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Daisy_s dog

Frank Harper

Frank Harper

Daisy_s dog

Chapter 1

Daisy squealed softly as thrills rippled through her, and Satan growled at her. He whined again and dropped his nose to sniff under her crotch. His whines became more impatient at the scent of her female heat.

His long tongue flicked out and lapped her dripping cunt, and he seemed to go wild. He licked and licked at the cream she oozed, whimpering as he tasted her cunt. Daisy whimpered, too, but this time the animal did not scold her with a growl. He was too excited with the bitch-scent that stirred his pulse.

Daisy, desire-maddened by the exciting cunt-licking, tilted her hips and pelvis to thrust her cunt back toward Satan's stimulating tongue. Now the animal rose up on his hind legs as he decided to fuck Daisy.

Daisy felt the furry forelegs slide over her hips, then the warm, moist point of the beast's prick struck her between cunt and asshole and slid up to the wedge itself in the tight wrinkles of her asshole

Daisy raised her ass abruptly, and the prick slid downward as the animal hunched forward. The tip slithered into the sloppy petals of her hairy cunt, probed around swiftly, then found her hole and slipped inside.

Satan hunched again, and Daisy felt his cock snake into her cunt. As his dog-prick fucked into her, she was amazed at the fullness she felt. She had imagined some sort of slim, rather short prick, but the cock Satan was feeding into her cunt must have been a good match in diameter for a big man.

Now Satan began fucking her in earnest. His hindquarters tensed and humped into her with hard thrusts, driving his prick through her slick sheath rapidly. Daisy was growing hotter by the moment, feeling the delicious fullness, the heat of the meat-several degrees warmer than human flesh-and the teasing tickle of his furry foreskin as it rammed against her cunt.

Above her, Daisy could hear Satan panting loudly, with occasional whining overtones. His saliva drooled from the corners of his mouth and dripped from his tongue, dropping onto her back. The animal smell of his coat was a constant reminder to Daisy of the bestial nature of her fucker, and it seemed to heighten her excitement.

"Oh, fuck me, doggie!" she moaned, feeling the heated thrills increase inside her cunt with every passing second. Satan's prick slid in and out of her with rapid strokes, making a slushy sound.

Daisy's ass was moving, helping with the action as she sought to swallow as much of his meat as she could get inside her cunt.