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Sex slave housewife

Hank Borden

Hank Borden

Sex slave housewife


"Hurry up, Erica! Get your pretty ass in this bed. I want to feel your warm pussy."

"Just a second, Bob. As soon as I finish combing my hair, I'll join you."

Erica ran the comb through her long, blonde hair a halfdozen times as she stood before the mirror. She wanted to look her best for her husband. When she was satisfied, she walked over to the side of the bed, removed her robe, and crawled beneath the covers.

"Damn, baby! I thought you'd never come to bed. You know how much I worship your body. Nobody has tits and ass cheeks as shapely as yours. Here, let me remove your nightie."

Erica smiled as her husband pulled the fragile garment over her head. She loved the way his eyes widened at the sight of her huge tits with her big, red nipples. Although they had been married for six months, they were both still very much aroused by the sight of each other's naked body.

"Oooooooooooh!" moaned Erica as Bob caressed her tits. "Your hands are so strong. They make my tits hard. Ummmm!"

Erica placed her arms around her husband's muscular back and, drew him closer. She wanted to feel his rough body hair rub against her smooth skin. Then she gasped when his tongue flicked over her erect nipple.

"Damn!" grunted Bob, lifting his head. "Your big tits taste so sweet. I could suck them forever."

"Please do! Pleeeaaassse!"

Erica shuddered as Bob's lips closed over her nipple. She could feel him sucking on it, making her feel marvelous. She placed her hands on the back of his head, running her fingers through his curly hair.