘I second that proposal.’

‘Don’t you think that waiting until next month’s meeting could be too late?’ Sally Barnard’s response was sharp and waspish. Duggie directed his smile at her, but the smile no longer reached his eyes. ‘Not at all my dear Sally, you are forgetting, Barrie reports to me and I can ask for an extraordinary meeting if I deem it necessary.’

John Toddleigh nodded. ‘That is correct. On that basis, you may wish to withdraw your proposal?’

Sally Barnard looked around the table. No one had volunteered to second her proposal, she looked at Sir Ken Allerby, who she knew wasn’t too keen on Billingsgate for some reason or other, but he gave an almost imperceptible shake of his head. It was best not to risk humiliation; she had not expected Billingsgate to be so well prepared. She managed a weak smile. ‘Based on what I’ve heard Mr Chairman, I withdraw my proposal, although I would like it to be noted that I still have reservations on the Dynamic model.’

As Natasha breathed an inward sigh of relief she felt Sophie Macdonald’s hand on Barrie’s thigh. It was obviously by way of congratulation, but almost immediately she felt his penis stir. For heavens sake! She was trying to save his career and his penis was reacting to a friendly pat from a colleague. A colleague who looked, even if she wasn’t, almost old enough to be his mother. Then she felt the hand move around his thigh and squeeze. She looked enquiringly at Sophie Macdonald, but her head was turned towards John Toddleigh, who moved the meeting onto any other business.

By the time Natasha returned to the comparative safety of Barrie’s office, she felt mentally exhausted, and slumped into Barrie’s chair. Thank heaven it was over; except of course it wasn’t. She still had to spike Sally Barnard’s guns and although the meeting had agreed to provide Barrie with some time, he was expected to come up with some definitive answers within a few days. Who would Barrie turn to for help? Pauline Sykes had offered to run extra checks on recent employees. She would obviously need to enlist the help of Sam Derby, but who else? This was down to Barrie. She placed her notes from the meeting on his desk before calling his mobile. Apart from wanting to sort out the Dynamic problem, she desperately wanted to know how the presentation at DebTash had gone. His mobile failed to connect. A robotic voice told her the phone was switched off. Still switched off? What was going on? They should have finished the presentation ages ago.

Davina had licked, nibbled and sucked on Natasha’s vagina until even Barrie felt it was over the top. The feeling was intense. The pleasure simply too much to bear. He could hear Natasha moaning as the orgasm built and then her scream as it peaked. He felt as if her vagina had exploded in Davina’s busy mouth, but even then it wasn’t over. Davina started whimpering softly as she continued sucking on Natasha’s labia. Her hips moved from side to side as she rubbed her pubis on the rough surface of the bedspread. The movement becoming ever more frantic until she shuddered into a climax, her squeals of delight lost inside Natasha.

When Davina turned her attention to Debbie, Barrie took the opportunity to take Natasha’s ravaged vagina to the bathroom. Returning a couple of minutes later, it was Debbie who was whimpering and moaning as Davina worked her magic. She was following a similar routine with her head buried deep between Debbie’s thighs the only difference being her rear cocked up, exposing a shaven pussy. She waggled her bottom, obviously hoping to entice Natasha to join the party. Barrie moved Natasha’s body to the foot of the bed for a closer view. He wanted to reach out with Natasha’s hand, but should he? Davina said, receiving did not make Natasha a lesbian, but if he joined in? If she found out, he doubted she would ever forgive him. He could feel the now familiar tingling as he studied Davina’s bare pussy. Was that due to the male mind in the female body, or would Natasha feel the same? Would she be looking as intently as he was? What would happen if he suddenly changed back to himself? His old boy would definitely want to be a part of the action. That would surprise Davina! The ringing of the telephone drowned the beginnings of a Natasha giggle. Debbie opened her eyes and mouthed to him not to pick it up.

Natasha listened to her own voice on the DebTash answering machine. She knew the message off by heart, there was no one there to take her call, but they would call back if she left her number. She didn’t bother, it was just after 2pm, they must have gone out for lunch and that could indicate a successful day. As she replaced the receiver, it rang. Penny Betts; Duggie would like to see Barrie to discuss what he was going to do about Dynamic. Wanted to see him right away.

Natasha sat back in Barrie’s executive leather chair to collect her thoughts. Duggie could ask some awkward questions, questions which would be impossible for her to answer. What would Barrie do? She walked Barrie down the corridor towards possible disaster. Penny Betts gave a welcoming smile.

‘He’s ready for you.’

‘That sounds ominous.’

Penny got up from behind her desk and opened the door to Duggie’s office. Never having been in there before, Natasha was unprepared for the almost palatial surroundings. She felt Barrie’s shoes sink into deep pile carpet. The tinted office windows which looked out over the country side, unobstructed by the Meltcon factory below, were framed by rich, deep red, silk curtains. His desk, a large Regency style reproduction, was to the left of the door, positioned to make the best of the view. Beyond the desk, a sumptuous leather settee and three matching armchairs formed an informal meeting area around a low coffee table.

‘Settee or desk?’ She turned to see Penny lock the door and pop the key down the front of her blouse. ‘Payback time!’ She grinned at Barrie as she stepped out of her skirt. The pale green blouse which went so well with her auburn hair and natural skin colour was short; reaching only to her waist, below that she was naked to the tops of hold up stockings which reached about halfway up her long slim thighs. To Natasha’s dismay, Barrie’s penis reacted instantly to this vision.

Penny looked triumphantly at the bulge in his trousers. ‘Duggie’s gone for the day. Left with Sir Ken right after the meeting.’

‘Pen. I’m not sure I can do this, I…’ Penny’s cheeks flushed. A sure sign to anyone who knew her that she was about to lose her temper. Natasha did not know her that well. ‘I really can’t. It’s a guilt thing.’

‘A guilt thing? Since when did that come on? There’s a fucking great lump in your trousers which doesn’t feel any guilt. It’s only a shag. I know it’s only shag. You know it’s only a shag. Now for fuck sake stop pissing about and shag me.’ She flounced past Natasha and bent over the Chief Executive Officer’s desk. With her long legs splayed out in coltish fashion, stomach and hips raised off the leather surface of the desk, her vagina invited penetration. Natasha could see a tuft of red hair beneath her gaping sex. She felt Barrie’s penis straining to be let off the leash. A shag looked inevitable but she made one last attempt to stave it off.

‘I haven’t got a condom.’

Penny exploded. ‘A condom? Since when did we use a fucking condom? Are you accusing me of sleeping around?’

Penny stood up and faced her accuser. ‘I only sleep with Ryan. He’s been the only one since you. He’s a lovely guy and we have regular sex. But, well, you must have seen him in the shower at the Rugby Club, sometimes a girl wants more and when I do, I come to you because you’re a friend and I can trust you. Now, are you going to help me out or not?’

Natasha had no more excuses, short of telling Penny she was in Barrie’s body and she would never believe that, certainly not in her current mood.

‘Sure. No problem. I owe you one Pen.’

‘You sure do, so make it a fucking good one.’

Natasha undid Barrie’s belt and pushing his trousers and underpants down to his knees, shuffled over to the waiting Penny and aimed Barrie’s penis in the right direction.

‘Are you ready?’

‘Of course I am.’ Penny giggled and turned her head to grin at Barrie. ‘You know I always attend to my own foreplay.’

Natasha guided Barrie’s penis with one hand and placed the other in the small of Penny’s back where her smooth white buttocks met a cluster of freckles. She was at precisely the right height for entry, which could hardly be by chance; they must have had sex over Duggie’s desk before. She eased Barrie’s penis in a few inches. Penny squeezed on the head with her pelvic muscles and Natasha heard Barrie moan with pleasure. Penny let go and squeezed rapidly several times. Natasha squirmed. This feels too good just to be a shag, she thought, but she knew if she didn’t do something about it and quickly, there was a definite danger Barrie would suffer a premature ejaculation. Having already sampled Penny’s temper that was something that had to be avoided at all costs. She pushed the head of his penis past the danger zone. At the same time, Penny grasped the edge of the desk with both hands and pushed backwards, gasping as she received the full length of Barrie’s penis.

‘I want every last inch.’

‘We only deal in metric,’ said Natasha, without thinking.

‘Then give me every last fraction of a fucking centimetre you can fucking well manage.’

Natasha responded, she liked Penny’s dirty talk; it was quite a turn on, or at least Barrie’s penis seemed to think so. She was becoming more convinced than ever that his thing had a mind of its own.


Charlie Bell watched the Pro-Clean van turn into the entrance of Laburnham Court, Julie waved, he touched his cap in reply as she drove round to the back. Good woman Julie Bunford always was a conscientious worker, even at school. Charlie had wondered what Miss Lovebrace was up to, going into business with Julie, but knowing Miss Lovebrace, there had to be some angle and she couldn’t ask for a better worker.

He heard the service lift click into action. Julie always used the service lift. She was one of the few people who knew the lock combination and preferred to use it, although it was fine by him if she came in through the front entrance. She was a stunner at school, he really fancied her then and when she first started work at the Bank he used to go in to cash a cheque, just so as she would ask him how he wanted it. That was twenty, years ago but she still looked good, although it was difficult to assess her figure in the loose fitting clothes she wore these days. Whatever happened to her job at the Bank? She married that rugby bloke, Peter Bunford. Now he was good, shame he packed up the game so young. You would have thought she would have gone back to the Bank after having her kiddie. Never thought she would end up as a cleaner.

Low geared to take heavy loads, the service lift ascended very slowly, giving Julie yet more time to wonder what Lucy wished to talk about. She had dressed for the occasion. Smart court shoes but no tights, she didn’t like wearing tights, her best pleated blue skirt, a short sleeve peach coloured blouse and her jade necklace. Peter said it matched her eyes, which was nonsense, although it did sit well against the healthy glow of her skin.

The lift came to a crunching stop and she stepped out into the large bare lobby. There were two doors, one leading to the roof garden, the other into the Penthouse. Each lock had a different code, so anyone working in the garden could not gain automatic entrance to the Penthouse. She keyed in the Penthouse code and walked though the door into the utility room and from there into the large kitchen. She looked around to see if there was anything stacked in the sink. All was neat and tidy, exactly as she had left it. Lucy had put whatever she had used straight into the dishwasher; she was pretty good like that. She called out as she left the kitchen. There was no reply. She opened the door to the dining room. Not there; although stacks of papers were laid out in neat orderly rows on the table. She opened the door to the central hall, which was really a wide corridor which circled the penthouse. To the left it led to the study and the long reception room, to the right it went past the dining room, then curved left past the guest bedrooms, coming out at the other end of the long room by the front entrance. She called again, but there was no answer. It was all rather odd; Lucy had obviously been working in the dining room. She turned left towards her office, the door was closed, she knocked and went in. No one there. Where was she?

The unmistakeable sound of lovemaking drifted through from the main bedroom. Julie froze; she didn’t want to walk in on Lucy like that. She turned to retrace her steps.

‘Julie! Is that you Julie?’

Julie stopped. ‘Yes. Sorry. I’ll come back later.’

No, don’t go, I need you, please come in.’

Seeing Lucy in bed with a man was the last thing Julie wanted, she knew she would be jealous of whoever it was. She took a deep breath and peered reluctantly into the bedroom. Lucy was alone on her bed, naked in a foetal position with hands tucked between her thighs. Her face towards her, she looked frightened, almost desperate. Julie had never seen her like that before; she was always so self assured. She moved swiftly over to the bed to comfort her, placing a soothing hand on her shoulder.

‘Whatever’s wrong Lucy? What’s happened?’

‘Will you help me?’

‘Of course I will. Just tell me what’s wrong.’

Lucy rolled onto her back. There were tears in her eyes. ‘I can’t come Julie. I thought I could before you arrived, but nothing happened – nothing happened.’ She sobbed and Julie gently squeezed her shoulder, or meant to squeeze her shoulder, but it slid onto her left breast as she rolled over. Lucy moaned softly and Julie felt her nipple stir in the palm of her hand. She kissed her soothingly on the forehead and lightly on the nose before finding her mouth. As they kissed, Lucy’s tongue teased and probed. After several wonderful minutes they stopped and looked into each others eyes. No words were spoken. Julie unbuttoned her blouse, kicked off her shoes and unfastened her skirt to let it drop to join them. Naked save for her panties she laid on the bed next to Lucy. They kissed and Julie thrilled as their breasts touched. Charged with helping Lucy reach her orgasm, she knew instinctively what to do and broke gently away from a kiss to transfer her attention to Lucy’s breasts. As she smothered them with kisses a delicious feeling of release coursed through her own body, at last she was surrendering to her true sexuality. She sucked and licked each nipple in turn making Lucy sigh and moan. As she paused to admire Lucy’s breasts and her incredible erect nipples, Julie experienced another feeling; a feeling of power; she was there to give Lucy pleasure and she would give it in unlimited measure. She put her hands on Lucy’s breasts and gently caressed them as her mouth moved down to explore the rest of her delicious body. Her tongue trailed across Lucy’s flat smooth stomach to find her navel, she flicked her tongue in and out of the indentation before moving on down in small circular movements. She nuzzled at the first tuft of pubic hair, before lifting up to take a full view of her sex. The large black dildo was buried in her vagina. Julie was neither surprised nor shocked; she knew Lucy had her needs. She gripped the end of the dildo and slowly pulled. Lucy gasped with pleasure.

‘You can’t hurt me down there Julie. You can push it in as far and as fast as you like.’ A desperate edge returned to her voice as she raised her hips from the bed to buck violently against the giant dildo and protested when Julie placed a hand firmly on her stomach, pulled the dildo out and dropped it on the carpet, gently replacing it with the first three fingers of her right hand.

‘You don’t need things like that,’ she whispered, ‘not when I’m around.’

The aroma of sex intoxicated as she nuzzled into her pubic mound. Lucy’s clitoris was literally in her face, like a small penis. She flicked her tongue over it then, taking the engorged organ into her mouth, teased it gently with her teeth. Lucy emitted a long, low groan and Julie felt the itching between her thighs change to an insistent pulse. Was she going to come too? She never had, so she had her doubts, anyway, this was all about giving pleasure to Lucy and she was definitely succeeding in that. She built up a rhythm in time with the pulsing in her own vagina and Lucy began to breathe heavily, her groans interlaced with squeals of delight as she pressed her hands on the back of Julie’s head to push her face deep into her sex.

Julie removed her fingers and replaced them with a probing flickering tongue and when Lucy arched with pleasure, slid her hands under her buttocks. The raised vagina was now entirely at her mercy as she probed, licked, sucked and nibbled.

Lucy released her hands from Julie’s head to caress her own breasts and tug at her erect nipples. Watching the reflection of their lovemaking in the mirror over the bed added an extra frisson as she moved towards a magnificent climax.

Her cries. ‘Don’t stop! Harder! Faster! Oh God! Please! Please make me come!’ were music to Julie’s ears. She felt the release in Lucy as her orgasm peaked and the surge of juices as they exploded into her eager mouth. She thought for one fleeting moment that she too would have an orgasm; it was close, but, as so often in the past, it was elusive. She lifted her head to find Lucy smiling down at her.

‘Where did you learn to do that?’

‘I never have – I have never been with a woman before.’ She pushed her tongue back into Lucy’s vagina, ran it playfully around her swollen labia before teasing her clitoris on the way up to shower her breasts with kisses. They locked into an embrace.

‘I made you come though’ she whispered in Lucy’s ear. It was a statement made with pride and no guilt. She had at last come to terms with her sexuality.

‘Did you?’



She was unprepared for the directness of the question.

‘Well – sort of.’

Lucy looked at her sharply. ‘What do you mean, sort of?’

‘Well, what I mean is, I’ve never really had an orgasm. Or, at least I don’t think I have. I’ve had a pleasant sort of feeling from time to time but it never led to anything.’

Lucy pushed Julie over onto her back. She was quite rough. She seemed angry.

‘What’s wrong Lucy? What have I done?’

‘It’s more what you haven’t done Julie. You have been repressing, not only your true feelings but also the needs of your body. Look up at the mirror. What do you see?’

‘You and me?’ She was a confused little girl again. A few minutes before everything seemed so right, now she was feeling awkward and guilty.

‘Forget me,’ snapped Lucy. ‘Look at yourself. Now, what do you see?’

‘A naked middle aged woman?’

‘Wrong! A beautiful mature woman. Touch your breasts. Go on, fondle them.’ Julie hesitated, then moved one hand, slowly followed by the other to reluctantly cup her breasts.

‘Don’t cover them; show them to the mirror. You should be proud of your body, it’s beautiful and in excellent shape. Now, raise your knees and open your legs.’ Julie did as she was told. ‘Now what do you see?’

‘My vagina.’

‘Your cunt, Julie. That is your cunt. It’s a fantastic instrument of pleasure and to get the most out of it, you must love yourself.’

‘You mean masturbate?’

‘But of course, it’s only by exploring yourself that you can determine your own areas of erotic pleasure and once you know precisely where they are, you can direct others to them. Come on, let me help you.’ She took Julie’s hand and guided it down between her thighs. As soon as it touched her sex, Julie instinctively pulled her hand away. Lucy laughed, but not unkindly. ‘You’re a hopeless case Julie, you touched me beautifully but you won’t touch yourself.’

‘I have never liked that sort of thing. ’

‘You mean you were taught to think of it as dirty.’ Lucy sighed. ‘We’re not going to overcome that sort of prejudice in one afternoon. I had better find the best spots for you.’ Her hand slid down over Julie’s stomach and her fingers caressed the softness of her pubic mound. Julie closed her eyes felt soft wet kisses like summer rain drops on her eyelids and nose. Then, as Lucy’s tongue went in her ear, she felt a finger slide down and inserted itself into her wetness, and gasped with pleasure as the finger explored deep inside. Lucy kissed her neck and whispered.

‘Open your eyes Julie. Open them and watch yourself being loved.’

She opened her eyes to see Lucy’s head slowly moving down her body. It lingered on her breasts and she felt her nipples being kissed and gently rolled between sharp teeth. She squirmed to every kiss, every touch and when she heard Lucy say she was going to find her clit, her voice seemed far away and she thought she must be dreaming. Her soft kisses rained down over her belly and she felt her tongue join the insistent finger, before slowly travelled upwards again, probing and licking until she found what she was looking for and locked onto it with her lips. Julie let out an involuntary squeal, followed by a groan of pure pleasure as the finger found a particular spot inside. Now Lucy was licking and moving her finger in time with the tingling pulsation which was running through her vagina. No, her cunt! It was her cunt which she had despised for so long which was giving her such wonderful, indescribable pleasure. She knew she was shouting and screaming, but the exquisite feeling was too much for her to care. In the ceiling mirror she watched herself writhe uncontrollably, at one moment with hands outstretched, fingers tangled, clawing at the bedcover, the next with both hands tugging franticly at her erect nipples. At the point of orgasm her hips lifted involuntarily off the bed. She wanted to wrap her legs around Lucy’s neck, but couldn’t because they straightened and stiffened at the moment of release. Jerking uncontrollably, she shouted Lucy’s name over and over again. She wanted all of Hamsworth to know she was a lesbian and Lucy was her lover.

Lucy carried on kissing and sucking. Julie gasped with pleasure. Surely it couldn’t happen again? Not so soon? Then she felt a shower of kisses on stomach, navel and breasts before their lips locked together once more. Lucy was breathing heavily and as she pulled away from a deep kiss, Julie saw again that frightened, desperate look in Lucy’s deep brown eyes.

‘I need to come too Julie. I must – I must come.’

She lay on top of Julie and pressed her sex against hers. Then, entwined, clitoris to clitoris, they scissored against each other, until they reached a glorious mutual climax. As the first had taken all those years, Julie found it hard to believe she could achieve another so quickly.

Julie had cleaned the Jacuzzi more times than she could possibly remember, but it had never occurred to her that one day she would use it. She lay back in the hot foaming water as the jets gently massaged her body.

‘How is it?’

‘Perfect.’ Lucy walked across the bathroom floor towards her with nothing on, unless you could count a linen napkin draped over her left arm as some sort of a garment. Two champagne flutes dangled from the fingers of her left hand and she held an ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne in the other. She gracefully mounted the carpeted steps and posed legs astride to look down at Julie.

‘What do you think of this?’

Julie looked up into her vagina which still glistened from their love making. ‘It looks wonderfully tempting.’

Lucy laughed. ‘And how about the champagne?’

‘I’d like some of that too please.’

Lucy sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi with her legs dangling in the hot water as she popped the cork. Julie cheered; she was deliriously happy and so for that matter was Lucy. All this was totally unexpected. Or was it? Perhaps it had been coming on for some time and she had failed to admit to her own feelings. When she went to the kitchen for the champagne she decided not to spoil the moment by telling Julie that Pro-Clean had been sold that could wait until tomorrow. A regular client had called so she would have to make sure Julie left before seven. She slid down into the foaming water opposite Julie and passed over a flute of champagne; they touched glasses. ‘Good health Julie, here’s to your first orgasm, may you have millions more.’

‘I’m not sure I could stand millions, the first one was almost more than I could bear and then to have another so quickly, well that was absolutely fantastic.’

‘Better make up for lost time then.’ Lucy placed her foot between Julie’s thighs and wriggled her toes. Julie giggled. ‘Get your toes out of my cunt.’

Lucy laughed and raised her glass. ‘That’s my girl. Live with me for a few months and we’ll get rid of all your inhibitions.’


‘Thank you for the orders.’

Debbie shook hands with Davina Maypole as the taxi drew up outside Number 27 Back Street. Davina, looking as smart and business like as she had on arrival, four hours previously, slid backwards into the rear seat without disturbing the black pillbox hat placed precisely in position with a fifteen degree slant to the front. With knees held primly and tightly together she elegantly lifted her legs over the sill, closed the door and smiled at Debbie through the open window.

‘Visiting DebTash has been an unexpected and great pleasure Debbie dear. The orders will be confirmed by email first thing tomorrow.’

Barrie moved Natasha’s body so that she could look past Debbie and wave at Davina.

‘Thanks for coming.’

Davina coyly fluttered her eyelashes. ‘I will make it my business to come again Natasha, I’m looking forward immensely to seeing you in London for the studio shoot.’

Debbie and Barrie waved in unison as the taxi moved off and as it disappeared around the corner they turned to congratulate each other.

Barrie sensed Debbie’s excitement, or was it anticipation? Was she thinking they should start where Davina had left off, because that’s what he was thinking. As soon as she closed the door, Debbie pulled Natasha into a big hug and jumped up and down. Their breasts pressed and jiggled together which Barrie found tremendously exciting, but, for Debbie it was obviously not sexual. Despite what had happened in their threesome with Davina, she could not think of Natasha as a lesbian lover – as much as she would like to. Had Natasha joined in when Davina had openly invited her to, it may be a different matter, as it was; she was delighted with the way things had turned out. Natasha had put on a wonderful show for Davina which resulted in some fantastic orders. She gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek.

‘Well done Tash. I never thought you would go through with it.’

‘You know me, anything for business. How do we celebrate?’

‘There‘s bubbly in the fridge, why don’t we open that. We can worry about how we’re going to fulfil all the orders afterwards. Thoughts of a threesome stirred in Barrie’s mind. ‘Perhaps we should get Barrie involved; he’s very good at logistics.’ If he could create the right circumstances, Natasha would find it difficult to resist whilst in his body, and he would be blameless. ‘Shall I give him a call? He could call in on his way home.’

‘That’s a good idea. We’re going to need some help, that’s for sure.’

In the relative safety of Barrie’s office, Natasha was feeling elated yet guilty. How should she feel? She had shagged Penny Betts for Barrie. Well, really for Penny for her it was just as a shag, no love involved, purely the satisfying of a physical need. She treated it as fun and the trouble was, despite herself, Natasha had joined in the fun. Was it a threat to her marriage? Only if she let it become one, but it was something she was going to have to discuss with Barrie. But what was she going to do about Samantha? She was obviously going to have to work closely with her on the Dynamic issue and if she was not careful, that closeness would also lead to a bonk. Her mobile vibrated in Barrie’s trouser pocket.


Dudley Wink set the movie section to playback in slow motion. Natasha Billingsgate looked magnificent, she was magnificent, but somehow, it wasn’t the same, why look when you can have the real thing? An hour with Anita Von Beta, or Lucinda Lovebrace, as she now called herself, had changed everything. He reviewed the material, but it failed to generated the excitement he had anticipated, he found that he preferred to fantasise on his new found ability to satisfy Nymphie Nita. He closed the ‘Natasha’ file and went onto the web to search for the video equipment Nymphie Nita wanted him to install. Now that really was an exciting prospect! She wanted to beef up her web pages because her main competitor – Rosie la Bonque had upped the anti. Dudley had never heard of Rosie la Bonque, but it had never occurred to him to search for Anita von Beta on the web; paying to look had never been his style. He typed in Rosie la Bonque and clicked on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and he was in – well sort of. He was into her website and Rosie la Bonque, a tasty redhead, revealed a glimpse of what would be in store if he made a substantial credit card payment. He spent a few minutes examining what he could for free, which didn’t amount to much. Rosie wasn’t really his type, but he could understand why Nymphie considered her a threat. He closed Rosie la Bonque and opened Anita von Beta. Nymphie was far more generous with her freebies, but that was typical of her. She enjoyed what she was doing, that was self evident, but the technical qualities of the images were not as good as Rosie’s and that was something he could improve. He was tempted to pay to see more, but that would be a waste, Nymphie had promised him a free review of both websites. Fantasising about her again, he searched for the equipment she wanted him to install. He would have to stop thinking of her as Nymphie Nita, a slip up when talking to Charlie, could be disastrous. He decided to call her Lucy from now on and refer to her at all times as Miss Lovebrace. Now, what was it Miss Lovebrace wanted – apart from a good fuck? He chuckled to himself as he reviewed her requirements, he already had most of what she wanted, and his cameras were wireless, which would make installation so much easier. He made a duplicate order. The new equipment would be his when it arrived. Seemed fair.

Natasha was pleased to be heading for home. It had been quite a day!

She was keen to find out how the presentation to Davina Maypole had gone. Barrie had been non committal over the ’phone, just prattled on about needing her help with logistics, wanted her to go to DebTash on her way home but that didn’t seem a very good idea. She had a lot to discuss with him and play acting in front of Debbie was the last thing she needed, apart from anything else, she doubted she would be able to carry it off, not while she was so angry. The bastard was shagging two girls at Travel Plan. One she now knew on a very personal basis and the other no doubt was expecting a ‘good seeing to’ from Barrie in the very near future. God knows how many other surprises lay in store? She needed to know and apart from his philandering; there was the difficult matter of his rugby to contend with. Penny had mentioned training night as she casually tidied the top of Duggie’s desk. Duggie was looking forward to watching the training session that evening and of course, expected Barrie to be there. Penny was still naked from the waist down. Natasha had pulled up Barrie’s trousers at the first opportunity, but was disappointed to feel blood surge back to his penis as Penny stretched across the desk to place a crystal paperweight in a precise position on the far side of a leather framed blotter.

Barrie had enjoyed his day although he was a bit peeved that Natasha had refused to call in on the way home. A threesome with Debbie would have made a perfect conclusion. He was fretting in case they changed bodies again overnight. It would be one hell of an opportunity missed. Not something he could engineer back in his own body, but, he was definitely getting the feeling that Debbie would be up for it. She had questioned the size of Barrie’s penis more than once. On the first occasion she joked about it, expecting Natasha to admit she had only said it was that big to phase Davina, but when Barrie told her it was in fact larger than described she wanted more detail. How did she manage to accommodate such a monster? Barrie had given one of Natasha’s giggles and confessed that she loved it and that Barrie was a very considerate lover. When he concluded by saying she should try it sometime, Debbie didn’t say no, just blushed and joined in the giggling.

Barrie double checked to make sure the note he’d made of the Naughty but Nice orders was in Natasha’s handbag, before starting the Mazda and setting off for home.

The BMW was already parked outside Holly Tree Cottage when Barrie pulled in off the lane. He parked the Mazda neatly alongside. Now for the fireworks! It had been a fantastic day, having been on the receiving end of sexual activity which previously he could only have dreamed of. Hell, if Tash was going to give him a hard time, so be it. The sales figures should go some way towards cheering her up, and, who knows, she might have actually enjoyed shagging Penny. He always did! The front door was open so, pausing only long enough to take a deep breath, he breezed in.

Natasha was in the kitchen, much as she would have been had she been in her own body.

'Hi Tash! How was your day?'

Barrie looked at his own back. The huge shoulders heaved up as

Natasha pulled his hands from the sink, dried them slowly and deliberately on a tea towel before turning round; her face – his face, like thunder.

'I had a fucking wonderful day thank you Barrie, fucking being the operative word.' His huge hands reached out, grabbed her own body around the waist and hoisted it up onto the kitchen table. Barrie felt some pain in her buttocks as he was slapped down.

'Ouch! That hurt!'

'Not half as much as you’ve hurt my feelings; tell me, do you always return Penny’s favours on Duggie’s desk?'

'Oh, you did shag her then?'

'No, you shagged her Barrie, I just happened to be in your body at the time.'

'You could have said no.'

'Don’t try that with me! You know I couldn’t say no. Your previous actions boxed me into a corner, so answer my question, do you always return Penny‘s favours on Duggie's desk?'

'Well, no, we…'

'You mean you shag her anytime, anywhere?'

'No, it’s not like that Tash. It’s just that Penny has her needs and I, well, I just help her out from time to time. It’s an old friend's thing. It doesn‘t mean anything. And it doesn’t happen very often.'

'Once is too much! We’re married Barrie, unless you’ve forgotten. Behaving as you are may have been acceptable when you were single, but not now – not with me, if you want to fuck around, you can forget about our marriage!'

Barrie had no intention of pursuing an argument he knew he had no chance of winning. Hell, if Natasha shagged Penny, it was because his ‘old boy’ wouldn’t allow her not to, it was time to play his trump card. He slowly unbuttoned Natasha’s summer dress and reclined her beautiful body on the table. Natasha was mesmerised, as her right hand moved down over bare flesh before delving into the top of the fine lace panties, she felt Barrie’s penis stir and groaned. ‘For heaven’s sake Barrie, can’t you control this thing of yours?’

‘It’s there for you to control not me, does this help?’ He pushed her fingers further down, started a circular massaging action, and smiled with satisfaction as his ‘old boy’ showed an instant response. Natasha covered her embarrassment with the tea cloth. ‘If you think I’m going to shag you on our kitchen table, you’ve got another think coming.’ Barrie watched in dismay as she turned his body away and strode over to the kitchen door, was she storming out of their marriage as threatened? The answer was no, for despite her best intentions she knew Barrie’s penis would win the day and until she had it under control it would be hopeless trying to discuss anything of importance with Barrie. She locked the door, pointed at Barrie, who was still gently moving her fingers, then at the stairs. ‘Up! Go on – up! Let’s get it over with so we can settle down to a sensible discussion.’

Barrie needed no second bidding. He swung Natasha’s gorgeous body off the table and skipped lightly up the stairs.


'What was it you wanted to talk about? Lucy left the question hanging in the air as she eased a black silk stocking over a shapely knee and smoothed it up her thigh, snapped on the suspenders and stood up. Julie was dressed ready to go, but not wanting to leave, not wanting the most incredible afternoon in her whole life to end, she had stayed to watch. Her legs trembled in anticipation as Lucy walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

'We can have a chat tomorrow Julie, something got in the way this afternoon.'

Julie laughed. 'I wonder what that was.' She waited – expecting – hoping. Lucy kissed her lightly on the lips.

'Whatever it was, it was rather wonderful. It’s a shame I can’t get out of my meeting, but we’ll catch up on everything tomorrow.'

'I can’t wait.'

'Neither can I.'

They hugged briefly. Julie paused halfway down the corridor to look over her shoulder, hoping Lucy would be watching, but she had returned to the bedroom. Julie continued on her way to the service lift, already working on what she had to tell Peter. He would be devastated, but now she had found her true sexuality, she had to be true to herself. Her future was with Lucy, which was obviously what she wanted to talk to her about. She pushed the ground floor button in the service lift. At the same time a male gloved finger pressed the penthouse button in the designated lift.

In his basement flat, Charlie Bell, who was having supper with his wife Sandra, heard the service lift start its slow downward journey, he glanced at the lift repeater indicators on the kitchen wall. That was interesting, as Julie was leaving someone else was visiting the Penthouse; he would check the CCTV to see who it was later.


Peter Bunford scraped his plate into the kitchen bin. He’d waited as long as he could before cooking something for himself. Rebecca was in her room, she was going out to have a last supper with friends. He put the plate and cutlery into the dishwasher, then wrote a quick note for Julie on the blackboard over the fridge, to say he had a production meeting to attend before his shift started at ten, she would believe that, Meltcon often called meetings which you were expected to attend, even if it was in your own time. They owned him body and soul, or at least they thought they did. Well, it looked as if he might be able to get off the Meltcon treadmill. Duggie Lummox had been in contact asking him to take on a coaching role at the rugby club? There was nothing new in that, Duggie asked him every year and every year the offer foundered on two points – money and time – with the main stumbling block being time. Working shifts for Meltcon meant he could not be available for at least one third of training sessions and matches and trying to get special dispensation from Meltcon was hopeless. However, this year looked different. Julie was earning good money from her new cleaning business and Duggie had made a very attractive proposition. It was training night at the Rugby Club and he was meeting him there to discuss the offer. He pulled on his leathers, picked up his helmet and shouted a goodbye to Rebecca as he went out through the back door.

At the first turn of the key his Harley Davidson broke into glorious song. A rich baritone, not the falsetto soprano of a Japanese machine. Of course the Harley was no match on performance, but it suited him well. He blipped the throttle, eased the bike out onto the road and chugged off towards Hamsworth


In little more than twelve hours, Natasha had learnt a lot about Barrie‘s sexuality and that the easiest way to calm his rampant penis was to indulge it! This she had just done on her own body, which of course was where it should be indulged, not on some tart at Travel Plan. She had deliberately taken everything slowly, holding back until she saw the tell tale signs which telegraphed that her body was about to go into orgasm. Perhaps it was a result of having sex with Penny only a couple of hours ago, but she seemed to be getting the hang of controlling the thing. Her body lifted up against her, but knowing how sometimes she wished for more, she kept the same slow movement going, – delaying the inevitable – holding back – holding back. Only when she felt her body rising again did she allow deeper, rapid penetration. It was a delivery which left her body writhing with pleasure and she wondered if Barrie would get the message.

Barrie was happy, whatever happened now, he had experienced just about all there was to experience whilst in Natasha’s body, apart from that threesome with Debbie. Chances were they would change back overnight, but perhaps he should sow the seeds – just in case.

‘If we’re as we are tomorrow, don’t you think it would be a good idea to call in at DebTash on your way home? Debbie thinks I want you along to help with the logistics, but of course, I know all that, what I don’t know is how to make anything.’

‘My coming there won’t help that.’

‘No, but if you came and suggested we order the material in bulk, get the outworkers started and spend our time visiting them to check on quality control, or whatever, that would buy us some time.’

‘Or we could tell Debbie exactly what has happened.’

‘Ah, I’m not sure that would be a good idea. She’d never believe us,’ he said, but thought that she may well believe it, having seen her old school friend and business partner act completely out of character with Davina Maypole. That was the last thing he wanted, it could scotch any chance of engineering a threesome.

'You're right, Barrie, Debs would never believe us. I’ll call in after work tomorrow, but only if you come along with me to your rugby training this evening.’

‘Oh shit! I’d forgotten all about that.’

‘Penny reminded me – after I’d shagged her on your behalf.’

Barrie ignored the jibe. ‘Won’t it seem strange if we both go? You never go on training night.’

‘I used to before we got married. Anyway, it won’t seem as strange as my not knowing what to do.’

Barrie rolled Natasha’s beautiful body off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, paused by the door, looked over her shoulder and waggled her delicious rear. ‘Best you stay here and give me a good seeing to.’

‘I just have! But I doubt if you would recognise it!’ She didn’t meant to sound so waspish, but it was beginning to annoy her that he mistook quantity for quality. ‘Anyway, Duggie is expecting you there, so I’m stuck with taking your body along.’

Framed in the doorway, her face looked thoughtful. Barrie was thinking, that made a change, he hadn’t made any attempt to help the situation they found themselves in as far as she could see, all he’d been interested in was indulging his fantasies. She decided to say nothing and wait to see what he came up with.

‘I’ll come along to make sure you do it right.’

‘Barrie, I’ve got no idea. I don’t know the rules of the game and I can’t catch. As soon as I join in the training, I’m bound to give the game away.’

‘That’s why you’re going to feign injury.’

‘How? What? When?’

‘When you jog over to the training ground. I’ll tell you how and what in the car, best put my kit on here and go in a track suit.

As she turned the BMW into the car Rugby Club car park, Natasha could see that training was underway on the ground beyond the two pitches. Duggie was standing between the posts on the first pitch, talking to a tall guy in motor cycle leathers. He waved and beckoned them over. She asked who the other guy was, but Barrie didn’t know. Perhaps he was a new player; he had the build for it.

Duggie seemed genuinely pleased to see the person he believed to be Natasha. ‘How nice to see you Natasha. Hardly ever see any of the girls on training nights.’

Looking at one hairy rugby player at a time is quite enough for me thanks Duggie’

Barrie was chuffed when Duggie and the stranger laughed at his joke, Natasha could gain quite a reputation if he stayed in her body long enough. Duggie introduced the stranger as Peter Bunford. Natasha extended Barrie’s hand and shook Peter Bunford’s. It was a strong hand, as big and strong as Barrie’s but being blond, not as apparently hairy. She decided to outsmart Barrie as he shook hands with Natasha. ‘There you are Tash, not all rugby players are hairy.’ Then to Peter Bunford. ‘Are you going to play for us then?’ Peter Bunford laughed.

‘Time was when I did, but that was a long time ago.’

‘Too long,’ said Duggie. ‘Peter stopped playing ten years ago, best flanker we ever had, until you came along Barrie. I think I’ve persuaded him to come back as coach.’

‘What a great idea. Can you let Barrie off training tonight; I’ve got some jobs for him to do.’ Barrie gave Peter one of Natasha’s beautiful smiles.

Duggie laughed. ‘If I thought he’d do that, I wouldn’t have offered him the job.’

‘Hasn’t he taken it yet then?’ Barrie gave Natasha a crestfallen look. Natasha thought he was overacting like hell, but Duggie seemed to appreciate the performance.

‘I’m working on him Natasha, stay here and help while Barrie joins in the training.’

Barrie took Duggie’s arm, as he had often seen Natasha do, Duggie liked that, he liked Natasha in a fatherly sort of way, which had always been good for Barrie. ‘Off you go then Barrie.’

Natasha turned Barrie’s body towards the playing ground. ‘I know when I’m not wanted,’ she growled’ She took of at a gentle trot, determined not to reach the training ground before putting their plan into play. Now which leg was it, right or left? Definitely left – or was it right?

They watched Barrie jog across the pitch.

‘He certainly looks the business,’ commented Peter Bunford. I’ve read the match reports in the Bugle, but I must confess, I’ve never seen him play.’

‘Very quick, just like you Peter, big, strong and fast. Here he goes.’

Natasha timed the sprint well; all eyes were on Barrie Billingsgate, the fastest man in the club. She sprinted for no more than ten strides before pulling up holding the back of his right leg.

‘Damn!’ said Duggie. ‘His bloody ham string’s gone again!’

‘Oh dear,’ said Barrie, holding Natasha’s beautiful, slim hand over her lovely mouth in mock shock.

Peter Bunford muttered, ‘silly sod,’ and set off at a trot towards the stricken rugby player.

Duggie turned and showed his yellow teeth in a crooked smile. ‘Let’s hope it’s not serious my dear, but looking on the bright side, I do believe the Club has acquired a new coach.

Barrie was naked on the bed when Natasha came into the bedroom carrying two glasses of Sancerre, their favourite tipple, he enjoyed displaying her body with one knee raised and slightly splayed.

‘Huh! You can forget that, I’ve got a pulled ham string, remember?’

Barrie gave one of Natasha’s little giggles. ‘It’s not your hamstring I intend to pull.’

Natasha placed a glass on Barrie’s bedside table, funny that; she was in his body, but still went to her side of the bed. She took a sip before putting her glass down. The wine was nicely chilled. She hesitated with his huge hands poised to undo the dressing gown cord. She could feel Barrie’s penis reacting and knew Barrie wanted to experience as much sex as possible in her body, what she didn’t know was the extent to which he had taken that desire throughout the day. Tomorrow morning they would probably wake-up in their own bodies, but just in case, she had decided to make love to her own body until Barrie could physically do it no more. That way, if she did happen to be in the same situation tomorrow, and it looked as if she would have to spend most of the day with Samantha Derby, she wouldn’t have the desire, or ability to shag, bonk her, or any other euphemism they might use. The upside to her plan was that should they change back, he wouldn’t either. She shrugged off the dressing gown and joined her own body on the bed.


Following her usual routine, Julie called Lucy on her mobile as she turned into Laburnham Grove. The phone was answered on the second ring, she wasn’t ready, and would she like to go up for a coffee? Julie was still feeling the excitement of the previous day and longed to be alone with her lover, was Lucy feeling the same? They couldn’t be long – there was work to be done. She parked the van at the back of Laburnham Court and as usual, took the service lift. Lucy was waiting she enveloped her in a warm embrace before taking her hand and pulling her gently towards the kitchen. ‘The coffee’s ready, we’ve got a lot to talk about.' Julie felt the delicious tingling between her legs, all the more because she now knew what it could lead too.

