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Animal farm

Frank Harper

Frank Harper

Animal farm


"It won't be long now, Stacy. Soon you'll be seeing that adults, and people in general, tend to behave pretty much the same with their clothes off. I get my rocks off just trying to guess what kind of action I'm going to see. Maybe a couple of women will come into the bedroom and go at each other like crazy. I like to watch the wives engaged in lesbianism, but I like to watch a hot fucking and sucking session most of all. Maybe we'll be lucky and two couples will be on that bed in just a matter of minutes!"

Stacy Morgan didn't answer, and she didn't look at Betty Evans too closely. She felt nervous and even a little guilty about peeking through the bedroom window.

She must've been out of her mind to agree to accompany Betty, she thought. They had no right to spy on people engaged in sexual activities. Or in any kind of activities, for that matter.

"We're in luck," Betty whispered. "I've seen this couple in action before. With others as well as each other. They'll probably go down on each other before they fuck. They always have before, anyhow, and I know you'll get a big bang out of watching that. They might even do a sixty-nine before he puts the blocks to her. He has a big cock, too. I guess I'd better shut up and just watch, huh!"

Again Stacy didn't answer. But she was glad that Betty had apparently decided to stop talking. Not that she thought the couple that'd entered the bedroom could hear. It was warm, but the window was down because of air-conditioning, and Stacy felt a little pang of regret because she and Betty wouldn't be able to hear, also.

The man and woman both looked to be in their late thirties. He was tan, had good-looking features, and there was a big bulge in the front of his pants. She was quite short, had a pretty face, and her breasts were poking her blouse way out.

Stacy continued to stare as they began to get undressed, not helping each other with that task, but standing close and keeping their eyes on each other as more and more flesh was revealed.

The woman's breasts – or titties, as Stacy knew Betty would call the big twin mounds – were poking straight out even without the bra. Soon she saw the man's cock, and it was also poking straight out.

In a matter of seconds the man and woman were both completely naked. Stacy failed to suppress a little gasp as the woman dropped before the man and grabbed his thrusting cock with both hands. Then the woman's tongue darted out and licked all around the big knob.

"She'll suck his disk," Betty whispered. "Then he'll probably lap her pussy before they fuck. She won't blow him off all the way, of course. That'd mean that she'd have to wait for him to get another hard-on before they fucked. Look at that!"