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A Wild Family Party

Hank Borden

Hank Borden

A Wild Family Party


Chapter 1

"Do you really want to fuck now, Janice? We're right in the middle of the party. Our guests will miss us."

"Shit on the guests, Dan Wilson. They're the ones who made me so horny.

I've never seen such naughty goings-on in my whole life. And I've never been goosed so many times in one evening, either. So listen, my tall dark and handsome husband, either you stick your big prick in my pussy right now, or I'll go back downstairs and find someone who will."

"Okay, okay. But do we have to fuck in the shower?"

"Why in the hell not?"

He didn't have a response for that, so when the water warmed up enough, they stepped into the stall and closed the curtain. Steam rose up all around them, while a steady stream of water sprayed their naked bodies.

They embraced immediately, and their lips came together with such passion that Janice began moaning almost at once.

Her tongue explored his, licking and caressing with abandon. Then she reached deeper to taste the root of his tongue. In no time her head was spinning, and her knees were wobbly.