When she arrived home the previous evening she was determined to tell Peter she was in love with someone else and their marriage was over, but he had gone to work early. Rebecca went out to see friends, almost as soon as she walked in the door, but she wouldn’t have told Becky anyway, there was no need for her to know, not yet. She had watched her cross the road and catch the bus to Hamsworth, then she thought of Lucy and the tingling started between her thighs. She ran up stairs to the bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror. What did a beautiful woman like Lucy see in her? She turned sideways, true, she was trim and she had good breasts. She cupped them in her hands and she gently stroked the nipples as Lucy had done. If she closed her eyes she could imagine it was Lucy touching her. She unbuttoned her blouse so that she could continue with only one layer of fabric between fingers and bare flesh. Groaning with pleasure she moved her right hand down to unbutton the top of her cord jeans and continue the voyage of self discovery. It was Lucy’s hand sliding down into her panties. Her first finger found and pulled back the top of her labia and the long second finger expertly wrapped around the base of her clitoris, avoiding the oversensitive part which could hurt. She had learnt quickly, but Lucy would not want to see her standing in front of the mirror fully dressed. She had to admire her own body and especially her vagina. It was alright for Lucy with her posh accent, but she still experienced difficulty saying the word cunt. She stripped off and resumed her pose, closed her eyes and pictured Lucy. Lucy wouldn’t want that, she was supposed to watch as she gave herself pleasure, but it was better this way. With her eyes closed she could imagine it was not her hand but Lucy’s delicious mouth which was responsible for a wonderful orgasm.

‘Black or white? The question snapped her back to reality.

‘White please, no sugar.’ Lucy smiled at her and she smiled back. She was beginning to feel nervous, what was there to talk about? Was she going to suggest they live together? Please let it be that – please. Lucy handed her the mug of coffee.

‘Let’s go to the dining room, I’ve got everything we need to discuss laid out there.’ Julie followed and only then, as she fixed her eyes on Lucy’s wonderful bottom, did she notice the tight fitting, feint pinstripe skirt from one of the business suits she so much admired. Surely she wasn’t going to clean the Travel Plan office in that? As if reading her thoughts, Lucy stopped by the dining room door to let her go first. ‘No cleaning today, Ju, I’ve left some space for us at the end of the table.’ Julie walked past the neat piles of papers which she had seen the previous afternoon, what was this all about? She waited pensively behind one of two chairs, almost facing each other on the elliptical end of the table. Lucy put her mug of coffee on a coaster, pulled out her chair and sat down; Julie followed her lead, taking a sip of coffee when Lucy sipped hers. They looked at each other over steaming coffee mugs. Lucy broke the spell by reaching for a pile of papers.

‘Sorry if this all seems a bit formal Julie, but I think we both know what would happen if we had this discussion on my bed.’ Julie smiled and nodded, she wanted to tell her she masturbated whilst thinking of her last night, but thought better of it. Lucy was obviously making a big effort to be businesslike so she asked the obvious question. ‘Why no cleaning today?’

‘I should have told you yesterday, but we were so happy I didn’t want to break the spell.’ Lucy couldn’t very well say they ran out of time because a client had unexpectedly asked for an appointment and she didn’t like to refuse Sir Ken Allerby because he was instrumental in winning the Travel Plan contract. She always repaid favours, not that he was over demanding. It was no great sweat to let him masturbate whilst watching her use a vibrator. Other times he would want her to push a dildo up his anus; she had a long, slim, strap-on, reserved exclusively for him. He was easy to please although not very satisfying from her point of view. She took an envelope from the top of the pile of papers closest to her and slid it across to Julie. ‘The fact is, we have sold Pro-Clean and got a good price for it. There’s a cheque in there for you. Hope you’ll agree that it’s all been worthwhile.’

Julie was stunned by the news; it was not what she had expected. Pro-Clean would have kept her close to her lover. Without it, where would their relationship go? A dark cloud of anger elbowed her usual calm, reasoned nature aside. She felt deceived. She felt used. She felt soiled.

‘I thought we were partners?’

‘We are.’

‘Why didn’t you discuss it with me then?’ More thoughts formed into words and the dark cloud of disappointment burst in an outpouring of anger and disillusion. ‘ProClean is a good business; we’ve just had the Travel Plan contract extended. I thought we were going to use that as a springboard to other contracts and employ a team of cleaners? Why have you done this? What do you think gives you the right to trample over my feelings in this way? You have used me to get what you wanted to satisfy your greed and lust.’

Lucy put a calming hand over Julie’s, but Julie snatched her hand away.

‘How could you do it Lucy? How could you?’ She ran out of breath and the last word ended in a high pitched squeak. Lucy slapped the table with the palm of her rejected hand and snapped back at her. ‘Calm down Julie and listen! Listen to what I have to say.’

Shocked by the sever tone coming from the woman she had been on such intimate terms with the previous evening, Julie stifled a sob and sat up straight. Lucy looked at her kindly and spoke softly.

‘We have other things to do you and I Julie. I don’t want my lover spending her days cleaning; I want you to help me run my other business interests – as a partner.’ Lucy got to her feet, moved behind the first stack of papers and folders, placed a hand on it and waved her other hand to encompass the other neat piles. ‘Each pile of papers relates to a business I either own outright, or have a substantial interest in.’ She touched the first pile of folders. ‘This is my Property Portfolio. I’ve got over thirty properties, including this one and whilst that gives me a good rent book I need to keep on top of decorating, and repairs – that sort of thing.’ She moved to the next pile. ‘Over the years, as a spin-off from my properties, I’ve acquired a substantial financial interest in a well known firm of Estate Agents. Then, because I had difficulty in obtaining the security I needed for my properties, I bought and developed a security business. A retired police officer runs that for me.’ Moving towards the other end of the table she picked up and waved a folder enthusiastically at Julie. ‘You’ll love visiting this one, an antiques shop in Chelsea, a fantastic business. It’s managed by an old school friend of mine, you‘ll like her.’ She moved on. ‘I have a substantial interest in a small chain of exclusive cosmetic shops. Another spin-off, from my property interests, is this specialist kitchen and bedroom fitting company.’ She touched the next pile briefly. ‘This is my website,’ and moved quickly to the last two folders. ‘This is Top Choice Dynamic, my travel company and finally, until yesterday, Pro-Clean, our little cleaning company.’ She arrived behind Julie and gently stroked her hair. Catlike, Julie moved her head in appreciation. Lucy carried on stroking as she whispered softly in her ear. ‘All my businesses are growing Julie and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what’s going on. I need someone I can trust to help me and that someone is you.’

Julie reached up for Lucy‘s hand. ‘Sorry,’ she whispered, ‘it’s just that yesterday seemed too good to be true. I guess I was half expecting something to go wrong.’

‘I understand, but it hasn’t. So let me tell you precisely what I’m offering, so there can be no doubts’ Lucy gave her hand an affectionate squeeze before returning to her chair. ‘It’s a very complex situation Julie, I’m going to tell you everything and when I have, you may not wish to remain close to me. I hope that will not be the case, because I love you very much, but you must know what you are getting into.’

‘I’ll always want to be close to you.’

Lucy returned her smile. ‘Let’s see, shall we?’ Julie gave a silent nod of assent. Lucy reached across and took the envelope back. ‘That was very thoughtless of me, it’s not money that motivates you and I like that. I wish I could be more like you, but I can’t. I’m driven by two things, money and sex. Most of the time they go together, or they certainly did in the early days, but I’ll come to that later. First, let me tell you about Pro-Clean. I set up our cleaning company for two reasons. One because I didn’t want to see you go off, do something else and lose contact with you.’

Julie flashed her a grateful smile. Lucy returned the smile and continued.

‘The second and you must believe me, nowhere near as compelling a reason as the first, despite what I’ve said about being motivated by money, was to get close to Travel Plan and gain some information on their dynamic travel business.’

Julie was wondering what dynamic travel was all about. She was a bit shocked about the industrial espionage, but delighted to think Lucy didn’t want to lose her. ‘It’s probably just as well I didn’t know about your spying. What is dynamic travel?’

Lucy smiled, she was thankful that Julie had calmed down, but there was the biggest hurdle still to overcome. How was she going to react when she found out where the money for all her ventures came from? One thing at a time though, first she had to convince her that selling Pro-Clean had been the right thing to do.

‘Travel Plan have a new division called Travel Plan Dynamic. Basically, what they do is identify the people who have outgrown, or wouldn’t be seen dead on a package holiday and, for a fee, offer to put an individual dream holiday package together for them. It’s a fast growing area in travel and one I identified as offering great profit potential for my flagging travel business, especially if I could get hold of Travel Plan Dynamic’s customer data base.’

‘Isn’t that illegal?’

‘It would be if they could prove anything, but it will probably be some weeks before they realise they’re losing business and even longer, if ever, before they trace that loss to a cleaning lady. As far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t leave stuff lying around.’

‘You mean you just picked up lists of customer names and walked off with them?’

‘Not exactly, I had to hack into their computer system.’ She was tempted to tell her about the unwitting help she received from the sales director, but thought better of it. Perhaps later when they knew each other better and Julie appreciated and understood her sexual appetite. She simply told her they had all the information they needed for Top Choice Dynamic which had already generated an incredible level of new business. She owned fifty one percent of Top Choice Dynamic, her sister, Helen, who ran the business on a day to day basis, owned the remainder.

‘So what do you say Julie? You’ve lost Pro-Clean, but you have an equal share in my interest in Top Choice Dynamic and all my other businesses. Julie was excited at the prospect, not so much by the money as being tied closely to the woman she loved but it was all too much too soon. She voiced her doubts.

‘But why Lucy? Why would you give me half share in all your businesses? It doesn’t make sense.’

‘It does to me Julie. As things stand, if I should die, everything I own will go my family and believe me, they don’t need it – or deserve it. Sounds harsh I know, but, apart from my sister Helen, no one has spoken to me for years.’

‘You’re too young to die.’

‘Through natural causes maybe, but an accident can happen to anyone at anytime. So, apart from something for Helen, I’m determined my family won’t profit from my chosen career, which brings me to the way I have amassed my small fortune. When I wanted to lose my virginity, Helen, who is two years older, warned me that if I was anything like her, I would hate being penetrated by a man – but, I loved it. I became desperate for sex but no one man could satisfy my needs. My family are wealthy, one of the most well known and respected names in private banking. They wanted to pay to cure of my nymphomania, but I didn’t want to be cured. I loved being fucked and fucked and fucked again. I soon realised the best way to fulfil my needs, earn lots of money and be independent from my family, was to become a high class call girl. Lovebrace incidentally is not my family name; I changed my name to Lovebrace by deed pole, much to the relief of my parents. Lovebrace is the name I use in all my legitimate business transactions and for my – other business, I use Anita von Beta.’ Lucy paused, waiting for Julie’s reaction. Surprisingly, she did not appear shocked or disapproving, she simply pointed to the folders on the table. ‘But you don’t need that sort of money now? These must provide you with a very good income?’

‘They do, but nothing approaching what I can earn from doing what I enjoy best. Of course, I don’t have so much time for it now, but when I had my flat in Mayfair, I was grossing over five million a year.’ This time Julie was shocked.

‘That’s impossible!’

‘Not at all. I’ll admit I was fairly active, but £20,000 – £25,000 a day was commonplace. So, tell me, and you must be honest. Could you live with me, knowing what I do?’

‘Live with you?’ Julie’s dream was coming true. She had given her new found sexuality much thought overnight and came to the conclusion it would be best for her and Peter to separate. After the initial shock, he would benefit from having a woman who actually enjoyed sleeping with him; he was a strong handsome man and shouldn’t find it too difficult to find someone else. As for herself, she wanted to pursue her new relationship and Lucy was asking her to live with her. Would she be able to cope with the knowledge that she would be having sex with any number of men before returning to her bed though? She decided to evade the issue. ‘How can I be of use to you? I’m good at cleaning, but I know nothing about the travel business, or any other businesses for that matter.’

‘You don’t have to. I have managers coping with the day to day running of all my businesses, what I want you to do is help me monitor everything, As an ex bank employee, and from what I have heard, an excellent one, you will be good with figures. But you haven’t answered my question.’

Julie looked across the table at her lover. It would be absolute hell every time she went with a man. She wanted all of her, she didn‘t want to share. Lucy knew what she must be thinking. ‘They’re only men Julie. It doesn’t mean anything compared with being with you. I won’t go with another woman, I can promise you that.’

‘Can’t you promise me that you won’t go with men?’

‘I’m sorry, I can’t. You’re right about not needing the money anymore, but I’m still desperate for the sex.’

‘I could learn to give you everything you need. I want to be with you, I really do.’

‘Then we can work it out Julie. Come on; say yes, you’ll be the only one I love.’

‘How will I know that?’

‘You can watch me with men, anytime you want.’

‘I don’t think I could do that. Don’t think I want to.’

‘If you love me you will. You’ll want to see if you can do what they do for me. It will show you I have no love for them. It is only sex.’

Julie gulped on a sob and hated herself for it, she was getting silly and emotional, not like her at all, but, she’d never been in love with a woman before and if she was to be perfectly honest with herself; never been in love with a man either. She possessed Peter – it wasn’t love. She made her decision, stood up and held out a hand.

‘Can we leave all this for later please Lucy? I want to take you to bed.’


Dudley Wink carried the letters from the Post Office Sorting Centre to his van. When he started sorting for his round over an hour before, he decided that he would change the delivery order the following Monday. That would give him chance to warn people he regularly spoke to on his round and blame management for the change. The main reason though, was that the only opportunity he would have to meet up with the delicious Natasha Billingsgate, on the new timings, would be late on Saturday mornings. The chance of finding her in a state of undress by then would be virtually nil, and, he could hardly hold the letter back until then. He pulled it out from under the dashboard and ran a finger lightly over the dried semen on the back of the envelope; it excited him to think that she would touch it. He would apologise for the state of the letter when he handed it over, but she would never in a million years guess what the yellowing stain was. Once he had seen her run her delicate fingers over it to open the envelope, the memory would be with him every time he watched the naked images of her, which he now had on disk. When he tired of Lucinda Lovebrace, he would come back to the delicious Natasha; the image of her standing naked by the window, began to playback in his mind. He deliberately switched it off. He had to be on his way if he was to avoid the traffic build-up for the shift changed at Meltcon.

It was 5.40am as he drove out from the Sorting Office, but even then he had to wait for half a dozen cars on their way to the chocolate factory before he could turn right onto Dunedin Way. What a way to earn a living! He couldn’t do it; stuck on a production line in a factory for eight hours at a time would drive him nuts. He whistled happily to himself as he drove past Hamsworth Tower and out through the estate gates towards the bypass. As the van hummed along in top gear, the image of the gorgeous Natasha Billingsgate, posing naked by the window played in his mind again. She was naked by her bedroom window, eagerly awaiting his arrival.


The Meltcon line was running hot. Simon Niggard insisted on the highest possible speed, even though the production target for the shift had been achieved almost one hour ago… With twenty minutes to go before the hand over at 6am, Peter Bunford was in the production office, arguing the case for stopping the line to investigate. He knew where the problem was and could have the casing off in a few minutes and if he couldn’t put things right there and then, at least they would know which parts were required. Simon Niggard refused, as Peter knew he would. He was tempted to walk out. The offer from Duggie Lummox, as he gave Barrie Billingsgate advice on how to deal with his injury, was exceptional and they clinched the deal on the spot. Whether Hamsworth Rugby Club would be able to able to afford a coach without Duggie’s backing was a mute point, but he enjoyed coaching and knew he could make a difference. In the end, he decided to say nothing and hand in his notice directly to Human Resources. He gave Simon Niggard a look which he hoped conveyed the contempt he felt for him and walked away. Meltcon, being Meltcon would insist on him working his notice, which was okay, it would give him chance to explain the situation to Lydia, the only person he would miss in the frenetic world of Meltcon.

Barrie stirred as the early morning sun played on the bedroom curtains. A quick exploration ascertained that he was still in Natasha’s body; he turned to check she was still in his. His body was there and he slid her hand over to find his ‘old boy’ erect and raring to go – as usual. He thought of Penny and how she always took care of her own foreplay. Perhaps he should do the same? He withdrew the hand, slid it down over her smooth belly and let Natasha’s fingers do their wonderful work. It seemed so automatic that he wondered how often she masturbated and if she had a vibrator hidden somewhere. He would look at the back of her knicker-drawer that would be the obvious place. Debbie must have one, her being a lesbian and all; probably got a whole cupboard full. Perhaps he should ask to borrow one, given what they had experienced together yesterday, she would hardly be surprised. It would be better than buying on the internet and having that pervert of a postman open the package. He suddenly remembered the pill which probably had something to do with pillock, which was what he thought of Dudley Wink. He looked over his body to Natasha's bedside table. Strange how they had changed bodies but Natasha in particular wanted to sleep on the same side of the bed. Her vagina was quite wet now and if he carried on much longer they might have an orgasm. Hey, that was good. They! Her body and fingers and his mind – what a team! He stealthily knelt over his own body. Natasha stirred as he used her delicate hands to haul his ‘old boy’ up to the right angle. Bull's eye! He was getting good at this female sex business.

‘For heaven’s sake, give me chance to wake up Barrie. What do you think you’re doing?’

Barrie eased down onto his erect penis.

‘I was leaning across to take your pill when it just slipped in.’

‘And you expect me to believe that?’

‘Okay. I’m just making sure you won’t want to shag Sam today.’

‘How thoughtful of you, nothing to do with wanting as much sex as you can get whilst in my body then?’ Her face smiled back at her; it had that wanton look again, a look she was sure it never had when she was in control.

Barrie adjusted the angle of attack. ‘To be perfectly honest, I’m acting out a fantasy.’ He lifted her pelvis until only the very tip of his ‘old boy’ was inside her, then he started to ride it in a long slow rotating motion. ‘This is what I imagine Tash, you waking in a sexual feeding frenzy and teasing yourself like this.’ He lifted to the top of the arc. ‘You squeeze the tip of my ‘old boy with the muscular walls of your marvellous cunt, then you…’

She interrupted him. ‘Please don’t use that language Barrie. I never use that word and I certainly don’t want to hear it coming out of my mouth.’

Her face smiled sweetly down at her. ‘Okay, point taken. So you squeeze the tip of my ‘old boy’ with the muscular walls of your marvellous pussy, then you slide down to derive maximum pleasure. You tease yourself like this for six or seven minutes.’ Natasha responded with a grunt and Barrie was delighted to feel his body bucking for maximum entry. He carried on with the tease for as long as physically possible before grinding down and frantically fulfilling the rest of his fantasy.

Dudley Wink drove along the narrow twisting lane towards Lippinston. He made deliveries to the houses on the left on the way in and those on the right on his way back to Hamsworth, where he completed the bulk of his round. He had tried to work out a way of making the early delivery to Laburnham Court, then going on to Lippinston to catch Natasha Billingsgate before she set off for work – and more importantly – before she had dressed. Trouble was, the doubling back would put too many miles on his round and management would soon put a stop to that. Shame, but there it was. He could always swap back later if he did not get what he anticipated from Nymphie Nita. He corrected himself, speaking out loud to emphasise the point. ‘No more Nymphie Nita, you must refer to her as Mrs Lovebrace or Lucinda Lovebrace. No more Nymphie Nita. Remember, no more Nymphie Nita.’ The image of Lucinda Lovebrace legs apart thrusting her sex towards him was replaced in his mind by Natasha Billingsgate. Making all the other deliveries around the village, apart from Church farm, usually saw him arrive outside Holly Tree Cottage at 7am, the perfect time to find the gorgeous Natasha in a state of undress.

Natasha lay in bed and smiled to herself. Perhaps Barrie was getting the message, He had certainly taken things slowly – well, up until the last frantic moments, but she was able to hold Barrie’s body back and they came at the same time, very satisfying. Even better, Barrie was in her body, down in the kitchen making coffee.

The kettle was boiling, but the last thing on Barrie’s mind was coffee, he was wondering if his ‘old boy’ could rise to the occasion yet again. What if, when Natasha brought his body into the kitchen, she was confronted with her own half naked body sprawled across the kitchen table in a pose similar to the one Penny would have adopted the previous afternoon? He moved plates and cups laid ready for breakfast, onto the nearest worktop. Now, what was the best way to go about this? Natasha’s gorgeous body was wrapped in a white towelling robe, which although practical, was hardly likely to get blood flowing back to his penis, even if he hitched it above her waist. He went into the utility room. Some of her blouses were waiting to be ironed. He chose an apricot coloured one; almost see through; that should do the trick. He shrugged off the robe and put it on; not much point in doing the buttons up. He would work out how to replicate the way Penny sprawled across Duggie’s desk, and then call her down.

Dudley Wink switched off the engine and let the post van coast the last few yards to Holly Tree Cottage. There were several letters and the usual bits of junk mail to deliver, but nothing to be signed for. Not to worry though, he would knock on the door to apologise for the late delivery of the letter he wanted to see her open. Taking great care not to bang the van door or the gate, he crept stealthily along the garden path. At the back door, he pretended to sort through the letters, leaning ever so slightly and slowly to the right, hoping to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Mrs Billingsgate through the kitchen window – hopefully in some state of undress. On this morning he hit the jackpot! She was sprawled, almost naked across the kitchen table, with her lovely legs spread like a young colt and that part of her anatomy which interested him most, in full view. When she took her right hand off the table and ran it down over her shapely bottom, as if checking to see if her pussy was exposed, he got an immediate erection. He swayed slowly back to peep though the honeysuckle framing the back porch. Transferring the bundle of letters to his left hand he used the right to take a mobile phone from his shirt pocket. Congratulating himself for recently upgrading to a model which took high quality pictures with a zoom facility, he expertly switched to ‘movie’ and zoomed in on his unsuspecting subject, licking his lips as he studied the enhanced image of her pussy in the view finder and framed it to his complete satisfaction. Delightful, absolutely delightful. His finger was easing down on the record button when Natasha Billingsgate suddenly stood up and turned towards him. He froze as she walked over towards the window, her flimsy blouse was unbuttoned and barely reaching her navel. He salivated as the action of lifting the kettle to pour boiling water into two mugs, made her wonderful breasts swing gently to and fro. She hadn’t seen him, had she? She leant over the sink towards the window, but to his relief it was only to check the buds on a potted miniature rose. He studied every movement as she poured milk into the coffee and stirred both cups, logging them into his mind. Later, he would be able to replay the way her swaying nipples made patterns on the see-through blouse, but why rely on his mind? He pressed the record button and a few precious seconds were recorded before she turned and walked across the kitchen towards the back door. If he rang the bell, would she open the door without thinking? He moved and his finger hovered over the bell, then he heard her call.

‘Come on Tash, coffee’s ready!’

Tash, surely she was Tash? Unless it was something to do with his moustache? He pulled his finger away from the bell; didn’t want the husband coming to the door. He placed the letters on the porch mat and moved back to his original position behind the honeysuckle. mobile phone at the ready. She was sprawled over the kitchen table again, so he quickly re-focussed and pressed the record button. He heard someone coming down the stairs, then her husband's voice.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’

‘You admitted Penny turned you on. Thought you might like to be reminded.’

Dudley couldn’t see Barrie Billingsgate, but he had obviously arrived in the kitchen

‘It’s impossible, even your thing can’t recover that quickly.’

‘I wouldn’t bet on it.’

Dudley watched in delight as her right hand went down between her legs and those long delicate fingers reached through to caress her pussy. Surely no man would be able to resist?

‘I’m looking after my own foreplay like Penny. Come on; give me a good seeing to.’

‘I thought I did that a few minutes ago.’

‘No, I gave you a good seeing to and that was fifteen minutes ago.’

Dudley was a little confused by the conversation but wouldn’t think much about it until later, for the moment he was trying to concentrate with one eye on the screen and the other looking for Barrie Billingsgate. To make life easier, he zoomed out to full frame, and Barrie Billingsgate walked into shot. He was wearing a dark green dressing gown, with a bulge which indicated that his wife’s antics were having the desired effect.

‘Come on Tash, before the coffee gets cold.’

‘If I give you the sort of seeing to you normally give me, it’ll still be piping hot.’

‘I don’t mind a quickie and I like my coffee hot – remember?’ Barrie shuffled Natasha’s legs closer together and pushed her belly flat on the table to raise her rear which he waggled seductively. Natasha knew she could not fight Barrie’s burgeoning erection, nor did she want to. What was happening to her? Was she becoming as mad about sex as him? She undid the dressing gown, threw it off and guided his penis into her own welcoming vagina. She had to do it; she wanted to do it, yet at the same time felt betrayed by Barrie and her own body. Barrie was always extremely careful when they adopted a position which could afford deep penetration, but she was feeling cross. She wanted Barrie to feel the pain.

‘Do you want every last fraction of a centimetre, like Penny?’

Dudley Wink touched his own penis when he saw the size of Barrie Billingsgate’s. A feeling of inadequacy washed over him as he watched the large member enter the beautiful pussy and winced as it was pushed right in making Natasha Billingsgate gasp and grip the edge of the table. He had to save her. He reached for the door bell, but stopped when he heard her begging for more.

‘Come on! All of it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!’

She was pushing back against him, one moment with her face pressed against the table, the next looking round, shouting and urging him on. Her face was a picture of wanton lust and triumph as they both reached a noisy climax. Then as he withdrew, she turned, grabbed him by the testicles and proceeded to lick the head of his enormous penis. Dudley Wink was fast going off Natasha Billingsgate, but that would not stop him downloading the movie clip onto his computer for full screen viewing.


Samantha Derby was walking across the car park as Duggie Lummox drove into his parking space. She quickened her pace; she didn’t care much for Duggie. He had never said or proposed anything untoward, but with his yellow teeth and furtive glances down her cleavage, she felt uncomfortable around him. Yes, she felt sorry that his wife had died from cancer, but that was years ago and his problem. The lift indicators in the lobby showed all lifts, apart from the express lift to the fifteenth, sitting at different floors in the building. She hit the call button several times. Nothing moved. She heard Duggie coming into the lobby and looked up at the indicators, pretending to be absorbed and not knowing he was there.

‘Good morning Sam. Lifts are always busy with cleaners at this time of the morning. Share mine and walk down a floor.’

Samantha’s heart sank. She turned and forced a smile. ‘Sure you don’t mind?’

Duggie gave her a yellow smile, his eyes wandered down to her cleavage. ‘Course not, come on.’ He held the door and Samantha hit the up button as she entered the lift. What would it take 30 seconds – forty seconds? Some polite conversation might help.

‘Lovely morning.’

Duggie shifted his eyes to hers. ‘Yes indeed, what brings you in so early?’

Relieved that he had taken a position on the other side of the lift, she relaxed. ‘I'm checking on a few things for Barrie Billingsgate.’

Duggie nodded. ‘Ah yes, the mysterious drop in sales at Dynamic, any ideas?’

‘Yes I’ve got some, that’s why I came in early to check them out on my computer.’

The lift arrived at the fifteenth floor. Duggie held the door open for Sam and rested his hand on her shoulder as he walked out with her. Resisted the temptation to pull away, she turned her head and managed a weak smile. He smiled back and patted her shoulder in a fatherly way. ‘You’re a very bright girl, Sam, we’re fortunate to have someone of your calibre working in Dynamic. I know you’ll help Barrie sort out the problem.’ With that he strode off down the corridor. A seedy looking man, but now she knew that his only interest in her was work. Barrie had always said Duggie was a good sort? How could she have got him so wrong?

Duggie Lummox went into the small room behind his secretary’s desk and switched on the kettle. As he waited for it to boil, he stood over the desk and flicked through the files in the in-tray. Nothing of importance outstanding. A good worker was Penny. Drove him crazy with her long sexy legs and red hair – and she knew it, but he had a policy of never mixing business with pleasure and she knew that too. The kettle, with only enough water in it for one mug, boiled quickly; a good example of how she organised things for him. He liked thoughtful touches like that, she was a great secretary – best he’d ever had. He made the coffee black and carried the mug into his office.

The two files he had instructed Penny to get from Pauline Sykes were on his desk, as he knew they would be. He took a sip of coffee before picking up both files. The file on ‘Sally Barnard’ was bulky compared with the one marked ‘Samantha Derby. He decided to read the bulky one first.


With legs spread wide, Julie Bunford lay on her back, looking up at the ceiling mirror and touching herself. It felt delicious and because her lover had told her she looked delicious, she was beginning to believe it. What a wonderful start to the day, no cleaning to do and no worries, apart from having to tell Peter she would be moving out. Would it be best for him to keep the house, as somewhere for Becky to come home to, or should they sell, and both make a fresh start? She thought about telling Becky, during the drive to Nottingham, but decided it wasn‘t such a good idea, she was looking forward to university, no point in spoiling the moment. She concentrated the small circular movements around the base of her clitoris. It was getting close now. She had brought Lucy to three fantastic orgasms, Lucy’s words not hers, but, not surprisingly as she had three the previous day, it didn’t quite happen for her. She wasn’t worried, giving pleasure to Lucy was enough, but Lucy had other ideas. She ordered her to bring herself to orgasm, or frig herself to oblivion as she so colourfully put it, while she took a shower. It was really close now, she hit the right spot with her middle finger and thought of cleaning brass. Polishing! Polishing! God – she was coming! She shouted for her lover and watched herself writhe on the bed which only served to intensify the orgasm. A movement in one of the mirrors caught her attention, it was Lucy, standing by the door, wrapped in a towel, nodding her approval and smiling.

‘Well done darling. That's what your cunt is for – unfettered pleasure. Which reminds me, we have time to discuss your new responsibilities before you drive Rebecca to Nottingham – do you understand CAD?’

Julie’s fingers were still trembling as she continued to stroke herself. She pondered the question, as she soothed her aching vagina. ‘I believe it stands for computer aided design, but I’ve never used it.’

Lucy dropped the towel and joined her on the bed. She placed hand on top of Julie’s and moved it up and down. ‘You can forget computer aided design darling, as far as you are concerned, CAD stands for Cunt Awareness Day.’ She applied some pressure – enough to make Julie moan. ‘You must take a roll of surgical tape with you. I’ll tell you how to use it, and incidentally, I thought you might like to give Rebecca a treat and drive our Merc.’

‘Our Merc?’

‘Of course; it’s my business car and as from today, you own half the business, so it is our Merc.’

‘I’m not sure I could drive it.’

‘If you can drive our old van, you can drive anything, so don’t worry.’ She feigned loss of memory. ‘I’ve put the keys somewhere or other; do you think you could help me find them?’

Julie smiled; she had a very good idea where they might be.

At Holly Cottage, Barrie and Natasha were arguing over what Natasha’s body should wear for the day. Natasha had laid the skirt and blouse she considered appropriate, on the bed. Barrie was rifling though the wardrobe, looking for something more suitable. Yes, he knew Natasha wouldn’t wear the same dress two days running, but didn’t she have another one with buttons down the front? He was deviously thinking ahead, leaving all the buttons undone, following a trip to the bathroom could be a good way of getting a threesome going. He was already wearing her flimsiest, sexiest underwear. Natasha was losing patience. She tried to handle the skirt and blouse delicately as she picked them up off the bed with his big hands.

‘Barrie, this is what I would ordinarily wear for work. Yesterday was an unusual day because of the presentation to Davina Maypole and I chose that particular dress to make life easier for you, but you can’t wear it two days running and that’s final.’

‘How about this frock then?’ He held a black dress in front of her body.

‘That’s for evening wear.’ She was getting really cross, why wouldn’t he take her advice. She lifted her own body out of the way, which was easy with Barrie’s strength, and looked along the rail in the wardrobe. She found a cotton dress in a floral pattern which buttoned up the front, It was a summer dress and they were well into September – but what the hell. ‘There – wear that! And while I think of it, we’d better swap mobiles.’

Barrie took the dress, held it against her body and looked in the full length mirror. ‘Yes – I think that’s more me,’ he said with a smirk. He took his mobile from her handbag and tossed it onto the bed, took her mobile from the dressing table, where it had been on charge and thrust it into the handbag. ‘Oh, and don’t forget you’ve damaged your hamstring. It’ll help you remember to limp if you wear a thigh support, don’t put my trousers on – I’ll get you one.’ He slipped into the dress and without fastening the buttons, ran down to the garage to rummage through his sports holdall.

When he returned, Natasha was struggling with his tie. She still found it difficult to use his large fingers.

‘All fingers and thumbs again?’ Barrie adopted a provocative pose holding a thigh support, which looked as if it could do with a good wash, delicately between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. The left hand was on her hip, inside the dress, which was wide open. Natasha took the support in Barrie’s hand and sniffed; the strong smell of embrocation, mixed with stale sweat, made her gag.

‘Ughh, that’s dreadful. You don’t expect me to wear that?’

‘Course I do. Come on, give it here.’ Natasha watched as her hand snatched the thigh support and took it into the bathroom. Then, posing in the doorway, he sprayed it with his Lacoste aftershave, before holding it up and sniffing it.

‘There you are nothing wrong with that.’

Natasha propelled his body across the bedroom and snatched it back.

‘It could still do with a good wash – and for heavens sake Barrie, stop posing and button up that dress.’

Barrie tilted her head back and struck a different pose with legs astride – hands on hips. ‘I’m going to miss not modelling underwear today.’

Natasha snorted as she pulled the support over Barrie’s thigh. ‘I’m surprised Davina Maypole bought anything at all if you hammed it up like that all the time.’

‘She was very impressed Tash. Simply adored your bottom.’ He turned and pulled the dress aside to expose a buttock.

Natasha was about to answer when her phone rang. They both made a dive for the handbag; Barrie got there first.

‘Hello. Natasha speaking.’ He poked her tongue out at her – then almost jumped to attention. ‘Er – Gwen – how nice to hear from you. How are you?’ He repeated what she was saying for Natasha’s benefit. ‘You want another medical corset? You’re coming to Hamsworth today? No, that’s not a problem, drop in about eleven and join us for a cup of coffee.’

Natasha waved Barrie’s hands at him and mouthed the word tea, reinforcing it by making a ‘T’ signal with his hands. Barrie was quick to catch on.

‘Or, better still, I’ll make us a nice pot of tea. Look forward to seeing you then – bye.’ Barrie switched off the mobile, threw it on the bed.

‘What do I do Tash? I haven’t a clue.

‘Well, you can’t ask Debbie to help, that’s for sure, she would soon know something was wrong. I’m afraid there’s nothing else for it, you’ll have to take Gwen into the fitting room, help her take all her clothes off, including her corset, and take new measurements.’ She laughed at the look on her own face and added. ‘You’re about to find out that life at DebTash is more than sexy underwear.’


Penny Betts was getting really angry, or pissed-off as she preferred to call the red mist which had rapidly descended as a result of her frustration. Ryan hopped out of bed for a pee, when the radio alarm came on, she waited expectantly, but the bastard went straight into the shower. He arrived home late last night, full of beer and full of how Barrie Billingsgate had pulled a hamstring and he would be playing first team rugby on Saturday. Cause for a celebratory shag you would have thought? Not Ryan, he rambled on about it being his big chance, and then turned his back on her and fell into a deep sleep. The fact was she quite liked him as a bloke, but he was no fucking good between the sheets; he was going to have to go.

Ryan came out from the shower to find Penny, still in bed, propped up on pillows, covered only by a sheet. He could see from the movement under the sheet that she was, as usual, looking after her own foreplay. She looked directly at him making the movements more obvious. He groaned and covered his head with the towel, pretending to dry his hair; the last thing he wanted right now was sex.

‘Come on Ryan – I‘m ready. The least you can do is give me a good shag.’

He lowered the towel and looked at her. Her eyes were no longer searching for his; they were looking for some reaction lower down, but nothing was going to happen, he couldn’t keep up with Penny – she expected him to shag her at least once a night.

‘Sorry Pen, I’m just not up to it this morning.’

He saw the anger in her face, but too late. ‘You’re never up to it Ryan. When it comes to shagging you’re a fucking failure!’ She grabbed the radio alarm clock and hurled it at him. The radio ceased spewing out a sentimental love song, somewhere between hitting his shoulder and crashing to the floor. ‘You obviously haven’t noticed that I’m a girl who enjoys sex. I need a lot of shagging, more than you’re capable of giving me – so piss off!’

She leapt off the bed and marched towards the bathroom, turning for a final word. ‘I expect you out of my house by the weekend – in the meantime, move all your things – and yourself to the spare bedroom!’

‘But Pen – I’ve got no where else to go.’

‘Yes you have – back to your fucking mother!’

She shut the bathroom door and locked it, not something she would normally do, but she didn’t want him creeping in to placate her. It was too late, she had selected her next man some time ago and as with everything in her life, it was just a matter of timing.


The Hamsworth Towers security guard gave Barrie Billingsgate a salute as the BMW turned into the car park. Natasha lifted Barrie’s hand to reply with a manly wave before swinging expertly into Barrie’s parking space; she was really getting used to the car and coping with Barrie’s body. The amount of sex they had last night should keep his thing under control, even with Sam, who she secretly thought was quite delectable. Was she getting lesbian tendencies? As she opened the car door and moved to get out, the support on Barrie’s thigh reminded her to limp. She locked the car and practiced a limp on the short walk to the entrance.

‘Ryan said you’d pulled something, but didn’t say what.’

Penny caught up with her target and slipped her arm easily through Barrie’s. ‘I’ll pull it again for you in the lift if you like.’

Penny grinned. Natasha grinned back. ‘I’ve been shagging Natasha all night – there’s no chance.’ Penny wheeled them into the express lift, pressed the button and as the doors closed felt for Barrie’s penis. To Natasha’s horror, it began to stir.

‘We have lift off!’ There was a triumphant note in Penny’s voice and by the time they reached the seventh floor she was expertly manoeuvring it out through the top of Barrie’s underpants. At the eleventh floor it was a full erection. As they passed the thirteenth she looked down at the bulge and giggled. ‘What a shame we can’t do anything with it, I should warn you though, I booted Ryan out this morning.’

Natasha‘s heart sank. ‘Why ever did you do that?’ She hurriedly placed Barrie’s brief case in a strategic position as the lift stopped and the doors opened.

‘Ryan’s a great bloke, but he thinks that sex twice a week is normal.


‘Yes – oh.’

They walked along the corridor together. Penny touched Barrie’s arm as they reached his office.

‘Don’t despair, I have other plans, so if you don’t have an emergency call from me by lunchtime, you’ll know I’ve got a new lover.

Natasha watched as she walked on down the corridor. She stopped, looked over her shoulder and swayed her bottom, laughed and walked on.

Natasha giggled. Of course it came out as Barrie’s rich chuckle, but whatever, she couldn’t help but like Penny.

Duggie Lummox was almost at the end of going through Sally Barnard’s file. He added another note to the long list pencilled on the blotter. It was his way; he hated clutter, through the open door he heard Penny arrive at her desk.

‘Good morning Penny. Cup of coffee please – when you’re ready.’

Penny walked into the doorway. ‘Sorry Duggie, you’re coffee’s going to have to wait – something very important has cropped up.’ Duggie laid his pencil neatly alongside the file on the blotter and looked across at his secretary. This was most unusual, it had to be something personal – possibly bad news, his voice mirrored his concern. ‘What’s the problem Penny?’

Penny closed the door, turned the key in the lock and walked over and stood next to Duggie – the position she always assumed when collecting or delivering files. If she was to take dictation, she would sit facing him. She pointedly placed the door key on the blotter next to the pencil. Duggie looked up at her – he was confused but tried to hide it by showing his yellow teeth. She smiled back.

‘Duggie – I need a shag!’

Duggie Lummox was not easily shocked but being asked for a shag by his secretary – the secretary who had legs he fantasised about was a definite first – and a test of his resolve. He banged the palms of both hands on the table. ‘Penny! As much as I would like to – I can’t. You know only too well that I have a rule that…’ he choked mid sentence, mouth open as Penny stepped out of her skirt to reveal that she was stripped for business. He tried not to look, but the tuft of red pubic hair was charming and her long legs, clad in hold-up stockings delicious. He achieved an instant erection – but rules were rules, self imposed it was true, but the rule never to get involved with an employee was a good one.

She pouted at him. ‘Duggie – I know your rules but if you won’t shag me I’ll be leaving anyway. Now, is it to be over your desk, on the floor, on the settee, or not at all?’

When he stood up she was pleased to note his erection, the signs were good. He walked over to the window, pushed a button and vertical blinds moved silently across the massive window. She followed, took him by the hand and led him to the settee.

‘For fuck sake Duggie, who’s going to see us up here on the fifteenth floor?’ He smiled his yellow smile as he dropped his trousers.


Natasha dealt with Barrie’s mail as best she could and put difficult items in the briefcase for him to deal with later. The most pressing thing was to progress the situation with Dynamic. They had discussed leaving it to Sam, but if Duggie asked for an update she wanted to be able to point to some sort of progress. Should she walk down the stairs and speak to Sam, or ask her up to Barrie’s office? She decided to give Barrie a call.

When the mobile phone rang in Natasha’s handbag, Barrie was sitting next to Debbie, both of them positively gloating over the confirmation orders received from Davina Maypole. Barrie was sitting in the chair occupied by Davina on the previous day, chuffed that his successful use of Natasha’s body to display the DebTash collection was evident in the orders. Some of the numbers were far in excess of those Davina had originally quoted, which he took as a bonus for allowing her to slake her lesbian thirst on Natasha’s gorgeous body. He clicked on the call receive button.

‘Hi! – No, you‘re not interrupting anything, Gwen’s not due for another hour. – I’m with Debbie, we’re going through the orders from Naughty but Nice – Davina’s bumped some of them up a hell of a lot.’

Barrie put Natasha’s hand over the mouth piece and spoke to Debbie.

