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Ravaged tied family

Frank Brown

Frank Brown

Ravaged tied family


They were creeping along now at about five miles an hour, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the two-lane highway stretching for miles in both directions, the close walls of the canyon nearly scraping the paint off the sides of the cars.

The temperature had to be over a hundred degrees, and not a whisper of breeze disturbed the black soot and noxious fumes that crept into the station wagon from the growling semi looming just inches in front of them. Crystal held her breath, clenched her teeth, ready to explode.

"Stubborn bastard!" June Martinson said. "I told you we should have stayed on the freeway. Now look at us! It'll take us ten years to get out of this God-forsaken canyon."

Howard Martinson's big hands crushed the steering wheel tighter, sweat beading on the backs of them. "If you don't shot that trap of yours, I swear I'll belt you. I told you to relax, for Christ sake. We'll be out of here in no time, and we'll save about fifty miles."

June sucked furiously on her cigarette, glancing at Crystal and Randy in the back seat. "A big bird is going to swoop down and rescue us, children. Your daddy's got it all planned out."

Howard glared at her. "I'm warning you, big mouth, one more word…"

June stared out the wide window. "Bastard," she whispered.

"Randy, open up that atlas and shove it up front." Howard took the atlas over his right shoulder as Randy handed it to him, then tried to drive and read the map simultaneously.

Crystal just knew they were going to end up squashed, beneath the trailer of the semi, but she didn't dare say a word. She hadn't survived this long in this family without knowing when to hold her tongue.

Randy was leering at her again, his brown eyes scoping her tits, then his gaze moving down to take in her bare legs and feet. She felt her nipples stiffen under the thin material of her T-shirt, felt an itchy throb in her cunt. She looked away, not wanting him to know she was excited. The way Randy looked at her sometimes, she just knew that he was on the verge of raping her. It was the same look she got from almost every guy at Lincoln High. Boys were such animals. If she gave them any encouragement, look out!