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A wife_s best friend

Hank Borden

Hank Borden

A wife_s best friend

Chapter One

The building stood back in the woods, separated from the main highway by a dense stand of trees. It was a red-brick structure, two stories tall, surrounded by a tall, wire fence. There was one long driveway leading to the front door from the highway, and it was lined on both sides by young apple trees.

Cissy, after stepping off the bus, headed up the driveway, admiring the scenery and thinking: This must be the place, all right. There's the sign: Ace Kennels-Bunny Galore, Proprietor. I sure hope the job hasn't been taken yet.

Cissy was a young, precocious girl. A little tall for her age, she had long, slim legs, a trim figure, firm-pointed tits, and long, blonde hair. She had read an ad in the morning paper stating that a position was open at the Ace Kennels for a person who would care for and feed the many dogs that were boarded there. She dearly loved animals and she knew that this would be the perfect job for her.

The front door opened after her first knock, and she was greeted by a tall, beautiful woman, with long, black hair.

"Hello, there," the woman said. "My name is Bunny Galore. What can I do for you?"

"My name is Cissy. I read your ad in the paper, and I was hoping that I could get the job. I just love animals." Cissy could hear the sound of barking dogs in the background.

"You could be just the person I need," the woman said. "Why don't you come in and I'll show you around?"

Cissy entered the building, walking behind Bunny, who led her down a long hallway that was decorated on both sides with paintings of famous show dogs. She didn't pay much attention to the paintings; her mind and eyes were on the voluptuous female walking in front of her. At the doorway, she had noticed and admired the woman's large tits protruding from her low-cut sweater. Now she gazed at Bunny's beautiful ass and well rounded hips swinging back and forth in tight fitting jeans.

"How do you like the art works?" Bunny asked. "Just fine!" Cissy answered, still staring at the woman's body. Even though Cissy had fucked a lot of boys in the two years since she had lost her virginity, she had never engaged in sex with another woman nor had she desired to-until now.

The woman led her to the back of the house into a large grassy yard surrounded by a wire fence. There were many cubicles in the yard, and each one, it seemed to Cissy, was inhabited by a large dog. There were many different breeds in the yard, but one thing was certain, they were all large.