‘It’s Barrie – wondered if we’d received the orders.’

He answered Natasha’s question. ‘If I was you I would go and see her, the sooner you can sort it out the better. You’re still okay to come here this evening? We need you’re advice even more now; the sum total for the range is colossal.’ He nodded to Debbie and gave thumbs up, wondering as he did if it might seem an unusual gesture for Natasha. ‘Love you – bye.’ He put the phone back in Natasha’s bag. He was seriously thinking about that threesome and now could be the right time to steer Debbie towards the idea. ‘He’ll get here about six – these orders really are fantastic. Do you think we got them because of the quality of our goods, or because we joined in her little games?’

Debbie smiled. ‘I thought it would all come crashing down. You probably didn’t notice but she was getting really turned on by your antics. She called it excellent foreplay, but, knowing you as I do, I was sure you would eventually say no and she would leave in a huff.’

Barrie waved Natasha‘s hand in a dismissive gesture. He had thought long and hard about what he was going to say and how to bring up the subject of a threesome. ‘It all got a bit out of hand really. I could see that if I rejected her she could well cancel the orders, so, although I have never had lesbian tendencies, I couldn’t see any harm in joining in. In fact I quite enjoyed it.’

‘From where I was sitting, you seemed to enjoy it a lot.’

‘I did. Davina is obviously an expert, but I think part of the thrill was being in a threesome, I bet you would feel the same if you shared a bed with me and Barrie.’

Barrie gave her one of Natasha’s coy smiles as he watched for a reaction. Debbie turned her head away but not before Barrie noticed a blush on her cheeks which slowly extended to her neck. She had thought about! He gave one of Natasha’s disarming little giggles.

‘You’re blushing Debs?’

‘Of course I’m not.’ Debbie looked down at the orders to hide her embarrassment, but Barrie knew she was hooked and began to reel her in. ‘Have you had a threesome before – I mean, all girls?’ Debbie lifted her head. ‘Yes – but it was a bit different. What we had with Davina was very much one on one.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, you didn’t join in. You accepted what Davina offered, but you didn’t give anything back. The other threesomes I’ve been in have involved giving and receiving on a three-way basis.’

‘I did think about joining in when Davina turned her attentions to you, but something happened – I don’t know…’

Debbie interrupted. ‘The ‘phone rang.’

‘Ah yes, that was it. I think Davina wanted me to touch her but if I’d done that I wouldn’t have been able to watch her make love to you and that was a great thrill for me – that’s why I think I would like to watch you with Barrie.’

Debbie could not hide her astonishment at the suggestion. ‘I can’t believe that Tash. Why would you want to see Barrie making love to me?’

Barrie was delighted to note that although the suggestion had surprised her, she was not finding the notion distasteful. He detected a prurient interest. ‘Because I’m very fond of both of you and because I would like you to share his magnificent penis.’

‘Is it really as big as you told Davina?’

‘Every bit – would that put you off?’

Debbie looked deeply into Natasha’s eyes. Was she kidding or was the suggestion for real? She was getting quite excited at the prospect, holding Natasha and watching her writhe as Davina worked her magic had really turned her on to and she quite fancied Barrie. If Tash was up for it, so was she; but what about the fall-out?

‘I’m not worried about the size Tash, Helen and I used a large dildo quite a lot… What does concern me though is how it could affect our business relationship, and anyway, Barrie may not be up for it.’

The corners of Natasha’s mouth twitched as Barrie tried to suppress a smile of triumph. She was hooked! All he had to do now was make it happen.

Natasha was pleased with the confirmed orders from Davina, but as Barrie had pointed out yesterday evening, DebTash was a small business so apart from meeting delivery dates and maintaining quality, they could have a cash flow problem to solve. Large orders from one customer had brought many a successful business to its knees. These were things Barrie knew, but as she was in his body, she was going to have to appear knowledgeable on the subject when she met them later. She doodled absentmindedly on his blotter as she thought through the pros and cons of the Naughty but Nice order. Who would know what to do? Who would Barrie turn to for advice? It had to be Duggie, she reached for the internal phone, but changed her mind. It was only a step a long the corridor to fix up a meeting through Penny and if Sam had any information on the leak, she would be able to keep Duggie up to speed at the same time. She looked at the doodle and was horrified to see a shapely female form in lace knickers and bra. She was in Barrie’s body, but her subconscious mind was obviously still on her own business. There was a light tap on the door and Samantha Derby walked in. Natasha quickly moved Barrie’s laptop to cover the doodle and smiled a welcome.

‘Thought it best to talk here Barrie, if you can spare a couple of minutes?’

‘Sure thing Sam – take a seat.’ Sam carefully closed the door. Natasha noted that the navy blue skirt was of a slimmer cut today with a slit up the right side, which revealed a glimpse of thigh as she crossed the room. Her crisp white blouse had three buttons undone instead of two and as she tilted forward to drag the chair closer to Barrie’s desk, Natasha found herself mesmerized by her cleavage. Sam certainly had a nice pair of tits and her skin had a wonderful healthy glow; Barrie’s penis began to stir. Would she be able to resist having sex with Sam if the opportunity arose? A more pertinent question would be, did she want to resist? Shagging Penny had been a bit of a laugh, but she really fancied Sam. Did Barrie feel the same? Would she still fancy her if she was in her own body?

Sam smiled; she had noticed Barrie eyeing her breasts. ‘I’ve identified a couple of possibilities, but yet to work out how they could have logged into our data base. I didn’t want to say anything in front of the girls, just in case one of them is involved.’

‘Good thinking.’ Natasha was studying her as she spoke. She had a squarer jaw than hers and a wider generous mouth. She showed a lot of teeth when she smiled, which was often.

‘I reckon I’ll have everything we need by lunchtime, for the sake of secrecy it will be best if we go to my place and run it on my computer.’

Was this code for, do you fancy a bonk? Despite everything she had intended, Natasha gave Sam one of Barrie’s best smiles. If he was giving her a regular seeing to, as he would put it, why shouldn’t she find out what was so different that he had to stray.

‘Great idea,’ she said. The door opened and Penny walked in. She looked surprised to see Sam. ‘Sorry – didn’t know you had a meeting. Just wanted to let you know the problem we spoke about has been solved.’ Natasha called after her as she turned to leave.

‘We’re discussing the Dynamic situation. Should have something for Duggie this afternoon – how’s his diary?’

‘He’s got a lunch appointment, then his dentist at four. Shall I pencil you in for 3 o’clock?’

‘That’s fine. Thanks for letting me know the problem’s been solved.’

Penny smiled over her shoulder. ‘That’s okay – my pleasure – I can assure you.’ She gave the now familiar waggle of her bottom and flounced out. Natasha wondered if she knew Barrie was seeing Sam as well. Sam gave her a quizzical look followed by what Natasha interpreted as a knowing smile. ‘I’ll get on then Barrie, see you in the car park at 12.30.’

Duggie Lummox emerged from his personal cloakroom as Penny entered the office with a cup of black coffee. She placed it on his desk next to the blotter then sat, note pad at the ready, in the chair opposite.

‘So what’s it to be boss? Do I lose my job?

Duggie took a cautious sip of coffee, and smiled.

‘You know very well you’re much too good for me to even think about dispensing with your services – on both counts!’

Penny smiled back at him and made a post coital gesture of crossing her long legs to reveal an expanse of shapely inner thigh to her new lover. With a great effort he hauled his eyes back to her face. ‘But we must have rules Penny – we can’t have any more shagging in the office.’

‘Couldn’t agree with you more boss.’

‘Why are you suddenly calling me boss? It’s always been Duggie.’

‘I don’t want to seem over familiar.’

He spluttered into his coffee. She laughed. He laughed and shook his head ’I really don’t know what I’m going to do with you.’

‘A regular shag would be nice – your place or mine?’

Duggie looked nervous. ‘We could have dinner this evening, and then decide?’

Penny gave him an encouraging smile. ‘That sounds wonderful. Do you want me to book somewhere?’ He nodded. ‘Try Roberto’s, they might be able to fit us in.’

‘They’ll fit us in – I like Roberto‘s. What time?’

‘About eight? I could pick you up if you’d like. Save trundling around in two cars.’

‘I’ll be ready and waiting.’ She uncrossed her long legs and glanced down at her notepad. ‘You have three appointments today. Your hairdresser at 1.30pm and your dentist at 4pm. Barrie wants to report on Dynamic, so I’ve pencilled him in for 3pm.’

‘That’s fine, but Penny. I don’t have a hairdresser or dentist.’

Penny stood up, leant across the desk and touched the end of his nose with a bright red finger nail. ‘You do now. Do you want me to return these?’ She transferred the finger nail to the two files.

‘No, I’ll keep them. I want to have a chat with Pauline.’ Penny turned to leave. ‘Just one more thing Penny.' the hairdresser – the dentist? What have I let myself in for?’

Penny looked back as she opened the door. ‘A make-over Duggie, supervised by me – and you’re going to love it – trust me.’ She waggled her rear at him and left. Duggie sighed a contented sigh and picked up the files.


The alarm radio came on. Peter Bunford stirred and turned to check the time. It was 10-30am, the alarm was usually set for 2pm when he was on night shifts, although he was often up and about long before that, but to-day was different; Becky was off to university. He had offered to drive her to Nottingham, but Julie insisted that she would. He would have liked to, but wasn’t prepared to argue. He would tell her about the coaching job at the Rugby Club later, she should be back well before he was due to leave for the night shift. He hauled himself out of bed, put on his dressing gown and headed for the family bathroom; he always used the spare bedroom at the back of the house when on nights, less to disturb him there. He turned on the shower and looked out through the window as he waited for the hot water to feed through. It was a sunny morning. A good day for a drive to Nottingham. He pushed a hand through the shower curtain to check the temperature a few seconds and it would be ready. Then he noticed the car, a silver Mercedes SL Roadster, parked in their short driveway. The hood was down and the boot open, so, if Julie wasn’t taking Rebecca to Nottingham, who was? He shrugged off the dressing gown and stepped into the shower.

Rebecca was in two minds about the Mercedes. It would be fun to drive in it to Nottingham, but what would the other students think? Probably better than arriving in the ProClean van though. She could hear her father whistling in the shower as she lugged her case downstairs, he would have done it for her, but she liked to be independent. Bit like her mum in that way, but she loved her dad, he was so easy going. Her mother called out from the kitchen as she turned the case onto its wheels to drag it through the hall.

‘I’ll pack the boot Becky! Lucy showed me the best way to stow things, just in case we need to put the hood up in a hurry.’ Rebecca stood the case upright and looked into the kitchen where her mother was making sandwiches. ‘Crikey mum, we’ll never eat all those!’

‘It’s three hours each way and I’ll probably stop on the way back. Anyway, who knows, you might be glad of some later.

‘Yes, who knows?’ Rebecca watched her mother, who was quick and efficient. When she had the interview at the university they asked about her parents. Dad is clever, very good with his hands and easy going. That summed up her father, but what about her mother? She had to think harder and came up with, dedicated, efficient and brisk. They asked her what she meant by, brisk and it was difficult to explain. No she hadn’t meant fast, it was more a description of her attitude towards people. She was outwardly friendly, but didn’t want them to get too close. She surprised herself, was that how she really saw her mother who was smiling a sort of secret smile to herself as she arranged the sandwiches in neat piles and wrapped them in kitchen foil. All neat, tidy and squared off to fit perfectly into the plastic picnic box. That was typical of mum, but there was something different about her this morning, somehow she seemed happier, softer, more relaxed.

Julie sealed the lid and looked at her daughter. Becky was an attractive, confident girl. Odd that she was only medium height though, would have thought that with taller than average parents; she would at least be as tall as her. Shouldn’t have a problem making friends at university. Becky was on the pill, had been since she was sixteen; she had personally arranged it with the family doctor, didn’t want any nasty surprises. As for her sexuality? Well, it wasn’t something they discussed, but she’d been out with several boyfriends and the current one, Dave was a couple of years older. She assumed Becky had lost her virginity, but would never ask.

‘Sure you’ve packed everything?’

‘Yes mum.’

‘Said goodbye to dad?’

‘He’s up, I heard him in the shower.’

Julie wedged the picnic box against two bottles of mineral water in a cool bag and zipped it closed. ‘There, that’ll keep everything nice and cool, now, let’s put that case in the boot.’

Peter Bunford came down the stairs. ‘Don’t worry – I’ll do that. Who’s taking you Becky? Very swish car out there.’

‘Mum’s borrowed it from work.’

He raised an eyebrow – an unspoken question which Julie was quick to answer.

‘Lucy insisted I use her car.’

‘That’s nice of her – very generous.’

‘She is generous – a lovely person.’ Julie felt herself blush and turned away to pick-up the cool bag. ‘There are some changes in our business, it’s very important; I’ll tell you about it later. Come on Becky, we’d better get on or I’ll never get back before your father has to go to work.’

Peter wanted to tell her that he had some important news as well, but it could wait. He picked up Becky’s case and carried it easily to the car where Julie took charge of loading. There was something different about her today; she seemed more relaxed, less picky. She covered the case, Becky’s soft holdall and the cooling bag with a net and clipped it onto restraining points around the boot. After checking that everything was out of harms way, should the roof need to be raised, she moved to the drivers side of the sleek sports car and opened the door. ‘Well, I’m ready, say good bye to your father Becky and we’ll get going.’

Becky coughed and giggled. ‘Do Mercedes drivers usually wear a pinny mum?

Julie looked down at her stripped pinafore and covered her embarrassment with a laugh. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me today – it must be because you’re leaving home.’ She quickly undid the strings, pulled the pinafore over her head and handed it to an amused husband. ‘Pop that in the kitchen please love, see you when I get back.’ She kissed him on the cheek. Peter was taken aback – it was an unusual gesture in their marriage.

Becky flung her arms around him and gave him a hug, which he returned. ‘Take care of yourself Becky and let us know if you need anything, I can pop over to Nottingham on the bike in no time.’

‘Bye dad, I’ll give you a call to let you know how things are.’

Julie started the car and the big engine burbled quietly as she waited for Becky to get in and fasten her seat belt. Peter walked to roadside and waved them on their way. The engine note changed to a powerful throb as Julie swung the car across the road and accelerated away. She was wearing dark glasses and a headscarf, a style which suited the car perfectly. It was just a pity that he would never be able to afford anything like that for her. He touched the cheek she had kissed. Now, what was that all about?


Dudley Wink drove quickly through the gateway to Laburnham Court, narrowly missing Major and Mrs Dodderington, who were going out for their constitutional in the process. Leaving the engine running, he jumped out with a bundle of letters and jogged through the entrance. Charlie Bell switched off the electric polisher he was using on the lobby floor and walked over to meet him.

‘I thought we had an agreement Dudley.’

‘We have Charlie, we have, but I can’t make the change until next Monday, management instruction, but there’s no problem – it’s definitely going to happen.’

Charlie took the bundle of letters. ‘Does Miss Lovebrace know about this?’

‘I told her it was likely. Anyway, I’ve got a few bits of photographic equipment for her to look at, she’s expecting me – shall I bring it in through here?’ Charlie shook his head. ‘Sorry, if it’s equipment you’ll have to use the service lift. Drive round the back, I’ll open the doors for you.’ Dudley rushed out to his van; she was expecting him half an hour ago. Charlie watched him then calmly picked up the telephone and keyed number one.

‘He’s arrived Miss Love brace – I’m sending him up in the service lift.’

He replaced the receiver and walked in measure strides past the lifts towards the back of the building where steps led down to his basement flat and the back entrance. The door could only be opened with the right code from the outside, but from the inside, anyone could open it by pressing the electronic release button. He pushed it and opened the door. Dudley was already there, heaving a large holdall bag from the back of the post van.

‘Need a hand Dudley?’

‘No, everything I need’s in here thanks Charlie. How do I get into her place from the lift?

‘There’s only a choice of two ways to go when you step out from the lift; left onto the roof garden or right into the penthouse, but you can’t get into either without a code. I called to say you were on the way, so I expect she’ll be waiting for you.’ He pointed to the release button as Dudley came in trough the door. ‘Press this when you come back down, it unlocks the door so as you can get out without having to call me. It locks automatically afterwards. Happy snapping.’ He grinned at Dudley as he reached into the lift to press the button for the penthouse. He would have loved to know what he was really up to. Seemed strange that a successful business women like Miss Lovebrace would employ a postman as a photographer. Then again, thinking about it, Dudley was quite well known for his photography in local circles. As the lift started its slow upward journey, he returned to the lobby to continue with his duties.

Dudley imagination was working overtime as the lift clanked slowly up to the penthouse. Nymphie Nita would be naked and waiting for him, sitting, the wrong way round, astride a wooden spoke backed chair with her back to the lift. As the lift doors opened she would bend backwards until her head touched the ground. One hand would be holding onto the back of the chair to stop her sliding off, the other would be stroking her pussy.

‘Please help me Dudley. Help me come as only you know how.’ He would smile as he leant over to suck her throbbing clitoris and she would go absolutely crazy, begging for him to do it again and again.

The lift doors opened to reveal a bare empty hallway, with none of the opulence associated with the entrance from the other lift and no Nymphie Nita He picked up the holdall and held it to cover his erection before stepping out.

‘Come in Dudley.’

She appeared in the doorway, wrapped, in a scarlet kimono.

‘Good morning Miss Lovebrace.’

‘Thank you Dudley, how nice of you to remember not to call me Nympie Nita.’

Ah, but I still think of you that way.’

‘I’m sure you do you little pervert, but it’s nice to have a little respect, especially when your tongue is up my – my – I was going to say cunt, but as a sign of mutual respect, I’ll refer to it as my pussy.’

He laughed. ‘Thank you – you’re very kind.’

‘Not at all, after all we need to have a good working relationship if we’re to defeat Rosie la Bonque. Did you look at her website?’

‘No, I thought you were going to go through it with me?’

‘So I was, I just thought you might not be able to resist taking a peep.’

‘No, I never pay to look at things like that.’

She looked at him keenly. ‘I don’t suppose you do Dudley. Follow me; we’ll have a look before you set up the cameras.’

‘I was thinking about that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got everything you need here. But if you have a camera in the bathroom, how come you don’t have one in the bedroom?’

She laughed. ‘I don’t have one in the bathroom. I guessed what you would be thinking of and spoke to you on the intercom.’ He chuckled to himself as he followed her through the kitchen and along a corridor to her office. She knew him better than he knew himself. The office overlooked the roof garden with French doors leading out onto it. He could see Lippinston in the distance; she had a fantastic view.

‘Will you be starting from the computer and running your wires to the bedroom, or the other way round?’

Dudley gave a smirk of self satisfaction. ‘No wires – the camera’s are wireless. All I need is a power source at that end. And a lead from the receiver into the computer. I’ve brought a spare hard drive so, as I said yesterday, we won’t be using the computer memory.’

‘I’m obviously in the hands of an expert.’ She sat down in front of the computer.

‘Pull up a chair. We’ll see what Rosie’s up to.’

Dudley sat down next to her and watched as she logged into the Rosie LeBonque website. Rosie was a red head with incredibly blue eyes, not that you would spend that much time looking into her eyes. What she got up to made Dudley squirm. She was obviously sex mad, the same as Nymphie, and attractive, but in a different way. He watched closely as she worked on herself with a vibrator; nothing very special in that. Then a big coloured guy joined her on the bed with a cock that would make any bloke feel inadequate, except he didn’t use it, not to start with anyway. Rosie encouraged him to put four fingers of his right hand into her pussy and use his thumb on her clit. The scene cut to a close up of Rosie’s face; he was going crazy. From his long experience of spying on Nymphie Nita, he knew she was not faking it. He turned to look at Lucinda Lovebrace and discovered she was watching him, not the screen.

‘So what do you think Dudley, is she as good as me?’

‘Just as sex mad, but she doesn’t do it for me.’

‘I’m pleased to hear it. Do you think we can do better?’

‘I should think so, but you’ll have to find the coloured guy.’

She grabbed him by the wrist and lifted his arm. ‘I was thinking more of a variation on a theme. Make a fist.’ He did as he was told. Using both hands she stroked the clenched fist, and then ran both hands up the arm, as if stroking an enormous penis.

‘I think that will do very nicely – don’t you?


When the doorbell rang at number 27 Back Street, Barrie was in the fitting room, studying Gwen’s file. Debbie was downstairs, trying to work out the quantities of the different materials they would have to buy to fulfil Davina’s orders. She placed her pad carefully on top of the splayed sheets of orders and called out to Natasha to tell her she would let Mrs Parsons in. She opened the door to find Gwen waving goodbye to someone in a small hatchback as it drove off down the street. Gwen turned and smiled at her.

‘Hello my dear, that’s my new gentleman friend. I’ve come to see Natasha.’

‘Of course Mrs Parsons, how nice to see you do come in.’ Gwen walked through the door and gave Debbie a friendly pat on the arm. ‘You must call me Gwen my dear, everyone does, even that lovely partner of yours, but it did take sometime. Didn’t seem right to me though, standing there with no clothes on and not being on Christian name terms.’ Debbie laughed and agreed as she took Gwen’s floppy felt and light raincoat and put them on the coat rack. Gwen smiled her thanks. ‘It’s a lovely day, but you never know, it can turn so quickly.’

Barrie skipped lightly down the stairs thinking that if Gwen ever found out he was in Natasha’s body she would probably die of embarrassment. Natasha was very fond of Gwen and always gave her a kiss and a hug so he copied the greeting as best he could and Gwen responded in similar fashion. Barrie gave her one of Natasha’s heart melting smiles.

‘Lovely to see you Gwen, did you have a good trip?’

‘Drove up with my new gentleman friend yesterday, we stayed at that fancy hotel out of town.’

Barrie tried to think of which hotel she could be referring to. Debbie beat her to it.

‘The Complete Countryman?’

‘That’s the one. It’s very nice – but so it should be at those prices.’

‘They do have that reputation,’ said Debbie, ‘I’ll make a pot of tea, the kettle’s on.’ Debbie walked through to the kitchen, leaving Barrie with Natasha’s client. He indicated that Gwen should take a seat and perched Natasha’s body gracefully on the edge of a chair on the opposite side of the coffee table. Gwen seemed proud of her new gentleman friend, how would Natasha react to the news?

‘It must be helpful, having a friend to travel with?’

Gwen looked even more pleased with herself. ‘It’s nice to share a bed again. It’s been a long time since dear Harry past on.’

What was this old biddy doing sleeping with a man at the Complete Countryman? Barrie’s thoughts were obviously communicated through Natasha’s expression. Gwen chuckled.

‘No need to look so surprised my dear. I was doing it and enjoying it before you was born. You youngsters seem to think you invented sex.’

Barrie shuddered. He had worked out a way to make it easy for both of them but unless he could convince her there was no need to take new measurements, he would be seeing her with her kit off and he could not stop an image of all that flesh grinding away on top of some poor bloke. It wasn’t something he wanted to see, it fell into the same category as women exposing their midriffs in public. There should be a law against it as far as he was concerned. Any woman over 30 years age or 10 stone in weight who showed her stomach should be locked up, and if she was tattooed – they should throw away the key! He blocked the image of Gwen giving her gentleman friend a good seeing to from his mind, and adopted the conversational tone Natasha would use.

‘Perhaps it’s because it’s all so up front these days Gwen, young people are expected to have pre-marital sex.’

Gwen looked triumphant as she explained that the advent of the pill gave girls the same freedom for sexual experimentation and new partners as the boys. Barrie was quite shocked when she went on to say that she had several new partners after she married. Harry never found out and although she felt a bit guilty at the time, it was nice to try someone different and know for sure that her Harry was the best. Despite himself, Barrie was intrigued and with one of Natasha’s disarming smiles. 'Do you still enjoy sex, Gwen?' Gwen laughed. ‘Enjoy it? I love it! Always have, except my back restricts some of my favourite positions. That’s what I’ve come to talk about.’

‘I don’t think I’m the person to advise you on the best positions Gwen.’

Gwen chuckled and banged the coffee table in a spontaneous expression of mirth. ‘I don’t suppose you are my dear, you only being married for a year. No, what I need is a fancy corset for my love making. I need the support, but I want a bit of glamour for young Geoffrey. Save doing it in the dark.’

‘I quite like dim lighting.’ Barrie was determined to let Gwen see that Natasha was a woman of experience.

‘Ah yes, but not too dim. I like to see what I’m getting from my toy boy.’

‘Geoffrey is younger then?’

‘Only by three weeks, but in my book, that makes him my toy boy.’ Gwen chuckled some more. ‘I’ve always wanted a toy boy.’

What’s all this about a toy boy?’ Debbie walked in with the tea, put the tray down on the coffee table and pulled a chair up to join them.

‘It’s my new gentleman friend,’ said Gwen. ‘The one I was waving to when you let me in.’

‘He’s three weeks younger than Gwen.’ Barrie gave one of Natasha’s giggles.

‘A toy boy is a toy boy. That’s what I say,’ said Gwen.

‘Too right! How do you like it Gwen?’ Debbie poured the tea.

‘That’s what I was talking to Natasha about, my back restricts me, but I can still do it the way I like best.’ Gwen grinned at Natasha. She was deliberately misinterpreting Debbie’s question, but Debbie was equal to her. ‘Is that the position you prefer to have your tea in Gwen?’

Gwen chortled. ‘Oh no, can’t drink tea while I’m in that position. I’d spill it all over young Geoffrey’s testicles. Milk with no sugar please my dear.’

Debbie added milk and passed the cup and saucer over. Barrie picked-up the story. ‘Gwen is looking for something with the support of her medical corset, but more pleasing on the eye.’

‘I want it to be really sexy,’ interrupted Gwen. ‘I need the support for my back, but I don’t want anything restricting at the lower front – if you get my meaning.’

Debbie sipped her tea and nodded. Barrie turned and spoke to her.

‘I wondered if your Classic Diva could be adapted, Debs?’

‘In the duchess satin?’

‘I don’t see why not.’

‘No, neither do I. You could provide Gwen with the extra support she needs and it is definitely glamorous.

Barrie turned his attention back to Gwen. ‘It’s one of Debbie’s designs we showed to the buyer of Naughty but Nice yesterday.’

Debbie stood-up. ‘I’ll fetch it down for you to have a look at.’

Barrie put a restraining hand on her waist. ‘I’ve got a better idea Debs, I’ll put it on and model it for Gwen?’

Debbie assured Gwen that it was not too much trouble as she watched Natasha skip up the stairs. There was something different about her, she was more up front about everything than usual. The Natasha she knew, would have offered to fetch the corset, but never model it, perhaps yesterday’s success had really boosted her confidence, which was not a bad thing.

Barrie had great difficulty controlling a fit of the giggles as he closed the fitting room door. He had hatched a great plan; Natasha would model the corset without any underwear, so Gwen would be able to see for herself if it was likely to impede young Geoffrey’s approach. He stripped off, wriggled into the Diva Corset and admired Natasha’s glorious figure. He placed one hand over her exposed sex and held the other out, as if holding the banister rail. He stepped into Natasha’s high heels, having already decided not to wear stockings, and posed again. The hand would not conceal the fact that she was not wearing knickers and he wanted that to come as a big surprise. He picked Gwen’s file off the bed and held it at a strategic angle; perfect! He turned Natasha’s body to look at the rear. If he did a quick twirl, they wouldn’t have time to realise she was not wearing knickers, then, when he faced them again he would whip away the file.

He walked Natasha’s body slowly and sedately down the stairs. Gwen held a hand to her mouth and whispered. ‘Oh my god, that is so beautiful – so beautiful.’

Still holding the file firmly in place, Barrie executed a perfect twirl. He could see that Debbie was pleased with Gwen‘s reaction and entered into a sales pitch.

‘Natasha will be able to provide the extra support you need Gwen. We are buying the satin in bulk, cherry red and black for the Naughty but Nice orders, so if you want it in either of those colours, we will be able to do you a very good price.’

‘That sounds lovely. I’ll have one of each my dears.’ Gwen coughed, delicately. ‘As long as it’s not too restricting – at the front.’

Barrie was quick to take the cue. ‘I thought about that Gwen and reckoned the best way for you to judge would be to model it…’ He pause mid sentence to whip the file away. ‘…without knickers!’

Gwen put a hand up to her mouth again and squealed. ‘Oh my! Oh my god! Oh how wonderful!’ Then, realising what she had said could be misinterpreted; she hastily tried to cover her embarrassment. ‘I mean – the corset. The corset is so wonderful, not your err um…’ Debbie came to her rescue. ‘But you have to admit it is rather neat Gwen and at least it proves that Natasha is a real blonde.’

Gwen giggled. ‘You’re right there my dear and at least I can see there’s plenty of room.’ She giggled again. ‘Oh dear, what am I saying now? I mean there’s plenty of room for what I want. Oh dear, it’s getting worse.’ She collapsed in a fit of giggles. Debbie grinned. ‘Really Tash – what were you thinking?

Barrie couldn’t very well say that he was thinking of what he was always thinking of. ‘I simply wanted Gwen to see…’ Gwen interrupted with more giggles. ‘I simply wanted Gwen to see for herself…’ Gwen was clutching the edge of the coffee table with one hand and holding her ample stomach with the other. ‘I simply wanted Gwen to see for herself that the corset would not restrict those activities in any way.’ Gwen’s giggles were subsiding when the doorbell rang and started her off again.

‘That’ll be Geoffrey,’ she giggled. ‘I told him to come back here after he’d visited a few estate agents. Hope you don’t mind?’

‘Not at all,‘ said Debbie.

‘Do you think he’d like to see the corset?’ asked Barrie.

Gwen collapsed over the coffee table. ‘If he sees you like that he’ll have a heart attack – and I don’t want that – I haven’t finished with him yet.’

Rather reluctantly, Barrie took Natasha’s beautiful body upstairs as a giggling Debbie went to the front door.

Geoffrey Manners was plump and jolly with a shock of white hair and a full white beard framing rosy cheeks. Gwen was sitting next to him, looking through a sheaf of property particulars when Barrie rejoined them. He was sure Natasha would approve, they seemed so happy together, but he had difficulty imagining how their stomachs could possibly allow sexual congress. She told them they were thinking about moving back to the Hamsworth area and on the subject of estate agents, she had a bit of gossip for them. Geoffrey placed a restraining hand on Gwen’s knee. ‘I’m not so sure it was him you know Gwen.’

‘It was him alright, lover.’

Geoffrey patted her leg by way of apology. ‘Well, if it was him, he’s lost a lot of hair over the past six years, that’s all I can say.’

‘Trust me, it was him. I had a lot of dealings with Mervyn – until he went off the rails – so to speak.’

‘Which Mervyn are you talking about?’ asked Debbie.

Gwen sighed. ‘I’m not sure you will know him my dears. Quite a scandal it was at the time though.’

‘Upset all the folk in Laburnham Avenue and thereabouts,’ added Geoffrey.

‘And that was after his wife left him because of that call-girl business.’

‘He was running a call-girl business in Hamsworth?’ Barrie had never heard of one.

‘No, not Hamsworth,’ explained Geoffrey. ‘He used to go to London, but his wife was suspicious and had a private detective follow him.’

‘Caught him in the act, so to speak.’

‘Two of them,’ added Geoffrey.

‘Well, there would be two of them.’ Barrie gave one of Natasha’s little giggles as he made the observation. Gwen looked at Natasha and smiled. ‘Two call girls my dear. Mervyn liked that sort of thing.’ Geoffrey laughed. ‘Story did the rounds that his wife wouldn’t have minded if he hadn’t been paying double bubble.’ Gwen gave him a playful dig. ‘She always was a bit of a penny pincher. Just remember, if you ever want to get up to that sort of thing – you don’t have to pay for me.’ The red on Geoffrey’s cheeks spread across the rest of his face.

‘I think you’ve embarrassed him Gwen.’

‘Never,' said Gwen, ‘He’s too thick skinned for that – has to be to go out with me. Anyway it was definitely Mervyn Turner who was staying at the Complete Countryman.'


Squeezing Barrie’s frame into Sam’s small hatchback was much easier than Natasha had anticipated. The relief when she suggested they go in her car must have been obvious, but Sam didn‘t say anything, although she did give her an odd look when she called her Samantha. Barrie obviously never used her full name, which was a shame; Natasha had always thought Samantha a pretty name.

Her flat was on the Industrial estate side of town, less than ten minutes from the office. They approached it down a cul-de-sac of 1960’s built houses with open plan lawns. The area had a pleasant, spacious, well kept feel which the planners had obviously been at pains to continue with the flats built around a large central rectangle of mown grass and well kept shrubs. Sam turned to the right and pulled into an allotted parking space behind the right hand block. She was waiting to lock the car before Natasha had managed to heave Barrie’s body out. They entered a stairwell which served four flats, two ground floor and two on the first. Natasha liked the set-up, it was neat and clean. She followed Sam up the stairs and into flat number 8. The flat looked as if it had been recently redecorated and had what she would describe as a timeless feel to it – definitely not typical 1960‘s.

Sam dropped the car keys into her handbag and placed it on a table in the small hallway, fished the disk from the handbag, kicked off her shoes and skipped lightly into the sitting room. The computer was neatly housed in a bookcase unit and it took only a few seconds to load her programs, a sure sign it had a powerful processor. She turned back from the computer with all the buttons of her blouse undone. Barrie’s penis showed an immediate reaction. She grinned and brushed against it as she pushed past.

‘Come on, let’s get our bonk in first. We can look at the disk and have a bite to eat afterwards.’

Natasha followed her into the bedroom. The curtains were drawn across the north facing window; Sam was obviously a girl who planned ahead. She was down to her underwear before Natasha had hardly made it through the door.

‘Come on Barrie, get a move on, it’s alright for you, but I haven’t had a bonk since last week.’ Wondering which day it would have been the previous week, Natasha struggled to undo the shirt cuff buttons with Barrie’s large fingers before turning her attention his tie and the buttons down the front of the shirt.

‘Let me.’ Sam brushed Barrie’s hands away, and swiftly undid the buttons in descending order. Natasha unbuckled the belt and undid the top button of his trousers to provide access to the last button. Pausing only to give Barrie’s penis an encouraging squeeze, she pulled the shirt from his back and put it on a wire coat hanger behind the bedroom door. Deliberately put there for the purpose? Natasha desperately wanted to make love to Sam. she kicked off Barrie’s shoes, pulled down his trousers and stepped out of the underpants leaving them in a disorderly pile on the floor. She parked his bottom on the edge of the bed to take off his socks, and was confronted by that disgusting thigh support, she wanted to take that off, but Sam was astride Barrie’s body before she could even begin. She was naked now and Natasha thrilled at the smoothness of her skin and the touch of her breasts as they brushed against Barrie’s chest. Her eyes were looking into Barrie’s eyes and Natasha thought they were about to kiss, but Sam did not kiss, she playfully rubbed noses.

‘I want to be on top Barrie – but don’t bother with your socks, I’ll be facing you today. I quite enjoyed it last week, but I don’t want to look at your feet two weeks running and definitely not at your thigh support.’

Natasha laughed as much in relief as anything else. She now knew what Sam was expecting from Barrie. Her comment the previous day about liking to be on top was obviously the case. Sam held onto Barrie’s shoulders, lifted herself up and leant back. Was she going to sit on Barrie’s penis? No; she stood up to let Barrie lay on the bed. Natasha followed her bidding. When Natasha came on top, Barrie always held his penis at the right angle for her. She did the same for Sam as she straddled his body. Sam’s full breasts swung gently as she crawled up to position herself. Natasha looked past the breasts, fascinated as the light fuzz of pubic hair brushed the tip of Barrie’s penis, which looked truly enormous from that angle. She watched the head as it entered, then switched to Sam’s face. Her eyes were closed. She seemed to be concentrating on every small movement as she eased herself on. When it was held tight by her vagina, Natasha took Barrie’s hands away and placed them gently on Sam’s buttocks which were well rounded and smooth. Sam rode the penis slowly, easing it in a fraction on each downward thrust. When at last she achieved full penetration she opened her eyes and gave Natasha a broad smile. Natasha was captivated by that smile, she knew it was meant for Barrie but now she was wishing it was meant for her. Was she in love with Sam because she was in Barrie’s body, or would she continue to feel the same way if and when she returned to her own? She never had those sorts of feelings – sexual feelings – for Debbie, although they had been friends for years and no one could deny that Debbie was attractive. It was just that Sam’s beauty was different. Perhaps it was a reflection of her own colouring and looks with a subtle twist? Perhaps it was wanting to have intimate knowledge of her sexual feelings to compare with her own? Whatever, she was going to take this opportunity to make love properly to Sam; this was not going to be a quick bonk.

Sam was settling into a rhythm but not the sort Natasha was used to. Sam was using the full length of Barrie’s penis, rising up on it until she felt it must slip out before sinking down again. It was slow and methodical and Natasha wondered if Barrie’s penis would suddenly explode and leave Sam unfulfilled. How did he cope with this incredibly intense feeling? The entire length felt as it was on fire. Perhaps that could be the key? She thought about having a cold shower with icy water cascading over his penis. The danger of a premature ejaculation receded, at the precise moment when Sam sat up and started grinding down on Barrie’s penis in short savage strokes. All her teeth showed in a broad grin as she threw her head back and braced her arms on Barrie’s thighs to help pound up and down. Natasha could not recover quickly enough so as Sam let out a squeal of delight and shuddered into an orgasm, Barrie’s ejaculation, as far as Natasha could tell, was still some way off. She felt cheated, as she often did with Barrie, but this was different because it was likely to be the only time she would ever be in bed with the delectable Sam.

‘I didn’t make it Sam.’

Sam leant forward, lifted herself off and touched noses. It was the only sign of affection she made during their love making. It really was just a bonk as far as she was concerned. Natasha should be pleased – relieved – but she wasn’t. She repeated her complaint.

‘I didn’t make it.’

‘What do you mean you didn’t make it Barrie. You always come.’

‘Not today. Could we do it again?’

She frowned. ‘We haven’t got a lot of time. You know very well it has to be a quick bonk. Today was no quicker, why didn’t you come?’

‘I don’t know. If you don’t want to carry on, I’ll understand.’

She rolled off, lay on her back and reached out to paint an imaginary pattern on Barrie’s arm. ‘There’s not much point in having a bonk if we don’t both come. You’ll have to do the work though.’

Natasha turned Barrie’s body towards her, placed a hand on her thigh and ran it lightly over her stomach to her left breast. Her nipple was still hard as his hand brushed across it.

‘Barrie!’ It was a warning. Natasha was getting the message. No fondling or kissing that way it remained no more than a quick bonk. But Natasha wanted more and was determined to make love to Sam.

‘Sorry.’ She moved his hand onto the bed to support his weight and moved his body on top. Sam reached down to guide Barrie’s penis. Strange how that was alright but the stroking of her breast was wrong. Natasha touched Barrie’s nose on hers, the acceptable alternative to a kiss and gently pushed. Sam lifted up to assist entry and seizing the opportunity, Natasha slipped Barrie’s hands under the small of her back and worked them down under her silky smooth buttocks. Now she was in complete control with the ability to adjust the depth of penetration at her will. Sam gasped as Natasha found precisely the right spot with the tip of Barrie’s penis and as she opened her eyes to look at him, Natasha moved Barrie’s head as if to touch noses but kissed the tip of her nose instead, then, before she had chance to protest, kissed her lightly on the lips. She pulled away expecting an admonishment, but none came. Sam looked dreamily into Barrie’s eyes and ran her tongue along her top lip. Gently moving Barrie’s penis around that special spot, Natasha kissed her again. Sam returned the kiss, lightly at first, then her arms entwined around Barrie’s neck and she fastened her lips onto his. It was a long passionate kiss and by the time she let go, Natasha had unconsciously moved to take Barrie’s weight on his elbows, allowing his hands to caress her breasts. She smiled and whispered.

‘Don’t rush Barrie – make it last – for ever.’

Natasha made love to Sam the way she wanted Barrie to make love to her. So, when she felt that he was about to ejaculate, she withdrew and rained kisses over Sam’s glorious breasts and down over her taut belly to breath on her sex and then touch the tip of his tongue on her clitoris. Through gentle circular movements she soon had Sam moaning, and whispering his name in encouragement. Natasha used Barrie’s hands to lightly caress her breasts before sliding them down to place his thumbs next to his mouth to gently part the labia lips and allow his tongue easy access to dip into her before travelling in long sensual licks back to the clitoris. Sam’s soft moans changed to shouts that she was about to come and Natasha moved Barrie’s tongue to concentrate on the base of her clitoris occasionally flicking it lightly over the tip. Sam’s fingers tangled in Barrie’s hair as she frantically pushed down on the back of his head and lifted her hips to explode in a shuddering orgasm.

Without giving pause for her to recover, Natasha retraced the route back to her mouth and kissed her gently on the lips as Barrie’s penis slipped into her wetness. She wrapped her legs around him, using her heels to encourage deep penetration. Natasha knew that if she timed it right, she would be able to bring Sam to another glorious climax. Sam’s smile was one of pure joy as a determined Natasha proceeded with long rhythmic thrusts. However, despite her hope for long slow lovemaking she could not control Barrie’s penis, the thrusts became progressively faster and as Sam screamed in her third moment of ecstasy, the penis seemed to explode deep inside. For several minutes they remained locked in an embrace, silent and still. Sam broke the long silence.

‘That wasn’t supposed to happen. We’re only supposed to have a fun bonk.’

‘Wasn’t that fun?’

‘It was wonderful, but we shouldn’t have let it happen.’

She tried to blink back tears. Natasha gently kissed them away.

‘Sorry Sam.’

Sam sighed. ‘It’ no more your fault than mine Barrie, but what do we do know? I’m not a marriage wrecker. There’s no harm in a bonk, but that was making love and it was wonderful.’ She paused to kiss him full on the lips.

