Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Family reader

Sensual Family Nights

Frank Seymour

Frank Seymour

Sensual Family Nights


The hot afternoon sun baked the naked back of the adolescent young girl as she lay sleeping in the backyard. She moaned in her sleep, wriggling her shapely ass against the air as a fold of the blanket rubbed between her legs, pressing against the tiny wisp of fabric that covered her just pubescent cunt. She wiggled again, and the movement made the strings of her bikini top fall completely away.

Another moan came, and she rolled over on the blanket, the recently developing cones of her young tits pointing straight into the air. Her left foot drew up, the right one cocking against it, and without opening her eyes she reached down to ease the triangle of bathing suit away from her hot little pussy mound.

She appeared to be in her early teens, very pretty, with straight dark brown hair that fanned about her shoulders. Her body was nut brown from the summer sun, except for the pale band of color across her breasts that revealed clearly the shape of the tits and the tinier band that showed above the pushed-down bottoms of her bikini. Both of those areas seemed almost shockingly white in contrast. The only real color on her tits was the dark red tongue-teasers that were her nipples, and. the spreading circle of the same shade around them.

She moved again as she dreamed, her ass twitching. Her hips twisted now, her blossoming tail humping up against the air a time or two. Eyes still closed, she reached down again and her finger slipped beneath the cloth of the bikini to rub across the lips of her cunt, trying to satisfy the itch that was bothering her dream. A sound of satisfaction escaped her lips, and she reached further, digging deep into her cunt with her middle finger. When she brought her hand away the finger glistened with the sweet juices of her heated passage.

"Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, her finger sliding sweetly in the hot moistness of her pubescent, virgin pussy.

Her hips worked against the blanket now-she did not see the boy who suddenly appeared in the window of the house that overlooked her resting spot. But she was seen; he stopped, riveted, his eyes straining to take in every curve of her almost naked body, every detail of the tits that rose and fell with each breath. He had to strain to see, for he was nearly a hundred feet away-the yards of both houses were large, the houses themselves old Victorian structures that bulked huge against the bright blue sky.

"Jeezuz!" he moaned, Overcome by the purely erotic sight of her virginal, sexually ready body.

Instantly he had a hard-on, pressing against his ragged cutoffs. He wet his lips with his tongue and looked over his shoulders automatically, even though he knew the house was empty-his mother was out at one of her club meetings, which meant she'd come home too late to start a decent supper, and probably too swakked to fix it right anyhow. And that meant the old man would be royally pissed for the third day running. He'd start shouting, which would be the beginning of another grand night for all who were stuck in the old family home stead.

But even if the evening was foredoomed to stink, that didn't mean the whole goddamn day had to be lost! Janet Sanborne's hot body was ready for action whether she knew it or not-and her goddamn twin brother, Jimmy, was away for the summer with their mother at the beach house. It was a good thing old man and old lady Sanborne had split for the summer, trying to live apart to see if they really did want a divorce-if only his own bastard father and bitch mother would get the same idea!