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Fran Furnivall

Fran Furnivall


All Night Room Service… Prologue

Lisa Williams, 32 year old former Las Vegas showgirl, her long, muscular body glistening with oil, lay naked under the fierce blanket of the Nevada sun at 11:30 on Tuesday morning, her left hand tracing lazy circles in the sparkling water of her swimming pool.

The desert heat enveloped her deeply tanned physique in a sensuous grip sending horny thoughts clattering like a steam engine at full throttle through the tunnel of her almost one track mind. "I haven't been fucked in three days," she thought with a half smile, concentrating now on that fuck three days gone.

It annoyed her only a fraction that she couldn't recall his name but then she was never very good with names, "But I can remember his prick," she asserted as a rivulet of sweat coursed from her upper Mp down the side of her wide face and into the cavity of her ear.

He had sucked her pussy for the longest time and she liked that a lot. She was so turned on that by the time he was ready to stick his banger into her she hallucinated clouds of steam rising from her cunt. He was just the right size. When his cock slid into her steaming crack it couldn't help but belch a long and very wet sigh.

He fucked her for what seemed like an hour before he slid his cock out of her sopping hole and turned her with a firm hand over onto her stomach and then pulled her back so that she was on all fours with her perfectly round and gorgeous ass staring him right in the face.

"Now he's getting serious," she remembered thinking to herself as his tongue slid up into her waiting asshole and his mouth sucked greedily on what she considered the jewel of her sexuality. She was quite proud of the fact that around Las Vegas and Reno they used to say that Lisa Williams was all asshole. "You could drive a locomotive up there," someone had once said to her. She never forgot that one.

She heard him gasp in amazement when her cornhole finally opened up to its full size after only thirty seconds of sucking. "Come on baby," she whimpered feebly, "please shove it up there, don't waste any time, please," she begged. He didn't need much coaxing.

He had about four solid inches of his cock up her when he suddenly felt the muscles in her ass hole close down on him with a burning, tight grip. A second later Lisa released her hold on him, her asshole shooting wide open again and then in a single,

clean, long, backward stroke she slid all the way down on his pounding and delighted prick.

He let out a long, high "Ooooh" as she fucked him with her asshole-her hard buttocks rotating in frenzied clockwise and counter clockwise arcs. She got a big thrill looking over her shoulder at his face all scrunched up with pleasure as she pumped away at his fat seven inches.