‘I think this will have to be the last time – don’t you?’

Natasha froze in dismay. Of course it should be the last time – that was what she should want as Barrie’s wife, but now, as Sam’s lover she wanted more.

‘It doesn’t have to be. Natasha understands my needs.’

‘I’m sure she does, but she wouldn’t be very happy if she found out about us.’

‘She knows.’ Natasha blurted it out without really thinking.

‘How can she know? Have you told her?

‘No, she just knows.’

Sam disentangled herself from their embrace and looked directly into Barrie‘s eyes. ‘How do you know she knows?’

Natasha realised she had backed herself into a corner and frantically tried to think of an answer. What would Barrie say in this situation? Once, when he’d had a few drinks too many, he had joked with her about having a threesome with Penny. She had laughed it off, but that could be the answer! She spoke slowly and softly, as if confiding a secret which Barrie had been keeping and was vaguely embarrassed about.

‘She suspected there might be someone else and told me she understood my needs – and in fact – expressed interest in taking part in a threesome to show she truly loved me and would not be jealous or possessive in any way.’

Sam showed her surprise but before she could say anything, Natasha pressed on.

Sowing the seeds for a threesome with Sam wasn’t such a bad idea. She would enjoy it and how could Barrie possibly refuse? There was a poetic justice attached to it. Payback for all those times he had cheated on her.

‘How would you feel about it Sam? Would you be able to have sex with another woman?’

Samantha sat up and put the tip of her nose against Barrie’s. ‘It’s everyman’s fantasy to watch two young women make love. You’re a dirty old man Barrie Billingsgate.’

‘You wouldn’t do it then?’

‘I never said that.’ She playfully flicked the head of Barrie’s penis with the index finger of her right hand. It stung and halting a burgeoning erection. ‘Come on – no more time for that, we’ve got work to do.’

They dressed in silence. Sam was quicker and Natasha could hear her rattling plates in the kitchen as she struggled with the buttons on Barrie’s shirt. By the time she walked into the living room Sam was sitting in front of the computer. A kitchen chair had been placed beside hers. Sam pointed to a plate of neatly cut, triangular sandwiches perched on the shallow ledge of the bookcase.

‘It's Cheese and cucumber.’

‘Great. Thanks.’

She gave Barrie a mischievous grin. ‘I’ve had enough meat for one day.’

Natasha couldn’t think of a smart answer, so she simply smiled a loving smile, vaguely aware that she was making Barrie appear foolish. But, she couldn’t help it – she was in love.


In Petronella’s, an upmarket hair stylist in Hamsworth town centre, which claimed to be unisex, but rarely saw a man on the premises; Duggie Lummox shifted uneasily in the comfortable, soft leather chair. He was wondering what else he had let himself in for when he shagged Penny. Having secretly lusted after her for years, when it was offered to him on a plate, he simply could not resist. Any girl other than Penny and he would have suspected she was after his money, but he knew that with Penny that would not be the case. Several rich patrons of the rugby club had thrown their hats into the ring, but she ignored them all. Penny either liked a person or she didn’t, money or position never came into it. He smiled to himself. She had insisted on several positions before reaching a noisy climax and he had only been a second or two behind, which wasn’t bad for a first time – and for a long time. Perhaps it was because she was very graphic in describing what she wanted him to do to her. Afterwards they kissed him and she told him he was a marvellous lover and if he would like them to become an item that would be fine by her. He replied immediately in the affirmative, not giving a second thought to what his fellow directors might think or say. What did concern him though was the length Penny might go to change his appearance, this haircut was only the first of the actions she proposed. A cosmetic dentist was booked for 4pm and god only knew what else she had in mind. He sighed, perhaps it would be a small price to play to have someone as attractive as Penny in his life and whatever happened, he could be pretty sure she would tell him if he wasn’t satisfying her.

Maurice, was outrageously camp and naturally garrulous, but with a straight man in his chair, he had long run out of things to say. He snipped busily with a ridiculously small pair of scissors which annoying Duggie as for most of the time it seemed as if he was snipping air, not hair. His regular barber used man sized scissors and took large satisfying clumps with every snip. ‘Nearly there sir.’ Had the poof detected his growing impatience? Or was the interminable cut actually nearing completion? In the mirror he saw him stop and turn away.

‘Penny love! We’re nearly there – would you like to take a butchers?’

Penny came in from the waiting room, holding a cup and a glossy magazine.

‘You called Maurice?’

‘Before I blow him love – should I take more off?

Penny grinned at Duggie as she adopted Maurice’s camp stance.

No, I’d keep your shirt on if I was you.’

‘Oooh, what does she mean?’

Penny laughed. Maurice touched Duggie’s shoulder. ‘You’re such a lucky man, beautiful with a sense of humour. I’ve been chasing after her for years.’

Duggie grunted. Penny laughed. ‘And what would you have done if you’d caught me?’

Maurice pouted, tossed his head and looked at the ceiling. ‘How can someone so beautiful be so cruel? I could have thought of – something.’ Maintaining the act of the rejected lover, he picked-up a hand held drier and with an extravagant flourish began to work on Duggie’s hair. As it was teased and shaped into the style Penny had requested, Duggie had to grudgingly admit to himself that Maurice was an artist. The difference was quite startling and he liked it. Gone was the high, rather narrow forehead and in its place emerged a squarer look with the hint of a parting.

It was almost two o’clock by the time they climbed back into Duggie’s Range Rover. ‘Pleased with it?’ Duggie gave her a sheepish grin. She had caught him looking at his hair in the rear view mirror.

‘It's very different, I have to say, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it looking the same. I don’t have Maurice’s talent.’

‘Thank goodness for that!’ She reached over the large central armrest and squeezed his forearm, ‘but it’s a good cut, you won’t need to use that comb of yours, just run your fingers through and it will fall into place – and no oil!. If it needs any tweaking, I’ll do it for you.’

He looked across at her and smiled. ‘I like the sound of that, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear Penny. I am what I am – an ugly old sod.’

‘You’re a lovely old sod. The kindest, fairest person I’ve ever known.’

Duggie laughed. ‘Steady on, you’ll make me blush.’

‘I’m serious Duggie. It’s true. All your long term staff love you. They know you have their interests at heart and to be honest, your image doesn’t reflect the real you, all I‘m doing is helping you put that right.’

‘Nothing to do with trying to make me look younger?’

‘Not, but you should look after yourself. Start by coming into the office an hour later every morning and use that time to exercise.’

‘You mean join a health club?’

She kissed him lightly on the ear and whispered. ‘The exercise I have in mind is much more pleasurable.’


Lucinda Lovebrace was working on the table in the dining room when Julie phoned to say she had delivered Rebecca in Nottingham and was about to start the return journey. Did she want her to drop the car off on the way? Lucy flicked open her appointments diary, placed a beautifully manicured nail alongside the initials pencilled in for 7pm, tapped the end of the pencil against her bottom teeth, it seemed a wonderful opportunity. ‘I’ve got a client at seven, why don’t you come round then?’

Julie sounded disappointment, so she put on her best wheedling voice. ‘I’m suggesting seven because it would be incredibly exciting if you could make love to me in front of my client.’

There was a long silence which she eventually broke herself. ‘Of course, if you don’t want to make love to me, I’ll understand.’ She waited, determined not to break the silence for a second time. It seemed an eternity before Julie replied. She smiled, said goodbye and switched off the mobile phone.

In the parked Mercedes, Julie slumped forward and hugged the leather bound steering wheel. What had she let herself in for? She did not want to make love to Lucy in front of some strange man, or woman for that matter, but, if Lucy found the prospect incredibly exciting, what choice did she have? By the time she had collected her thoughts and turned the car for home, she was fantasising on how she would bring Lucy to a glorious climax and prove she had no need for men in her life.

In Lucy’s office, Dudley Wink carefully examined the images in the six boxes on the computer screen. He could zoom in and out, with automatic focus, on each of the six cameras, but had no control over direction. He needed to lock them off. The wide angle overhead camera wasn’t a problem. It was the others which would probably needed slight adjustment and the only way to find out would be to have Nymphie lying on the bed, preferably naked, that way he would be able to see how close he could zoom in without straying from the vital areas of pussy, breasts, or face. He had positioned a second camera in the ceiling, another hidden in a vase of flowers on a table, covering a low angle, from the foot of the bed. One concealed in the padded head board and one each side of the bed in the mirrored wardrobes. He would have liked more, but to get the system started, six cameras would have to do. He should be able cut together good coverage of any sexual action with those, providing the participants did not stray from the bed, and why should they? He had also concealed his own stills camera, which he could activate by remote control. Her hands descended softly onto his shoulders. It made him jump. ‘Are we ready Dudley?’ He breathed in her fragrance. Was she naked? She gently massaged his shoulders and neck. ‘That all looks very professional.’

‘Thanks.‘ He half turned. She was still wearing the kimono, which was a pity. ‘We need to check that each camera is covering the right part of the bed before I lock them off. Could you lay on the bed for me?’

‘Of course. Will I be able to watch it back?’

‘No problem, I’ll switch to record as soon as you get on the bed, but I’ll probably have to make some final adjustments.’

She left the room and he watched intently to see which camera would pick her up first. A flash of red appeared on the area covered by the headboard camera as she walked past the low table with the flowers. Then she came into shot on the right hand wardrobe camera, but as it was set on wide angle, and aimed for action on the bed, she was only visible from the waist down. The kimono suddenly fell away to give him a side view of her shapely legs, as they moved towards the bedside table where she came into full view, stooping down to open the drawer. It was a three quarter angle, so her breasts were hardly visible and he couldn’t see what she was taking from the drawer. He scanned the other images and chose the low angle camera in the flower vase. Bringing the image up to full screen he could see she was placing vibrators of different sizes and colours on the pillow. Had she deliberately propped them up for the camera? In all she took eight sex toys from the drawer, the last being an enormous black dildo. Dudley began to salivate when she lay on the bed and fondled her breasts. Then her attention turned to her pussy as he knew it would. He zoomed in close on her face with an overhead camera and tight in on her pussy with the low angle from the foot of the bed. Fantastic! It would have suited him better had she not known he was watching, but she certainly wasn’t inhibited in anyway. She used the vibrators in the order laid out on the pillow, spending more time with the florescent pink one which simultaneously stimulated G spot and clitoris. She began to thrash about in a frenzy, prompting him to ease the zoom on the low angle camera; he didn’t want to lose any of the action by having it go out of frame. Eventually she reached for the enormous black dildo, laying it between her breasts and licking the end before slowly sliding it down and inserting it into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure and called out for Dudley’s help, but by this time his zip was undone and his hand was on his prick.

‘Dudley! Help me! Will you help me, please?’

She was desperate. Before yesterday she could have whistled, but now he knew she really needed him and that made him feel good. Without bothering to zip up, he set off for the bedroom.

Lucy had expected to reach her orgasm with the dildo, but again it had disappointed’ what was wrong? She hadn’t touched herself since Julie left over five hours ago, normally, if she was in the mood, she could expect to have five or six orgasms in that time. Perhaps that was the trouble, she wasn’t in the mood. The idea she was feeling guilty, doing it without her was a ridiculous notion. She needed to come and she would come. She lifted her head from the pillow to watch Dudley as he walked into the bedroom. He immediately dropped his trousers and began to take off his blue, short sleeved shirt. She didn’t want him to take that off. ‘No. Leave the shirt. You can take everything else off, and then come here, onto the right hand side of the bed.’

Re-buttoning the shirt he did as he was told and placed his right hand on the dildo, but she brushed it away and slowly withdrew it. He heard it bounce on the carpet, then felt her hand on his, without saying anything, she took his index finger and pushed it into her vagina. He curled it round to search for her G spot, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She found his second finger and pushed that in, quickly followed by the other two. With the palm of his hand in side, it seemed natural to use the thumb on her clitoris. He thought her fingers were about to join in but they took hold of his thumb, and pushed it into her vagina. He looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, teeth bared in that desperate grin he had witnessed so many time before. He pushed his whole hand inside, exploring with his fingers but that wasn’t what she wanted either. She told him to clench his fist and as soon as he had, he felt her hands encircle his wrist. Initially they touched lightly encouraging him to push, but as his fist penetrated deeper so her encouragement turned to insistence. She was screaming at him, telling him to fist her harder. Fist her faster. Not satisfied with his efforts her nails dug into the flesh on his forearm, urging him on. She gasped as his fist went deeper. Gasps gave way to screams with every deep thrust. He could see the desperation in her eyes as her hands gripped his elbow and she frantically bucked against his fist. Her orgasm came quickly and if her scream was anything to go by it must have been extremely intense. She let go of his elbow and propped herself up to watch the last few thrusts.

‘Don’t stop Dudley. Don’t stop.’ She gave him a beaming smile as her right hand slid down over her clitoris. He thought perhaps she wanted to come again, but as it turned out, she was adding closure to a fantastic orgasm. After a minute or so she gave a satisfied sigh and helped him pull his hand out. Then she lay back, knowing what he would want to do. He knelt astride her and masturbated, ejaculating over her breasts.

Later, as she was taking a shower, Dudley retrieved his camera before editing a piece for the Anita von Beta website. She stood behind him as he finished.

‘That’ll make Rosie sit up and take notice.’

‘Or lay back and try something else,’ said Dudley.

She laughed. ‘I’ve thought of a title.’

‘What’s that?’

‘The Postman Always Delivers.’

Dudley laughed; he had wondered why she insisted on his keeping his shirt on.


Natasha was still not sure that she had enough on the Dynamic situation to satisfy Duggie. Sam had taken her through everything and pinpointed a company called Top Choice Dynamic as the beneficiaries of the lost business, but how they had managed to hack into the Travel Plan data base remained a mystery. She would simply have to lay out everything she knew, hopefully in the way he would expect Barrie to do, and hope for the best.

Duggie was in the outer office chatting to Penny as she walked down the corridor. They both turned to watch Barrie’s arrival. Luckily she had remembered to limp.

‘How’s the leg Barrie?’

Natasha massaged the fake hamstring injury and stretched Barrie’s leg.

‘Could be a lot worse Duggie, I think we caught it just in time.’

‘Good man Pete Bunford. He reckons you should miss Saturday‘s game, but it’s up to you. What do you think?’

‘I think he’s right. The season’s hardly started and if we’re not careful I could finish up carrying an injury all the way through.’ Natasha was word perfect with the lines she had rehearsed with Barrie.

Duggie sighed. ‘I know you’re both right, but your pace and power will be missed.’ He indicated that they should go into his office. Penny picked something off the lapel of Duggie’s jacket and brushed another invisible something off his shoulder. Natasha immediately knew. Penny looked like the cat that had the cream.

‘What do you think of Duggie’s new hair style?’

Natasha had already noticed. It was a great improvement, but she paused so that Barrie could make an obvious appraisal. ‘Suits you Duggie.’

Duggie smiled rather sheepishly. Penny looked extremely pleased with herself.

‘Just to let you know Barrie, Duggie’s got an appointment, out of the office, for 4 o’clock.’

Duggie gave her another smile, closed the door, walked over to the lounge area and sat down on the settee. Natasha chose an armchair on the opposite side of the low table.

‘So, what have you got for me Barrie?’

Natasha placed a slim document on the table. ‘Samantha Derby has worked her socks off on this one.’ She almost giggled at the fleeting recollection of leaving Barrie’s socks on in Sam’s flat. ‘Everything points to a company called Lovebrace Travel Dynamic, but they’re a private company and it’s difficult to get information on them. Sam is absolutely convinced that they have hacked into our data base, but neither of us can figure out how.’

Duggie picked up the file and nonchalantly leafed through it. ‘She’s a good girl is Sam. It would be a shame to lose her. I’m thinking of offering her your job.’

Natasha felt Barrie’s jaw drop in disbelief. She knew he was staring open mouthed at Duggie, but couldn’t do anything about it. He chuckled and gave his familiar yellow smile.

‘Thought that would set you back on your heels young Barrie; fact is I think Samantha Derby will make a better Sales Director than you.’

Having had intimate relations with both, Natasha was inclined to agree but tried desperately to think of something to say on Barrie’s behalf. Before she could, Duggie continued. ‘I also happen to think you will make a better Marketing Director than the present incumbent.’

Natasha felt as if she was hauling Barrie’s jaw off the floor to stutter a question.

‘But, but, what about Sally Barnard?’

‘Her future is in the hands of Personnel. It seems she lied on her CV.’

‘But she’s extremely good at her job, isn’t she? She’s super efficient.’

Duggie scowled. ‘She’s super efficient at stabbing people in the back. She’s not a team player and I prefer team players. So, do you accept the position of Marketing Director?’

Natasha was beginning to panic. Would Barrie want to be Marketing Director? He had never spoken about it. ‘I’m not sure. I’m not sure I could do Sally’s job.’

‘You can do it Barrie, trust me. Sally’s dismissal letter will be on her desk tomorrow morning, so please don’t mention this conversation to anyone, not even Penny. You can sound out Samantha to see if she is interested in your job, but not until tomorrow morning, we’ll tie all the loose ends together then.’ He handed the Dynamic folder back. ‘Your obviously going in the right direction with this, keep digging.’ Duggie stood up a sign that the meeting was over. Natasha hoisted Barrie’s frame from the low chair and remembering to limp, followed Duggie across the office. Duggie sat down behind his desk. Natasha looked down on him from Barrie’s great height. ‘There was one other thing Duggie, if you’ve got the time. Natasha’s business has secured some very large orders and, quite frankly I’m worried they might be overstretching themselves.’

Duggie looked at his watch. ‘We’ve got twenty minutes; fire away.’


Julie enjoyed driving the Mercedes; it hummed along beautifully. She felt as one with the elements with the wind tugging at her headscarf; reluctant to make the stop as suggested by Lucy, she parked the car close to the restaurant entrance at the motorway service station. It was not overly busy and to her immense relief, the floor in the toilet cubicle was clean and dry. Lucy’s instructions necessitated the removal of her panties which meant standing barefoot or trying to balance on one shoe clad foot at time. She took her cord jeans off and hung them on the hook behind the door. Slipped off her panties, put them in her handbag and searched for the roll of surgical tape. Lucy had told her what to do as they lay entwined following her second orgasm. Of course, the keys to the Mercedes were not in her vagina, but it had been fun trying to find them and Lucy enjoyed it; of that there was no doubt. She dried herself carefully before tearing a strip of tape from the roll; as instructed, she pulled back the labia on one side of her vagina and taped it to her thigh. She tore two more strips to make sure it was securely fastened before turning her attention to the other side, making doubly sure that her clitoris was completely exposed. Then she carefully pulled the cord jeans back on. They were the tight, crotch huggers she had worn the previous day, which Lucy had declared perfect for the job. As soon as she zipped up the fly and the rough seam nestled between her parted labia she realised why. She flushed the toilet, picked up her bag, unlocked the door and walked over to the hand basins. The awareness of her sex in just those few paces made her wonder how she could possibly make it back to the car without collapsing in a quivering heap. She walked slowly; stopping to read restaurant menus; anything to ease the pressure on her clitoris which was unbearably divine. To walk any faster courted the likelihood of an orgasm. Three days ago she would never had such fears, but now, thanks to Lucy, they were becoming a common occurrence. She stopped to read the headlines on a rotary newspaper stand and as she turned the stand she became aware of a pair of the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen looking at her from the other side. They twinkled from under a fluffy fringe of dark hair and over a pale delicate hand resting on her nose, covering most of her face. The left corner of her mouth, which was just visible, twitched into a smile as Julie returned her gaze. They looked deeply into each others eyes for what seemed an eternity. The brunette broke the silence in a light giggly, girlish voice. ‘I had that trouble when I tried mine for the first time.’ Julie returned her smile and couldn’t help but reach up and let her fingers rest lightly on a pale skinned, lightly muscled shoulder. ‘What did you try?’ The brunette stroked Julie’s arm. ‘My love eggs. They were unbearable at first, but now I wear them all the time. It’s worth persevering.’ Julie’s eyes automatically looked down towards her crotch, before travelling slowly back to her beautiful face. The brunette was wearing skimpy black shorts and a dark green off the shoulder blouse, which accentuated the paleness of her beautifully formed limbs. She was quite petite, and younger, probably in her late twenties early thirties. Julie inhaled deeply, savouring the natural aroma of her body which combined beautifully with the light scent she wore. The brunette moved her left hand away from her face, placed it on Julie’s other arm and gave Julie the most wonderful, warm smile. ‘You may not have put them in right. Would you like me to check for you?’ Julie felt excited at the prospect and no feeling of guilt as far as Lucy was concerned. By the time she had retraced her steps to the entrance of the ladies toilet, supported by the heavenly Suzy, her vagina was on fire and her legs like jelly. Without a word, Suzy led her to a cubicle for the disabled, pushed the door open and followed her in, supporting Julie by the elbow with one hand and using the other to slide the bolt across. She immediately moved close to Julie. She was five or six inches shorter. She tilted her head and parted cherry red lips as she found Julie’s mouth and they kissed. It was an incredible kiss, light, yet passionate. Julie groaned as she felt Suzy’s small firm breasts press against hers. Then she felt her fingers unfasten the waist button on her trousers and search for the zip. She used her own thumbs to help ease the cords over her bottom. As they dropped to her ankles she felt Suzy’s warm breath on her sex. Legs quivering she lowered herself onto the edge of the toilet seat. Suzy knelt down between her legs and smiled enquiringly up at her. Julie smiled back and whispered that she would explain later and stroked her hair. Suzy’s deep blue eyes twinkled before her head bobbed down and the tip of her tongue touched Julie’s clitoris. The touch was as light and gentle as her kiss, soothing after the harsh rubbing from the rough seam. With her clitoris so aroused Julie suspected it would be quick, but even so it took her by surprise and she shuddered into a delightful orgasm. Fortunately she had the presence of mind to place a hand over her mouth to smother a squeal of pleasure. Suzy must have known that she had come, but continued to kiss, lick, suck and nuzzle and Julie was more than happy to let her, she knew she was going to come again. That they would switch places was an unspoken certainty, but following closely on another glorious climax there was a noisy influx of coach passengers. Suzy took charge of the situation brilliantly.

‘Now, are you sure you’re alright?’ she said in loud voice, carefully peeling the surgical tape away. ‘We’ll take these off – have you got anything else?’ Julie pointed to her bag. Suzy found her panties, grinned impishly before holding them to her nose, and then passed them to Julie, who slipped them on. Suzy made a big show of supporting Julie as they exited the cubicle and pushed through a mob of chattering Women’s Institute members.


Julie was fast approaching Hamsworth. The joy of driving was beginning to evaporate, but the pleasure of spending most of the afternoon with Suzy was still with her. They had left the motorway service station in convoy, taking the first exit to find a suitable place for a picnic. The sandwiches she had prepared for the trip taking second place to the unfinished business. It was so sudden, but she was deeply in love with Suzy. She loved the way she looked, loved the way she tasted, loved everything about her. They had exchanged mobile phone numbers and vowed to meet again. The question of partners cropped up. Suzy recently divorced and although Julie admitted she was about to separate from her husband, the only mention she made of Lucy was as a business partner. Suzy was impressed with the Mercedes and Julie could not help but give the impression it was her company car. She found it difficult to dismiss from her mind, the image of a half naked Suzy, frolicking in the grass, as she rehearsed what she was going to say to Peter. There had been the thought that she would delay telling him until she saw how things worked out with Lucy, but he deserved more. He was a good man and by denying her true sexuality for all those years she had deprived him of a decent marriage. Whatever that was? No, the least she could do was be honest and open with him; he could stay in the house for the time being, it was almost paid for and they could sell and split the proceeds later. She had that ProClean cheque, so if things didn’t work out with Lucy it would make a healthy deposit on a place of her own. Having met Suzy she was having second thoughts about Lucy anyway; why would she give her half of everything? The more she thought about it the more it seemed no more than a ploy to suck her into her sordid world. Then she began to feel guilty about Suzy. God, she didn’t know what to think! So much had happened in such a short time. Lucy needed her. She was desperate to achieve her best ever orgasm, so she would give it to her tonight, then review the situation.

She arrived outside their house, not being able to recall the last twenty minutes of the journey. She parked the Merc in the position it had left almost seven hours previously, took a very deep breath and got out to confront Peter.


When Natasha arrived at DebTash, she found Debbie and Barrie waiting with champagne chilling in a stainless steel ice bucket and crystal flutes set out on a tray on the coffee table. The cut surfaces in the flutes sparkled under the ceiling spotlight. Other areas in the room were bathed in soft pools of light.

Debbie saw the person she thought was Barrie, look at the drawn curtains; she coughed, nervously. ‘We thought you might like to see the room as it was when we presented our collection to Davina.’

Barrie pushed her thigh seductively between his as he pouted her lips to place a light kiss on his own cheek. ‘If you’re a good boy, we’ll even model them for you.’ He used her girlish giggle to good effect as he skipped her body across the room to stand next to Debbie. Debbie flushed as she continued with the rehearsed seduction. ‘Not that I modelled anything for Davina, Tash did it all, she was fantastic. I’m convinced that’s why she gave us such large orders. Shall we open the champagne to celebrate?’

Natasha placed Barrie’s large hand on the side of the ice bucket. ‘It’s chilling nicely, so why not leave it until you’ve heard what Duggie had to say?’ She proceeded to relate the outcome of her meeting – Barrie’s meeting – with Duggie that afternoon. He thought they had won themselves a marvellous business opportunity, but, if Naughty but Nice decided to extend their credit beyond 28 days it could cause a problem and if they extended it to 54 days, it would spell disaster. Debbie admitted that the cost of materials alone, far exceeded what they had in the bank. Natasha was tempted to let them sweat, but it was not in her nature to be mean. She told them Duggie suggested they negotiate an overdraft with the Bank to cover upfront costs. He thought confirmed proof of the orders should be enough, but if there was a problem, he would personally guarantee the overdraft.

Debbie was immediately suspicious. ‘But why would he do that? Is he after a share of our business?’

Forgetting for the moment that he was Natasha, Barrie leapt to Duggie’s defence.

‘Duggie’s not like that. I’ve known him for years; he’s a really good sort. If he likes you he’ll help you out, no strings, he‘ll…’ Realising he was speaking out of character he stopped mid-sentence. Natasha quickly stepped in. ‘I’ve often told Tash about Duggie’s generosity. He won’t want any part of your business; he’s doing it because he’s known me for a long time and admires Tash for building a successful business with you. He thought you could ask Davina for an upfront payment, but reckons if she is anything of a business woman, she will squeeze you for a discount which could be much more than you would expect to pay if you use a reputable factoring company.’

‘How does that work?’ Debbie was smiling again. Natasha knew her well enough to know she had been worried.

‘Your Bank has its own Factoring Division, so with DebTash’s track record and Duggie as guarantor for your overdraft, you should get a very good deal. In effect, what happens is you sell your invoices to them; they pay the full value, less a percentage, into your account and eventually collect the full sum from Naughty but Nice. It might cost you anything up to ten percent, but you immediately have the funds to pay your bills and keep everyone happy.’

‘Sounds wonderful; even at ten percent, we would still make a shed load of money. Come on – let’s celebrate.’ Debbie expertly opened the champagne.

The slim champagne flute looked out of place in Barrie’s huge hand. They drank a toast to the success of DebTash before sitting down. Natasha sipped at the champagne, but Barrie and Debbie gulped it down and soon emptied the bottle. Debbie giggled and disappeared into the kitchen to get another and at the same time, Barrie muttered some excuse about having to fetch something. Natasha watched suspiciously as he skipped her body lightly up the stairs; he was up to something. Natasha was beginning to feel annoyed. DebTash was a partnership between Debbie and her, not Barrie, but there he was in her body sharing the success with Debbie. There was something else niggling away at her; the relationship had changed, they had always been good friends, but now they giggled and touched each other, as if sharing a special secret. Also, Debbie was quite animated and glowing when she described how Natasha had modelled the various items of underwear, and, was it her imagination, or did she keep taking a sly look at the front of Barrie’s trousers? She took several sips of champagne. It was rather good and helped her calm down, she really should be pleased; the order was fantastic news for their business. As she took another sip music began to play, it sounded vaguely familiar but she couldn’t put a name to it. It was a slow, sensual blues number. The lighting changed to reflect the mood and focus her attention on the stairs. In tantalising slow motion, her legs appeared and Natasha felt Barrie’s penis stir, as the hem of the cream silk chemise, brushed gently across the top of her thighs. Within seconds it was straining against his underpants. Why should it react like this? they were her own legs for heaven‘s sake! As the rest of her body came into view and her breasts swayed under the thin silk, she had to put a hand down to release Barrie’s burgeoning erection so it could unfurl crossways and reach its natural length, somewhere near his right hip. As he was sitting, she hoped the considerable bulge, would not be evident. Unseen in the shadows, Debbie was watching and found it difficult to hide her mounting excitement as she started her commentary.

‘This is our Natasha Chemise. We can make it in cream or black silk and as Natasha gets closer, you will notice the simple red rose motif between the cleavage.’ Barrie exaggerated Natasha’s shoulder movement, swinging her breasts seductively from side to side as he walked towards his own body. He stopped and bent forward from the waist to give Natasha a glimpse of her own cleavage. He placed her slim fingers under the rose motif, before speaking in a husky, sexy voice, which Natasha had difficulty in recognising as her own.

‘Davina placed two fingers behind the rose and rubbed her thumb lightly over it. Her fingers slid down between my cleavage, then her index finger moved across my right breast in a soft caress.’ Barrie cupped Natasha’s breasts before slowly running her hands down over waist and hips, drawing attention to the way the smooth silk clung to her body.

Debbie picked-up on her commentary. ‘Davina found the chemise smoulderingly sexy. She ran her hands down over the smooth silk until they reached the hem, then pretending to check the length, she repeatedly brush her knuckles against Natasha’s vagina.’ Barrie moved Natasha’s right hand to the centre of the hem and pretending to tug it down; hinged her knuckles inwards, as described by Debbie.

Restricted by underpants and trousers, Barrie’s erection was causing Natasha some discomfort. She put his hand down to ease the situation.

‘What are you trying to do Tash?’

Barrie fluttered her eyelashes and smiled back at her. ‘Just trying to show you what Davina got up to. Anyway, next I made a quick change into Debbie’s slip, which is made from sexy black silk. But, I think it looks just as well, if not better on Debs, don’t you?’

Debbie moved out of the shadows and gyrated towards them in the black slip. She was carrying a fresh bottle of champagne which she hugged to her breasts. The previous bottle had worked wonders for her confidence and she smiled broadly at the person she thought was Barrie as she placed the new bottle in the ice bucket and did a twirl in front of him. She stopped in profile and Natasha could immediately see the effect the cold bottle had on her nipples. They were large, erect and pushing hard against the fine silk. Barrie stepped behind her, placed Natasha’s beautiful hands lightly on her shoulders and turned her to face the object of their seduction.

‘The Debbie slip is made from the finest black silk trimmed with soft black chiffon.’ The slim hands moved down Debbie’s bare shoulders and around to finger the chiffon trim along the top of the slip before sliding down and cupping her breasts. ‘Don’t you think her nipples look magnificent through this fine silk?’

Natasha groaned and put both hands in Barrie's lap to cover the enormous bulge. ‘What are you trying to do to me Tash?’ Her serious, innocent face looked back at her. ‘Why darling, can’t you see, we’re trying to seduce you?’

As if to reinforce their intentions, Debbie bent forward to take the bottle from the ice bucket providing a view down her cleavage which ended in mysterious shadowy depths beyond her navel. She pressed the damp, frosted bottle on each nipple in turn, leaving a damp patch of silk which clung to them, enhancing their size and the wonderful swelling of her breasts. She popped the cork and replenished the glasses before speaking. ‘We thought it would be nice to celebrate by having a threesome. It was Natasha’s idea – but I’m up for it.’

Natasha’s thoughts stuttered from Barrie’s lips. ‘But, but, but, I thought you had no interest in men?’ Debbie sipped her champagne and smiled. ‘Let’s just say that Natasha’s description of your manhood makes me curious.’ Barrie moved her body next to Debbie and linked arms. ‘You’ve often spoken about a threesome darling and this is one I wouldn’t mind, after all, it is keeping it in the family – so to speak.’

Natasha was furious, she felt betrayed. Not so much by Barrie, she knew very well what he was like, but by her good friend and business partner. What did Debbie think she was up to? She swigged her champagne down in one go. A smiling Debbie topped it up as Barrie knelt her body down next to his and ran her hand up the inside of his leg.

‘Come on Barrie, what do you say?’ The hand was stroking Barrie’s testicles and his penis was so hard it hurt – an uncomfortable pain she was having to become accustomed to. She looked at Debbie who was dreamily running her tongue to and fro along her upper lip; definitely up for it, but only, because she was being manipulated by Barrie. How could she possibly guess that he was in her body? She considered blurting out the truth, but what would Debbie think? Probably that she (Barrie) was stark raving bonkers. Her thoughts turned to Sam and the proposition she had put to her, perhaps this was an opportunity to ensure she got what she wanted for a change. She took Barrie’s hands from his lap to reveal the full extent of his erection.

‘Okay, I think it’s a wonderful idea; let’s celebrate.’

Debbie put her hands to her cheeks and gasped. Barrie placed Natasha’s hands on his old boy, pushing the fabric down on either side to show its full length and girth to Debbie. He turned Natasha’s face towards her in a triumphant grin. ‘There you are – what did I tell you?’ Debbie stared at it for several seconds, before muttering something about more champagne and scurrying off to the kitchen.

Natasha hoisted Barrie‘s body out of the chair; pulled her own body close and whispered. ‘We’ll have your threesome Barrie, but on one condition.’

Barrie rubbed her stomach against his own penis and laughed. ‘What’s that, nothing kinky?’

‘No – what ever happens – happens. My one condition is that we have the same arrangement with Sam.’

Her own tinkling laugh was cut short. Natasha could tell it was the last thing Barrie was expecting, her blue eyes lost their mischievous sparkle as he looked into his own brown eyes, searching for a sign that would tell him it wasn’t a serious proposition.

‘You mean a threesome with Sam?’

‘Yes, a threesome with Sam.’

‘But Tash, things could get complicated.’

‘You should have thought about that before you started fucking around. Do we have a deal?’

Her head turned from side to side as if seeking a way out. Natasha pulled her body against Barrie‘s aching penis and clutched her buttocks. ‘Say we have a deal.’

Debbie came out from the kitchen with the third bottle of champagne. ‘Hey! You’re not supposed to start without me!’ Natasha gave her one of Barrie’s wide, disarming smiles. ‘Wouldn’t dream of it Debs. Natasha and I have just reached an agreement about something – haven’t we Tash?’

Barrie looked up at his own face and rubbed Natasha‘s stomach against the erection. Her eyes regained that mischievous sparkle as she said in a loud positive voice. ‘Yes, we have a deal.’

Debbie beamed at them. ‘Up to the bedroom – come on – bring the ice bucket and glasses.’

Touch it.’ Barrie’s head was propped up on a pillow. Natasha looked down over his muscled torso to her body kneeling on one side and Debbie on the other. Barrie had taken hold of his penis at the base, with her delicate hands and pushed it vertical. It looked colossal. Debbie seemed mesmerised by the size. Natasha heard her own voice, encouraging – daring. ‘Go on touch it.’ Debbie giggled and gripped it lightly between thumb and forefinger about halfway up the shaft. She moved them up and down, watching the head as the skin tightened giving it the glossy patina of an ancient piece of hardwood. ‘Go on, you can kiss it if you like.’ Debbie moved her head towards it, but drew back and giggled. ‘I often give Barrie a blow job, let me show you.’ Natasha watched her own blonde curls bob down and gasped as her soft mouth enfolded the pulsating head. Then the tip of her tongue flicked against the sensitive underside. She heard Barrie’s groan of pleasure although in her brain it was squeal of delight. Debbie’s head bobbed down to join her own and she felt another tongue slowly lick the full length of the shaft. Soon both blonde heads were bobbing up and down and he couldn’t distinguish which tongue was where and doing what. Eventually it was too much. ‘If you carry on like that I’m going to come and spoil the party.’ Both girls giggled and took one last long lick up the full length of the penis before meeting in a kiss. Barrie opened one eye to look at Natasha as Debbie’s tongue probed into her mouth. Debbie was getting incredibly horny, but was it for Natasha’s body or his own?

Natasha watched them kiss and embrace. She should have felt uneasy about it, but in Barrie’s body she was fancying Debbie like mad. He reached out with Barrie’s huge hands and shared in their embrace. They lay down one on either side. She kissed them in turn before asking the inevitable question. ‘Who wants to be first?’ Debbie looked at the penis which lay across Barrie’s stomach, pointing towards her and giggled. ‘It seems to have chosen me, but I’ve never had a willie as big as that before. Using Natasha’s right hand to haul it upright again, Barrie leapt to the defence of his manhood. ‘You can’t call this a willie.’ Debbie thought Natasha was joking and joined in. ‘How about a prick?’ ‘Pah! You’ll get more than a prick with that, I can tell you.’ They giggled, but Natasha was tiring of their little game. Barrie’s cock was seeking a home. She turned his body towards Debbie, embraced her and rolled back with her on top. Her legs were between Barrie’s, his penis sandwiched between their stomachs. She rubbed herself against it, then. without a word, straddled Barrie’s legs so that she could position the head of his penis against her vagina which was warm and very wet. Natasha was surprised at the ease with which it engulfed the enormous head. Debbie pushed down a little further and began to rock gently. Up to now she had avoided eye contact with Barrie, but now looked directly at him. Natasha watched her pupils enlarge as if going into a trance. She began whimpering softly as Natasha moved Barrie’s hands to gently cup her breasts. As they swayed, her hard nipples brushed against the palms of his hands and the whimpers turned to moans, as she eased further down onto his penis. Then, in a moment of guilt she stopped moving and tried to calm herself. ‘Are you sure this is alright Tash?’ Barrie, who had been stroking Natasha’s clitoris as he watched, moved her body into a kneeling position behind his head on the soft pillow. ‘Of course Debs, I want you to enjoy it.’ He leant over and gave her a kiss. Debbie needed no more encouragement. Barrie moved Natasha’s body down to join her, squatting on his own body so that Natasha’s sex was hard against the base of the penis, picking up on every movement. Natasha was resigned to holding her own waist and watching them kiss. Suddenly, Debbie broke away from the kiss, placed her hands on her shoulders and pounded up and down on Barrie’s penis, squealing with delight. So much, thought Natasha, for worrying it might be too big for her. With one long final downward thrust and a loud, uninhibited scream she came. Natasha was no longer in control of Barrie’s hips which bucked up against Debbie, striving for release. ’Did you come?’ Natasha was about to answer no, when she realised the question was directed to her own body rather than Barrie’s. She heard own voice respond. ‘No Debs, but it was worth it simply to be with you.’ Debbie suddenly lifted herself of Barrie, taking Natasha‘s body with her. Barrie opened her legs and began stroking her sex. Debbie knelt between Natasha’s thighs, bent forward and licked the back of her hand as a prelude to taking over. Natasha felt out of the game. She wanted to put Barrie’s penis where it rightfully belonged, but as she saw Debbie’s beautifully rounded buttocks rise and fall as she bobbed up and down, Natasha couldn’t resist. Debbie’s vagina was open and inviting and as she thrust Barrie’s penis into her she moaned quietly, pushing back against his thighs. She moved his penis slowly, altering the angle by raising up on his knees to hit that most sensitive of spots. Debbie responded by jerking back to increase the tempo. Natasha resisted for as long as she could, but in the end Barrie’s penis took charge. It was on fire and she began to thrust with long savage strokes. She heard her own rising cries as Debbie’s tongue lapped at all the right spots. Pushing Barrie’s hands hard against Debbie’s buttocks she spread her cheeks to thrust further, deeper, harder. Their frantic cries followed close, one upon the other and they collapsed in an exhausted mutual embrace.

After several minutes Debbie extricated herself to open the third bottle of champagne and charge their glasses. The celebration was far from over.


At 6.30pm, Julie let herself into the penthouse through the rear door. She stopped and listened in the kitchen. The Billy Holliday CD, which Lucy was particularly fond of, was playing in the bedroom. She placed the Mercedes keys on the kitchen table and walked up the corridor. The bedroom door was half open, she hesitated. ‘Hi Lu, alright for me to come in?’ Lucy came to the door; naked apart form a pair of black stilettos. She pressed against Julie kissed her on the lips, then walked with her to the guest bedroom. A Venetian face mask, with a nose shaped like a small beak and feathers sweeping over the top and sides lay on the bed. Lucy picked it up and held it against her face. ‘Do you like it?’ The mask transformed her into a magnificent bird of prey. ‘It’s fantastic, what are you wearing it for?’ Lucy removed the mask from her face and smiled. ‘It’s for you to wear tonight darling. It would be nice if you wore nothing else apart from my stilettos, will you do that for me?’ She kicked off the shoes. Julie took a step back. ‘You want me to be naked in front of a man?’ Lucy closed the distance between them and enclosed her in an embrace. ‘It’s not for him darling; it’s for me, he won’t know who’s behind the mask, but I will. When I call you into the bedroom you’ll find us on the bed looking up at the mirror. He gets turned on by watching me frig myself. When you take over, he’s going to get tremendously excited, but not as much as me. You did say you would do it darling.’ Julie kissed her on the cheek. ‘I’ll do it for you, but if he tries anything on with me, he’ll wish he hadn’t.’ Lucy started to undress her. ‘He won’t try; I’ll tell him you’re a raving lesbian.’ Julie smiled to herself; Lucy had no idea how true that was. When she was down to her panties, Lucy knelt in front of her and slowly pulled them down. ‘Did you use the surgical tape?’ With her thumbs, she parted her labia. Julie shivered; she could still feel Suzy’s tongue softly caressing her clitoris. ‘I put it on as you suggested, but I could hardly walk to the car afterwards. By the time I got home it was driving me mad. I had to go to the bathroom before I spoke to Peter.’

