Fred Sparkrock

Burning Desires


Chapter 1

Chad Ponkert studied the pale, golden clearness of the Chablis. Letting the aroma of the wine drift to his nostrils, he raised the glass to his lips and savoured its full fruity flavour. Satisfied, he let his eyes rise to the field of jonquils to equally drink in the form of the girl moving through the yellow blossoms.

No, he mused, girl was the wrong word. Karin was a woman! He personally had provided the physical transformation almost a month ago. The change was visibly apparent. Karin seemed to radiate life.

"Karin!" he called to his companion.

Brushing long strands of frosty blonde hair from her eyes, the woman looked up and smiled. He raised the glass of wine as a summons. Her smile widened in acknowledgment. Half running, her bare feet seemed to float among the deep yellow blooms as she made her way to the towering oak that shaded Ponkert from the warm June sun overhead. Her movements mesmerized him. She was some free-spirited meadow nymph out to capture his heart.

A light summer's breeze gathered the flowing folds of Karin's caftan, pressing the diaphanous fabric against her body. The effect was just the opposite of the veiling design of the garment. The delicate cloth enhanced the well-formed and well-proportioned curves of her body.

Ponkert's eyes relished her every step and he delighted as she lowered herself to the ground beside him.

"Hungry?" she smiled, tilting her head so that her yellow hair cascaded over her shoulder like a billowing cloud of golden threads.

"I could eat a horse," Ponkert answered, knowing he was lying, but willing to allow Karin to play out her picnic game. He was anxious to be in her. But rushing what would ultimately come would only destroy the day.