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Hot loving babysitter

Gary Woods

Gary F Woods

Hot loving babysitter


Ross Jordan paced nervously in the hall by the front door. He was waiting impatiently both for his wife to finish dressing and come down, and for the babysitter to arrive. Not that either his wife or the sitter was late, Ross was always impatient when it came time to leave. He shrugged and tried to calm himself. After all, Ali was always on time to sit. Poor thing, he thought. She'd probably never had a date in her life. Alberta Zimmerman was a tall, pale girl, skinny, shy, clumsy, with lifeless mousey light brown hair. She was a nice kid, too bad she wasn't better-looking or more vivacious.

Finally, the door chimes rang. Ross swung the door open, then gaped in an awed silence at the tall, sleek, golden-tanned beauty with rich, honey-blond hair and a pair of astounding tits that jutted straight out from her chest, pushing bet tee shirt out in a pair of cones in defiance of gravity. The girl was wiping sweat from her brow, panting lightly, and smiling shyly at him.

"I hope I'm not late, Mr. Jordan."

"Jesus Christ Almighty!" was all the astonished Ross Jordan could manage.

"Not really," the girl giggled. "It's Alberta Zimmerman, Ali. I'm supposed to sit for you tonight. Sorry I'm all hot and sweaty, I just finished track practice and didn't have time to shower and change. May I use your shower after you leave?"

Mrs. Jordan appeared. She glanced at the girl in pleased surprise. "Why Alberta dear, what a difference a summer can make! Do you know, you've become a real beauty. Jill bet you're going to be a heart stopper to all the boys in the high-school this fall."

"Thank you, Mrs. Jordan. I don't know, but I guess I have changed quite a bit this summer. I mean, I've grown another inch or two, and for the first time in my life I've gotten a decent tan. I kind of like the sun-bleached color of my hair, now. I think I'll try to keep it this way." Ali blushed and glanced down at her highly prominent tits. "I guess I've grown some other places, too."

Mrs. Jordan stared admiringly at the girl's tits and the rather large, stiffly erect nipples thrusting out from their tips, clearly visible through the thin cloth of Ali's tee shirt.

"That you certainly have, Ali dear, and delightfully so. I'm just going to have to get you over here some afternoon soon to tell me all about your summer." She turned to her husband, "Now, Ross, we'd better be on our way."

Jordan agreed, then told Ali. "I think you know where everything is. The refrigerator is well-stacked and Kent is up in his room I think he's fooling around with his home computer. Oh, and you know where the towels are. You can use either bathroom, whichever you prefer."