‘Did you masturbate?’ Julie took a deep breath before she delivered her prepared lie. ‘I had to Lu. I’m ever so sorry, but I couldn’t stand it anymore and I couldn’t keep quiet. Peter heard the moans and asked if I was alright. I told him I had a tummy problem. When I heard him go back downstairs I just carried on. I came twice.’

‘Good for you, your cunt looks as if it’s had some hot action. I’ll give it some more later.’ She stood up and pressed her body close, rubbing and tangling her pubis with Lucy’s as she put the mask on for her.

The bell rang to let them know someone had entered the lift. Lucy tapped her on the bottom. ‘Let him in darling; straight to my bedroom.

Julie panicked ‘I can’t do it Lu; not open the door in the nude. Not to a stranger.’ Lucy grinned at her. ‘I thought you might feel that way. Try covering your cunt with this.’ She handed her a feather duster. The feathers were a similar colour to those on the mask.

Seeing the humour in the situation, Julie held it over the appropriate place. ‘Let’s hope I don’t begin to moult.’ Lucy laughed. ‘You look wonderful darling; I’ll preen them for you later.’ As Julie stepped into the stilettos, she playfully flicked the feather duster against Lucy’s sex. ‘I’ll tickle yours later.’

When Mervyn Turner stepped through the second door into the penthouse, he was surprised and delighted to be greeted by a naked woman. Well, naked apart from a face mask, a feather duster held in front of her pussy and stiletto’s. Things looked promising, the woman was a stunner; fantastic tits and stupendous legs; he positively drooled over her. Julie immediately knew who he was. Estate Agents Tompkins & Turner banked at her branch when she worked for the Bank. He often came in. He was in his thirties at that time, newly successful and lecherously smarmy. She was glad to be hiding behind the mask. She instructed him to follow her, promptly switching the feather duster to cover her rear as she turned and swayed her way through the long room.

The bedroom was dimly lit when she opened the door. Lucy was standing by the bed in a thigh length Kimono. Julie knew she had several, but hadn’t seen this one before. It was in sheer white lace with a white satin belt. Her magnificent breasts were clearly visible and the blackness of her sex formed a heart shaped centre for the large embroidered petals of a flower. ‘Good to see you again Mervyn; it’s been a long time.’ With his eyes fixed on the black patch in the Kimono, Mervyn seemed to have difficulty vocalising a reply,

‘It’s been too long – much too long.’ Lucy rubbed at her sex through the fine lace. ‘I’m sure we’ll make up for lost time.’ She placed the same hand on Julie’s arm. ‘This is Julie, a very good friend. She’s strictly lesbian, so no touching or trying to slip your cock where it’s not wanted. Julie will join us later – but only for my enjoyment.’ Julie took the hint and flicked under the hem of the Kimono with the feather duster. Lucy pretended to go weak at the knees. ‘I’ll give you a call when I need you darling.’ With legs astride and sex bared, Julie looked defiantly at Mervyn. She moved the feather duster provocatively over her vagina before walking out of the door, leaving him with a full view of her firm buttocks.

By the time she time she reached the kitchen she was feeling quite pleased with herself. Mervyn Turner ogling her naked body had not worried her one jot. Hiding anonymously behind the mask may have had something to do with it, although she preferred to believe it was because she was at last comfortable with her own sexuality. Peter had listened to her in silence when she broke the news to him. Afterwards he simply stood up, kissed her on the forehead and said that if she was sure, there was little he could say except to wish her well. She felt vaguely annoyed that he wasn’t upset but thinking about it on the drive to the penthouse; she reasoned it was part pride and part wanting what was best for her. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sipped, waiting for Lucy‘s call. When it came, she though she knew what to expect, but seeing Lucy laying across Mervyn and his rather thick penis disappearing inside her came as something of a shock. Mervyn transferred his gaze from the reflection of Lucy rubbing her clitoris in the overhead mirror, to Julie, who looked directly back at him and teasingly flicked the feather duster up and down her sex.

‘Julie. Please help me Julie.’

When Julie looked into Lucy’s eyes, she saw her desperation. It was a look which had become a hallmark of their brief, but torrid, sexual relationship. She sat on the bed and placed her right hand where Lucy had been entertaining herself. The clitoris throbbed in her fingers. She felt powerful and looked directly at Mervyn who was staring at her sex. The reflection in one of the mirrors showed what he found so interesting, she was squatting with her legs apart and her sex fully exposed. She deliberately stretched her knees further apart looked defiantly back at him and used her free hand to draw a slow, tantalising circle around own clitoris. She was about to demonstrate how her lover needed her; not him. She was going to drive her wild. Lucy smiled and lay back onto Mervyn’s left shoulder, but when Julie pinched her clitoris between two fingers and rubbed at polishing speed, she squealed and sat bolt upright. Her long black hair whipped around her face as her head twisted and shook in frenzy. She didn’t know what to do with herself. She squealed, no! Then quickly changed her mind and groaned yes. Her hand attempted to slow Julie’s down, but Julie ignored it and carried on with her polishing action at a speed she knew she could keep going for a very long time. Teeth bared in a desperate grin, Lucy writhed uncontrollably, one moment looking down at her sex, the next watching the action in the overhead mirror. Her cries of protest turned into screams as she arched backwards and began to pound up and down on Mervyn’s willing penis. She was desperate now, desperate for her orgasm to be overwhelming, desperate for it to be the best ever. It had to be and she shouted as much; then she shrieked, her eyes wide and wild as the orgasm took her. Julie rubbed furiously with her right hand and moved her left hand from her own sex to tug at Lucy’s nipples and complete her release. She screamed several times – then the frenzy was over. Her head turned towards Julie and rewarded her with a wonderful smile. Julie smiled back from behind the mask, stopped polishing and changed to a gentle stroking action. Lucy’s moans of ecstasy gradually subsided and sated, she returned to her original position.

‘That was fantastic darling. If you would rather leave now, I won’t mind. Mervyn will want to satisfy himself in the only way he can.’

Julie shook her head masked head and went back to gently massaging her own clitoris; not that she was expecting to come, it just felt good. When Lucy lifted off Mervyn, she was pleased to see he was wearing a condom. His penis was very erect, about the same length as Peter’s, but quite a bit thicker, which she thought strange, considering he was quite weedy by comparison. She watched as he rolled away from Lucy and stood up beside the bed. Lucy opened her bedside drawer and lifted out the largest of her vibrators. She pushed it into her vagina then knelt on the bed, reached back between her legs and took hold of Mervyn’s penis. She turned her head and looked apprehensively at him. ‘Take it easy please Mervyn; I’ve not done this since your last visit.’ He dragged his eyes away from Julie’s moving hand to look at her and give her an understanding nod. She placed the tip of his penis against her rectum. He pushed into her and she screamed, but he carried on until he was deep inside. She gasped as he withdrew and entered her again. On every thrust she winced in pain. Julie glared at him from behind the mask, how dare he submit Lucy to such pain and degradation. It had to stop and she was about fling her self on Mervyn and pull him away, when Lucy’s hand moved to switch on the vibrator and she began to bounce against Mervyn who grasped her around the waist pulling back in time with every bounce – his thrusts short and savage – his face contorted with lust. Lucy screamed that she was coming and Mervyn shouted fuck, over and over as he ejaculated. It all happened very quickly.

Julie slid off the bed and quietly left the room.

The action on Debbie’s bed at 27 Back Street had been suspended for sustenance. An Indian takeaway delivered, they were sitting around the small table in the kitchen. Natasha hardly felt any effect from the champagne. The two girls though were well gone, although Natasha suspected that Barrie in her body was putting it on a bit as an excuse to flirt outrageously with Debbie. He was now asking her how many more times she could expect to come throughout the night and was a proper cock better than a vibrator. Debbie giggled a lot and there was a lot of fondling, followed by one or other of them ducking under the table to see if it was having any effect on Barrie’s penis; which it was.

The girl’s were wearing Debbie’s bathrobes, which were so sheer, they might as well not have bothered. Natasha had wrapped a towel around Barrie’s waist, which was totally inadequate. After the third bottle of champagne, the decision was made to stay the night. Barrie’s shirt and socks were in the washer dryer and his suit was hanging on the rack in the fitting room. Natasha suddenly felt a hand on the base of Barrie’s penis. There was giggling beneath the table and another hand caressed the head. Then a hand appeared over the edge of the table, felt around, found the yoghurt they had used to cool the fire of the Vindaloo. The carton disappeared. There was more giggling and she felt the cool yoghurt spreading over Barrie’s ever stiffening penis. A tongue licked at the underside of the head, another around his testicles. She couldn’t tell which was which, but it was extremely pleasant. Then it stopped and first Debbie, then her own body, bobbed up alongside the chair and took hold of Barrie’s elbows. She could very easily have remained seated, they would never have been able to lift Barrie’s bulk, but she joined in their game.

They led his body over to the rush matting where she eased his body down onto his back. She watched as Barrie took the lead by pushing a handful of yoghurt into her vagina. Debbie needed no encouragement to follow suit. She giggled. ‘It’s cold.’

Barrie knelt her body in front of her and licked off a mouthful with a single swipe of her tongue. He turned to grin at her.

‘The object of the game is to lick off all the yoghurt,' Debbie smirked as she added. ‘Sorry about having to use the mat, but I have a no food rule in my bed.’


‘Mr Duggie, how nice to see you.’ Roberto was genuinely pleased to see Duggie Lummox. It had been too long, he used to be a regular; at least once a week, until his wife tragically developed cancer and died. It was all so quick. Roberto was a romantic soul; he could tell there was something special between Mr Duggie and his beautiful companion, so he led them to the back of the restaurant and his special table, screened from prying eyes by a trellis work of plastic flowers. It was his table for lovers. He kissed the back of Penny’s hand when they were introduced, pulled out a chair for her and lit the single candle, with a flourish, stood back and beamed at them

‘Mr Duggie, Signorina Penny, we have some wonderful specials this evening, but before you choose, please, have a bottle of my best a champagne – on a the house.’ Duggie smiled a smile, which was not quite as yellow as usual. ‘You really shouldn’t Roberto, but thank you, we will drink to your health.’

On his way back to the front of the restaurant, Roberto surreptitiously removed the reserved sign from Mr and Mrs Duggie’s favourite table. That would have been a big mistake. He returned with a bottle of champagne and three glasses, removing the cork, with a satisfying pop he filled the glasses and twisted the bottle into an ice bucket which appeared at his elbow. He raised his glass in a toast. ‘To you both and a warm a welcome to you Signorina Penny, I hope a to see you many times in a my little restaurant.’

They were on the antipasto when a waiter showed two women to the table on the other side of the screen. One of the women was loud and well spoken. Duggie peered through the screen, she looked vaguely familiar. The other woman he recognised, which was quite a coincidence as, having agreed not to discuss work, they were talking about the Rugby Club. He put a finger to his lips, took a scrap of paper from his wallet and scribbled – 'the blonde is Peter Bunford’s wife'. Penny nodded, turned the paper over and wrote – 'Don‘t know either of them. How about a shag?' Duggie read her message, smiled and whispered. ‘It’s only 15 minutes to my place, but there’s the main course to come and Roberto’s tiramisu is too good to miss.’ Penny pouted like a spoilt child and replied loudly. ‘Don’t want tiramisu – want a shag.’ Duggie winced and peered through the screen. Julie Bunford and her companion were holding hands, oblivious to anyone else in the restaurant. Penny followed his gaze, took the paper back and wrote – 'They’re lesbians. I still want a shag.'

Roberto arrived with the Barolo to accompany the Veal Milanese. Plates and dishes were quietly and efficiently brought to the table by waiters who took their lead from Roberto. As the waiters silently moved away, Penny smiled at Duggie, curled her long fingers around the pepper pot and moved them in a way which produced an instant reaction in Duggie’s trousers. He leant towards her. ‘We could skip the tiramisu.’ She laughed and he stopped wondering what Julie Bunford was playing at.

‘Oh, for god’s sake Julie, stop moaning about Travel Plan. It’s history.’ The comment rose above the general hubbub in the restaurant causing Penny and Duggie to stop mid sip as they drank a toast with the excellent Barolo. Penny put her glass down, reached for her handbag and took out her shorthand notebook. The conversation on the next table revealed everything Duggie wanted to know.


Peter Bunford had suspected Julie wasn’t happy for a sometime, but it never occurred to him that his wife might prefer women. Last evening though, she had made it very plain she had found her true sexuality. In hindsight he could recognise the signs, but that made no difference, it was pointless trying to persuade her to change her mind. She was obviously happy to be a lesbian and the way she had spoken about it left little doubt she had shared a sexual experience with Lucy, her partner in the cleaning business. Following her news, he decided not to say anything about leaving Meltcon and working at the rugby club, it was none of her business now. What did worry him was how he was going to break the news of his leaving to Lydia. He squatted down to place a hand on a bearing casing. Jeez! He snatched his hand away; the casing was red hot! Niggard was pushing hard for extra production, but, like it or not, the line had to be shut down.

Simon Niggard was drooling over his figures on the computer. Only 4.30am, and he had smashed the shift target. The 90 minutes to the end of the shift would give him an unassailable lead. The Production Director’s position was as good as his. No one could match his record.

It took several seconds for the silence to register. He looked out through the window. The line had stopped! That idiot Bunford was walking down the line from the power breaker. Flinging open the office door he screamed at him. ‘Bunford! My office – now!’

Peter Bunford pretended not to hear and reaching the hot bearing case he crouched next to it to consider the best course of action. Working on it until after it cooled down would be out of the question. He slid under the line to find the drive spindle, where it emerged from the casing, glowing red hot. He slid back out and stood up to face Simon Niggard who was running down the line, gesticulating wildly and commanding everyone to remain at their stations. He arrived, out of breath and red with rage.

‘What do you think you’re doing Bunford? No one stops this line without my say so.’ Peter Bunford calmly looked him in the eye. ‘There was no other option. It’s a case of stopping the line for minor repairs now, or letting it run hot and have it out of production for a whole shift – maybe longer.’

‘I don’t care if it’s shut down for one shift, one day, or one week – it doesn’t shut down on my watch. Haven’t you worked that out yet, you idiot?’ Unable to control his temper, Simon Niggard made the mistake of banging his fist against Peter Bunford’s chest as he screamed. ‘Switch it back on, you idiot. Switch it back on – now!’ Peter Bunford grabbed his wrist, squeezing it hard enough to make him open his hand, then pushing him down, held his palm against the hot casing. ‘Don’t call me an idiot, you moron. If you think I’m going to switch on with bearings that hot, you can think again.’ He let go when Simon Niggard screamed and looked at his reddened hand through tear rimmed eyes. Then he sneered and crowed triumphantly. ‘You have assaulted a senior manager. That’s an instant dismissal offence. You’re fired Bunford – fired! Get your things and leave now!’

Peter Bunford smiled at him. ‘You’re a bit late for that Niggard; my resignation letter went into Human Resources before I came on the shift.’ He turned and walked away and as he approached the Quality Control room, he heard the line start up again.

Lydia was surprised to see him; he was usually busy on the line towards the end of a shift. He grinned and closed the door. ‘How are things?’ She picked up a Meltcon Bar from the bench she was working on. ‘Not good; look at this, another misshape. I’m not supposed to let more than.05% through, but Niggard has the line moving so fast its shot up to over 7%. I’ve tried telling him, but he won’t budge, you know what he’s like.’

‘Certainly do, Line’s running red hot. Switched off without his permission, so he fired me – instant dismissal’

Lydia bristled. ‘He can’t do that.’

‘Well, he thinks he can, but it’s too late anyway. I've already handed in my notice.’

Lydia voice betrayed disappointment. ‘You never told me you were leaving?’ Peter put his hands on her waist and lifted her onto the bench. ‘I’m sorry; I didn’t have time to tell you. Everything changed yesterday evening.’ She took off her glasses and wiped her eyes, before putting them back on again and looking intently at him. ’I don’t think I’ll want to continue with this job if you’re not around Pete, what changed?’

‘I was offered a job at the Rugby Club and didn’t have the opportunity to discuss it with Julie until she came back from taking Becky to Nottingham.’

‘She agreed to you working at the Rugby Club?’

‘No – she had news to tell me first. She’s leaving me to live with the partner in her cleaning business. She wants a lesbian relationship.’ Lydia took off her glasses again and they kissed.


Simon Niggard smiled with satisfaction; the line was running at full speed again, he watched for several seconds through his office window, before turning his attention to the computer. He had the report to write to justify Bunford's instant dismissal. The assault was unprovoked – he had witnesses – he would lay it on thick and heavy – he was a past master at twisting the truth to suit his own ends. Bunford would wish he had never crossed him. He typed the report, sniggering to himself as he did so and was in the process of emailing it to Human Resources, when the strident ringing of the fire alarm jolted him back to the real world. He looked through the window to see a small fire near the suspect casing, quickly aborting the email and added – 'Despite serious overheating, Bunford ignored my order to stop the line.' He clicked on send and watched it connect and go through. When he looked out at the line again, the fire had taken hold. Bunford was there with a fire extinguisher, but it was spreading along the line towards the glucose vats. Could they explode? He wasn’t about to take a chance. He sent a final production update to the main computer before shutting everything down; then grabbing his attaché case and jacket, fled from the office.

He joined a stream of workers heading towards despatch and the loading bay. The only way out now the fire had taken hold. He ordered them into a line to save as many Meltcon Bars as they could, exhorting them to greater efforts from the safety of the loading bay. More than half of the packed cases had been cleared when Bunford came along and told everyone that the fire was fuelled by oxygen drawn in through despatch. They should all leave as he was about to close the shutters. To Simon Niggard’s chagrin, they allowed Bunford to countermand his order. Most jumped down into the loading bay; those that couldn’t filed out in an orderly fashion through the emergency exit door. With everyone out, Peter Bunford smashed the glass and hit the large red emergency button to close and lock the steel roller shutters. As they rumbled down, he ran to fetch Lydia from the Quality Control Room.

Outside in the loading bay an angry Simon Niggard watched the workers as they ran through the lorry park to the designated assembly point. After everyone had gone, he crept up the steps to the emergency exit door and using his master key, locked it shut.

When Peter returned with Lydia it did not take long to realise they were trapped! He put a comforting arm around Lydia.

‘It seems the only way out it is through the fire. We can stay here and hope the firemen manage to get to us, or make a dash for it.’ Lydia was very calm. ‘I don’t think the firemen will be looking for anyone. Niggard knew we were in here and he’s the only one with a key to lock this door from the outside.’ Peter nodded his agreement. ‘Unfortunately, I think you’re right. We both know Niggard only too well.’

‘What about a way out through to the next line? `

‘The rest of the factory is automatically isolated when the fire alarm goes off. All the interconnecting doors will be locked.’

‘I could try emergency services. I’ll use the phone in Quality Control.`

‘Good idea, but just in case it doesn‘t work, I’ll get my mobile.’ He sprinted towards the men’s locker room as she ran to Quality Control. Smoke which had been pushed away by the air dragged in through the loading bay was becoming a problem. She closed the door behind her before picking up the phone; it was dead. Determined not to panic, she held a handkerchief over her mouth and nose and calmly walked towards the men’s locker room. They met in the doorway; he was carrying his bike leathers, gloves and helmet, together with several overall coats. ‘Any luck? ` She shook her head. ‘Phone’s dead, what about your mobile?’

He gave her a rueful smile. ‘Must have left it in one of the panniers on the bike.’

She coughed as a curl of smoked drifted around them. ‘So what do we do now Pete?’

‘This way, I’ve got an idea.’ She followed him into the locker room. He closed the door behind them.

Dudley Wink was in the Royal Mail Sorting Office when he heard the news. This was too good an opportunity for any photographer to miss. In the half light the glow from the Meltcon fire cast flickering shadows across the car park as he ran to get his camera. He arrived at the front entrance to the Meltcon factory before the fire engines and began taking pictures. They were disappointing – he needed more drama. The fire engines arrived in an urgent clamour and a fire officer was swiftly on the case, moving onlookers away. Dudley managed to evade his sweep by crouching behind a bush. Sparks flew from the roof of the building as fire burst through – that was better. He assumed everyone was out, but just in case, kept his camera focussed on the entrance.

Peter gave Lydia a gentle kiss before putting his helmet on and pulling down the visor. He pulled the wet overall across her face, checked that she was securely wrapped, picked her up and walked out from the locker room. The walk turned into a jog, the jog to a loping run and the run into the sprint of his life as they entered the flames.

Crouching for too long had given Dudley Wink camera shake. He stood up. Flames were licking around the Meltcon sign. He zoomed in on it; that was a great image. Then he heard someone shouting to tell the Chief Fire Officer that not all the Meltcon workers were accounted for. Two were still in there! He refocused on the entrance – you never know your luck -and luck was with him. Peter Bunford ran out through the flames, clutching a scorched white bundle, part of the Melton sign collapsed in a shower of sparks, and Dudley’s photograph captured the moment when he jinked to the left, to move his precious bundle out of harms way and sprinted for safety.

Firemen were quickly on the scene to hose them down. Lydia emerged from her cocoon of wet overalls completely unscathed. Peter’s leathers, although badly scorched, had been enough to protect him. A fire officer helped take off his helmet, which had warped in the heat. Paramedics wanted to put him onto a stretcher, but he saw Simon Niggard, full of self importance, talking to the Chief Fire Officer.

Great! Another superb action photograph captured – the split second when Peter Bunford’s fist broke Simon Niggard’s nose.

A reporter for the Hamsworth Bugle arrived as the ambulance left the scene with three casualties, two suffering from smoke inhalation, and made it’s noisy way to Hamsworth General Hospital.

‘Hello Ed, looking for a story? `

Ed Templeman turned to see Dudley Wink walking towards him. He knew Dudley well, having interviewed him several times about his wildlife photography. ‘What do you know then Dud?’

Dudley grinned at him. ‘Don’t know how and where the fire started Ed, but I took some pictures you could be interested in.’ Dudley brought the picture of Peter Bunford running out through the flames onto the viewing screen and handed it to Ed.

‘That’s a fantastic shot Dud. Who is it?’

‘Peter Bunford, or something like that. Didn’t get the name of the woman he was carrying. Pretty little thing though.’ Ed Templeman clicked back to the burning sign and the establishing shots, then looked at the scene in front of him. The factory was still burning, but the flames were no where near as dramatic against the dawn sky as they were when Dudley captured his pictures. He would get a photographer down for some aftermath shots.

‘We can use these Dud; might even be able to get some of them syndicated.’

Dudley took the camera back and switched it off. ‘That would be great. I’ll drop them into your office this afternoon.’

Ed Templeman grunted. ‘We’re talking national, if not international news here, Dud. I’ll need to take them back to my office now if we’re to do anything with them.’

Blinded by the thought of his photographs reaching a worldwide audience, Dudley handed the camera over, forgetting the compromising pictures he had secretly taken in the penthouse.


Natasha awoke when Debbie crept back into bed. She was still lying on her back in Barrie’s body, which had been hemmed in all night by her own body and Debbie’s. Debbie giggled as she pulled back the sheet and saw Barrie’s erect penis. She snuggled up to Barrie’s body, slowly moving her right hand down until it made contact. Her fingers caressed the head. Natasha was pretty sure that even Barrie’s ‘old boy’ would not be able to perform again, not after the number of calls it had answered throughout the night. It was only erect now because she, or rather, he, needed a pee.

‘Sorry Debs, but I need to go for a pee.’ Debbie smiled and raised herself on one elbow to look over Barrie’s body at the recumbent figure on the other side. ’What do you think Tash, shall we let him go or make good use of it?’ There was no reply; Barrie had guzzled more champagne than Natasha’s body could take without getting extremely tipsy. Thankful that she would not have to cope with the hangover, Natasha answered for her own body. ‘Natasha’s dead to the world, she’ll need to sleep it off. How’s your head this morning Debs? Debbie giggled and gripped the head of Barrie’s penis between her thumb and first two fingers. ‘Not throbbing like yours.’ Natasha groaned. ‘I really must have a pee.’

Debbie looked intently at Barrie. Natasha thought she detected a strange glint in her eyes and wondered if she suspected anything; then she remembered seeing the same look last night. It was the look of lust, she was lusting after Barrie; or to be more precise, his cock, as they had agreed to refer to it.

Natasha had experienced Barrie’s ejaculation several times during the night, but it was nowhere near as many times as the girls had achieved, and they were so noisy. They seemed to excite each other, so when one finished the other took over. Amazingly, for hour on end, Barrie’s penis had maintained an erection. Eventually, it was Barrie, in her body, who gave up, collapsing onto the bed, much the worse for drink. Debbie had enthusiastically carried on and the last thing Natasha could remember was Debbie trying to coax Barrie’s penis for one more time. Now she was at it again, and she thought she only liked girls.

When Debbie removed her hand from Barrie’s penis Natasha thought she was about to let Barrie get out of bed, but before she could make a move, Debbie lifted a leg over and Natasha felt her warm, moist vagina rubbing against Barrie’s penis. She looked down past Debbie’s swaying breasts and felt the erection stiffen. It was hurting again. ‘I really must have a pee Debs.’ Debbie shook her head as she lifted herself onto the throbbing member. ‘Sorry Barrie, but a girl has her needs and after last night, you may not be up to it after a pee.’ Natasha groaned as she felt Debbie’s vaginal muscles grip the top of Barrie’s penis before relaxing to allow penetration. She slowly moved back and forth grinning as she did so. ‘Do you think you’ll come Barrie?’ Natasha answered truthfully. ‘I don’t know, I’ve never done it when I’ve been bursting for a pee before.’ Debbie‘s mechanical movements though were having the desired effect, she began to moan.

Barrie woke abruptly to Debbie’s cries of delight and the bed bouncing up and down as she increased the tempo. Natasha’s head hurt like hell and her mouth felt like dry sandpaper, but when he saw Debbie enthusiastically grinding down on his ‘old boy’ he just had to join in. Debbie looked down at him. ‘Get ready Tash. Mustn’t let him go for a pee, he’s incredibly stiff right now, we don’t want him to lose it.’

Barrie swung Natasha’s legs over the side of the bed, swaying as he stood up. ‘He held her hand to her forehead and giggled. ‘He should be OK, but we did give him a bit of a seeing to last night. Keep going, Debs, I need a pee.’ Debbie did as she was told, slowing the pace and swaying from side to side as she squirmed down on the stiff but reluctant penis.

A couple of minutes later, Natasha felt the mattress dip as her body crawled onto the bottom of the bed. Then she felt her own legs straddle Barrie’s to sit down behind Debbie. She lifted Barrie’s head to see her own slender left hand cup Debbie’s left breast, leaving the right one to bob and swing crazily in a way which she found incredibly erotic. When the fingers of her right hand marched through Debbie’s pubic hair to work on her clitoris, Barrie‘s penis became unbearably stiff. Debbie shouted that she was going to come and carried on shouting as she shuddered into a prolonged orgasm. When she eased her still quivering pussy off Barrie’s penis, Natasha gave an audible sigh of relief, at last. Now she could take Barrie’s body to the bathroom. But, Debbie’s body and hers moved forward in unison and Natasha felt Barrie’s penis enter her own vagina.

‘No Tash! Please. I must go to the bathroom! ’ Natasha’s own body was hidden by Debbie, who was sitting astride Barrie’s chest, but judging by the way her vagina was gripping Barrie’s penis, he had no intention of heeding her plea. ‘Barrie, for heaven’s sake, let me go.’ Debbie grinned down at her. ‘No, you Barrie, her Natasha.’ She smiled back and said, weakly. ‘I need to go so badly, I can‘t think properly.’ She saw her own hands rest on Debbie’s shoulders for support as Barrie began to work her vagina up and down his penis in long slow strokes.

Debbie left a wet trail as she eased herself over Barrie’s stomach and onto his chest. Natasha smelt her sex as she moved closer. It aroused Barrie’s senses – her senses and for the first time she began to think of his thing as hers. It was her penis – her ‘old boy’ which had provided Debbie with so much pleasure and still marvellously erect, it was doing the same for her own body. Well, Barrie could have her vagina, she had his ‘old boy` – the pleasure giver and she was going to make the most of it. If they ever returned to their own bodies, she wanted the satisfaction of knowing she had made better use of it than he had ever done. She pushed Barrie’s rough hands under Debbie’s bottom who squealed as she was pulled onto a probing tongue. She heard her own shrill cries, Debbie’s whimpers and Barrie’s grunts of satisfaction as they convulsed and came together. Debbie continued to push her sex against Barrie’s tongue as she shuddered again and again. Barrie could drown in her sea of wetness for all she cared, Natasha licked and probed until Debbie’s quivering orgasm subsided.

Rewarded first use of the shower for services rendered, Natasha lovingly lathered Barrie’s testicles and pulled back his foreskin to wash the monster beneath. It twitched and instead of discouraging it, she stroked and squeezed, watching as it unfurled into yet another erection. Giggles from behind the shower curtain alerted her to the peepers. Unabashed, she turned sideways to let them see her ‘old boy’ it an all its glory. As she rinsed it off, the girls joined her in the shower and it wasn’t until much later that they heard about the Meltcon fire.


Duggie Lummox was well into his new fitness routine. The long shapely legs of his PA, which he had for so long admired from afar, were wrapped around him, her heels pressing on his buttocks, urging him on. When the telephone rang, Duggie paused mid stroke to reach over and pick up the receiver, but Penny wrapped her arms round his elbows effectively pinned him to her. She whispered in his ear. ‘Shag me, Duggie. Shag me hard.’ The telephone continued to ring but as Penny encouraged him to greater efforts, Duggie became oblivious to it and when Penny shouted that she was coming, he experienced a lengthy ejaculation. The insistent ringing of the telephone eventually stirred them from their post coital embrace. Penny coolly picked up the receiver and Duggie smiled at her as she told the caller that the call had been diverted to the Travel Plan office and she would see if she could find Mr Lummox. She pressed the mute button and grinned at him. ‘It’s Desmond Partridge, editor of the Hamsworth Bugle, are you in?’ Duggie, who was still breathing hard, returned her grin and kissed her before slowly withdrawing. ‘Tell him I’m busy and I’ll call back.’ Penny rolled over onto her side as Duggie lifted off and lay next to her. She released the mute button and passed on the message, then listened and nodded several times before saying she would tell him and replacing the receiver.

‘Tell him what?’ breathed Duggie, nibbling on her ear. She felt his cock digging into her buttocks. Jesus, he still had a hard on. She wasn’t about to waste it. ‘I’ll tell you later.’ She turned onto her hands and knees and with a grunt of approval Duggie caressed her buttocks and eased back into her. He was not as big Barrie, but somehow, he had the knack of hitting all the right spots so she refrained from telling him to fuck her harder, because there was no way he could make her enjoy it more. She came again and again and by the time he came to a shuddering halt half an hour later, she was completely satisfied.

Over breakfast she told him that the editor of the Bugle guessed that he would know about the fire at the Melton factory, but probably wouldn’t know that the chap he had appointed as coach for the local Rugby Club was about to be feted as a national hero.

A confused Julie Bunford made herself another cup of coffee. Following their argument at Roberto’s she had found it difficult to calm down and enjoy a night of sex with Lucy, who had orgasm after orgasm; one of which she described as explosive. Julie’s were as elusive as they had been before she discovered her true sexuality. She thought of Suzy and her half naked body lying in the grass, but every time she was about to come, the vision changed to Lucy having anal sex with Mervyn. Eventually it was Lucy who said they should get some sleep.

Julie woke early and not wishing to try again, slipped out of bed and tip toed to the kitchen. They were going to London to visit Lucy’s companies and sign important forms at her bank. She should be excited at the prospect of officially being a partner in the Lovebrace business empire, but was finding it hard to feel enthusiastic about the trip. Was it guilt, because of Suzy? She sipped her coffee. Or was it that she couldn’t bear to watch Lucy having sex with a man especially anal sex? It was her enjoying it so much which really upset her. She sighed, it was no good, she would have to tell Lucy how she felt. She made another cup of coffee and took both cups to the bedroom.

Lucy was doing some stretching exercises in front of one of the mirrors as Julie walked in. She turned her head and smiled. ‘Thanks darling, why don’t you join me?’ Julie placed the cups on a bedside table and as Lucy was naked, shrugged off her robe, and stood next to her. Lucy smiled at her in the mirror. ‘Just follow me.’ She started a series of simple exercises. Julie watched and copied as best she could.

‘You must admire your own body darling. Here let me show you.’ Lucy stepped behind her and used her hands to get Julie into the correct positions. Her body was pressing hard against hers and Julie could feel her large erect nipples moving across her back. Her vagina tingled and began to throb when she placed a hand on her stomach. ‘No need to say tummy in to you Julie, you look absolutely magnificent?’ She was whispering into her ear. Julie shivered. It felt so erotic. ‘Have you fiddled with yourself this morning?’

Julie shook her head, as much to herself as to Lucy, who nibbled at the lob of her ear.

‘You’re a very naughty girl. Didn’t I tell you to love your cunt?’ Lucy managed to squeak a faltering, yes, as Lucy’s hand moved down to seek her clitoris. ‘You should stand in front of the mirror like this every morning, doing this with your right hand and gently caressing your breasts with the other.’ She set Julie up so that her hands replaced her own, then walked over to the mirrored wardrobe door which, since Julie’s early cleaning days, had always been locked. Now the key was in the door and when it was opened, Julie caught a glimpse of rubber garments on hangers, whips, chains, manacles, a coil of white rope and much more she could not identify. Lucy reached in for something and kept it hidden as she moved behind Julie again.

‘Now close your eyes darling. – tightly now.’

Julie, who was caressing herself, as instructed, did as she was told. She felt Lucy’s hand slide over hers, then felt her fingers slip into her vagina. They slid easily into her wetness. She guessed it was two fingers as they curled around and found her sensitive spot, which made her tremble. She thought she might come if Lucy kept touching her there, but the fingers were taken away. Then she felt something else being inserted, it was thicker, definitely not her fingers, but pressed on the same spot.

‘Keep those eyes tightly closed, almost ready.’

She felt Lucy’s hands touch the back of her legs and wrap something around her waist. She felt something slide between her buttocks and tighten, then the hands resting on her shoulders, pushed; encouraging her to turn. ‘Turn to the left darling.’ She did as she was told. ‘Now, turn your head to the right – and open your eyes.

She gasped when she saw a large erect penis sticking out from her sex. Lucy curled her fingers around the dildo and moved it up and down and Julie felt the part inside her move. It felt delicious, but not just down there; her whole body was tingling. Lucy kissed her on the nape of the neck. ‘Isn’t it a beauty? It really is difficult to tell it from the real thing.’ Julie watched as her fingers traced the veins and subtle lumps and bumps on the flesh coloured surface. It was secured in place by black leather strapping. She rather liked that, it added to her feeling of masculinity. She placed her hand next to Lucy’s fingers and felt the dildo for herself. It felt natural, stiff, but not solid; it was very realistic, apart from the size.

‘It’s rather, big, Lu.’

‘Just right for me darling.’ Lucy moved in front of her, kissed her on the lips, and rubbed against the dildo. Julie felt pleasure from the slightest of movements and revelled in the feeling of dominance the dildo bestowed upon her. Lucy fell back onto the bed pulling her down on top. She opened her legs and Julie experienced a paroxysm of unexpected pleasure as the dildo entered and Lucy moaned, wrapping her legs around her to pull it in. It happened so quickly; Julie cried out to let Lucy know she was coming. Lucy grinned back at her, but it was the look she had when desperately seeking release.

‘Don’t stop Julie. Fuck me. Fuck me hard darling. Fuck me senseless. Fuck me. Fuck me!’ Julie thrust in and out in slow measured strokes, placed a soothing hand on Lucy’s face and looked deeply into her eyes. ‘Relax Lu; I’m going to make you come as you’ve never come before.’ She felt the waves of pleasure building again and matched the rhythm of the throbbing between her legs to her thrusts. Lucy liked that, she heaved up against every thrust and began tugging at Julie’s nipples. Taking the hint, Julie rested on her elbows and pulled at Lucy's wonderfully erect nipples and as her juices began to flow she pushed the dildo right in and moved from side to side, brushing Lucy’s throbbing clitoris against her own. They came together in a screaming tangle of gripping limbs. She collapsed breathless onto Lucy who immediately clutched her close her and rolled over on top.

Half an hour later they drank cold coffee and when Lucy went to the bathroom, Julie stood by the mirror, admiring her body with the enormous appendage. She took the sex toy cleaning fluid from the bedside drawer, soaked a tissue and began to clean the dildo. As she moved her hand up and down the shaft, she imagined using it on Suzy and surprised herself by having another, leg trembling climax. She admired herself in profile before reluctantly unbuckling the dildo and promising herself she would acquire one, of a more reasonable size, to use on Suzy.

It was 8.30 am before they finally left for London and although they both remarked on an acrid smell, they never saw the plume of smoke on the other side of town.

The news of the Meltcon fire came as something of a shock to the threesome at 27 Back Street. Thankfully there were no reports of fatalities, although two people had been taken to hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. Debbie put more bread in the toaster before taking two slices of toast to the table.

‘You first Barrie, we can have ours later.’

Natasha thanked her and took a slice of toast. She spread the butter slowly and methodically, it was the only way with Barrie’s hands. She had tried working at her own speed, but butter splattered all over the place. Controlling Barrie’s body had been frustrating to start with, but now she had come to terms with it. She was also resigned to remaining in his body, heaven knows how the switch had happened in the first place, but if it had been as a result of her wishing to change places; well it hadn’t worked since. Every night she had wished that they could change back, but of course nothing happened.

‘It’ll be chaos on the Estate, Barrie.’ She looked across the table at her own body. Her blue eyes looked a picture of innocence as Barrie fluttered her eyelashes and continued. ‘You would be much better off staying here with us and phoning in later.’

Debbie laughed and joined in. ‘I’m sure we could find him something to do, don’t you Tash?’ The conspirators giggled and despite having told herself that she needed time to think, Natasha decided enough was enough.

‘Don’t you find all this rather strange, Debs?’

‘What would I find strange Barrie?’

‘That Natasha should agree to the three of us going to bed together.’

‘Why shouldn’t I agree to it? It’s what you always wanted.’ Barrie had twigged she was about to tell Debbie what had happened and desperately wanted to steer her away from it. He’d been enjoying himself in Natasha’s body and when they changed back, he wanted to be on the other side of the threesome. ‘Don’t worry Debs; he gets a bit maudlin after sex.’

‘You don’t have any regrets, do you Tash? I’d hate to think you were upset. It was only a bit of fun.’

‘Of course, I know that. I hope it’s something we’ll repeat from time to time.’

‘Great! In that case, I’ll invest in a 4 slice toaster.’

Natasha laughed with them. What was the point of saying anything, Debbie would never believe her. She finished the toast and a second cup of coffee, while the girls discussed their plans for the day.


A pall of smoke hung over the Meltcon factory. Traffic backed-up on the ring road with five miles of tailback caused by drivers who could not resist slowing to rubber neck as they drove past the entrance to the trading estate. Natasha went with the flow – or lack of it and if nothing else, the slow crawl gave her time to think about her situation. She had to admit she enjoyed having sex with two girls, and she didn’t think it would worry her if she was in her own body, watching Barrie and Debbie. What did worry her though, was the thought that Barrie might want to use her body to have sex with another man. She wouldn’t be able to live with that. So, if, as she believed, she was destined to remain in Barrie’s body, would Barrie experiment with her body to the point where they would end up going their separate ways? She hoped not, for despite Barrie’s wanderings, she recognised that the extramarital sex he indulged in was essentially harmless. With Sam Derby, it was no more than a bonk, she was the one who had elevated it to an act of love. Everything was getting so complicated, oh dear. She groaned and rested his forehead on the top of the steering wheel to think. The impatient hoot from the car behind made her jump. The traffic was moving again and a gap of some 50 yards had opened up in front of the BMW. She closed the gap and indicated right, cars were turning into the Trading Estate; the fire must be under control.

Estate traffic was being diverted away from Meltcon, but as the road closure was beyond Hamsworth Towers, she was allowed through. She parked the BMW in Barrie’s own parking space and walked into the lobby. The express lift seemed to be stuck on the fifteenth floor. She pressed the call button several times before it began its swift descent. The doors opened to reveal a furious, red faced, Sally Barnard, flanked by Pauline Sykes and Basil Main. All three were carrying boxes. Natasha swiftly side stepped Barrie’s body to one side, a move she had seen him make many times when playing rugby. It had always impressed her, but obviously not Sally.

‘That’s the only move you’re capable of, you shit! You won’t last five minutes in my job. Travel Plan will fold without me. You’ll all be on your hands and knees begging me to come back – but it will be too late! I’ve had competitors falling over themselves for me to join them, but I remained loyal and look where it got me. Well, now we shall see. You’re all talent less shits and without me you’ll get what you deserve.’ She spat the words out and Natasha could feel droplets hitting Barrie’s face. She took out a handkerchief and mopped them off. Pauline Sykes looked extremely embarrassed, but Basil Main shrugged and smiled. ‘I’m sure you’re right Sally, but let’s get these to your car, shall we?’ Sally tossed her head; stuck her nose in the air and strode out from the lift.

Natasha thought about waiting for Pauline and Basil to return, but decided they could be sometime. Walking from the lift to Barrie’s office she wondered who told Sally that Barrie was taking her job. As he pushed open the door she heard something behind Barrie’s desk. His large black leather chair was facing away from the door, which was unusual. It slowly swung around to reveal a smiling Penny Betts, who had one leg tucked under the other, exposing a large expanse of inner thigh. She was wearing stockings and suspenders and looked incredibly sexy. Natasha groaned to herself, willing Barrie’s ’old boy’ to behave. No favours for old time sake today, she was sure that even Barrie would not be able to manage it – then she felt the familiar twitch. Penny saw it and raised an eyebrow. ’You really must control yourself Mr Billingsgate; you are ogling the Managing Director’s fuck buddy.’

Barrie would have been surprised, but Natasha had retained her female intuition. ‘Thank heavens for that. I hope you’re getting enough of what you want?’

‘Well, it’s never more than enough, Barrie, as you well know, but let us just say that it is on the plus side of sufficient, so I won’t be calling on my old friend anymore.’

She made a deliberate point of looking at the bulge in Barrie’s trousers as she stood-up and adjusted her short skirt. ‘Anyway, down to business. Duggie has dismissed Sally.’

‘Yes, I know, he told me he was going to yesterday. I saw her as I arrived. She gave me a bit of a mouthful.’

Penny laughed. ‘No more than you deserve, you’ve given many a girl a bit of one in your time.’ Natasha ignored the innuendo. ‘How did she know I’d been offered her job?’

‘Duggie must have told her, unless it was Pauline, but I doubt it. There was only the three of you who knew. Duggie didn’t mention it to me, not that I would expect him to.’ Natasha picked up on the defensive tone. It was something they would have to face if they became a permanent item. ‘Anyway, the message I have for you is can you do as he asked and let him know the answer as soon as possible. An extraordinary board meeting has been convened for 11am.’

Natasha nodded Barrie’s understanding. ‘I’ll get onto it right away.’ Penny paused by the door. ‘When you’re ready come to the office. By the way, we have some interesting information for you regarding the Dynamic business. I’ll type up my notes for you and Sam.’ She smirked and waggled her rear, leaving Natasha to wonder if she really knew more than she was letting on.

If Samantha was surprised to be offered the position of sales director, she did not show it, although she expressed a degree of reluctance. They both knew she earned more than Barrie. Natasha looked at her. She was poised, confident and beautiful. It was very difficult to keep the meeting in Barrie’s office on a strictly business basis. Sam read her thoughts.

‘The answer Barrie is yes, I will consider a threesome, but only if the proposition comes from Natasha. I want to be very sure she knows what she’s getting into. As for accepting the Sales Director’s position, presumably I would discuss terms with Duggie?’

‘You mean you’ll accept the offer?’

‘I don’t mind earning less; it’s just a matter of how much less. It would look good on my CV, providing I can do the job; would be able to help me?’

The blind leading the blind came to mind, but Natasha nodded and gave one of Barrie’s encouraging smiles. She felt Barrie’s body positively tingle at the prospect of a threesome with Sam, but could hardly say it had already been agreed as a condition to last night’s activities, so simply said. ‘Sure, Duggie’s expecting us and according to Penny, he has some information on Dynamic.’

Duggie was looking down on the smouldering Meltcon factory when Penny showed them into his office, he beckoned them over and pointed. ‘Not as bad as it could have been, they managed to confine the fire to just one section of the factory.’ Natasha looked down at the blackened section. The roof had collapsed in several places. Fire crews were still actively damping down. ‘Must have been quite a blaze while it lasted.’

‘Short and sweet.’ Duggie chuckled at his own little joke, and then put his hand on Barrie’s broad shoulder. ‘You seem to be walking better Barrie, hamstring better?’ With so many other things on her mind, Natasha had forgotten to strap Barrie’s leg, and to limp. ‘I still get the occasional twinge, Duggie, but maybe I could start some light training next week?’

Duggie looked pleased. ‘That’s excellent news. Perhaps we should to visit our new coach in hospital later and ask his opinion.’

‘In hospital?’

‘Haven’t you heard? Peter Bunford is a bit of a hero, he rescued someone in the fire. Ran out through the flames carrying a woman wrapped in wet overalls, as if running for touch. I’ve been speaking to Des Partridge at the Bugle. They have a fantastic photograph which will appear in the national newspapers and on television; should get some excellent publicity for the club.’

‘Is he badly hurt?’

‘No, that’s the fantastic news. Peter had the presence of mind to put on his bike leathers. They were badly scorched but other than some burns to his hands and both of them being treated for smoke inhalation, they came through unscathed. Des has what he calls a great follow-up story. Wouldn’t give me any details, but said he had photographic evidence to support it.` Duggie turned away from the window. ‘So, we‘ll have to see where that takes us, but it‘s good that Peter’s OK. ` He reached out and shook Sam’s hand. We have some important things to discuss. Thanks for coming along Sam, now, let’s get down to business.’


Dudley Wink was running late with his round, so by the time he arrived outside Holly Tree Cottage in Lippinston, he was not surprised to see that both cars had gone. He only had a few circulars and the semen stained letter to deliver. Watching her open it with her slender fingers was becoming something of an obsession with him, so he was determined to hold onto it for as long as possible. Trouble was that from now on, Saturday’s would be the only days when his delivery would coincide with her being at home. True, he had gone off her a bit after seeing her with her husband over the kitchen table, but, last night, when he looked closely at some of the action on his computer, he fell madly in love with her all over again. He decided to keep the letter and deliver it tomorrow. He walked quickly back to the van, anxious to get his camera back from the Bugle and to find out if they had managed to syndicate any of his photographs.


Sam joined Natasha in Barrie’s office following her confidential discussion with Duggie.

‘Get what you wanted Sam?’

‘Yes, Duggie’s been very fair, but I do feel a bit nervous about answering questions at the board meeting. Duggie told me not to worry.’

‘He’s very good like that. He’ll jump in and answer any awkward questions for you. John Toddleigh the chairman is also very good. You’ll know all the directors apart from the non-execs. Lady MacDonald is lovely, but Sir Ken Allerby is a nasty piece of work.’

‘Won’t the board have to ratify my appointment?’

‘It’s a done deal. Travel Plan is Duggie’s baby and he wants you as sales director because he recognises talent and doesn’t want to lose you. On the other hand, he can be quite ruthless; Sally was trying to rock the boat. Duggie doesn’t like that.’

‘So, you don’t think it was anything to do with the Dynamic leak?’

‘Don’t think so. Let’s go and see Pauline and see what she’s been able to dig-up.’

At 11.35am, Phil Stammers began to type the minutes of the Travel Plan Extraordinary Board Meeting on his battered old Imperial typewriter.

“Attending: J L Toddleigh – Chairman: D B Lummox – Managing Director: B J Main – Finance Director: B R Billingsgate – Sales Director: P A Sykes – Personnel Director: Non Executive Directors: Sir Kenneth Allerby: Lady Sophie MacDonald. Company Secretary: P G Stammers. Absent: S V Barnard – Marketing Director.

The Chairman opened the meeting promptly at 11am, thanking everyone for attending at such short notice. The reason for the meeting being that Sally Barnard the Marketing Director had tendered her resignation. Managing Director, Douglas Lummox informed the meeting it had come to light that Sally Barnard had defrauded a company she had previously worked for and lied on her CV. When confronted with the evidence she tendered her resignation which was accepted. Sir Kenneth Allerby questioned why the board had not been informed before the resignation was accepted. A note detailing the extent of the fraud was passed to Sir Ken, who, on reading it, agreed that the right course of action had been taken.

The note was subsequently read by all members of The Board, who concurred.

Sir Ken expressed concern that this now left the company without a Marketing Director at a very important point in the business cycle. The MD agreed, which is why he proposed that Barrie Billingsgate should be promoted to fill the vacant position of Marketing Director. Pauline Sykes seconded the proposal which was carried unanimously. The MD then proposed that due to her excellent record in Dynamic telesales, Samantha Derby should be promoted to Sales Director. Following a general discussion as to her suitability for the post, Basil Main seconded the proposal which was carried with one abstention. Samantha Derby was immediately called into the meeting to take her place on the board.

Any Other Business: Pauline Sykes told the meeting that thanks to some detective work by Samantha Derby and Barrie Billingsgate, substantiated by the chance overhearing of a conversation in a local restaurant, the data theft from Dynamic was almost certainly carried out by someone from ProClean, the company responsible for the daily cleaning of the Travel Plan offices. ProClean was recommended to the company by Sir Ken. Sir Ken told the meeting that he had known Lucinda Lovebrace for many years and that she owned a group of very successful companies. He was sure there must be some mistake. Pauline replied that she had positively identified two other companies owned by Lucinda Lovebrace. – Lovebrace Property and Lovebrace Antiques, both Limited Companies with a non executive director by the name of Helen Benningham-Smythe, who is also on the board of several other companies, including a travel company called Top Dynamic Travel Limited, where she is Managing Director.

Sir Ken interjected to say that the Benningham-Smythe name is well regarded in Private Banking and it is not unusual for a member of the family to hold board positions with several different companies. Was Lucinda Lovebrace on the board of Top Dynamic Travel Ltd? Pauline replied that she was not, but Top Dynamic Travel Limited shared an office with Curzen Travel, which is owned by Lucinda Lovebrace. Lady MacDonald asked if they should call in the police to investigate. The MD proposed that to save any adverse publicity, the best course of action would be to contact Lucinda Lovebrace and attempt to recoup their losses privately. Sir Kenneth Allerby volunteered his services. The MD suggested that under the circumstances it might be better to make an informal approach by someone in the company who understood sales and the loss suffered by the Company. He proposed Barrie Billingsgate. The proposal was seconded by Basil Main and passed unanimously.

Douglas Lummox informed the board that a personal relationship had developed between himself and Penny Betts his Personal Assistant. The Chairman suggested that he should leave the meeting whilst they discussed the implications. In his absence it was decided that this new relationship would not be detrimental for the Company and it was unanimously agreed that the services of Penny Betts as PA to the MD should continue. When Douglas Lummox returned to the meeting he thanked the meeting for their decision.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 11.29am.”

Traffic into London moved well, allowing Lucy and Julie to make up for some of the time lost in their unscheduled lovemaking. Lucy played her Billy Holliday CD’s all the way, so when she parked the Mercedes in her reserved space behind Lovebrace Antiques in Chelsea, they were still unaware of the Meltcon fire. Lucy called through the door to tell Sophie, her old school chum, that they would be back later.

The black cab pulled up outside Coutts in Cavendish Square, with two minutes to spare. They were shown into a large oak panelled room; Julie was impressed. Lucy was treated like royalty by the Coutts manager who said he was delighted that Miss Lovebrace had found someone she could trust to help run her business empire. Well managed, significant turnover and extremely profitable were phrases he used throughout his discussion with Lucy, as Julie signed document after document, including one which made her a signatory on all Lovebrace company cheques.

They left the bank at midday to walk the short distance to Lucy’s travel business in Mayfair. In Bond Street she took her into a jeweller and bought her a diamond encrusted watch to mark the occasion. As they left the shop she whispered. ‘If we had walked via Soho it could have been a diamond encrusted dildo.’ Julie giggled. ‘Now, that really would make my eyes water.’ They giggled like naughty schoolgirls as they sauntered arm in arm, pausing occasionally to look in a shop window. Julie felt very happy all her doubts blown away. Having decided that she would never get involved in that other side of Lucy’s life again, the disturbing image of her lover enjoying anal sex with Mervyn Turner no longer played on her mind, she would explain her decision to Lucy later, she was sure to understand. As for Suzy, well, it wouldn’t hurt to have her own gorgeous little bit on the side whilst Lucy was indulging her need for men.

It was Julie who spotted the dramatic headline ‘BLAZE AT MELTCON FACTORY’ on a newspaper stand as they walked past Green Park Underground Station. She bought the midday edition of the London Evening Standard and gasped in astonishment when she saw the picture of her husband running out from the blazing Meltcon factory. The bundle he was carrying, a female colleague wrapped in wet overall. Peter Bunford was hailed as a hero. The caption over the picture read. ‘RUGBY STAR IN DRAMATIC RESCUE.’ Further coverage of the story appeared on page 6, with a picture of Peter scoring a try during his rugby playing days, set alongside a repeat of the front page picture. The woman he rescued was named as Lydia Baxter, both had been admitted to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and Peter Bunford was receiving treatment for burns. The paper did not say how serious they were. Lucy suggested they carry on walking to her travel company, which was only a couple of hundred yards where she would get someone to contact the hospital.

Curzen Travel, on the north side of Curzen Street, had a small but smart shop front; a discreet brass plate on the wall next to the door was the only indication that another travel company shared the premises. A petite young brunette smiled and came out from behind her desk as they entered. ‘Lucy, how nice to see you, Helen is in, shall I let her know you’ve arrived?’

‘That’s okay; I’ll show myself in thanks Alison.’ Lucy kissed her on the cheek. ‘This is my new partner, Julie.’ Julie wanted to tell the girl how pretty her hazel brown eyes were and how soft and kissable her mouth, but had to content herself with a business like handshake. She felt the beginnings of that flickering pulse between her legs. Now the genie had been let out of the bottle, was she always going to think of attractive women as possible sex partners? Could young women like Suzy and Alison tell she was a lesbian? Could Lucy tell what she was thinking from the way she was looking at Alison? She glanced at Lucy, but her attention was on Alison as she showed her the front page of the Evening Standard and asked her to get Hamsworth Hospital on the telephone for Julie and bring her through to the back office when she had finished the call…

Julie eventually spoke to someone in the burns unit. Her husband had second-degree burns to the back of his hands, had received initial treatment and was comfortable, but sedated. He should be able to receive visitors after 6pm, but it would be a good idea to call to confirm.

Alison took her through to the back office which was a babble of activity, an unexpectedly large area after entering through a narrow shop front. They walked through between rows of desks, all occupied by people either talking on the telephone, or working on computers. It was open plan save for a glass box of an office, where Lucy was chatting with a tall, slim, dark haired woman, who she saw them approaching and waved them in. Julie thanked Alison for her help, kissing her on the cheek and as she pulled away, Alison’s pretty eyes held hers for a split second and she smiled. Julie’s sexual orientation had been recognised.

Lucy introduced Julie to Helen. She would have known they were sisters. Helen was older, but the shape of the face and the large brown eyes were almost exactly the same, they could have been taken for twins. It would be rather nice to see them both with no clothes on to make a proper comparison. Lucy had mentioned that Helen was lesbian and the thought of giving pleasure to both of them excited her. Helen looked her up and down before hugging her and kissing both cheeks.

‘How lovely to meet you at last Julie, I’ve heard so much about you.’ Her hands moved to rest lightly on Julie’s shoulders, retaining possession. She smiled at her sister. ‘Absolutely delightful, Lu, and I thought you were only interest in men.’ Lucy smiled back. ‘With Julie I have the best of both worlds, so hands off!’

Although she knew it was all a joke, the prospect of the glorious siblings fighting over her sent the pulse between Julie’s legs racing to the point where she desperately wanted to touch herself. She imagined both of them naked on Lucy’s oversized bed. She was kneeling between them, with busy fingers on each. She wondered if Helen’s clitoris was as big as her younger sisters. It really would be fun to find out.

‘How is he? Do we need to go back?’ Lucy’s question interrupted her train of thought.

‘No big problem. Second degree burns on the back of his hands. He’s sedated at the moment – so no visitors until this evening – if then.’

Her mobile buzzed. A text had arrived. MISSING U! SUZY XXX. She switched off. ‘Sorry about that. It was Becky; I’ll text her back later.’

Lucy looked concerned. ‘We don’t have to meet everyone today, darling. I think we should go back to Hamsworth, then you can take the car to bring Becky home if needs be. Why don’t you text her back and ask her what she wants to do?’

Julie felt a pang of guilt, but it was a great opportunity. She switched the phone on again and replied to Suzy’s text: C U TONIGHT? JULIE XXX’


At DebTash, Debbie and Natasha spent the morning planning production to meet the Naughty but Nice orders. Debbie had a chat over the telephone with their Bank Manager who indicated that they should be able to help. They had an appointment with him for 3pm, but his mention of a business plan had sent Debbie into a panic. She looked after the financial side of things in the partnership, but was at a loss to know how to go about it. To her surprise, Natasha took copies of all the relevant material and came back with a typed and bound business plan less than two hours later. Debbie was amazed at the detail she had managed to write in, from so little information. It had been a productive morning, everything looked so good. Last night’s threesome had been fantastically exciting, yet she still had this nagging worry that it could come back to haunt them. It was so unlike Natasha, yet she had revelled in it. Perhaps she was looking for extra thrills, but she had never thought of her as a girl who was gagging for it – as she had been since puberty. Perhaps it was time for her to find another bloke? She had missed having a good shag with a man. If that bastard Simon hadn’t let her down, she would have very likely got married. Not that it would have stopped her from having lesbian relationships, but she would have been discreet. Tash had mentioned getting together as a threesome again over the weekend. She decided to say no – she was going out on the pull.

Barrie was feeling somewhat peeved. He had been working on Debbie to spend Saturday night at Holly Cottage. He wanted to cement the threesome as a regular thing. He had watched her perform with Natasha in his body and it was something he wanted when they swapped back again. Debbie though was viewing it as a one off and even talking about finding herself a bloke. He definitely didn’t want that to happen until he had the opportunity to give her a good seeing to himself. He decided on a new tack, made coffee and took it into her office and asked in an offhand sort of way, as if the thought had just entered Natasha’s head. ‘Was Barrie’s cock the biggest you’ve ever had Debs?’

Debbie sipped her coffee thoughtfully. ‘Simon was big.’

Barrie was at a loss, Natasha had never mentioned a Simon and it was not the answer he was looking for. ‘I don’t recall Simon.’

‘You wouldn’t because I never told you. I met him when I was back-packing in Australia.’

‘Oh, I see. So was he as big as Barrie?’

‘As I said, he was big, but size isn’t everything. It’s what they can do with it that counts and Simon had the knack. Kate and I used a large strap-on dildo. It was quite fun, but not like the real thing.’

‘So why do you prefer girls?’

‘I don’t. It’s just that I’d rather have a girl than the wrong man.’

‘Simon was the wrong man?’

‘No, he was the right man, but I wasn’t right for him.’

‘That’s a shame. Do you still have the dildo?’

‘No, it was Kate’s. She took it with her.’

‘That’s a pity; I’ve never used any sex toys.’

‘I would never use it with you anyway Tash, we’re friends, not lovers and for the sake of our business I want to keep it that way.’

Barrie gave one of Natasha’s giggles to salvage the situation. ‘I didn’t mean that you should use it on me, silly. I was just thinking it would be nice to borrow a sex toy, I’ve never used a vibrator or anything like that and wonder if I’m missing out on something.’

Debbie looked at her suspiciously. Perhaps she had reached a point in her relationship with Barrie where she wanted more than cock. She knew that with her own sexual appetite, she would still have a need to play with herself, even with that grand piece of manhood on tap. She finished her coffee.

‘Have a look at my collection. You can borrow a couple if you like.’

From the way their conversation had been going, this was better than expected. He followed her up to the bedroom; the bed was made and the bed spread neatly draped over. There was no evidence of all the action that had taken place there overnight. Debbie pulled a pink vanity case from under the bed and proceeded to lay her selection of vibrators out on the bed spread for inspection.

‘I find it depends on what sort of mood I’m in Tash.’ She picked up slim pink vibrator. ‘This was the first one I ever had. I still go back to it. Although it‘s slim and not very long, it’s very smooth which makes for long, satisfying and silent masturbation.’

Barrie picked out the largest on display and wrapped Natasha’s delicate fingers around the head. ‘What about this one?’

‘You can try that if you like. It’s what they call penis style – very realistic. About the same size as Barrie I would say.’

Barrie lifted it and took the head into Natasha’s mouth and tried to speak. ‘Length’s about the same, but it’s not as big around.’

Debbie grinned. ’What have I told you about speaking with your mouth full?’

Barrie gave one of Natasha’s coy giggles as he laid it back on the bed spread. ‘What would you suggest Debs?’ Discussing the merits of her sex toys with Natasha was making Debbie feel horny. She picked up a florescent pink vibrator. ’This is my favourite, I’ve only had it a week; treated myself when Kate moved out. It stimulates the G spot and clit at the same time. I chose this one because it’s rechargeable – it’ll run for over an hour at full speed on one charge.’

Barrie squeezed it between Natasha’s thumb and forefinger. ‘It’s quite soft. How does it work?’

Was she asking for a demonstration? No, not Natasha;. she pointed to the controls. ‘It’s got three speeds, which you adjust here; this is the on/off switch.’ It buzzed, and then chattered when she turned it up to full speed. She grinned. ‘You’ll need an empty house for this one Tash.’ Barrie touched it with the tips of Natasha’s fingers. ’It feels nice Debs. So how does it work? I mean, how do you use it?’

Those innocent blue eyes of Natasha’s were betrayed by a mischievous smile. Debbie was aching to throw herself on the bed and use it at full throttle, which was almost unbearably wonderful, but it was a private thing. She didn’t want Natasha to see her writhing around completely out of control. She repacked it in the vanity case, with the others and handed it over, noticing the acute disappointment ‘Try them all Tash – I want them back mind.’


Natasha found it surprisingly easy to arrange a meeting with Lucinda Lovebrace. She was willing to discuss a deal and suggested that they should have a chat at her place at 8pm.

Sam was apprehensive, she didn’t think it a good idea for Barrie to visit her on his own and definitely not at eight in the evening… She thought it would be safer if she went along. Natasha looked at her, she really was gorgeous. It was a surprised to her that Barrie had not been in love with her, but that seemed to be the case. It was just a bonk, or had been until she became involved.

‘You’ve got enough to do here, so why don’t we continue with the hand over. I’ll break off to go and see her and then we could have dinner at Roberto’s.’

Sam looked doubtful. I’m not sure that’s a good idea Barrie. Won’t Natasha be expecting to go out and celebrate your promotion?’

‘No, she’s working late with Debbie. They’ve got a pile of work to get through.’ Natasha surprised herself. Was the facility to tell such a glib lie a man thing?


As soon as Rebecca heard out about the Meltcon fire, she tried to contact her parents, but could get no answer on the house phone, or their mobiles. She sent a text to mum, asking if dad was alright and eventually received a reply telling her that he had been taken to hospital with minor burns – nothing serious – nothing to worry about. She would call later.

Julie switched her phone off and looked across at Lucy, who was concentrating on the road. ‘Becky would like to see her dad, if that’s still okay with you, Lu?’

Lucy gave her a brief smile. ‘No problem darling. A couple of appointments have come in for this evening, which I’m sure you would find tedious anyway.’

This was the ideal opportunity to say that it upset her to see her having sex with men and she would rather not take part in her sex games, but, she ducked the issue. ‘I’ll take Becky back to Nottingham in the morning;. should be back with you by early afternoon.’

Lucy gave her a warm smile. ‘We’ll have Saturday evening to ourselves darling – that’s a promise. I’ll top up with petrol before we get to Hamsworth, which will get you there and back. What do you think of the music?’ Julie had not been paying too much attention. Billy Holliday had been replaced by another female singer. ‘It’s a demo CD a friend of Helen’s from Helsinki.’ Julie read the name on the cover. ‘Sirkka Jarvanpaa.’ Lucy grinned at her attempted pronunciation. ‘The J in Jarvanpaa is pronounced as a Y, darling.’

Julie listened to the voice as it warbled through ‘Night and Day’. ‘It’s pleasant enough, I know you’re nuts about Billy Holliday, but it’s nice to have a change. The foreign pronunciation and phrasing make it sound quite exotic.’

‘You think so? I think she’s missing a trick. If she held onto some of the words a little longer, she could be quite sexy.’

‘Perhaps you should tell Helen?’

‘Perhaps I will.’

Lucy selected the next CD. They smiled at each other and settled down to more Billy Holliday. Julie closed her eyes and imagined a naked Suzy swaying sensuously to the music. Was this new found ability to lie so convincingly, a lesbian thing? It was difficult to tell, although she had never had the desire to cheat – not until she discovered her true sexuality with Lucy.

An hour later they pulled into the Shell Petrol Station on the Hamsworth ring road. Julie was to drive from there and drop Lucy off at the entrance to Laburnham Court in an attempt to beat the rush hour traffic as she set out for Nottingham. She filled -up while Lucy went in to pay; waved when the tank was full and sat in the driving seat. As Lucy came out she stopped to answer her mobile. It looked as if she was taken by surprise. Julie watched her frown and shake her head. She spoke animatedly for several minutes and when she finished the call, Julie started the engine and eased the Merc over to meet her.

She spoke with a forced cheerfulness as she climbed in. ‘Home Julie and don’t spare the horses.’

‘Anything wrong Lu?’

Lucy gave her a rueful smile. ‘It’s Travel Plan. They’ve traced the dramatic fall in Dynamic sales to us. They want a meeting.’

‘What will they do?’ Julie could not keep the anxiety out of her voice.

Lucy shrugged. ‘Nothing they can do darling; or rather, nothing they will do. Can you imagine what it would do for their business if it became common knowledge that their security was so poor, a cleaner hacked into the computer system?’ She waved a hand in a shooing motion. ‘Come on darling, get a move on. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m seeing one of their people this evening for an informal chat.


When Lydia Baxter was told she could leave hospital, she asked to see Peter Bunford. They had both been in private rooms, courtesy of Meltcon’s Health Insurance. When she was shown into his room, he already had a visitor. Detective Sergeant John Kimberley turned and scowled as the nurse showed her in. ‘I thought I made it clear we were not to be disturbed.’

Nurse Pemberton returned the scowl with a look of contempt and responded sharply. ‘He’s allowed up to three visitors at a time, so, if Mr Bunford is happy to have this lady visit and I assume he is, as he’s been asking after her all day, then it’s alright by me; and I’m the one who decides what happens in here.’ The detective sergeant didn’t like people challenging his authority, but in the hospital environment he wasn’t sure how to respond. Peter Bunford, who was sitting up in bed, gave the nurse a grateful smile and positively beamed at Lydia.

‘How are you?

Lydia followed the nurse to the other side of the bed, leant over and kissed him on the cheek. ‘I’m fine Pete, they’ve told me I can go home.’

Peter held up bandaged hands. ‘I’m alright, apart from burns on the back of these. They’re worried about letting me out because there’s no one at home to look after me.’

‘That’s not a problem, you can come home with me.’

Nurse Pemberton smiled at Lydia. ‘That will be wonderful. We could do with freeing up this room. I’ll tell the doctor, he will want to brief you on what to do.’

DS Kimberley leapt from his chair and positioned himself between the nurse and the door. ‘Hold it! This person can’t leave, not without my permission – he’s a suspect.’

‘A suspect for what?’ Lydia directed the question as much to Peter as the policeman.

Peter laughed. ‘Arson.’

‘It’s no laughing matter Mr Bunford. Your name has been passed to me for investigation from the very highest level.’ DS Kimberley was desperate to assert his authority, something which he had no difficulty with in the force due to his rank and the support he received from the Chief Superintendent. It was with the general public that he experienced some difficulty. He was on a fast track for promotion, but looked young for his twenty eight years with the smooth chin of a teenager and a predisposition to flush, which was taken by many as the blush of a shy young man.

Peter chuckled. ‘Can you guess where that might have come from?’

Lydia smiled. ‘Don’t tell me, it must be Simon Niggard. He’s always boasting about having friends in high places.’

DS Kimberley flushed. ‘There is also the serious matter of assault. I could arrest you for that.’

Nurse Pemberton pushed past and opened the door. ‘There won’t be any arresting; this man needs looking after and that won’t happen at your police station. He stays here until the doctor decides otherwise.’ She opened the door and held it open. DS Kimberly slowly took out his notebook, a ruse which usually made people stop and listen, and flicked it open.

‘I will need to know where this person is going to.’ He looked directly at Peter. ’Peter Bunford, you must contact me if you change your address – and don’t attempt to leave the country.’

Without a word, Lydia took the notebook and pen from him. Wrote down her, name, address and telephone number and handed it back.


It was just before 8 pm when Natasha parked Barrie’s BMW in one of the spaces reserved for visitors at Laburnham Court. Lights were on in the entrance hall to give it welcoming glow, but the door was locked; as Lucinda Lovebrace said it would be. Natasha jabbed Barrie’s strong, stubby forefinger on the black button adjacent to her name. She answered on the second time of asking. The door buzzed and one of the heavy glass doors swung open. She turned to watch the door close behind her, waiting for it to lock, as instructed.

The dedicated lift for the penthouse. opened onto a large, plush carpeted hallway. An incredibly beautiful, dark haired woman, wearing what looked like a white medical coat, was sitting in a large leather chair with her legs crossed to reveal an immodest expanse of shapely thigh. She smiled. ‘How lovely to see you again Mr Billingsgate, especially on my home ground. Don’t worry; we won’t have to use a chair again.’

Warning bells sounded for Natasha. What had Barrie not told her? She forced a smile. ‘Thanks for seeing me at such short notice Miss Lovebrace.’

Lucinda Lovebrace laughed. ‘My word, aren’t we being formal? Listening to us, no one would believe that a couple of months ago we were trying to fuck each other senseless.’

Natasha’s worst fears were realised. She was lost for words, but Lucinda Lovebrace was not expecting a reply. She extended her hand; Natasha took it and with Barrie’s enormous strength, pulled her easily to her feet. She smiled. ‘Thank you Barrie. We can hardly talk business out here, let’s go into my office. Keeping a firm grip on his hand she pulled him towards an impressive oak door and pressed the palm of her other hand against an entry recognition pad. The heavy door slid quietly to one side and tugging him along, she stepped through into a small hall. As the oak door shut behind them, she turned her head to explain. ‘We have to wait for a few seconds for the scan. You can’t be too careful in my line of business.’

Natasha caught the sweetness of her breath and the whiff of an exotic perfume; it was heady mixture which brought about an instant reaction from Barrie’s ‘old boy’ which had behaved itself all day, even when in close proximity to Sam. Lucinda Lovebrace pushed back against the stiffening penis, obviously expecting their close physical proximity to have the desired effect. It worried Natasha that she knew her husband so well. A green light shone over the door. Lucinda Lovebrace turned her head and grinned. ‘We can go through, but I must get it checked, the scan seems to have missed a dangerous concealed weapon.’ She placed her hand on another pad and the door opened into a corridor; a door opposite into a large, dimly lit room. Natasha willed Barrie’s eyes away from the long slim legs as she strode ahead, but they returned, mesmerised by the sensuous swaying of a figure which somehow turned a perfectly ordinary white coat, into an erotic garment. When Lucinda Lovebrace opened the door to her office Natasha was caught in a beam of light which revealed that Barrie’s erection was very much in evidence. To Natasha it felt like a betrayal but to Lucinda Lovebrace it was a triumph.

‘Some weapons are easier to conceal than others.’ She moved close and placed her hands on the front of Barrie’s trousers. One gripped the base of his penis. The other one slowly travelled up the shaft, gently squeezing until it reached the sensitive spot under the head which she teased with long nails. Natasha moaned and tried to pull away. ‘I don’t want this. We have some important business to discuss. ’

Lucinda raised a beautifully shaped eyebrow at the outburst and moved her lower hand to his testicles which she gently massaged as she teased the head. ‘If I know anything about cocks Barrie, and believe me, I know a great deal; what you want doesn’t count; not one little jot; cocks have minds of their own.’

Natasha groaned to herself. She knew from her experience in Barrie’s body over the past few days just how true that was, but she was determined to put up a fight. ‘You did say we could discuss the Dynamic situation sensibly?’

Lucinda looked into Barrie’s eyes and ran her tongue suggestively along her upper lip. Natasha imagined it flicking and curling around the head of Barrie’s cock and the shudder of anticipated pleasure did not go unnoticed. ‘Let’s not waste time Barrie. I’ll give you everything you want – afterwards. I’ve listed all the names and sales we’ve made on a disc. All we need to do is agree a royalty percentage for Travel Plan.’

Natasha wanted to ask what she had in mind, but the words were smothered by her succulent lips. Natasha tried to resist, but there was something animal in Lucinda Lovebrace which stirred the animal in Barrie, a force she was at a loss to control. Barrie’s hands moved directly onto her buttocks and pulled her hard against his aching penis. She gasped; partly in surprise, but mostly in pleasure. Her tongue probed Barrie’s mouth and Natasha responded by sucking it and flicking it with Barrie’s tongue. She uttered a breathless, ‘come on‘, and tugged him into the bedroom where seductive lighting gave her skin a golden glow as she slipped the white coat from her shoulders.

It was only when they were both naked, that Natasha became aware of the mirrors. Wherever she looked there was the reflected image of Lucinda Lovebrace kneeling with Barrie’s cock in her mouth. Natasha found it incredibly exciting, more so than when Barrie had used her own mouth. Had he received a blow job from her before? If he had, he certainly didn’t learn from it. Her tongue flicked lightly over the head before she took it into her mouth again. Her sharp teeth nibbled then raked up and down the shaft. God, Barrie was about to come. She did nothing to resist, his hips were out of control, but she brought it to the brink and then, expertly backed off. Her tongue swirled along the shaft to lick his testicles. She felt a hand pushing Barrie’s ‘old boy’ to one side and looked down to see her big brown eyes gazing up at her. She felt her warm breath bathe over them as she spoke. ‘Does Natasha give a good blow job?’

Natasha reflected on the shower experience on the first morning in Barrie’s body. Based on that she could have said yes, but chose to tell the truth. ‘Natasha’s not into blow jobs.’

‘She prefers to have your magnificent cock inside her does she?’ She gave a wicked grin before flicking her tongue from side to side as it slowly travelled up the shaft. Natasha could hear Barrie groaning, almost whimpering with pleasure, but knew she was responsible. Then, somehow, despite the waves of pleasure, she had a coherent thought – how did she know her name was Natasha? The eyes laughed at her when she asked the question. She nibbled at the tip of his penis before answering.

‘You told me, don’t you remember? When I handed you the photograph? You told me her name. How do you think I managed to hack into the data base?’

She was mocking his stupidity which made Natasha angry. Would he have reacted as violently? Would he have felt the same loathing she felt on finding herself in bed with Lucinda Lovebrace who convulsed into a shuddering climax almost as soon as Barrie’s cock entered her. Now she had her ankles wrapped around him, digging into his backside, urging deeper penetration. Natasha thrust furiously with an equal measure of lust and hate, but nothing was enough for Lucinda Lovebrace; she screamed for more, clawing his back with her long finger nails and sinking her teeth into his shoulder. She implored him to tug on her nipples. Natasha used Barrie’s strong fingers roughly, tweaking, pulling and she loved it. She was having orgasm after orgasm, begging for more. Barrie’s big hands massaged her magnificent breasts spreading the flow of juices from her nipples. Still she wanted more, pleading with a look of sheer desperation as her convulsions started again, then relaxed into a wonderful smile as she experienced yet another release. She urged him to greater efforts.

‘You can make this the best fuck ever Barrie. This is the ultimate. I can feel it. I know it. Fuck me – fuck me hard. Harder – Oh God please – Harder!’

Natasha thrust into her in a frenzy. She could feel Barrie was about to come and she wanted to bury his enormous penis deep into her. His hands slipped off the wet breasts onto her shoulders. She was screaming ’Yes! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!’ Natasha had no intention of stopping, not until Barrie was sated. Everything became an erotic blur. Barrie panting and groaning. Her ecstatic screams. Then – it was over. Her body limp. Eyes staring; teeth bared in a ghastly smile.

A horrified Natasha slowly released Barrie’s hands from around her throat.


In a leafy suburb, south of Birmingham, Lucy’s Mercedes was parked in the driveway of a modernised 1930’s semi. In the back bedroom, Suzy moaned softly as Julie gently tugged at her clitoris with exploring lips. She would never subject her to the frantic rubbing which drove Lucy crazy. Suzy was always on a slow burn, moving deliciously beneath her administrations. She began to breathe harder as she reached her first climax, her hips lifting to push her sex hard against Julie’s face. As she sunk back again, Julie followed her running her tongue slowly up and down her inner labia and then gently probing into her vagina. Her second climax built quickly. She squealed and moaned squirming against Julie’s penetrating tongue. As her shuddering diminished, Julie moved her hands around the outside of her thighs and up to her breasts. They were small and pert, with nipples enormously out of proportion when erect. Julie rolled them gently between her fingers as she rolled her tongue around inside her. As her hips lifted again, Julie slid her hands quickly down her waist and under her buttocks. Now she was completely at her mercy. She sucked her throbbing clitoris into her mouth. Suzy gasped. ’No Julie, please, no more; you’re driving me crazy.’ On a high from Suzy’s frantic reactions Julie took it as signal to continue. Her unrelenting tongue flickered around the base of Suzy’s engorged clitoris until, with squeals of delight; she shuddered into yet another nerve twitching climax. Julie was tempted to go on but relented as a breathless Suzy pleaded for mercy. She moved up beside her, kissing and sucking at her pale flesh, pausing to give special attention those small, but shapely breasts before fastening onto her full lips. Suzy returned her kisses, gently at first, then with more fervour, her tongue probing until she rolled on top and squirmed her way down to work her magic on Julie.

The bedside lamp which had cast a warm glow for their love making was still on. Suzy had brought her to an incredibly satisfying climax. Julie looked at her as she slept and felt that wonderful flickering pulse return between her legs. They would make love again and again, but perhaps not tonight. She had an overwhelming need to drive back to Hamsworth and tell Lucy she had fallen in love and could no longer continue with their relationship, physical and business.


Detective Inspector Ian Cardhew kept a wary eye on the saucepan as he put bread in the toaster. The eggs had been placed in cold water and as soon as it came to the boil, he would give them exactly two minutes. His mother liked her boiled eggs on the hard side of soft.

The house he had grown up in had been substantially altered since he married and moved away eighteen years ago. An extension on the back provided another bedroom and quadrupled the size of the kitchen, which now incorporated a dining area. He laid for two on the table, deliberately avoiding the place usually occupied by his father. Burying him yesterday had been a sad business. There had been some jollity at the wake, as was usually the case, but now his mother had to face the reality of life on her own. He was staying with her for the weekend, hoping to persuade her not to be too hasty. She wanted to sell the house and move to Hamsworth, which was not a good idea. All her friends lived in, or close, to Ruislip and if she moved to Hamsworth she would be relying on him for company and his job demanded long, irregular hours. Apart from that, he had been thinking of applying for a move. Nothing much happened in Hamsworth and although he liked that when he first arrived from the Met, now he wanted more action. You could only investigate so many stolen tractor cases without losing your edge.

The first bubble broke the surface. He glanced at his watch and turned the gas down to maintain a steady boil. He looked at the framed photographs on the sideboard, one of the few pieces of furniture to have survived the 1990’s modernisation programme, pursued with his mother’s usual vigour. His father had been more pragmatic, a trait which probably saved the sideboard and made him such a good copper. He picked up the small photograph of him in uniform. He would have been about his age when the picture was taken, proudly wearing sergeant stripes. He never progress any further, refusing to take exams which his superiors urged him to take and he could easily have passed. The truth was he was happy with his lot and got a great deal of satisfaction in helping young constables who came through his station. He had the happy knack of being able to spot talent. The chapel at the crematorium was packed to overflowing with people who had benefited from his helping hand; many of them high ranking officers.

He looked at his watch. Fifteen seconds to go. He put the picture down, walked over to the gas cooker and stood over the boiling pan. As the second hand swept up to the two minute mark, he took the pan off the heat and ran cold water into it to halt the cooking process. As he took the eggs to the table, the toast popped up and his mother walked into the kitchen.

‘Perfect timing mum.’

His mother smiled. Yesterday she had looked drawn and tired. Now, with the ordeal of the funeral over, she looked young for her 64 years. He put the hot toast in the basket, covering it with a cotton napkin.

‘Thank you Ian. It’s good of you to stay on, but you won’t talk me out of selling this house you know.’

Ian gave her a rueful smile. ‘I never really supposed I would, I’m just hoping to persuade you to not to rush into something you could regret later.

‘Which means not selling up?’

‘No. It means not selling until you’re sure. Most of your friends are in this area. Moving to Hamsworth would mean not seeing them, and I’m not sure I want to spend the rest of my time in the force at Hamsworth.

‘It’s time you married again and put down some roots.’

‘Yes mum. Good idea, but just one snag. I’ve yet to find the right person.’

‘Dad thought Sally was right for you.’

‘So did I, but she couldn’t hack being married to a copper.

‘I never had that problem with your father.’

‘Dad was always uniform mum. He worked shifts; you always knew when he would be home.’

A silence settle between them as his mother tapped the top of her first egg and carefully removed enough shell to dip a teaspoon in. He sliced the top of his with a knife, before pouring her a coffee. They both liked it black. At least they had that in common.

The telephone rang. She held put a hand up to indicate he should stay where he was and went into the living room. A few seconds later she returned with the phone.

‘It’s Hamsworth police.’

He took the phone, walked over to the French windows and looked out into the garden. ‘Hi Jennie, what’s the problem?’

His mother studied his body language as he spoke and picked up on the gist of the conversation. There was a suspected murder and the woman thought he should visit the scene of the crime before they removed the body. He obviously trusted her as he immediately agreed, telling her that she should keep Kimberley out of it. Then he assured her that she had done the right thing in phoning his mother’s number. He would leave right away. He switched off the phone. ‘Sorry about that, but my mobile was switched off from yesterday.’

‘Finish your breakfast before you go Ian.’ There was no hint of disappointment although he knew she had been hoping he would stay another night.

He sat down and buttered a piece of toast. ‘Sorry mum, the one weekend I’m away and we have a suspected murder.’

‘It’s your work dear. Your father was always proud of the way you went about it. But tell me, who is Jennie? She sounds very nice.’

‘She’s on my team – Detective Constable.’

‘Are you on first name terms with all the people on your team?’

He smiled at her, knowing full well where she was coming from. ‘Not all, but I treat the best of them as equals, outside work.’

She shuffled forward in her seat. ‘So what is she like?’

He laughed. ‘You’re barking up the wrong tree mum. Jennie Leadbetter is very bright and very attractive. She is also twelve years younger than me.’

‘Not married then?’

‘No, but I think she was in a long term relationship when she was a teacher.’

‘What did she teach?’

‘Physical Education and Biology.’

‘You seem to know a great deal about her. You obviously fancy her.’

‘What makes you say that?’

‘You pulled your stomach in when you talked to her.’

‘I don’t have a stomach.’

‘Yes you do. You’re getting a paunch; if you don’t do something about it, no self respecting girl will look at you. Don’t worry about clearing the table, I can manage, you mustn’t keep Jennie waiting.’

He laughed. ‘Mum, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I told you.’

‘Yes, and I know you fancy that girl, so do something about it.’

‘I’m too old for her, she’d never be interested in me. Besides, I would never make a pass at someone who works for me.’

His mother got up and collected the plates. ‘In that case, you’ll either have to encourage her to go back to teaching, or hope she makes a pass at you.’

Ian Cardhew's mother waved goodbye as he drove off but before the car had turned out onto the main road, she had dialled 1471, connecting back to the last call.

‘Hello, is that Jennie? This is Mary, Ian’s mother. He has just left: Now dear, don’t tell him I called but there’s something you should know…’


Peter Bunford was propped up in bed with a mug of tea. What a night! When they left the hospital, they took a taxi back to his house; as expected, Julie was not there. He collected a few clothes and toiletries and the taxi took them on to Lydia’s place. It was a two bedroom flat, in a block built on the old cinema site, close to the town centre. Peter could remember them being built and thinking how out of place they looked, but after eight years, the modern design had somehow blended in. Her flat was on the top floor, the fifth. They took the lift, dropped off his bag and set off for something to eat. They settled on a small bistro which was dimly lit and quiet. They had both seen the pictures in the evening paper and the last thing they wanted was to be recognised.

When they returned to the flat, she helped him take off his shirt and put on the pyjama jacket. Then she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. Everything was under control until she stooped to pull them off. His erection was immediate and unmistakeable, although she chose to ignore it, folding his trousers and carefully putting them on a hanger with his shirt. As she opened a wardrobe he managed to hook the thumbs of his bandaged hands over the waistband of his underpants and pull them off. Willing his erection to go away, he turned towards the head of the bed. She was moving around by the wardrobe for sometime, but his erection stayed solid. He felt her hand rest on his shoulder and give it an affectionate rub. ‘Shall we put these back in your bag?’ He put his hands down to cover his recalcitrant member and turned to face her. It was the first time he had seen her without glasses – and without any clothes on. She moved in close and he put his arms around her.

As he took another sip of tea, Lydia came back into the bedroom, wearing a long lime green dressing gown and her glasses; no longer the insatiable sex kitten of last night.

‘Have you finished Pete?’

He drained the cup. She took it and put it on the dressing table over by the curtained window, shrugged off the dressing gown, took off her glasses and snuggled under the duvet.

‘Now where were we?’ She unbuttoned the pyjama top and slithered up to give him a long lingering kiss. Then he felt her breasts brushing his chest as she eased down onto his extreme erection. He recalled the look of sheer joy on her face as she achieved full penetration the previous evening and there it was again, followed by a soft moan as she gyrated her hips before lifting up to tease herself on the tip of his penis. Peter would have preferred to be on top, but they both knew that would be difficult until his hands healed. She was doing all the work and it felt fantastic. Her breasts pressed hard against his chest and he carefully wrapped his arms around her as she began slowly lifting up and down the full length of his penis. With Julie, he would have been worried about finishing quickly before she wanted to stop, but he had no such fears with Lydia, who proudly told him every time she was about to come, or shoot, as she put it. Now he knew he could hold back and increase her pleasure, although it was difficult when she started grinding her hips against him as she was now.

‘I’m shooting Pete. I’m shooting!’

She sat up and looked at him as she used her legs in conjunction with her hands pressing on his chest to move her hips frantically up and down and from side to side.

‘Oh Pete! Oh Pete!’

He felt her juices run down his penis and her body tremble. He waited patiently for her to start again. She was happy to go on and on and could come three or four times to his once.

Eventually, she lay deliriously exhausted in his arms. She stroked his muscled chest and whispered. ‘You’re my man Pete; my hero.’

He kissed her soft fragrant hair and chuckled. ‘And you, Lydia are my shooting star.’

She giggled and felt for his penis.


DI Cardhew drove through the gates to Laburnham Court to find several police vehicles parked outside and DC Leadbetter waiting for him. A guy in a royal blue jacket and cap, saluted and directed him to a parking space. She introduced him as Charlie Bell, the concierge of Laburnham Court. It was Charlie who found the body. Cardhew shook his hand and told him he would want to speak to him later.

‘So where’s the body Leadbetter?’

‘In the penthouse sir.’

Charlie Bell showed them to the lift and pressed the button. As the doors closed Cardhew relaxed. ‘Any suspects yet Jennie?’

‘Not as far as I’m concerned sir, although sergeant Kimberley believes he’s solved this case – and a suspected arson at the Meltcon factory.’

Cardhew smiled. ‘My word, he has been busy. Who suspects arson, the fire service?’

‘Don’t think so. It’s an accusation from a friend of the Chief Super’s. He’s accusing that rugby guy who ran out through the blaze carrying a female colleague.’

The lift door opened. They walked past a community police officer, standing guard at the open door to the penthouse. ‘Cardhew grunted. Well, you never know your luck; they could both get promoted – or, of course, as so often happens, they could both be barking up the wrong tree.’

DC Leadbetter smiled to herself, what was it his mother had said about barking up the wrong tree? She pointed out the double door security arrangement; although both doors had been locked on open to maintain easy access. They paused to put on, scene of crime overalls, before she led him through the long room and into the bedroom where the forensic team were working. Without a word, she carefully removed a sheet covering the naked body of a young woman laying across the bed. Cardhew looked down at her: he always felt sad when he looked at a dead body. Some people in the force became immune over time, but he never had. Even in death and trussed-up like a chicken, there was no denying that this young woman had been a great beauty. He would say she was about the same age as Jennie. The whiteness of the rope used to bind her, stood out against her lightly tanned naked body and whether by chance, or deliberately, it was tied in a way which enhanced her breasts. Her eyes were wide open and a gag, pulled tightly into her mouth gave the impression that she was laughing at death.

‘It’s difficult to see sir, but there’s a vibrator hidden between her thighs. It was still working when we came to investigate.’ She pointed to it with a gloved finger.

He nodded his understanding, not wanting to look too closely. ‘How long do those gadgets normally run for?’

‘Perhaps a couple of hours, but this one works off the mains. I switched it off as soon as I arrived. It’s plugged in over here.’

She moved over to a bedside table and pointed to the plug. He was drawn to her lithe, animal grace as she crouched down. It was amazing that she could look so attractive in a shapeless overall. The vibrator started to hum. She looked up at him, prepared to switch it off again. He scratched at his left greying temple, an unconscious action she had become accustomed to when he was thinking.

‘Is that the only way of switching it on or off?’

‘No sir. There’s a switch on the vibrator, which also controls the speed.’

‘Do you think she could have switched it on and off by herself?’

‘Not after she was bound. Her hands are pulled up her back and as you can see, the rope is very tight.’

‘You said the switch also controls the speed, presumably that means vibration speed? If anyone other than DI Cardhew had been pursuing this line of questioning, she would have felt uncomfortable, but she knew him well enough to know he would get no salacious kick from her answers; he simply wanted to know.

‘Yes, I don’t know what speed it’s set on, but I assume either she selected it, or the person she was with did it for her. If she did make the selection and switch it on after inserting it, someone else must have been on hand to tie her up.’

Cardhew scratched at his left temple again. He was pleased Jennie was assisting and not Kimberley; she had treated the dead woman with respect, covering her and switching off the vibrator would never have occurred to Kimberley. She was right, this had all the indications of a sex game which had gone tragically wrong.

‘Do we know who she is?’

‘The concierge identified her as Lucinda Lovebrace, the owner of the penthouse.

‘What time did he find her?’

‘About 6.30am.’

‘What made him come up here at that hour?’

‘We called and asked him to check. A drunk came into the station claiming to have strangled her. Sergeant Kimberley has arrested him on suspicion of murder. Probably claim it as yet another crime he has solved single handed.’

He noted the irony. ‘Is there any doubt?’

‘Could be;. I thought we should leave everything as it was until you arrived.’

Apart from a natural attraction, Cardhew liked Jennie because she was quick to learn and thorough in searching for the correct result. Unlike Sergeant Kimberley, a graduate in criminology, who was fast tracked; thought he knew everything, and went out of his way to please his superiors – apart from him of course.

‘Have forensics arrived at any conclusions yet?’

‘Doctor Russell thinks she died at around 3am. He wants to carry out more tests when the body reaches the morgue. Shall I switch this off again?’ She pointed towards the general area where the vibrator was buzzing away on a fruitless mission.

‘Yes please – at the mains.’ She obviously felt the same way as he did about the poor woman. He forced himself to look away as she crouched down to reach for the plug, but found her image in other mirrors around the room. He looked up at the mirror in the ceiling. Was it two way? Were any of the others two way? Were there any hidden cameras? He’d come across similar set-ups during his time with the Met. He would say the dead woman was a high class prostitute, but that did not make her death any the less tragic.

The buzzing stopped, creating a silence which prompted two members of the forensics team, to glance towards the body. He moved around the bed, studying it closely. The ankles were tied together with the rope looped around the heels of black stilettos, back through the ankle binding, under the wrists, around the face to pull the gag into her mouth, then knotted back on her wrists. The rope was piano wire tight. There was also rope between her legs, around her waist and criss-crossed between her breasts. It was difficult to tell if all this had been achieved with one length of rope. He noted some bruising around her throat and what looked like flaking skin over her cheek and nose. He looked up and met Jennie’s eyes, viewing the body from the other side of what was a very wide bed.

‘Is this what I think it is?’

‘Doctor Russell thought it could be dried semen. He lifted a sample off for analysis.

‘Did he say when he expected to get a result?’

‘Could be Friday, Sir. ’

‘Ha, that sounds like the ever cautious Doctor Russell; we’ll probably get a result by Wednesday.’ He stepped back from the bed and surveyed the room. ‘I’m pretty sure this was consensual, at least up to the point where she died. It looks as if she was in that line of business. I’ve seen all I need here, but I’d like to see the rest of the place. Shall we put the sheet back on?’

Jennie nodded, relieved to cover the naked body. They draped the sheet respectfully over the lifeless Lucinda Lovebrace.

‘Will they take her away like this?’

‘You mean, tied up?’

‘Yes, Jennie. I want a stage by stage photographic record when they undo the rope, I don’t care if it’s done here or in the morgue, but we must have it.’

‘I’ll tell them right away sir.’

‘And Jennie.’ She turned back towards him. He smiled. ‘You did the right thing. I think this case is as far from being solved. I‘ll just take a look around, then we’ll have a chat with the concierge.’

Charlie Bell had been doing his best to avoid residents, determined to find out what had happened, so when the service lift stopped on the fourth floor, he knew he had to be quick if he was to avoid an inquisition from Major and Mrs Dodd. He had his hand written sign to say the lift would be out of order until further notice fixed onto a traffic cone. When the lift doors opened, all he had to do was slide it out – but they were there, waiting to pounce.

‘Ah, Charlie, can you tell us what’s going on?’

He shoved the cone out with his foot, pushed the button for the third floor and pointed at the other three cones, carrying the same message, in the lift.

‘Sorry, must get these out to stop anyone trying to use the lift. I’ll tell you all about it later.’

In the couple of seconds it took for the lift doors to start to close, Mrs Dodd, who was by far the more nimble of the two, darted forward and wedged a hefty brogue against a door. Major Dodd followed at a more sedate pace, leant against it and spoke in a way which usually wheedled information out of anyone.

‘Come on Charlie. What’s happening? Why the police?’

‘And the ambulance?’ Mrs Dodd had locked onto him with her ice blue eyes. There was no getting away from that gaze. Someone had once told him that during WW2 she interrogated German prisoners. He suddenly, felt sorry for the Germans, if he didn’t let them have something, she would never let him get away.

‘There has been an unexplained death. Please don’t ask me to say more. I’ve been ordered by the police not to say anything.’

‘But it’s us Charlie. You know we wouldn’t do anything to get you into trouble.’

Mrs Dodds wrinkled her eyes in a superficial smile. ‘We think of you more as a friend than concierge and would hate to get you into any sort of trouble. So you don’t have to say anything, simple nod if we are right.’

Charlie nodded to show that he understood.

Mrs Dodd continued. ‘Does it concern the woman on the fifth floor?’

Charlie nodded.

‘Murder was it Charlie?’

Charlie looked at the major and shrugged. Mrs Dodd repeated the wrinkled smile. ‘We heard this lift in the early hours. If the police want to talk to us we will be happy to help.’

‘Did you hear anything else?’

Major Dodd stepped back from the lift. ‘We’re happy to talk to the police at any time Charlie. You can tell them so if you wish.’

‘I’ll do that. They want to talk to me again, that’s why I’m in a hurry.’

‘Are they taking the body out in this lift?’

Mrs Dodd held his gaze, waiting for his nod before taking her foot away from the door, leaving it free to close.

Charlie managed to push the cones out on the other floors without getting buttonholed by any one else. Detective Inspector Cardhew and Detective Constable Leadbetter were waiting by the lift on the ground floor. He placed the last of the cones with the out of order message in front of the doors, explaining that the he had been asked to make sure the service lift would be available to bring the body down. He showed them the rear entrance to the building, before taking them into his ground floor flat, where his wife, Sandra made them a cup of coffee. Charlie told all he knew about Miss Lovebrace, which was not very much. If she was a high class prostitute, it was none of his business. If there had been any complaints, he would have passed them on to the Residents Association but there had not been any. She did have quite a few regular visitors, but he assumed they were business associates; she was a successful business woman with lots of different interests. No, he knew nothing of her family. The person she seemed closest to was Julie Bunford, who he had introduced to her a couple of years ago when she was looking for a cleaner. About six months ago they started a cleaning company called ProClean. From what he could gather, it was quite successful and Miss Lovebrace wanted her to become involved in the running of her other companies, which didn’t really surprise him because Julie Bunford was a good worker and not really a cleaner; she had worked for a Bank at one time. He and Sandra always went out on Friday evenings, they were back around 11pm and went to bed shortly afterwards. They did not hear anything, although Major and Mrs Dodds, in apartment 15, on the fourth floor, reckon they heard the service lift working in the early hours.

Cardhew drained the last inch of cold coffee from his cup and handed it to Sandra Bell. ‘Thank you Mrs Bell, that was most welcome. So, Charlie, who would use the service lift to the penthouse?

Charlie Bell thought for a moment. ‘The gardener uses it to get to the roof garden, but he only has the code to get into the garden, not the penthouse. Julie Bunford always used it. In fact she still does, even though she’s a business partner.’

‘Were you responsible for giving her the code?’

‘No, Miss Lovebrace would have done that.’

‘So she could have given it to anyone else she trusted?’

‘Yes, I suppose so.’

‘Do you know the code?’

‘Yes, I have the door codes for all the apartments.’

‘Where are they kept?’

‘In the safe in my office.’

‘Which is where?’

‘Behind my desk in the lobby; it’s little more than broom cupboard really.’

‘Fine, well we’ll just have a look at that if we may, and perhaps you could take me up to see Major and Mrs Dodds.’

As they walked through the lobby, Cardhew whispered to Jennie Leadbetter. ‘Go to Julie Bunford’s address. Break the news gently; then find out where she was between 9pm yesterday and 6am this morning. Apologise; tell her it’s routine but as she was her business partner, we will need to speak to her again later. I’ll see what the folks in apartment 15 have to say; then high tail it back to the station – see if I can stop Kimberley making a fool of himself.’

She smiled. ‘I don’t know why you bother sir. I mean, give him enough rope and all that.’

‘Jennie, give Kimberley enough rope and he’ll hang us all.’


Natasha’s dream had taken a weird turn. Every woman she met as she walked along Hamsworth High Street was wearing an item of DebTash lingerie. Her reflection was magnified in a shop window as she walked along; she was wearing her favourite black and gold corset. Then, in the next shop window, she was naked! There was nowhere to hide her nakedness, until miraculously, her car appeared. She leapt into it and drove off at great speed – in reverse and out of control. A group of cyclists, men and women, wearing Debtash corsets appeared around a corner, but no matter how hard she stamped on the brake pedal, the brakes would not work. She crashed into them and they scattered in a cacophony of bicycle bells.

She woke with a start, the door bell wringing. She rolled over onto her back, but Barrie had managed to put his thing into her as she slept. She shouted crossly at him. ‘Barrie – for heaven’s sake, give me chance to wake-up.’ Her flailing arm landed harmlessly on his pillow. He wasn’t there! She felt between her legs and pulled out a long pink vibrator.

The door bell rang again. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, put on her dressing gown and stumbled towards the door. The bell rang again as she reached the top of the stairs – and again as she reached the bottom. Pausing to make sure the gown was secure; she opened the door to find Dudley Wink, smiling at her.

‘Sorry if I woke you Mrs Billingsgate. Saw the garage open and your husband’s car gone, so thought you must be up.’

‘That’s alright Dudley. I must have dozed off. Is there something to sign for?’

‘No, just a couple of things. Management have made me reverse my round, which means that as from Monday, you won’t be getting your letters until late morning. Thought you ought to know – just in case.’

She brushed loose strands of hair away from her cheek. ‘Thanks for letting us know, I’m sure we’ll get used to it. What was the other thing?’

He stepped forward to speak confidentially and received an unexpected bonus – she reeked of sex. Must have been shagging all night, no wonder she looked tired. He took the stained letter, which he had deliberately hidden under the bills and circulars, and lifted it to her eye level.

‘It’s this letter Natasha.’ He felt confident enough to call her by her first name as he inhaled her own special fragrance and waved the letter. ‘It’s in a hell of a state – very late reaching our office. That’s criminal; someone should be shot. I hope it’s not important?’

She gave him a smile, she quite liked Dudley, he was round and jolly. Barrie couldn’t stand the way he looked at her, but she could see no harm in him. ‘I don’t think we can go around shooting one of your colleagues, just because one letter is late Dudley.’

Her warm smile and fragrance was a heady mixture for Dudley. He lowered the sheaf of bills and circulars to cover his excitement. His prick was incredibly stiff and he was beginning to think that if he could keep her talking long enough, he might, with a few furtive strokes, be able to cream in his underpants as she opened the envelope. ‘Did you see the photograph of the Meltcon fire on the front of the Bugle?’

She nodded. It was something she vaguely remembered.

‘That was mine. I took it just as that bloke ran out through the flames.’

‘It’s a fantastic photo.’

He swelled with pride. ‘It’s been syndicated around the world. Do you know Peter Bunford? He’s been appointed as manager of Hamsworth Rugby Club.’

‘Yes, I met him at the club with my husband on…’ Her voice drifted off. Had she noticed the small movements he was making with the hand holding the envelopes in front of his eager prick. He smiled and offered her the letter which he was desperate to see her open. Once those beautiful slender fingers touched his dried semen, he would ejaculate and she would be his!

Natasha was about to take the letter when she remembered. ‘He had a look at my hamstring – no, Barrie’s hamstring.’ She clutched at her head, entwined strands of hair in long delicate fingers and pressed it against her cheeks. ‘Oh, no! I’ve done a dreadful thing. Sorry Dudley, I must go. My husband is in terrible trouble.’

Dudley could not believe she was refusing to take the letter and attempted to thrust it into her hand, but she backed away and sobbed. ‘Leave them in the box. I must go. Sorry – I must go.’

He wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to help, but she shut the door in his face. He heard her running up the stairs as he dropped the letters and concentrated on his prick, making a fist around the stretched fabric of his trousers, but, even as he began to rub, he knew it wouldn’t work. His erection was subsiding almost as quickly as it had appeared. Bitterly disappointed, he picked up the letters, dropped them into the box and walked back to his van. He thought about driving up to the copse to focus his camera on her bedroom in the hope of capturing some more wanking material, but dismissed the idea. That would not be enough. If she had opened that letter and he had creamed in his pants that might have been, although watching his sperm splash over Nymphie Nita’s pussy had raised the bar. If he couldn’t do that to Natasha Billingsgate, the whole world could have her. They would be able to watch her playing with herself by the bedroom window. Sprawling across the kitchen table, begging to be shagged. The scenes were edited together; he would teach her not to play with his emotions, all he had to do was put them onto the Anita von Beta web site. His wife was away at the last Guides’ camp of the summer. He would see Nymphie later. She understood. She would let him; as long as he did something special for her.


Julie Bunford made herself another cup of coffee, and sipped at it, thinking about Suzy and how she wanted to get back to he; but there were things that had to be done. She had spoken to Becky and told her that her father had been discharged from hospital, but not that that he was being looked after by the woman he rescued from the fire. She glanced at the kitchen clock; it was another ten minutes before the estate agent was due. She would get the valuation, and then tell Peter they were selling. The door bell rang – he was early. She emptied the coffee down the sink, rinsed the mug and was in the process of drying it when the bell rang for the second time. She folded the tea cloth and placed it on the gleaming draining board.

As she approached the front door, the bell rang for the third time. She opened the door and was surprised to find a slim, dark haired woman waiting in the porch. ‘I thought Mr Barrett was going to give the valuation.’

The woman shrugged. ‘Sorry about that.’ She flipped open a black wallet and held a police warrant card up for her to read. ‘I’m Detective Constable Leadbetter, are you Mrs Bunford?’

Julie nodded.

‘Mrs Julie Bunford?’

Julie nodded again. A cold, hollow feeling invaded the pit of her stomach.

‘I would like to ask you some questions Mrs Bunford. Shall we talk inside?’


Barrie Billingsgate opened his eyes onto a shiny white surface reflecting light onto his face. He was wearing shirt and trousers, but even so, felt cold. He tugged on a rough wool blanket which clung to him as he turned and almost fell off a hard, narrow bed. The shiny white surface revealed itself as tiling which covered the walls of a small room. A strip light provided a harsh white light which bounced off the aluminium surface of a toilet wedged in a corner. Everything was cold and functional. He was in a prison cell. He got up to use the toilet.

‘Where are you Mr Billingsgate?’

‘I’m using the toilet.’

‘Let me see your hand. Wave it in front of the door, please. ’Barrie did as he was told, concentrating on pointing his ‘old boy’ in the right direction.

‘When you’ve finished, sit on the bed.’ He did as directed; but what was he doing in here? The last thing he could remember was the dinner party – giving Natasha a good seeing to – and then? It was all a bit confused. He had a strange dream where he was in Natasha’s body, a dream which seemed to go on and on, until the last thing he could remember was…

‘Stand-up please Mr Billingsgate.’

He looked towards the door. A face was peering at him through a small opening. He stood up.

‘Now, turn away from the door and put your hands behind your back.

He turned, heard the door open, then felt handcuffs clamping around his wrists..

‘This way Mr Billingsgate, you’re going back to the interrogation room.’ He turned to find a middle aged, rather plump police sergeant, holding the cell door open.

He had no memory of ever having been in the interview room, but the young guy, who announced himself as Detective Sergeant Kimberley, seemed to know him. He seemed quite friendly.

‘We have your statement here Mr Billingsgate, if you would read it through and sign, then we can get things moving.’

‘What things?’ Barrie was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

‘A hearing; we read you your rights when you came in. You didn’t want a solicitor, but you’ll need one for the hearing.’

Barrie started to read the statement. ‘I can’t sign this! It’s admitting that I murdered someone!’

‘That’s what you told us Mr Billingsgate, and I might add, without any prompting from me.` Detective Sergeant Kimberley leant forward, all pretence of friendship gone, ‘Now, I’m busy, so don’t mess me about! Sign the statement and let’s move on!’

Barrie felt the hair on the back of his neck begin to prickle. A sure sign that he was about to lose his temper. He would swat this little nerd away with a single swat on the rugby field, but he wasn’t on a rugby field, he was in a police station where this little nerd held sway, or so it seemed. He looked up at the tubby sergeant, standing behind him. Barrie had the feeling he didn’t care much for his young colleague, but even so, there was no support for him there. He took a deep breath and controlled his anger.

‘Look, I don’t know what I’m doing in here. I don’t remember making a statement and I’ve definitely not killed anyone. Not by strangulation or any other means, and, if I had, I still wouldn’t be able to sign, not with my hands behind my back.’

Kimberley gave him the steely look he practised in front of the mirror to convince any criminal that all hope had gone. ‘Don’t get cheeky with me. Just read the statement. Say you agree with it and we’ll take the cuffs off.’ Barrie glared back at him. The plump sergeant coughed and took a nervous step backwards, not wanting to be in the firing line if this big, fit looking bloke should cut loose. He was immensely relieved when the door crashed opened.

‘What’s going on Kimberley?’ Detective Inspector Cardhew strode into the room and without ceremony, slumped down in the chair next to Barrie. ‘Why is there no one sitting in this chair? Where’s his legal representation?’

Kimberley gave a petulant sigh and addressed the recording machine. ‘Detective Inspector Cardhew has entered the room.’ Then he spoke slowly, as if addressing a backward child. ‘He was offered legal representation, but insisted on an interview. During the interview he confessed to the murder of one Lucinda Lovebrace of Laburnham Court, Hamsworth.’

‘The Penthouse, Laburnham Court, to be precise Kimberley. Do you have a, signed confession?’

Kimberley sighed again. ‘The prisoner is reading his statement, prior to signing. That’s why I had him brought back in here.’

‘Sir – you address me as sir. You have a habit of forgetting that – and that you work for me Kimberley. Now, you present me with the facts and I decide how we proceed.’

‘The Chief Superintendent has instructed me to move things along – sir.’

‘Oh, he has, has he? And what does he know about this case?’

Kimberley lost some of his poise. ‘Well, not this case. I mean – in general. In general, he wants faster clear-up rates.’

‘Don’t we all Kimberley – but not at the expense of truth and justice. Have you visited the scene of the crime?’

Kimberley looked uncomfortable. ‘There didn’t seem much point. Uniform confirmed the death and I had a suspect, guilty by his own admission.’

Cardhew turned to the man he was sitting next to. ‘Is that so Mr Billingsgate?’

Barrie looked at the detective inspector. He was quite a bit older than the sergeant and seemed more interested in getting to the truth, but, were they playing the good cop, bad cop routine? He thought carefully before answering and when he did it was in a quiet but emphatic way.

‘I haven’t read all of it yet, but, I can tell you, I have not murdered anyone.’

Kimberley couldn’t help but intervene. ‘For God’s sake man, we’ve got your confession on tape. This is the transcript.’ Flushed with anger, he tapped repeatedly on the document.

‘So, what time did Mr Billingsgate say he strangled this woman?’ Cardhew enquired quietly.

Kimberley pulled the document across the table, scanned it for the relevant paragraph and read it out loud. ‘I arrived at the Penthouse at 8pm; she was dead when I left. I’m not sure of the exact time because I was in a panic. It must have been sometime just after 9pm. I then went to…’

Kimberley was interrupted by a knock on the door. DC Leadbetter poked her head in. ‘Sorry to interrupt sir, could you spare a minute?’

Kimberley twisted round and glared at her. ‘Can’t you see we’re busy – Leadbetter!’

Cardhew leant across the table and spoke quietly to him. ‘No, I’m sir, you are a sergeant.’ He directed his voice towards the recorder. ‘Detective Inspector Cardhew is leaving the room. Interview terminated.’ He switched off the recorder and looked directly at Kimberley. ‘Have you actually charged Mr Billingsgate?’

Kimberley shifted uneasily in his chair. ‘Well, no, I was waiting for him to sign his statement.’

‘Good, at least you’ve saved us from looking like complete incompetents. Release Mr Billingsgate on Police Bail, we‘ll see him again on Monday morning.’ Not waiting for an answer he walked out of into the corridor where DC Leadbetter was waiting.

‘Okay Jennie, what’s so important it can’t wait?’

‘I found Mrs Bunford at home. She seemed genuinely shocked and upset to hear about the death. Gave me a telephone number for the victim’s sister, also told me that only yesterday she signed papers which made her an equal partner in all the victim’s business interests.

Cardhew gave the news a few seconds consideration. ‘Thanks Jennie, anything else? ‘

‘Yes, the reason I interrupted the interview. Mrs Billingsgate is here. Claims she murdered Lucinda Lovebrace and that her husband is innocent.’

The post van screeched to a halt with inches to spare. Dudley Wink grabbed the bundle of letters for Laburnham Court and walked past the police car which had blocked his normal route to the entrance. Charlie came out to meet him, he looked pale and drawn. Looking past him, Dudley could see a policeman standing by the penthouse lift.

‘What’s going on Charlie?’

‘There’s been an accident.’ Charlie took the bundle of letters, looked down and made a show of flipping through them as he muttered, ‘If I was you, I’d steer clear of the penthouse for a while.’ He looked up again. ‘Thanks Dudley, see you on Monday, have a good weekend.’ He turned abruptly and walked away. Dudley took the hint and hurried back to the van.

As he continued along Laburnham Grove, making the last of his deliveries, Dudley Wink came to the conclusion that one of Nymhpie’s clients must have died on the job. He was looking forward to an afternoon editing some fantastic material for her website. He had her password for the site, so he could put new stuff on without having to contact her. He would wait, as Charlie had suggested. Talk to him when the cops weren’t about. He was definitely going to put Natasha Billingsgate on though. That would teach the snotty cow a lesson.


Natasha Billingsgate walked out from the police station less than an hour after she walked in. When she told them she was in Barrie’s body at the time of the murder, the Detective Inspector had simply nodded as if it was an everyday occurrence; there was no hint from him or the female police officer with him in the interview room, that they thought she was raving mad. They listened sympathetically and when she finished her story, the Detective Inspector seemed more interested in why she had gone to visit Lucinda Lovebrace in the first place, rather than the murder itself. When she explained about Lucinda Lovebrace hacking into the Travel Plan database to steal customer information for her own travel company, he raised an eyebrow and asked why she had not involved the police. She told him it was agreed by the Travel Plan Board, that she, that was, Barrie should approach Lucinda Lovebrace to come to some arrangement without letting the matter go public. Other than asking her to confirm that she was also in Barrie’s body at the time of the Board Meeting, he had no other questions and told her that her husband had been released on police bail and she was free to leave.

Barrie was having a shower. She put her head around the bathroom door, said hi and walked back into the bedroom. She made the bed, noticing that the sex toys, which had been strewn around had been packed away into a pink vanity case. When Barrie came out from the bathroom, she had opened the case and was examining the contents. The towel wrapped around his waist started to lift. She looked at it and gave him a wry smile. ‘Neither of us seems capable of controlling that thing of yours.’ He nodded miserably. Now was not the right time for sex. They had a lot to discuss, there was so much he needed to know. He watched as she took the long pink vibrator from the case and stroked the head with her slender fingers.

‘I found this inside me when I woke up this morning, did my body enjoy it?’ His erection was total, pushing hard and horizontal against the towel. Was she angry? He replied with care. ‘Yes, although the rabbit was your – sorry – my favourite.’

She sighed, put the vibrator back in the case, closed the lid, walked over, put her hands around his neck and pulled herself up to plant a kiss on his cheek. ‘Don’t let’s say sorry anymore, we can tell each other what happened – in bed.’ She let go with her arms and slid down onto her knees, pulling the towel away in the process. Barrie felt her soft kisses, not daring to think she would go any further, then he felt her lips and her luscious mouth and he heard himself groan, knowing it was him and afterwards when he asked her if she did, she giggled and he knew she had and that they were well and truly back in their own bodies.

By the Tuesday, Barrie and Natasha had caught up with all that had happened. No one, other than the police knew and even Detective Inspector Cardhew, who approached every crime with an open mind, could believe Natasha’s version of events. He and his team were busy seeking other suspects.

He had visited Travel Plan on Monday morning, questioned all the executive directors and acquired a copy of the minutes from the meeting described by Natasha Billingsgate, which was uncannily similar to her version. Common sense told him that the only way she could have got the information was from her husband, but how?

On Tuesday, a day earlier than he had anticipated, he received the result of the autopsy. Lucinda Lovebrace had died from asphyxiation. Her brain had been deprived of oxygen, probably for sexual gratification. As he suspected, the flakes on her face was dried semen, which had been inhaled, indicating that who ever had deposited it there was part of the sex game which led to her death. It was, in all likelihood, a regular client she knew and trusted, but chillingly, he was happy to walk away and leave her to die. There was no DNA match in police records, so they were going to have to do it the hard way. He had been under pressure from on high to endorse Kimberley’s suspicions and was relieved to note that the results proved beyond any doubt that it was not Barrie Billingsgate.


Desmond Partridge looked at the page layout for the Wednesday edition of the Hamsworth Bugle; he had a choice of two front page stories. One was a denial by Meltcon that they had approached the police with the name of an alleged arsonist. An internal investigation had revealed that the fire was caused through poor practice and a senior manager had been suspended. The other was the identity of the woman whose body had been discovered in, mysterious circumstances in Hamsworth's golden triangle. It was a no brainer; that had to be his lead story. He was, however, confronted with an ethical problem. He called Ed Templeman’s mobile. There was no answer so he left a voice message.

‘Hi Ed. The police have released the identity of the body at Laburnham Court together with a photograph. Thing is, we’ve got a far more interesting one of her on the file we downloaded from Dudley Wink’s camera. We need to discuss what we’re going to do about it. Contact me as soon as you get this message. Ciao.’

Dudley Wink was working on the Anita Van Beta website when his phone rang. He answered quickly, not wanting to disturb his wife who was reading in the bedroom below. His work room in the loft, a well insulated room had drawn him to the property when he moved down from London. It was set up with his computer and photographic equipment by the time he met and married Linda, she set about making changes to the rest of the house, but the room in the loft was his and he couldn’t remember the last time she had bothered to climb up the ladder, whenever she wanted him she would shout from below, which suited Dudley.

‘Sorry Ed, say that again.’ He couldn’t believe what Ed Templeman was telling him. It was Lucinda Lovebrace – his Nymphie, who died, not one of her clients as he had assumed. How did that happen? Perhaps she had a heart attack? He had seen how frantic she could become. The police had just released her name, together with a photograph and Des Partridge twigged it was the same woman they had seen in a compromising positions on the file they downloaded from his camera. Shit! All the sadness he felt for the loss of Nymphie was replaced by concern for his own situation. He’d forgotten all about those pictures of her, lying on her enormous bed, looking up at the mirror as she played with herself. Ed told him that he had persuaded his editor not to approach the police until they had a chance to chat. He suggested it would look better for him if he went to the police and told them of his involvement with Lucinda Lovebrace. Dudley thanked him and said he would go to see them right away. Ed said he would tell Des Partridge, and he had some good news for him. He had another story linked to the Meltcon fire and they would probably use another one of his pictures. The one where Peter Bunford is hitting a manager on the nose – might even get syndicated again.

The news should have cheered Dudley, but it could not displace the sadness he felt for the loss of Nymphie Nita. He had not thought for one single minute that it could have been her. Why hadn’t Charlie told him? What was he to do? It was easy for Ed to say he ought to go to the police, but he didn’t know what he was involved in. Sod it, he was proud of what he had done for Lucinda Lovebrace and grateful for what she had done for him. They understood each other perfectly. He had lost a very good friend.

‘Who was that Dudley?’

‘No one dear.’

‘What do you mean no one? I heard the phone and I heard you talking.’

Dudley moved quickly to the top of the ladder. The last thing he wanted was for her to come up when he was completing the edit of Nymphie with Barrie Billingsgate, which he was going to re-title as, ‘Rough Sex’.

‘It was Ed Templeman at the Bugle, they want to use another one of my pictures. He wants me to go over to discuss it.’

‘What? At 10 o’clock at night?’

‘They want to use it in tomorrow’s edition. He reckons there’s a good chance it could get syndicated, same as the last one.’

She was leaning back to look up at him, a stance which revealed more of her tits than she would normally let him see. They were quite happy in their marriage, but she had no idea of what he would really like from her. No point in him saying anything, she would never understand. Her brow furrowed into a frown, had she realised he was clocking her tits?

‘That’s nice, but I do worry about you love, you don’t get enough sleep. It’s alright for Ed Templeman; he doesn’t have to get up at five every morning.’

‘I won’t be long dear, I promise.’ She sighed and returned to the bedroom and her book. Dudley turned back to the computer and worked frantically to complete the edit. Of course, he knew Barrie Billingsgate had not killed her; he had collected the hard disk from her just before midnight. He used the service lift as instructed and she met him at the back door wearing her scarlet kimono with a blue silk scarf wound tightly around her neck. He hadn‘t thought anything of it at the time, too intent on her pussy. As usual it was on view and he desperately hoped she wanted him to do something to it. The fist fucking was scoring a tremendous number of hits on her website. Nymphie was delighted and called it ‘One in the cunt for Rosie la Bonque.’ They both laughed at that. He really was going to miss Nymphie. He changed her title idea of ‘The Postman Delivers’ to ‘Fist Frenzy’ as he was concerned that he might be identified as the owner of the fist. All images of himself were deleted from the hard disk, so at least he didn’t have that to worry on that score. He had been tempted to end the ‘Rough Sex’ video at the point where Billingsgate runs away, leaving the viewer with the impression he has killed her, but when he looked though the rest of the material he realised he would be missing a supremely erotic finale. He edited it down, so the viewer just had time to think he had killed her, before he closed in on her right hand, which twitched into life and moved down to stroke her pussy. Then he cut to the wide overhead camera as she nursed her sore neck with her left hand and frantically frigged herself to another orgasm with the other. He changed the title to ‘Gasping to Come’ and chuckled to himself as he posted his little masterpiece onto the Anita von Beta website. It seemed like a fitting tribute for her and as Barrie Billingsgate’s face was shown in close up, it would be another one in the eye, or perhaps to quote Nympie, another one in the cunt for the ungrateful Natasha Billingsgate. She would receive an anonymous letter suggesting a viewing of the website.

As he un-plugged the hard drive he thought about the last meeting with Lucinda, which was brief, but she knew what he wanted and let him shoot his load over her pussy. He put the hard drive in a plastic bag, turned off the computer and climbed quietly down the ladder. He paused by the bedroom door, holding the bag to cover his erection.

‘I won’t be long dear.’ There was no reply. Linda was fast asleep with the bedside light on, her reading glasses perched crookedly on her nose, and the book about to fall off the bed. Dudley crept away, not at all sure when he would see her again.


Chief Superintendent Cullen found it impossible to hide his frustration. His voice shook with anger and squeaked at the end of each sentence as he ran out of breath.

‘It's five days since the body was discovered. We have six suspects, two who have actually confessed to the murder, but we haven’t charged anyone. I’m getting it in the neck from the chief constable. It’s simply not good enough Ian, DS Kimberley assured me of a fast clean-up on this one.’

Cardhew walked over to the window and looked out on the car park. He refused to stand in front of Cullen’s desk like a schoolboy getting a dressing down from the head master. He spoke to the window. ‘Kimberley went off half cock; he wanted to make an arrest before investigating all the facts. This is a complex case sir. We have five suspects, but it could double, even treble if we take into account the names of the judges, members of parliament, lords, knights of the realm and other worthies who used the victims services in Mayfair six years ago.’ He turned to face Cullen. ‘We’re checking out those with a known preference for bondage or S &M.’

Cullen looked at papers on his desk, picked up a silver fountain pen and used it as an aid to check paragraph by paragraph. ‘There’s nothing about that in here, why haven’t I been kept in the loop?’

Cardhew moved behind the desk and looked over Cullen’s shoulder. ‘Recent development, sir; but that’s not my report.’

Cullen placed an arm over the papers. ‘I asked Sergeant Kimberley to appraise me of the situation; as part of his career development and training. You understand?’

Cardhew looked him squarely in the eye. ‘Oh yes, I understand perfectly well sir. Shall we see how well Sergeant Kimberley is doing?’ He reached down and tweaked the half hidden report from under Cullen‘s arm. ‘I’ll go through the suspects for you sir. Number one, Barrie Billingsgate; came voluntarily into the station in the early hours last Saturday. Believed he had killed Lucinda Lovebrace during sex and made a statement to that effect, but it turned out not to be the case.’

‘How can you be so sure? Kimberley is convinced he had something to do with her death.’

‘Billingsgate left Laburnham Court at around 9pm on the Friday evening and had dinner with a fellow director of Travel Plan in Roberto’s Restaurant in the centre of town. We know that Lucinda Lovebrace died at around 3am.’

‘He could have gone back.’

‘Yes, he could have, but he didn’t, which brings me to suspect number two, Natasha Billingsgate. She too came voluntarily into the station and provided her husband with an alibi for the time he left Roberto’s at 11pm to when he arrived here at 5.40am on the Saturday morning.’

‘You mean, she swears that he was with her during that period. Really Ian and you believe her? ’

‘No sir.’

Cullen visibly grew in his chair. He had found the weak point in Cardhew’s argument and was preparing to tear him to shreds, and when he had reprimanded him for his handling of the case, he would admonish him for daring to stand behind his desk and read his private papers. He turned in his chair and spoke sharply. ‘What do you believe then?’

Cardhew spoke calmly, ‘I believe what she told me, which is that her husband left the restaurant with his fellow director, who is not a fellow, but a Miss Samantha Derby and went back to her flat, where they went to bed. He left there at approximately 5.25am and came here, and yes, we have spoken to Miss Derby, who corroborates the story.’ Cullen was about to interrupt, but Cardhew continued. ‘I know what you’re going to ask sir, and that is, how did Billingsgate’s wife know?’

‘Well, yes. How did she know?’

Cardhew walked around to the front of Cullen’s desk and without asking permission, pulled up a chair, sat down and leant forward with elbows on the desk, a pose he often adopted when interviewing a suspect. ‘If I told you that Natasha Billingsgate knew, because she was in her husband’s body at the time, would you believe me?’

Cullen threw his head back and gave a short, hysterical laugh. ‘Hardly – how ridiculous – so tell me, how did she know?’

‘Just that; she maintains she was in her husband’s body. We know it’s impossible, yet the statement she made to DC Leadbetter and myself was almost word for word the same as the statement made by Barrie Billingsgate to Sergeant Kimberley, almost five hours earlier.’

‘They must have colluded.’

‘Impossible. I was with DS Kimberley and Barrie Billingsgate in interview one, when Natasha Billingsgate arrived at the station. DC Leadbetter took her to interview two and called me out from interview one to speak to her. They had no chance to see each other, let alone talk.’

‘They could have exchanged texts.’

‘We’ve checked. There were no texts sent or received on either mobile over that period.

‘So, what are you saying, Ian?’

‘What I’m saying sir, is that if we proceed with charging either of them, based on their statements, we will be laughed out of court. Now, like me, you may think we are dealing with a couple of nut cases, but the fact remains that Barrie Billingsgate has an alibi and Natasha Billingsgate is not equipped to have been the murderer, unless she was in her husband’s body, as she claims, but even then, the DNA doesn’t match. The same goes for the third person on Kimberley’s list, Julie Bunford. Out of all the suspects she has most to gain from the victim's death. On the Friday, she drove to London with Lucinda Lovebrace to sign forms which gifted a 50% share in all her business interests. Also, although she may not have been aware of it, Lucinda Lovebrace recently altered her Will, leaving virtually everything to Julie Bunford.’

‘She sounds the ideal candidate and Kimberley says as much.’ Cullen tapped Kimberley’s report with his silver fountain pen.

‘I agree, but that in itself does not make her a murderer. It would be unlikely for a woman to kill another woman in that way. It’s not the type of sex game two women play. She has admitted that they were in a lesbian relationship, but only after we confronted her with video evidence. I’m sure she’s holding something else back, I don’t think she killed Lucinda Lovebrace, although she admitted it was upsetting to be told by her that she couldn’t possibly give up men.’

Cullen tapped his pen irritably on the papers. ‘As a prostitute she would hardly be likely to, unless she gave up work.’

‘The same thought occurred to me, but according to Julie Bunford, it wasn’t so much for money, she desperately needed the sex.’

‘Kimberley says she has an unsubstantiated alibi.’

‘DC Leadbetter followed that up. Julie Bunford claimed to be home, but there was no one to support her story. Her daughter has just gone to university and her husband was in hospital, injured in the Meltcon fire, he‘s the guy who ran out through the flames carrying a woman wrapped in wet overalls. As it turns out, Kimberley, was questioning Peter Bunford when the question of his discharge from hospital arose.’

‘He was investigating a suspected arson.’ Cullen fidgeted uncomfortably in his chair. ‘Unfortunately, the person who made the allegation has been sacked by Meltcon – for negligence.’ Cardhew waited to see if he wanted to add anything, but when it became obvious he preferred to gloss over the issue, he continued.

‘Apparently the hospital was reluctant to discharge Peter Bunford unless there was someone at home to care for him. He told them that his wife was away on business and the colleague he rescued volunteered to look after him. They left the hospital together at about 8.30pm. Julie Bunford didn’t know this, which of course raises the question, was she away and if so, where?

Moving on, Mervyn Turner, the 4th name on Kimberley’s list, was a customer. His name was provided by Julie Bunford who told us she had been present when he made weird sexual demands on the deceased. He was staying at the Countryman Hotel, but checked out on the Friday morning. He is domiciled in Spain and we have asked the Spanish police to check up on him for us. I think the person there at the time of her death is most likely to have been a regular punter, so he is a prime suspect.

Charlie Bell, the concierge is on the list because he has access to the penthouse, but there’s no evidence to associate him with the crime.’

‘We seem to be going nowhere fast. I need an arrest.’

‘You could keep everyone happy sir, by issuing a statement that a man is helping us with our enquiries. That would keep the Chief Constable off your back.’

‘Can I give a name?’

‘I would suggest not at this stage. The guy came in to see us, following some prompting from Des Partridge, editor of the Hamsworth Bugle and I promised Des that if it came to anything, he would be the first to know. The person in question is the postman, who took that incredible picture of Peter Bunford running out through the Meltcon fire. There were pornographic images on his camera memory card which Des ignored, until it became evident that they were of the murder victim. When Dudley Wink came in I had an informal chat with him and it transpired that he worked as a plumber in London where he did some work in a Mayfair flat for a high class prostitute who went under the name Anita Von Beta. He did not realise Anita Von Beta and Lucinda Lovebrace were one and the same person, until Charlie Bell asked him to meet her to discuss an early mail delivery. Lucinda Love brace remembered him and his interest in photography and asked him to take stills and video footage for her website. What he didn’t tell me was that he had almost destroyed her business in Mayfair by hiding cameras in the flat and secretly filming her with customers. I spoke to ex colleagues at the Met who filled me in. Apparently it was all for his own gratification and no one would have been the wiser had he not tried to sell compromising pictures of a high profile cabinet minister to a national newspaper.’

‘So, he has a criminal record then?’

‘Well, no, he hasn’t. The case never went to court. Anita Von Beta had been entertaining so many of the great and good that a decision was made at a very high level to hush everything up. Dudley Wink sold his plumbing business and came to Hamsworth 5 years ago. He’s married to a teacher and they have a shared interest in wildlife photography.’

‘So why would he risk getting involved with that woman again?’

Cardhew gave an inward smile, Cullen sounded like the wronged woman. ‘Probably couldn’t resist working with pornographic material – and getting paid for it. He had a contract from her, asking him to supply cameras and produce the resulting material.`

‘Has he managed to put anything onto her website?’

‘Some hardcore activities featuring the deceased, I won’t attempt to describe all of them, but there’s one film which shows Billingsgate having rough sex with her, which she certainly survived on that occasion. If you log onto www.anitavonbeta, you can see it for yourself.

Cullen cleared his throat. ‘I don’t think that will be necessary, I’ll take your word for it.’

‘Very wise sir, I’m sure it’s not your cup of tea. As Wink volunteered the information and brought in the secondary hard drive used to record from the cameras he set-up in the bedroom, I bailed him. I’m sure he’s innocent as far as the crime goes, but as he was close to the deceased I’ve had him in a couple of times to find out if he knows any more. He claims that she contacted him very late on the Friday, to collect some material. He went up to the penthouse at around midnight and left shortly afterwards. Normally he would have made a copy of the material she wanted him to edit, but she was expecting a client so he took the secondary hard drive with him. Which is a shame; otherwise the incident would have been recorded. We do have all the CCTV footage from Laburnham Court though and we’re carefully going through that, enhancing relevant sections. DC Leadbetter has a theory she’s working on but I’m still of the opinion that what we’re dealing with here is a sex game which went tragically wrong. Murder will be difficult to prove, but if we find the person who was with her, we could have a strong case for manslaughter. I have asked my old colleagues in the Met for a confidential copy of the names of her clients from the Mayfair case.

Cullen frowned. ‘I’m not sure I approve of that Ian.’

Cardhew gave him an infuriating grin. ‘No different from you getting inside information from old contacts at Cambridge – sir.’ Cardhew stood up to leave. ‘So if that’s all, I‘m going to watch the rugby this afternoon. Billingsgate will be playing and many people on the periphery of our enquiries will be there.’

Cullen shuffled his papers together and studiously replaced the cap on his silver fountain pen. ’Yes, that will be all thank you Ian. Please ensure you keep me in the loop.’

Cardhew muttered under his breath as he walked to the door.

Cullen called after him. ‘Sorry Cardhew. I didn’t quite catch that?’

Cardhew turned and gave him an apologetic smile. ‘Sorry sir, I’m trying to learn German, lapsed into it without thinking – I said danke.’


Natasha Billingsgate had a second cup of coffee. Barrie was sorting through the junk mail and bills which been delivered by a relief postman a few minutes earlier. They were still ignorant of Dudley Wink’s involvement with Lucinda Lovebrace and his perverted interest in Natasha. He held up an envelope. ‘Do I need a cure for premature balding?’

Natasha giggled, ‘It’s only a matter of time. Is there anything for premature ejaculation?’

Barrie made a big show of looking through the junk mail. ‘No, but there’s one for erectile dysfunction`. They enjoyed the moment as he tossed all the mail into the paper waste bin it was a relief to have something different to talk about. They had exhausted the subject of their body swap, covering it in great detail, over and over again. When they returned home from the police station a week ago, they promised to tell each other exactly what they had done. Natasha had admitted enjoying the power of Barrie’s penis, but of experiencing a deep frustration at not being able to control it as she wished. Barrie enjoyed his time as Natasha and hoped that the new areas of sexual activity he had led her into would continue, although he had not, as yet, told her about the session with Davina Maypole. He was putting it off, but would have to say something before Monday, otherwise she would set off to London and the Naughty but Nice photo session, without knowing what Davina was expecting.

They had discussed the threesome with Debbie at some length. Natasha had expressed a reluctance to repeat the experience in her own body and as luck would have it, for the time being at least, Debbie was not interested in repeating it either. She had found herself a man who was shagging her on a daily basis and reckoned that sharing Barrie for that one night, reminded her of what she was missing. She had gone out on the pull with a vengeance, and thanked Natasha for her revived sex life.

Natasha was still keen on a threesome with Sam though and often reminded Barrie about their agreement. He wasn’t as keen on the idea as he had been on having a threesome with Debs, but there was no point in getting into an argument over it – Sam would never agree. Natasha had not reminded him today, so perhaps she too was resigned to it never happening.

He checked his kit bag and carried it out to his car. Natasha followed with her coffee cup, kissed him, wished him luck, and promising to meet at the Rugby Club later. She watched as he turned the corner and listened as the BMW accelerated away from the village. She sipped at her coffee, then satisfied that he was well on his way, threw the remains onto the roses and went back inside, locking the door behind her. She put the cup in the kitchen sink, and then ran swiftly up the stairs.

In the bedroom, she stripped off and stood naked in front of the wardrobe mirror, wondering if she could get as turned on looking at her own body as she did when she had been in Barrie’s. She cupped her breasts and felt the nipples harden to the gentle massaging of her fingers. Then, continuing to rub her left nipple between thumb and forefinger, she slowly and sensuously moved her right hand down to trace the line of her waist and hip and across the top of her thigh to rustle through her soft pubic hair onto her clitoris. It was easily arouse these days. She brushed a finger gently across it and squirmed with pleasure. Barrie had been a bit heavy handed with it, so conscious of having it well lubricated she moved her hand down between her legs, where it was already wet. The thought of what she was going to do as soon as Barrie left had seen to that. She pushed two fingers in and felt her knees begin to tremble. This was a rehearsal for Barrie. Remembering how painfully stiff and eager his cock had become, she was determined to overcome her reluctance, to masturbate in front of him and enjoy watching his reaction. But for now, this was for her; she wanted to imagine that it was Samantha moving lubricated fingers in a slow circular motion over her own clitoris. Her tongue moved at the same pace, brushing her upper teeth, her eyes rolled out of focus, then her mouth opened as she began to breathe heavily. She eased down onto the bed and lay back on the two pillows, placed in position earlier. Now she was looking into Sam’s sex. Her fingers were moving at a feverish pace as her other hand moved down to help, three fingers entering into her wetness. God, she was so sexy. Her hips were lifting off the bed pushing against the probing fingers. Then it arrived like a train thundering into a station – a long train which kept going and going until it hit the buffers in an earth shattering climax. Even then her fingers would not stop and she experienced another shuddering orgasm. It felt wonderful, so wonderful and her fingers kept moving, until, fearful that she might never be able to stop, she dragged her hands away and walked on trembling legs to the bathroom.

After a quick shower and liberal spraying all over with French lime blossom cologne, a new favourite. She wriggled into lace panties and rejecting the matching bra, slipped into a short, cream silk chemise. Although the heat of summer had gone, she chose a knee length, scoop neck, summer frock, cream high heels with matching handbag and a pale lavender pashmina; in case it turned chilly later. She drove out of Lippinston, but instead of turning left on the ring road for the Rugby Club she turned to the right.. She was on her way to proposition Samantha Derby.

As an ex rugby player, Cardhew was enjoying the match and the carnival atmosphere which followed the second try, both score by Barrie Billingsgate. At halftime he was standing in a queue at the bar, when a tall, leggy, red head appeared. It was Penny Betts, the Travel Plan secretary who had met him and Jennie at the entrance to Hamsworth Towers on Monday morning. She put her arm around his waist and whispered in his ear. ‘Duggie Lummox, the Club Chairman, wonders if you would like to join him for a drink. Shall we go?’

Before he had chance to answer, she was propelling him towards a door marked ‘Private’ in the corner of the bar. He followed her through the door and up a steep staircase. As she was wearing a very short skirt it was impossible not to look at her long, slim legs. She turned her head slightly and spoke over her shoulder ‘I’m also Duggie’s girlfriend. Great game isn’t it?’

‘Yes an excellent game.’ He was making an effort to keep up. If he fell another step behind he would be looking up her knickers, he already knew she was wearing hold up stockings. He wondered if he would be as eager to keep up if it was Jennie Leadbetter climbing the stairs in front of him. She reached the top and turned sharp right though an open doorway, leading onto a terrace over the bar. There were a couple of dozen people on the terrace, at first glance, an equal mix of men and women. Some were sitting at a long narrow table, waiting for the game to re-start. Most were chatting in small groups. Duggie Lummox broke away from one such group as they moved onto the terrace. He approached, smiling with hand outstretched. Cardhew wasn’t sure about Duggie Lummox, but the handshake seemed firm enough.

‘Detective Inspector, how good to see you. I hope you’re not on duty?’

Cardhew returned his smile. ‘No, not today Mr Lummox.’

‘Ah, good, please call me Duggie, most people do. Can I get you a drink? What would you like? G &T – wine – beer?’

‘Bitter would be fine, thanks – Duggie.’

Penny Betts rested her hand on Duggie‘s arm. ‘I’ll get it darling. Will that be a pint inspector?’

‘That will be most welcome,’ and embracing both of them in his smile he added, ‘and the name is Ian.’

Duggie thanked Penny and watched as she walked over to a small bar at the back of the terrace, before taking him to meet the others in his small group, all members of the Travel Plan Board. He had met Basil Main and Phil Stammers at their offices, but it was the third man he was interested in, Sir Ken Allerby. Cardhew was not over impressed and found the way he treated Penny, when she returned with his pint, rather strange. Lady Sophie Macdonald, who was also a non executive director of Travel Plan, was very pleasant, but once again, Sir Ken had a strange way with her. Cardhew was beginning to wonder if he had found his man.

When the second half started they sat at a long narrow table looking out over the pitch. The men seemed quite knowledgeable and when Duggie discovered that he used to play for the Met, became very keen for him to become a social member. Cardhew said he would love to and insisted on buying them all a drink. Sophie declined, Penny had a white wine, Duggie, Bas and Phil were on bitter and Sir Ken’s was a gin and tonic. All the drinks were served in plastic glasses and despite Duggie’s protestation that they would be cleared away later; Cardhew picked up the empties and took them to a bin. With his back to them, he retained Sir Ken’s glass, which he wrapped in his handkerchief, crushed and shoved into his inside jacket pocket.

As the game ended, Cardhew made his excuses and left. In the car park, he saw Natasha Billingsgate arrive in her sports car with the hood down. There was another attractive blonde girl with her. As they got closer he recognised her as Samantha Derby, the girl who had provided Barrie Billingsgate with an alibi. They were so busy chatting and laughing that they failed to notice him. He watched as they got out and walked arm in arm towards the club house. Now, that was interesting, why would Natasha Billingsgate be so friendly with a girl who was sleeping with her husband? He checked his mobile. There was a text from Jennie Leadbetter to say she had worked out how Lucinda Lovebrace could have tied herself up. She was at home if he wanted to see how. He sent a text to say he would be there in 20 minutes. On the way he took Sir Ken’s glass into the station… He was keen to get it DNA tested as soon as possible.


Jennie Leadbetter came to the door wearing a knee length raincoat. Cardhew was taken aback, and asked if they were going somewhere. She said no, led him into the lounge and offered him a drink. He declined on the basis that he had a pint and a half at the rugby club. She asked if he minded if she had one and promptly poured herself a generous brandy, which she drank in one go. She slammed the glass down on the sideboard and turned to face him. ‘Sorry about that sir, I’ve tried copying how I believe Lucinda Lovebrace tied herself up, but it won’t work with clothes on and I need a bit of Dutch courage.’ She untied the belt, turned her back on him and took the raincoat off, letting it drop onto the carpet. Cardhew’s jaw dropped – she was naked. She glanced over her shoulder at him. 'This way please sir.’

She walked into her bedroom. Cardhew followed, trying not to look at the way her delicious bottom moved as she walked. It was then that he noticed the black stilettos similar to those worn by Lucinda Lovebrace.

She had worked out how she was going to achieve her objective with the minimum of embarrassment, not necessarily to herself, but to him. She looked over her shoulder and pointed to some rope laid out on the bed and talked him through it. ‘As you know, sir, two pieces of rope were used.’ She picked up the short length of rope and sat on the edge of the bed. In doing so, she moved into profile, which Cardhew thought remarkable beautiful. He was trying to think of her as piece of art and concentrate on what she was doing, but that was very difficult when she bent forward to tie her ankles together and her full breasts swung gently to and fro. With her ankles bound, she turned towards him and picked up the long length of rope.

‘This is exactly the same length as that used and it’s the same make and diameter. The gag was spliced into the rope at the halfway mark. I’ve used a small piece of cloth as I don’t want to be completely gagged and hope to describe what I’m doing, or trying to do. When I put this in my mouth I am effectively left with two lengths of rope.’ She demonstrated, crossed the ropes at the back of her neck, brought them to the front and crossed them between her breasts, wrapped both lengths in opposite directions around her waist before crossing them and threading them between her legs. Holding both lengths of rope with one hand, she reached round with the other to take them. Then she crossed them over her buttocks brought them to the front again crossing them under her breasts, keeping them under her breasts as she crossed them behind her back. She paused and spoke through the rope.

‘This is where I had some difficulty in working out how she wrapped them round her neck, in fact, what I’m sure she did was first bring her right hand up, over her left shoulder with her hand going over her head and down to her tummy.’ She demonstrated, completed the same move with her left hand and knotted the ropes together, level with her knees. She looked at him and smiled. ’Have you followed it so far sir?’

Cardhew returned her smile. ‘Yes I have Jenny, and under the circumstances I think you can call me Ian, but, where do you go from there? How do you end up with your hands tied behind your back?’

‘Ah, well sir – I mean, Ian.’ She paused as if savouring the use of his name. ‘The thing is, I’ve never progressed beyond this point, because the fail safe she employed, obviously didn’t work. I’m only going to proceed if you promise to untie me.’ It was said light-heartedly and he answered in the same vein.

‘Of course, how long am I allowed to wait?’

‘It depends on what your intentions are.’

‘Oh, they would be honourable, I can assure you.’

She looked him in the eye. ‘I’m not sure I like the sound of that, what if I said I was thinking of going back to teaching.’

He scratched at his temple. She was telling him what he really wanted to know and whether she left the force or not, was really academic. He gave her a shy smile.

‘Perhaps they wouldn’t be so honourable after all.

She smiled back. ‘Good. Shall I continue?’

He nodded. Fortunately she was looking into his eyes and not at the front of his trousers where his interest in her was becoming evident.

She carefully measured both pieces of rope against her arm from where she had tied the knot, and tied them together again. Then with the ropes together after that knot she formed them into a clove hitch, slipped it over her wrists and worked it tight.

‘Here we go; this is where I lose all my modesty.’

‘Do you want me to look away?’

‘Not much point in that Ian. If I make this move when you’re not watching, you’ll only ask me how I did it. Anyway, I guess I really lost all right to my modesty when I decided to go through with this.’

‘If it’s any consolation, the rope suits you.’

She laughed as she bent forward, put her hands on the floor and stepped through her arms. Cardhew was amazed at her flexibility. She pulled the rope through until the loop formed by the first knot was under the stilettos. She paused to make sure it was hooked on the heels before slowly pulling her arm up behind her legs, by the time the rope was taut, her hands were level with the back of her knees. Then she moved to the edge of the bed, rolled onto it and executed a backward somersaulted, ending on her side with her wrists up in the small of her back and her ankles touching her buttocks. She moved her wrists up and down to demonstrate how she could tighten everything at will. She tried to speak, but the rope was too tight in her mouth. She looked at Cardhew to make sure he understood.

Cardhew was thinking. Jennie had brilliantly proved that Lucinda Lovebrace could have tied herself up, but there was something missing? He knelt on the bed behind her and examined her wrists. He couldn’t see a fail safe for her. There were the rope tails after the clove hitch. He pulled them one at a time, then together. The only effect being to tighten the knot. Anyway, the ends of the rope on Lucinda were looped through the rope behind her neck and tied back to her wrists. He touched Jennie on the shoulder.

‘Can you hold that for another few seconds?’

She relaxed her hands to give a strangulated, yes.

‘Okay, now, I’m not going to tie the rope off, but I’m going to thread it under the ropes at the back of your neck and take it back to your wrists. Are you alright with that? She indicated that she was. He pushed both ends through together, pulled them back to her wrists. He tugged at it to demonstrate how it pulled her head back into the position they found the victim in. He relaxed the pressure, only to receive a muffled protest from Jennie, who was telling him to do it properly.

‘Are you sure?’

She nodded her approval and he pulled the rope tight, tied a knot and got off the bed to stand in a position where the person who must have done that to the victim would have stood.

Jennie was lying on her left side, in exactly the same position. She opened her eyes to look up at him. He was rubbing his left temple again. His right hand stretched out and touched her on her right cheek, on the right side of her nose, then along her top lip to her left nostril. She liked his touch but was finding it difficult to breath and moved her head to convey her discomfort. He moved quickly onto on the bed to untie her and realised when he got to her wrists that by pushing on the ends, rather than pulling he could ease the pressure on the clove hitch and slip it off. He pulled the loop off the stilettos and she gratefully straightened her legs. He untied the rope around her ankles as she pulled the rope out of her mouth and passed the loop over her head. He helped her stand and held her as the circulation returned to her legs.

‘What do you think Ian?’

He grinned. ‘I think you are incredibly beautiful.’

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

‘Are you really thinking about going back to teaching?’

‘If it means I can be with the man I fancy yes, but, what was the answer to our experiment? What were you thinking about when you touched my face – and don’t say how incredibly beautiful I am.’

‘Ah, well, if you don’t want the truth; I was thinking about the position we found Lucinda Lovebrace in. You were the same, as near as makes no difference and I can understand how semen was found in her right nostril – but how could it have got into the left one?’

‘Perhaps she turned to look up at him at the point of ejaculation. It could part of what turned her on.’

‘Maybe, but could she have turned her face upwards? It seemed to me that when your head was pulled right back, you would have found that impossible.’

‘Do your want to tie me up again to check?’

‘No, we’ll do it some other time. I think she was left to die, but even if we find out who was with her, it will be difficult to pin a murder charge on him.’

‘Could it be a her?’

He touched her on the nose with his finger. ‘I know where you’re coming from. We have video evidence to show that Julie Bunford shared a session with her, but she has a cast iron alibi – and you spoke to her lover.’

She pulled him close; she could feel his erection building and quite liked the idea of discussing the case as foreplay. ‘Yes, I‘m sure that‘s genuine, Julie Bunford was reluctant to involve her and that’s understandable, but she was sure Bunford left her house after 5.15, she woke her to say she was leaving. She had to tidy her house ready for an estate agent’s visit at 10am, which was true; he arrived as I was leaving. But she could have gone to the penthouse first.’

‘You’re forgetting she was found at 6.30. Even Jenson Button couldn’t get back from Bromsgrove in that time. No, I still think it was one of her regular customers.’

His cock was brushing her thigh. ‘What do you think about the Billingsgates’ story?’

He laughed. ‘It’s a rum old do.’

She fell backwards onto the bed, pulling him with her, whispering in his ear.' I'll be the judge of that.’


After burning onto DVD, Dudley Wink wiped all the Anita von Beta material from his computer. He labelled the DVD ‘Exotic Wildlife’ and hid it in an ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ box set.

Now he was ready to transfer his attention back to Natasha Billingsgate, having changed his mind about posting her hard-core activities on the Anita von Beta website. Probably just as well, with all the flack flying around following the murder. Or was it murder? Detective Inspector Cardhew seemed to have an open mind, not like that up-start Detective Sergeant Kimberley who tried to pin everything on him. He had gone voluntarily to Hamsworth Police Station, as advised by Ed Templeman, but that twat Kimberly refused to listen to his story and banged him up in the cells as a murder suspect. Fortunately Cardhew arrived, remembered him from the Mayfair case, and common sense prevailed. He told Cardhew everything, well almost. He was bailed to return to the station if required and had been back once, when Cardhew assured him that as he had a contract to work for Lucinda Lovebrace, no crime had been committed – not that his wife would believe that if she ever found out.

The gorgeous naked body of Natasha Billingsgate filled the screen. Without Lucinda Lovebrace around, he was in love with Natasha again. With only 10 minutes of titillating and hard-core material of her edited together he desperately wanted more. Hugh Portland had agreed to let him camp in the copse overnight to see what wildlife he could capture on camera. Poor old Hugh, he had no idea, but as it turned out, neither did he. His night in the copse was to prove more rewarding than he could have possibly imagined.

Samantha Derby was caught completely off guard when Natasha Billingsgate phoned to say she knew she was bonking her husband and suggested they meet for lunch and a chat. Guilty though she was, the idea of a public humiliation did not appeal. She suggested her flat, where she hoped to be able to explain, rationally and without any emotional outbursts, that it was only a bonk. And that a bonk, as far as she was concerned, did not mean anything. Which it didn’t; except the relationship had suddenly changed. It was going to be a difficult meeting.

The moment Natasha walked through the door, Sam liked her. There was no animosity, quite the reverse, she was open and friendly. There was something about her, which struck a chord of familiarity, and she was desperately trying to think what it could be, when Natasha dropped the bombshell.

'Look Sam, I know you won’t believe me, but there’s something I really must tell you.'

Sam’s guilt prompted her to interrupt..

'No, it’s me that should be telling you everything.'

Natasha surprised her by swiftly leaning forward and kissing her lightly on the nose.

'You don’t have to tell me anything Sam, I know you only wanted a bonk – a bit like having a cigarette – Barrie treated it the same way. I’m the one to blame for changing everything. You see, it was me Sam. I was in Barrie’s body when your lunchtime bonk turned into a wonderful lovemaking session.'

Samantha laughed. Barrie had mentioned Natasha’s strange sense of humour, but this was off the wall. However, before she could think of some smart comment, Natasha launched into intimate details of that magical lunchtime, some of which was so personal to the moment they were beyond guessing. She could not possibly have known unless Barrie told her and she knew Barrie well enough to know that he was not, by any stretch of the imagination, good on detail. Apart from the lunchtime session, there was the evening they had dinner at Roberto’s, following Barrie’s visit to Lucinda Lovebrace. She knew everything, right down to the finest detail. So, as crazy as it seemed, she just had to believe, although if anyone ever asked if she really thought they could have exchanged bodies, she would of course say no.

When Natasha proposed a threesome, she told her that she never had lesbian tendencies. Natasha claimed not to have had them either, but admitted that being in Barrie’s body and coping with his sex drive had left her unsure of her own sexuality. A threesome did not necessarily mean that they should do anything other than support each other and get the best out of Barrie, but she could not deny that she still felt the same way about her as she had when in Barrie’s body. Natasha’s slim hand covered hers and her beautiful grey eyes looked pleadingly into her own.

'Please do this for me Sam. I have to know. I won’t come on to you, I promise.'

Samantha was tempted, she enjoyed sex and if she was ever going to have a threesome, it could not be with two more beautiful people, but she sensed danger. 'You could be playing with fire Natasha. I don’t want to hurt you, but I know I won’t be able to hold back if, Barrie makes love to me as you did.'

'Is that a yes then?'

'Yes – on the understanding that I can’t be held responsible for any consequences.'

Natasha gave her a thankful smile and a big hug. 'I understand Sam. Can we make it this evening?' Samantha returned the hug. 'Why not? Yes let’s. Should we decide on a plan of action?'

They hatched their plans over coffee and sandwiches, before leaving in Natasha’s car for the rugby club.

When Barrie saw Sam with Natasha, he guessed what she was planning. He really enjoyed the threesome with Debbie and although Tash had been banging on about it, he never really believed she would want to go through with the reciprocal arrangement. Why would she, now she was back in her own body? How had she managed to persuade Sam to join in? It made him nervous, which was unlike him when it came to sexual matters. His worst fears were realised when Natasha joked about keeping him sober as he was taking them both out to dinner. She was obviously determined to prise Barrie away from the rugby club before the beer started to flow. He made the excuse that Duggie liked to have a post mortem on the game over a couple of beers, but Duggie waved the idea away and told him to take the girls to Roberto’s and charge everything to Travel Plan – they deserved it after saving Travel Plan Dynamic. So, with Samantha providing what could possibly be termed as immoral support, they virtually frogmarched him to his car and followed him to Lippinston.

At Holly Tree Cottage, three bottles of champagne were nicely chilled in the fridge. Natasha had deliberately planned everything to remind him of the DebTash celebrations, and their threesome with Debs. This was the deal and she did not want him reneging on it.

'Come on Barrie – open the champagne.'

'Yes, come on Barrie. I’m dying for it – aren’t you Tash?'

Natasha giggled. 'And the champagne Sam. Are we going to toss a coin to see who goes first?'

Sam giggled. 'Perhaps we should blindfold him, spin him around and see which one it points at.'

'That’s good idea – a sort of spin the wheel.'

'Or spin the heel.'

Barrie ignored their banter and opened the champagne, carefully filled the glasses, handed one to each of them, then picked up his own and raised it. 'Good Health.'

Natasha placed her slender fingers over the glass. 'Can’t we have a better toast than that? How about – Good Sex?'

'Or fantastic sex,' suggested Sam.

'And lots of it,' giggled Natasha

Barrie emptied his glass in one go. 'Look, I’m sorry to disappoint you girls, but I’m not up for this.'

Natasha looked at Sam. They nodded to each other, emptied their glasses and put them on the table. 'Top him up Sam. I’ll open another.'

Sam smiled at Barrie as she took his glass and slowly filled it to the rim. 'We don’t believe you have any say in the matter Barrie.'

Natasha worked the second bottle of champagne into the ice cubes in the bucket. 'Darling, if I couldn’t control your cock, what chance have you got. Now, be a sweetie and carry this up stairs.' Barrie took the ice bucket without comment, he knew they were right.

In the copse, Dudley Wink had set up the one-man bivouac and his camera. His main worry was lighting. Zooming into the Billingsgate’s bedroom window was okay for the moment because being a double aspect room the evening sunlight was flooding through net curtains on the other side. He could deal with back lighting, but sunset was just after 7pm. The only chance of getting anything after that would be if they left lights on and curtains open, which was most unlikely. Perhaps he should get some sleep and hope for some early morning action, it made sense, but he was reluctant to leave his camera. There was always the possibility that the delectable Natasha was home alone. He gave himself another ten minutes and was thinking about some sort of an alarm system for detecting movement, when something flickered on the screen. He pushed the backlight button. It was Billingsgate, putting something on a bedside table. It was an ice bucket with what looked like a bottle of champagne. Something blocked the picture and he quickly zoomed out to find Natasha by the window. No – not Natasha – easy to make the mistake though – it was another gorgeous blonde. Was that bastard cheating on his wife? No – Natasha moved in alongside her. She was pointing towards the copse. He eased back into the shadows, but she was pointing across the fields now, obviously showing her the view. They turned towards each other and kissed. Were they sisters? Now they were looking back towards him and…he couldn’t believe it…they were slowly taking their clothes off. He set his camera to movie and gently pushed down on the start button.

Barrie groaned. His old boy twitched as soon as they began to undress in time to the music that Natasha had chosen for the occasion. When they turned towards him, both completely naked, his erection was almost complete, although severely restrained by underpants and trousers. As if choreographed, they moved gracefully in opposite directions. Natasha onto the bed and Sam over to him. She said nothing, just stood behind and turned him towards Natasha who sat on a pile of cushions and resting her back against the padded headboard. She looked directly at them and smiled as she cupped her breasts with both hands, before moving her right hand, slowly and sensuously down over her stomach, fingers stretching to make contact with her clitoris. As her fingers began to move, Sam’s hands came around from behind and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He felt her breasts press hard against his back as her nimble fingers unfastened his belt and eased the zip down, just far enough so that she could pull the shirt out from his trousers. Then taking hold of the shirt on both sides, just below the collar, she pulled it off, as if undressing a young child. Barrie could not take his eyes off Natasha who now had three fingers of her left hand inserted into her vagina and moaned softly, as the fingers of the right hand described a circular motion over her clitoris. His old boy was painfully trapped in his underpants, but Sam came to the rescue, reaching in to ease it out with one hand as she pulled trousers and pants down with the other. Then, holding it with both hands, she felt the blood coursing into it. 'Nice one Barrie', she whispered, waggling it up and down until it was so stiff it was difficult to move it at all. She grinned at Natasha. 'Well done Tash – Barrie’s brain is back in its normal place.'

Barrie said nothing. Natasha was about to come, he could tell, he knew how her body worked. The heavy breathing – the legs stiffening, but somehow, she managed to stop on the brink and with a defiant stare, slowly withdrew her fingers, sucked on them and made a signal for Sam to join her. Sam gave Barrie’s penis a final tweak, before skipping to the bed and laying down with her head in Natasha’s lap.

'Come on Barrie, or do you want Sam to perform for you as well?'

Sam smiled at him and let one hand stray down towards her vagina.

Barrie kicked off his trouser and pants, hopped on alternate legs to drag off his socks, and then moved quickly to the end of the bed. He looked at the delicious creatures on the bed and was at a loss to know where to start. Natasha solved his dilemma.

'Guests first Barrie, but the rules of the game are that you follow our directions, I want more than ‘a good seeing to’ and Sam deserves more than a bonk.'

Holding Sam‘s shoulders she directed Barrie to make love to Sam, as she had done and when Sam eventually convulsed into a wonderfully noisy orgasm – they were as one.


Chief Superintendent Cullen was happy with the manslaughter conviction. Another case solved and vindication for his trust in modern policing methods. He had lost Detective Sergeant Kimberley, but that was inevitable. Kimberley was fast tracked to Inspector and the force needed more officers like him. He had been instrumental in bringing the offender to book, despite interference from Detective Inspector Cardhew. How could anyone possibly believe they had not got the right man? Certainly not the CPS, they backed the case all the way. Of course, Cardhew, being Cardhew could not accept he was wrong and decided to take early retirement. He only had a month to go. A younger person would be coming in. Someone he could mould to his way of thinking. There was no place in his team for old-fashioned policing.

DI Cardhew delayed closing the file on the Lovebrace case, much to the annoyance of Cullen who was convinced he was retiring out of a fit of pique. Cardhew was happy with that. What Cullen thought and spread around the station, was not something he would lose any sleep over. Only his mother and Jennie knew the truth. The wedding would take place on a beach in Barbados three days after he closed his office door for the last time. Everyone believed Jennie was leaving the force to go back into teaching, the possibility of them being in a relationship never occurred. Who would think a cracking young woman like Jennie could be attracted to someone like him? They planned their future around working together, but that could wait until they had travelled a bit.

He thumbed through the Lovebrace file, took out all the lab reports and laid them out carefully on the desk. The more he thought about her death, the more he was disinclined to believe it was simply a sex game gone wrong. He kept coming back to the position they found the body in and Jennie’s brave reconstruction. There was something which puzzled him at the time and he was determined to find the answer.


From the roof garden, Julie looked across snow-covered fields towards Lippinston. She had been living and working in the penthouse since Lucy’s death, but now was it legally hers together with all the businesses in the Lovebrace portfolio. That had not been her intention, but it had all worked out nicely and her new found wealth allowed her to let Peter have all the proceeds from the sale of their house. He seemed happy with the new love in his life and she was relieved that they could still talk to each other. Becky had taken the news that she was a lesbian in her stride. Perhaps she had guessed the truth some years ago. She had thought about selling the penthouse, or perhaps splitting it in two, but there were so many good memories of Lucy – apart from the last one. She shivered; it was cold on the roof garden and she had not thought to slip on a coat. She never doubted that what she had done for Lucy had been for the best. She arrived from Suzy’s in the early hours of that fateful morning and as luck would have it, forgot to take Lucy’s driving gloves off. She used the service lift as usual, which again turned out to be a stroke of luck as the CCTV cameras were not recording. It was only ever her intention to creep into bed with Lucy and make love to her, before explaining that she found it impossible to watch, or even think about her having sex with men. She was hoping Lucy would make it easy for her to end their relationship, but wasn’t sure how. As she moved silently into the corridor, a shaft of light from the half-open bedroom door indicated that she could be with someone. She tiptoed to the door and listened. All she could hear was the buzzing of a vibrator, a normal sound for Lucy’s bedroom. She peered in and was shocked to find her trussed-up on the bed. Lucy looked up as she entered and when she hurried across to untie her, made it obvious that was not what she wanted. She had difficulty talking with the gag in her mouth but managed to convey that a client was arriving. She heard the front lift start to work and fled across the passage to the office. After carefully closing the door, her attention was drawn to the new flat screen monitor, next to the computer. She never thought to ask what it was for but as soon as she saw the six images of Lucy on the bed, she knew. Later, when she saw herself on the Anita von Beta website she was shocked and bitterly disappointed with Lucy, but since then, having watched it many times, she treasured the reminder of the immense pleasure she had been able to give to her. By insisting on the mask, Lucy obviously never wanted her to be recognised, so she eventually agreed with Dudley Wink that it could stay on the website and she continued to pay him the agreed royalties.

It was sometime before a man entered the bedroom. He must have taken his clothes off in the long room, for he was naked save for a Bill Clinton facemask. He walked quickly to the bed and taking the ends of the rope near Lucy’s wrists, passed them under the rope around her neck and back to her wrists where he hauled it tight. As her head snapped back, she gasped and the man achieved an instant erection. He was well endowed and Lucy’s eyes hungrily devoured every movement as he began to masturbate. It seemed to take an age with the man slowly stroking himself, rubbing it against her cheek, then moving so she could see it in profile. Julie had never seen a man masturbate before and despite herself, found it fascinating – but obviously not as much as Lucy who was beginning to convulse towards orgasm and desperately trying to add some action to the vibrator buzzing away between her thighs. When Lucy came, it was explosive. She could hear her cries and at the time thought it strange that no word had been spoken between them. Then the man made a fist around his penis and pumped it up and down at a furious pace until, grunting with satisfaction, he ejaculated over her face. A close-up camera showed it splashing onto her nose and cheek as he moved close at the moment of release. He shook his penis to let the last drops fall before wiping it in her hair. Without giving her a backward glance, he turned and walked away.

It seemed to take an age, but eventually she heard the lift descending and rushed into the bedroom. Lucy was in obvious distress with wrists pulled high behind her back. Her fingers were clawing at the rope, striving for the knot and her eyes lit-up when she saw her. Lucy’s right nostril was blocked with sperm and as she inhaled it was making her choke. She hated the grey, slimy, smelly stuff and couldn’t possibly touch it, so, taking the coffee spoon from a mug on the bedside table, she scooped-up some of the copious ejaculation, lifted Lucy’s head and poured it into her left nostril. Lucy jerked uncontrollably against her bindings as she spooned in some more. Then she reached between Lucy’s thighs, located the vibrator and turned it to maximum speed. As Lucy gasped she assured her it was all for the best. She was about to experience what she had been desperately seeking – her ultimate orgasm. When Lucy stopped moving, she left the vibrator running, just in case it was providing latent pleasure. She took the coffee mug and spoon with her to the kitchen, put them into the dish washer, which was part loaded, and started the wash cycle. Carrying her shoes, she left as she entered, eschewing the service lift in favour of the emergency staircase.

When Mervyn Turner was extradited from Spain and charged with her murder, she identified him as a regular client of Lucy’s, with perverted tastes. He pretty well backed that up by saying the bondage game was something they had done many times and being left to untie herself added to Lucy’s pleasure. He received 10 years for manslaughter and as far as Julie was concerned, thoroughly deserved it.

'The Jacuzzi’s ready darling.' Julie turned and smiled at a naked Suzy, standing in the office doorway.

'You jump in Suzy. I’ll get something to celebrate your arrival.'

A few minutes later, she was standing naked on the edge of the Jacuzzi, a bottle of champagne in one hand, two glasses dangling from the fingers the other, legs astride and her sex thrust forward in a typical Lucy pose.

'How does my cunt look Suzy?'

Suzy looked up and giggled. 'It looks absolutely wonderful.'